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Reasons Haunted Destinations Can Be Your Next Travel Idea

In the past, haunted old houses, abandoned companies are always the creepy places to visit. And that’s also what they are as seen today, no big differences. We still get our self away from such places. But do you know that if you have no idea about where your destinations will be for the recent holidays, you can always considering about paying a visit the haunted destinations in town?

Visiting haunted destinations

You can visit the haunted destinations for not only as one of the niche travel ideas, but it will also a good idea in finding the true behind the urban legend you keep on hearing all the times. There are also the other reasons why you’d want to experience the haunted destinations and all of them will be informed on below list.

1. Experience the true different travel idea

Each haunted places have their own charms in getting the scare out of you. You may have been getting used to a dark places, but when it comes to the haunted buildings, the atmosphere will be different and each places are experiencing the same.

Spending time by hunting ghosts will also an idea of experience the really different trip than before. If you are usually having more fun in a luxury resort while jumped down to a big swimming pool, you may need to challenge yourself in night trip to a haunted destination to experience the thrill and chills. If you do want to do this as what I am suggesting you now, make sure that you are bringing along your friends.

2. Open yourself to a new challenge

When it comes to a challenge, then there must be something you will need to proof. Mostly, you may are planning to proof that most of the people that are believing in an urban legend history of a horror place must be wrong.

The only thing you can do is to visit the haunted places by your own or with your friends while recording what you are doing there. The thing is that, there is no right and proper time how long does it takes to proof something, how long you should be there and more. But if you still need to gives it a try, then feel free to choose your horror destinations.

3. Mystical can be a business

I have no idea if you are interesting in developing the haunted places as one of the niche tourism. But we have to admit that today, many things can be turned into a business that make you some money. Competing in haunted destinations won’t also be the hard thing to do since there have not been many businessmen in the field. So, keep your ads budget ever since you may don’t needs it in the short coming times.

The only things you have to do is introducing your audiences about what you are offering them. Prepare the attractions if there will be the ideas, things to do, or even up to the haunted accommodation for the guest reservation. I dunno if you are interesting in such business or not, but I think it can be your worth-living idea that will support your financial. The only thing you have to do is to try it as soon as possible.

That’s it.

How to Get a Graphic Design Job in Bali?

Creative industries are requiring for creative and innovative human resources. If you think that you are creative enough and know how the graphic design is works and how to creates it, then why not telling yourself for finding the relevant job in Bali?

I am recommending you to start or even continue your graphic design career in Bali for some reasons. The first thing you should have been realized is that it is an island where the creativity in many aspects are improving. And ever since the visitors in Bali is from anywhere, then the condition may encourage you to know more and more cultures and design styles from various country in the world.

Local people of Bali is also the creative people. Their house’s walls are even talking to you ever since it is designed and included with the local stories and legendary and then carved them to the wall.

How to find a job as a graphic designer in Bali?

I won’t say about the general or even certain requirements you should have been prepared before applying for a job as the graphic designer in Bali. You can find such information easily. But the first thing I need to tell you is about where the possible places or offices you can get a graphic design job in a faster way without waiting too long for you to be achieved by a company.

Finding a job in graphic design in Bali

The first you should think about to get a graphic design job in Bali is by looking for the digital agency or specifically find the graphic design agency.

I am suggesting you that because many agencies in Bali are opening and accepting the internship program. It means that there will be the job positions will be needed to be filled every certain period. While the graphic design Bali agency is a great for your career, an agency is also where you can meet more creative people. That may help you in being more creative as well.

Next, being a graphic designer in Bali will not always let you work in creative industry. I mean, it is not always about working in an office with young creative people, but could also be the opposite. Months ago, I have been heard my friend was telling me that one of the restaurant in Seminyak is looking for the graphic designer. They needed a graphic designer to be as their staff ever since the restaurant is often offering the special menus and packages for the customers. So, they will keep on requiring the special offer designs and hire another staff will be great and could be cheaper than hiring the freelancers or paying for the agency works.

I would like to tell you that the next way to find a job in graphic design department in Bali is simply be one of the professional freelancers. But I think that will be one of the ways how you are making money and sometimes it can be the hard to getting through because you will have to brand yourself and let the other businesses to know about your services.

