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Amazing Solo Vacation To Plan After Pandemic

Taking a vacation after the pandemic is something many people look up to. The global pandemic is not going to end sooner or later. It won’t last forever just like the previous outbreaks the world has experienced before. However, the time is still uncertain. No one really knows when it is going to stop. What we can do now is look for alternative such as taking local vacation or having a staycation. You can also start planning a solo vacation you can do after pandemic ends. 

Amazing Solo Vacation To Plan After Pandemic

Recommended destinations for solo vacation

Before pandemic, many people have planned a vacation since 2020 seems to be a special year. However, pandemic happens and many have canceled their travel plan. It has been going on and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. However, you can still plan your future trip especially if you love a solo trip. Here are amazing places you can put in your post-pandemic solo vacation plan:

Morocco is such a beautiful place for adventure. There are many amazing spots you can put in your checklist. One of the is the Sahara. You can have an amazing journey through the narrow streets of ancient medinas, stunning peaks of the High Atlas Mountains, and over sand dunes of the Sahara Dessert. You can also spend the night in private tented camp to enjoy the sky during the dark. 

Portugal is also a great place for a vacation especially if you want to go solo. One of the must visit spots is Madeira. There are fun activities you can do such as sweeping coastal views, exploring fishing villages, and have an adventure through the sheltered forest. You can enjoy your time exploring the hiking trails. It is such a healing experience after going through hard times caused by the global pandemic. Nature is the best in providing healing effects. 

Ireland is an ideal place for a solo getaway. You can start planning your post-pandemic trip to this destination now. You can discover interesting things during your vacation in the countryside. Go with your own pace and see what you will find. You can also highlights some amazing points include the stunning coastal roads, lovely villages, as well as breathtaking historical palaces. This place also has pleasant weather regardless of the time you pay a visit.

Nepal is a great place for you to learn the culture even if you plan for a solo trip. Go to the rural part to truly experience how the locals live their life. You can look for accommodation around farming village of Panauti. You can learn their culture through their local foods, exploring the villages and monasteries, as well as interaction with the locals themselves. 

Nicaragua is a magical place perfect for a solo getaway. There are many intriguing spots you can mark on your travel board such as rum factory, cloud forest, cooking workshop in Leon, and many more. Now, you have options for your future getaway after the pandemic stops. Plan your solo vacation thoroughly for a better experience.

Canggu villas, Cozy & Royal Temporary Residence

Kuta is no longer a prima donna for some foreign tourists. The trend of people looking for tourist destinations in Bali in the last 5 years is more towards South Bali. For the current trend, Canggu and the Seminyak area and its surroundings have attracted local and foreign tourists. If Kuta, South Bali offers the splendor of a beautiful stretch of beach, Canggu offers a view of the terraced rice fields that can refresh your senses. Changes in tourist area trends bring other changes such as accommodation. Canggu villas offer a unique and alluring rustic atmosphere.

Canggu villas, Cozy & Royal Temporary Residence

Canggu Villas, A Desire To Enjoy Life

Canggu displays the natural beauty of Bali through a stretch of rice fields enhanced by a rural atmosphere. Canggu is very popular among ex-pats as a place to stay while in Bali. Ease of reaching various public facilities such as international schools, Canggu Club, and others.

Nowadays, Canggu is not only famous for its public facilities for ex-pats but also Canggu villas as a long-term residential option. The style of villas in Canggu offers a variety of views ranging from the beach, the waterfront of rice fields to tropical gardens. Most of Canggu villas are equipped with Balinese thatched roofs, gazebos, private pools with traditional Balinese elements. The comfort of the villa is complemented by the latest and modern technology to create a retreat for tropical style lovers.

One of the advantages of living in the Canggu area is that ex-pats can get membership in one of the ex-pats’ favorite clubs. Bowling, water boom, and other facilities are available to pamper you during your stay in Bali. Canggu Villas offers many facilities both in the villa itself and the surrounding facilities. A private swimming pool is of course available to ensure your privacy while relaxing. You can find a housekeeper who is happy to help you take care of all your household needs.