So, I think that looking for the graphic design job in Bali will be; to find which is the best agency around and the other business lines that are possible to hire the professional graphic designer to be part of the business staff.

Handling the Unexpected During Your Trip

Speaking of travel stress, there’s a lot of things that can trigger it. One of the biggest issues is the unexpected. It can be unexpected events, obstacles, changes, and many more. Those the unexpected include sudden traffic jams, flight cancellation or delay, bad weather, lost belongings, natural disaster, and many other mishaps.

Those unexpected things can ruin the mood of your trip. They can also make you lose a desire to really enjoy the trip, especially when the unexpected really impact the trio. For example, when you lose your luggage, you are in trouble especially if most of your belonging is there. There is possibility that you can’t continue the trip until it is found.

Dealing with the unexpected during your trip

Even though the unexpected sometimes is inevitable, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy the rest of your trip once it happens. There is always a way or two to deal with travel stress triggered by various issues including the unexpected. Here are some tips to deal with the unexpected when you are travelling:

Dealing with unexpected things during a trip
  • As much as is it important to find every solution for any problems, sometimes the unexpected is something you can’t really help but happen anyway even after a thorough precautions. For example a delayed flight due to severe weather. You can’t just change the weather as you wish. However, you can do something to make it more bearable and manageable in some ways so that your trip won’t be totally ruined. For example, make yourself as comfortable as possible and try to relax your body to avoid getting stress.
  • There are also the unexpected that can be prevented by doing your own precautions from the beginning. For example, you can buy travel insurance to cover any incidents or unexpected things that can potentially happen during your trip. It at least will help alleviating the financial stressor. Thus, you will still focus on making the most of your trip.
  • The next thing to do is to be flexible. Of course this is nothing but easy. Not everyone possess flexible trait. However, this trait can be learned from time to time especially when you travel a lot. When unexpected things happen for example getting stuck in a traffic jam, try to distract yourself by listening to soothing music or calling a friend to talk to. Thus, the traffic jam will be more bearable.
  • Try learning relaxation technique that you can use when you are in the middle of a trip. This can be breathing technique, stretching, or eating something that can help you more relax. The unexpected happening during a trip can trigger the worst emotion such as anger. This won’t be good to you though. Therefore, it is important to have self-control and that’s when relaxation technique is needed. Remember that an unexpected thing won’t just ruin your trip completely. Instead of dwelling with the unexpected, try to focus more on positive things during your trip and make the most of it.

The Best 8 Bedroom Villa At Seminyak

Better accommodation in Bali will help the travellers to experience the better living as well as the trip itself. As one of the essentials in travelling, finding the best temporary dwelling space can be important as that will be the place to rest your mind and soul. If you are planning to pay a visit in a group with some people or friends and sort of, my first recommendation is to stay in 8 bedroom villa located at Seminyak.

The location itself may not as popular as the other earlier well-known destinations in Bali, but for the past recent years, Seminyak has becoming the excellent place for tourists to experience the living close to the beach as what you may have been heard, saw and experienced in Kuta before.

And if there will be someone ask me the best recommended accommodation in Bali while living nearby the beach, I think a condo and a villa is the perfect choice for that. And what can be better than an 8 bedroom villa located at Seminyak to stay close together with the group members?

Living room and library of 8 bedroom villa at Seminyak

Which 8 bedroom villa you should rent at Seminyak?

If you are looking for the best 8 bedroom villa at Seminyak you can rent with enormous living space, great private pool, good entertainment technology inside, just some short beautiful minutes walking to the beach, then one of the place where you are heading to is hu’u Villas.

Let’s see what you can experience so I can really grumbles out of the way about the available offers especially for those who are travelling in a group.

First reason why hu’u is the very top on my recommendation is that it is offering the travellers a choice to choose of how many bedrooms will they need since the villas are build in interconnecting concept. It means that you will not only get the 1, 2, and 3 regular bedroom villa but a bit more than that such as 5, 6, 7, 8 and even up to 13 bedroom configurations.

As what written in the site that renting this 8 bedroom villa Seminyak will also serving you the luxury accommodation and experience as all of them are build in modern and minimalism style that are perfect as the traveller’s dwelling space around the beach. A truly luxury meets convenience.

As the other regular villas, this 8 bedroom villa at Seminyak is set with 8 meters private pool that is landscaped with the garden and the combination of vertical woods and bamboos to avoid you from being seen by the public.

Private pool of 8 bedroom villa located at Seminyak

The main entrance to the villa itself has been built with a secret path that no other people will walking in and out but the villas’s guests and staff to ensure that a high privacy experience of a living is protected.

If the group travel members are quiet bored and don’t have no idea to lives up the atmosphere in the private pool of 8 bedroom villa or inside the rooms, there will be the bar you can make use of or restaurant you can visit within a minute from your door.

But I think that there will only small chance for that. No time for being bored as you are in a group and you are actually have the library to read books if you want where this facility is rare to find at any other villas at Seminyak.

So, that’s all for now. Feel free to visit this 8 bedroom villa Seminyak site if you are wondering how does it is looks like and if you need to update more information about the services.

3 Essential Things Before Buying Souvenirs on Your Vacation

Souvenirs are important for travellers. They are the prove of your vacation itself if you need to show your friends and family about what the exciting things have you done at the destinations. Souvenirs are one of the essential parts for many travellers to bring the gifts when back at home.

But before you are buying the souvenirs, there are also some important things you have to know and they are so much necessary to make your vacation safe and comfort. You may have never heard about the travellers that have been jailed just because of what they have bought on vacation. Or those who are interrogated by the immigration officers or the airport officials of what they are bringing in the backpack.

Essential things to know before buying souvenirs on vacation especially at abroad

I won’t want you to be one of those people and you won’t want to experience that as well as part of your “things to tell” experience to your friends. That won’t be really cool. And by the way, interrogated for souvenirs can be a shame.

Things to know before buying customers on vacation

By writing this, I don’t really mean to scare you about many things. No matter how important the souvenirs you have bought on vacation are, they still be the secondary thing on your journey.

But when you are getting them right since the very first time, souvenirs can be the small happiness for those who are receive them. So, make sure that what you are going to bring back to your home are thing things that really matter and unique.

Follow along the tips below to know what to buy and know before you are heading to the souvenir shops.

1. Regulations on both countries

If you are travelling abroad and want to buy souvenirs before getting back to where you are living, it is better to know about the regulations of the souvenirs you are going to buy. Many Asian countries are making souvenirs using the non-environmentally friendly material and they are legally to sell. In the other hands, your country may accept that souvenirs under certain condition.

For example, couple of months ago, someone told me that the decorative lamp of where he was working is forbidden to enter one of the country in Europe because of the material and its impact to the environment. The exporters should have prepared the documents for that before shipping, but they didn’t do that.

Therefore, beside you have to know about the regulations of both countries, you should also make sure that the shipping office of the souvenirs are knowing about the regulations so they will prepare all the needed documents. That will be good thing to do if the souvenirs you are buying have to be shipped for reasons.

Make sure that the material of the souvenirs are legal and documented. It is good if you are buying the accessories made with agarwood, but since that will be the rare material for souvenirs in the world, you need to know that your country is ok about that.

2. Size does matter. But the smaller ones will be the better!

For travellers on vacation, many of them are tempting to buy more souvenirs that could cause their bag to be full and its volume can be excessive that it should be. That’s understandable since they may have found a shop with unique souvenirs in cheap price.

But the thing that I want to telling you is that, if you want to buy more of that, you will need to buy those in smaller size. That’s why in many souvenir shops, maybe in the whole world, most of the souvenirs that are selling are those that can even fit in your pocket.

So you can buy more and so you won’t add some extra burden for your backpack and shoulders.

3. Use national currency when you are on a vacation at abroad for cheaper souvenirs

There will be time when the exchange of currency values will give you advantage. When you have Dollars and need to buy souvenirs in… let’s say in IDR (Rp), you can buy many souvenirs then.

Thank’s to the money changer business for that but make sure that you finds one that the rate won’t break your bank. Until today, Dollars, Pound sterling, etc are quiet good as the currency when you are changing them into the other’s country national currency.