Canggu is a paradise for surfers, both beginners, and professionals. This is one reason why many ex-pats prefer to stay in Canggu villas. There are many surf beaches in the Canggu area but some are well-known such as Pererenan Beach, Seseh beach, and Gema beach.

The cafes along Canggu beach offer the best atmosphere for you to enjoy the sunset. A variety of delicious dishes from various countries with quality ingredients, ranging from Balinese, Italian, Thai, Japanese and other dishes can be enjoyed in the open space.

It’s easy to indulge in a relaxed and calm atmosphere when staying at a Canggu villa. This area is perfect for travelers and ex-pats living in Bali who have a passion for beaches, waves, and family entertainment. Whatever you desire and dream of, vacation, or stay flawless you can find it at Canggu Villas, a retreat to enjoy the true taste of tropical life.

The must-see destinations for winter!

“Winter is coming” is the slogan when we follow and watch the “Game of Thrones” series, winter is always like a favorable season for the holidays since the two great moments are thus presented in this season, “the christmas ”and“ the new year ”. Talking about the destination during the winter, there are a lot of heavenly places for you to visit; some travelers are delighted with the first snowfall of winter, while others will escape the cold of the season. Snow is the main reason people are happy to visit tourist destinations during winter. This article will take you to visit some favorable destinations for your winter vacation in 2018, let’s go!

Nagano, Japan

The must-see destinations for winter

Nagano is the capital of Nagano Prefecture, located near the confluence of the Chikuma River and the Sai River on the Japanese island of Honshū. Nagano was originally a small village formed around a Buddhist temple dating from the 7th century: Zenkō-ji. The 1998 Winter Olympics were held there. This place is known to be the best destination for skiing in winter since we can enjoy the water baths, the heat, the museums and look at the houses covered with thick snow.

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

The must-see destinations for winter

Charles Bridge is a bridge that connects the Old Town of Prague with the district of Malá Strana. Built in the 14th century, it will be the only bridge over the Vltava until 1741. Symbol of the city, a must for tourists, it is invaded by musicians, various artists, barkers and street hawkers. The most beautiful city in Europe becomes more and more amazing when snow covers classic buildings with rocks illuminated by a lot of light. Charles Bridge is one of the most visited tourist spots for couples, as visitors can listen to classical music while enjoying hot chocolate drinks served in many cafes.

Salzburg, Austria

The must-see destinations for winter

Salzburg is an Austrian city located on the border of Germany, at the foot of the Eastern Alps. With the city divided by the Salzach River, the medieval and Baroque buildings of the Altstadt (Old Town) on the left bank face the 19th-century Neustadt (New Town) on the right bank. Located in the Altstadt, the birthplace of the famous composer Mozart has become a museum exhibiting the instruments of his childhood. This city carries a very festive Christmas atmosphere, attracting many travelers who wish to spend their holidays in winter. Here you will see many Austrian specialties as well as all the Christmas needs to meet all your pre Christmas needs.

Tromsø, Norway

The must-see destinations for winter

City in northern Norway, represents a major cultural center above the Arctic Circle. It is a famous vantage point for the Northern Lights which sometimes light up the night sky. The historic center of the city, on the island of Tromsø, is distinguished by its century-old wooden houses.

Wedding in Nusa Dua Beach Resort During the Pandemic; It’s a Win

Wedding in Nusa Dua Beach Resort During the Pandemic

As the coronavirus haunts in the air, many couples have retreated from having a full-fledge wedding and reconsider options for a small, private wedding. The pandemic has hit wedding industries really hard and crushes many hearts of the soon-to-be-wed. Changes are inevitable but your wedding can still take place. It needs various modification indeed; re-navigating, re-planning, and re-scheduling is the key to still have a successful, beautiful wedding even in the midst of the pandemic. One of our favourite solution for the coronavirus wedding is having it take place on a beach resort. Like the Nusa Dua Beach resort in Bali which has been so experienced at handling a wedding—and turning a bride’s dream come true. This is why having a wedding at Nusa Dua resort is a win, even in the middle of pandemic.