So, you’ll get more money than before and you will also get more cheaper souvenirs since most of the shops won’t serve you in Dollars especially at the countries with their own currencies such as in Asia.

Important Bali Photography Tips for Travellers

There is one certain common thing you mostly will experience when you are traveling in Bali. It is that you will take more images than before. How can you don’t do that while you are in the destination where many travellers are heading to? That’s why, you will really need the photography tips to make your pictures more valuable.

Knowing that you are probably taking more pictures than ever, you will really need more space memory for your camera or phone. If not, try to make use of the cloud storage where you can upload all the images to internet.

If you are also planning for special occasion while traveling with your friends or in a couple, make sure that your Bali photography needs will be fulfilled by the professional photographer or a photo studio if you think you will need to rent one.

Tips to take aesthetically pleasing images in Bali

If you are truly the photo fanatics, no matter how professional you are, you may still need some references to take your better images to be brought home. It is because this may be your first time visit so you don’t know many things about the area.

Just so you know that I won’t mention about where the hack are the instagrammable spots for your Bali photography adventure or the best spots that are popular until today. You can find them all about that in a minute just by typing your needs on Google.

Important Bali photography tips  - Monkey Forest

But I will remind you something that people are forgetting that they don’t just really need the best place for their aesthetically pleasing images, they do really need to know when to take them.

Therefore, I have been listed some of the unusual Bali photography tips that I think they are considerably important for the photographers as well as the travellers. Here they are:

1. Come earlier to the destination for your photography spot when people may still in sleep. Do you think I am joking about this? Look! The popular the destination especially that is really supporting the unique and aesthetic images, the harder for you to get the better shots. You may will hear some people are yelling at you just because they are also in line to take the same spot for taking images. So that, you’d better plan to go to the spot earlier than most people will do. Sunrises will also great to get the better nature lighting and you will taking images in peace.

2. Be aware of what you can see and get you at the destination. There is a pretty much popular destination in Bali called as the Monkey Forest. There are so many monkey at there and no wonder the place named as it is. And you know what, since it’s not the zoo, then the monkeys are free to move here and there. You can say, it is the wild and surely it is the forest itself. The thing is that, monkeys can be the challenge for your photography experience as the image above. They may can take your camera away, so you’d better put the strap of your camera if you are bringing it. So does when you are going to the forest, never ever wear the thin gown or shirt to be more safer at the forest. Anyway, I have seen some that getting to the forest wearing just like the short gown though I don’t know why.

3. Brings waterproof camera or such gears to take images underwater. In case you have got a waterproof camera and lenses and the other gears that are supporting you to take images underwater, don’t forget to get them all since you may will really need them. You can also consider to rent them if you want. I am telling you this since there are some interesting activities on the sea or at the beach such as riding on banana boat, snorkeling or even diving. So, if you want to keep on taking images by yourself, then why not.

Those are some of the unusual but important Bali photography tips to help you take images as travellers in comfort while traveling around at the destinations. Hope you can get advantages of them.

Find Out More about Morocco Tourism

Morocco is a unique place where lots of people find it attractive to be a travel destination. Tourism in Morocco is also stable. This one of country in North Africa has gained popularity for its tourism charms. There’s a lot about Morocco’s tourism that has drawn people in such as the country’s culture, coast, and of course history.

What makes Morocco tourism is worth traveling

There’s so much you can explore when you travel in this country. For your information, tourism in Morocco is the second largest foreign exchange earner. Thus, tourism in Morocco keeps developing throughout the years. The government even invest heavily in tourism development.

What makes Morocco worth traveling for?

As mentioned earlier that the coast, history, and culture in Morocco are what drawn global tourists the most. This unique country is kind of different that other countries in Africa. That’s one the reasons why people are curious to visit this country and get to know more about it. However, there are also other reasons why Morocco is worth traveling for.

  1. Price is one of the biggest reasons why travelers like traveling in Morocco. This country is famous for being a budget-friendly travel destination. For backpacker, solo travelers, and those who seek adventure, Morocco is a great destination to go to for memorable traveling without the need to spend too much money on the plan.
  2. Proximity to other interesting places is also what makes Morocco worth traveling for. The location of this country is close to Europe. Thus, it attracts visitors more. It is close to Spain coastal areas which make beach enthusiast eager to travel to Morocco. This way, travelers can go to Morocco and other places in Europe without spending long time to reach each place. It means most budget is being saved as well.
  3. There’s a lot of tourist attraction in Morocco which hard to resist. Regions in Morocco that drew tourist attention the most include Marrakech, Casablanca, Tangier, Agadir, Ouarzazate, Tarfaya, and Fez. Tourist attractions in Morocco include the Atlas Mountains, Malaba Coast, Sand Dunes, Bou Inania Madrasa, Old Defense Wall, Swany Water, Ifrane, and many more. Not to mention that beaches in Morocco are stunning that it is such a waste to skip them when you travel in this country.
  4. Another amazing thing about traveling to Morocco is, this country is home to nine UNESCO world heritage sites. They are Medina of Fez in Fez, Medina of Marrakesh in Marrakesh, Ksar of Ait-Benhaddou in Ait-Benhaddou, Historic City of Meknes in Meknes, Archaeological Site of Volubilis in Meknes, Medina of Tetouan in Tetouan, Medina of Essaouira in Essaouira, Portuguese City of Mazagan in El Jadida, and Modern Capital and Historic City of Rabat in Rabat.
  5. Morocco is a safe travel destination for any type of travel. Whether traveling alone or with group of friends and families, this country offer safety and convenience to keep you safe and comfortable during your trip. Thus, it is safe to say that Morocco is recommended travel destination you may want to include in your bucket list.

The Only 3 Bedroom Villa at Seminyak You Want to Lodging At

It seems to be hard to find an end when talking about the tourism in Bali. Travelers are keep on coming and there’s nothing we can do about that, governments and business owners are inviting them to spend their holidays at the island that has been a dream for so many people in the world.

So do when people or travelers are talking about it, somehow, Bali is a book you’ll never be finished to read or even it may has no end at all. There are too many things to experience.

And the way of how people are start making the stories in Bali is begun by which accommodation they will staying at. For those who are traveling around Bali in a group and will need a 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak, I’ll show you where the one and only villa you want to lodging at.

Hand-picked 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak

Even though I have not been identified how many of available villas at Seminyak especially with 3 bedrooms, but I have been got some of the favored ones for you to lodging at with all your group members.

I may won’t tell you them all since I think that 2 villas are too much for you, so I will only give you one of my best recommended stay that I have been manually hand-picked. It is what have been provided for you by a management called as the Hu’u Villas Bali.

The only 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak you want to lodging at with your group members

There are some more villa managements that are providing a villa with such number of bedrooms, but many of them are far enough from the shore and it won’t be interesting when you are at Seminyak and can’t really experience how beautiful of living around the beach.

The advantages why you will want to rent this 3 bedroom villa Seminyak are;

  1. You will get affordable price or even the cheaper one.
  2. There is always a discount everyday at least for the past recent year.
  3. Heading to the beach from the villa will only take not more than 5 minutes walking.
  4. Great services and is providing you with a private pool.
  5. You can celebrate the party at the villa or you can choose to celebrates it at the bar called as The Den that is around your villa’s area and the villa has a pretty much tasteful restaurant as well with great interior and beautiful outdoor view.

Many travelers have been said that this 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak is where they are going to rent as well when they will be back to Bali one day. The management itself even getting a really excellent reviews from various reservation sites such as TripAdvisor,, TriVago and many more. There are so many living proofs have been giving the positive feedback that have became their experiences while lodging at.

I am recommending you this for a reason; because many people were taking the overall services and facilities as what they were really need. Therefore, they can really rely on their needs of staying in luxury and fulfilling the needs of an accommodation. If you are interested about this 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak, it will always free if you only want to know about the offers. I do really hope that you will have a great story to be told when lodging at this villa.

Things to Remember for Female Travelers

The number of women who traveling around the world has been significantly rising. Here is also trend of solo female traveler and it has attracted tourism habit and commodity. In the past, women can only wait until they have someone else to have their dream vacation.