You can have faith in how Nusa Dua Beach Resort arrange a safe wedding

Preparing a wedding is already stressful on its own—and now you have coronavirus on the list. You need to think about wedding venue, catering, makeup artist, and down on how to maintain hygiene and safety for your guests. When you have the wedding in a Nusa Dua beach resort, however, you can basically have them to arrange everything. They will take care of the decoration, catering, guests room, and sanitising the whole venue when you just sit and supervise everything.

It’s effortlessly beautiful  

When you prepare a wedding, you’ll want it to be as beautiful as possible. However, having a beautiful decoration means you need to be in touch with many vendors to make it true. This give greater chance of transmission as you will meet a lot of people to discuss the concept or source materials. Beach, on the other hand, provide a breath-taking backdrop with its natural beauty. You only need a light touch—some fresh flower arrangements—to make it dreamy.

Multiple Venues in Nusa Dua Beach Resort

Wedding in Nusa Dua Beach Resort During the Pandemic

When you choose the Nusa Dua beach resort for your wedding venue, you will get the luxuries of having multiple wedding venue even without moving a place. For a couple who have a wedding in the midst of a pandemic, this is surely a great benefit. In one single resort, you can choose a unique location for each part of the wedding. A nuptial ceremony right in the beach and a wedding brunch in restaurant, for example.

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Limiting the guest size while providing the best wedding experience

Guest number is an important thing in Covid-situation wedding. For Indonesians who traditionally have lavish banquet with minimum 700 guests, arranging a wedding in beach resort like the Nusa Dua give excuses to couples to have a small initimate wedding. Something that’s quite taboo on Indonesia before the pandemic.

Nusa Dua Resort is giving a much-needed break from the pandemic worries

The pandemic is scaring people in so many ways and forced couple to navigate through complicated situation. It’s nice to know that you will soon getting pampered that you deserve right after the wedding. A wedding in beach resort usually come in package with a honeymoon stay. You don’t have to think about transportation to and from the wedding venue. It’s all arranged in one place and in this situation, that’s the best thing you’ll want to have.

Packing Less While Improving Your Travel Wardrobe 

Deciding on how many clothes you should pack for your trip can be tricky. You can choose based on the weather at your travel destination as well as the mood you want to create for the trip. You may have your own taste when it comes to fashion style. Looking fabulous while to the entire trip is not impossible. However, it will weigh you down if you pack too many fashion items in your luggage. Is it possible to pack less while improving your travel wardrobe at the same time?

Creative ways to improve your travel wardrobe

You can actually optimize your closet to enhance your travel wardrobe. Thus, you don’t really have to pack too many items to look stunning all the time. Here are some tips for you to enhance your travel wardrobe without packing too much:

Pack comfortable stuff

packing for travel

Do not forget to pack some t-shirts. They are almost weightless and don’t take up too much space in your luggage. Not to mention that they are very comfortable to wear and can be mixed and matched with almost everything. Make sure that you pack t-shirts that fits you really well so you can wear them with anything such as pencil skirt, jeans, shorts, and many more. You can even wear tailored tee under a blazer to create cool and casual look. 

Neutral colors win

Pack clothes in neutral palette. Those are your savior when travelling because they don’t standout. They are also good base colors for any season. You can just mix and match them to your heart’s content throughout the travel. Clothes in neutral colors can be worn repeatedly without notice. If you want to look a bit playful and not too boring with the neutral palette, choose the one with bold stripes or subtle patterns. 

Reversible clothes

Pack reversible clothes so it’s like you wear different clothes. There are pieces with basic patterns in one side and bold, bright patterns on the other side. These types of clothes can be worn for maximum use during your vacation. This way, you will always look fashionable and stylish. There is no such thing as boring look.

Too many shoes – no go

It is often that travelers pack too many shoes especially those who plan to do various activities throughout the trip. However, packing too many shoes will only make your luggage weigh more. You can avoid packing too many pairs of shoes by packing multi-purpose shoes instead. Those can be worn for various purpose while lightening the weight of your luggage. You can pack a pair of ballet flats which will stay comfortable to wear for a museum tour as well as a cocktail party in the evening. 

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Liven up your look with smart accessories. If you wear something basics for your vacation, smart accessories can save your days. You can pack some colorful earring, bracelets, or necklace that can compliment your outfit well. You can also pack your favorite scarves which not only can accentuate your look but also protect you against the cold. 