Things that female travelers should remember when traveling

Today, they just go with it by themselves. Of course, there are risks and weighs to consider regarding to solo female travelers. Harassment and dangers are real anyway. Besides, bad people see them as easier target when they are traveling such theft, robbery, or sexual harassment.

There are many places in the world where respect for women is still hard to get.

What things that female travelers should keep on remember?

Even though there are risks and dangers for solo female travelers, it doesn’t mean women can’t travel at all because there are still many safe places out there ready to embrace women rights.

To be able to travel safely, here are tips for solo female travelers so you can really enjoy the journey.

First, always be respectful even though you face cultural differences. Remember that the place you visit own different culture than what you embrace. Instead of giving rude comments, you should respect the customs and the cultures.

Even though what they do don’t align with what you believe as an individual person or as a woman, always respect them. You don’t have to like or follow their beliefs. However, you don’t have right to change or disrespect them. When you respect them, you will learn to understand more.

In return, they will also respect you and give you some sense of security of being accepted.

Next thing the female travelers should remember is that there are things women can do when men can’t.

Not all the time women travelers are at disadvantage during a trip. Sometimes, you have more opportunities to experiences things which aren’t provided for men. In some countries, there are programs or services dedicated for women only such as female-only yoga class, hair salon, parks, etc.

Instead of visiting unknown places, you can visit those women-only places to have fun.

Another addition for female travelers is to always stand your guard whenever you go.

No matter where you go, your safety is your priority. Of course women are more at risk in this matter. Therefore, you need to travel with your guard up. It might be stressing but it is necessary to guarantee your safety.

Make sure there is someone at home who knows your travel schedule. Women have strong intuition so use it. If you visit a place and something feels off, just get out of the place.

The next important thing to know is that there are travel destinations that are less friendly for women travelers.

However, you can never know if you don’t experience it yourself. Instead of succumbing to your fear and doubt, you can ask more experienced female travelers about the places they went to. Ask their opinion about the places even though it is somewhere do far from your home.

You can challenge yourself and there is no limit for a woman to travel. Being more prepared and always on guard can help you to travel alone safely.

Reasons A Couple Should Going Out For Camping

Falling in love is the great thing to experience in life. It can be the top of any happiness thing in the world. If you are now with someone you love, what if I told you that as a couple, you both may need to go out there in a trip and experience the beauty of outdoors through a camping trip?

What would you say about that idea?

A romantic travel can be means many things for different people. Some of us may are thinking that a candle light dinner on top of sky restaurant building is the great one, some of the others may are wanting to have a night cruise on the river after a movie on theater and many more. And what will make you think that a camping with your beloved one is not really what you need for a romantic trip?

Reasons for a couple to go out for a camping

A luxury and romantic dates are vary, many couples are doing many things just to be closer and being intimate with their lovers the ways they wanted. You can get a romance while on the yacht, you can also experience the luxury of the silence while camping in the forest, hill, cliff besides the sea and many more.

Today, you know and you may have been proven that what I just told you is not a nonsense at all. There are many girls out there that were enjoying how beautiful it was to sat by campfire while laying their heads on their men’s chests.

So does when they are singing together in a cold night of camping or when the couples are sleeping close together by using the double hammock to make their self warmed each other. Don’t you think that sleeping high with someone you love between the trees is a worth trying thing to do for experience the different way of a romantic date?

And as for your information, camping itself is not always to be somewhere faraway of your house, you can even setup the camping trip on your own backyard if you had one. It doesn’t always to be in the deep of the forest ever since the city park nearby can also be your destination. Many places can be used as the couple’s camping ground and enjoy the beauty of seeing the night sky together.

The interesting thing about the camping itself by knowing that most of the couples can enjoying it almost anywhere is that you can get it almost anytime. Says who that camping should have been made you stay for overnight? You can experiencing it for only 3 or 4 hours and decided to go home.

Camping is also one of the travel idea that allowing us to get out without bring many items. Sometimes, you will only need to bring the hammock or the tent and a bottles of drink as well as the matches to fire up the woods as the bonfire. As simple as that, and if you are going out there with your lover, there won’t many hassles you won’t want. Most are the beautiful things to be enjoyed as the romantic travel stories you can share in the future.

So, how many reasons you will need to go out for camping someday?