Reasons to Purchase Teakwood Furniture from Jogja or Jepara

toko mebel jogja

Teakwood from Indonesia is known to be exported to all parts in the world. Browsing around for furniture Yogyakarta is certainly a good way to find high quality teakwood furniture. Teak is certainly the most popular type of wood from Indonesia whether it’s for export purposes or used domestically. Despite its price, the wood continues to be in-demand and there are good reasons for that when it comes to creating quality furniture.

Quality furniture Yogyakarta 

Jepara Indonesia is known as one of the top suppliers of teakwood furniture that exports to all around the world and the special region of Yogyakarta is only a few hours ride to the area. Yogyakarta is a more developed city and has various options when it comes to furniture hunting for your home, villa, or apartment. Most of the furniture Jogja is sourced from none other than Jepara but Yogyakarta is more shopping-friendly, especially if you don’t plan to buy in bulk. 

Teakwood furniture is durable  

Furniture made of teakwood is known to be one of the most durable ones out there. Teakwood is naturally resistant to termites and many types of insect. Furniture made with teakwood materials is also weather-resistant, which makes it perfect for outdoor furniture needs. It’s definitely among the best materials home furniture Yogyakarta you can find that will deliver you durability. 

interior furniture yogyakarta

This type of timber is also known for its beautiful light golden color. Without the protection of a finish, the wood will darken over time; which could be both a good or a bad thing for Furniture Jogja depending on your preference. 

Heirloom furniture pieces  

Aside from durability, teak is known for its long-lasting quality. This is why you’ll find many antique pieces made of teakwood. The furniture could last you decades, and with good maintenance, it’s not rare that a piece could last for a century. This makes teakwood furniture Yogyakarta perfect for heirloom pieces. 

furniture yogyakarta

Make sure that you purchase your pieces only from Yogyakarta furniture manufacturers that source their woods from sustainable places such as the government-controlled plantation. Many of the places with this certification can be found in Jepara and Jogja. 

Affordability factor 

Buying your interior furniture Yogyakarta is also an excellent choice rather rather than say, buying it from Bali. For the record, Bali does not have its own furniture industry and most of what you can find in furniture Bali comes from none other than Java. However, as the most prominent tourist hubs in Indonesia, Bali gets a lot of people coming to find furnitures. If you already have a plan to go to Bali though, it wouldn’t hurt to check out the kind of furniture pieces they have, just to have a general idea if it’s what you’re looking for. Then you should travel to Java, preferably Jepara or Yogyakarta if you’d like to obtain the best prices for your furniture needs.

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It’s worth noting that most shipping company in Indonesia will measure the budget depending on the dimensions of your furniture instead of the weight. But of course, it’s best to consult with home furniture shipping agents before you buy. 

Basic Rules Of Travel Etiquette You Should Know 

During a trip, you may not realize that you are violating some basic etiquette which make people around you uncomfortable with your presence or behavior. There are many things that can make you uncomfortable during travel and one of them is when someone violating the travel etiquette. You don’t want to be the one violating the rule. Hence, you should know at least the basic rules of travel etiquette to keep yourself and other people comfortable. 

Avoid violating basic rules of travel etiquette

There might be some things that you consider minor but for others, they are such a huge inconvenience. For example, you just innocently skip the line so you can get through it faster. Well, it is such a huge inconvenience even if the line is not long. You are still considered violating the rule of basic travel etiquette. 

Armrest sharing

One of the common violated rules of travel etiquette is sharing the armrest on the plane. Remember that it is one armrest per passenger. Thus, use only armrest that has your media and electrical outlet. If you fight over the armrest with your seatmate, try to speak calmly and compromise with them. It is better than keeping an arm wrestling throughout the flight which is such a huge inconvenience for the both of you. 

Think of the people around you before reclining your seat

travel etiquette

Another common etiquette you should pay attention to during a flight is when reclining the seat. You may view this as your right to recline your seat back since it is your seat. However, for the people at the back of your seat, they may find it rude. Thus, it is recommended to not recline your seat if your flight is not a long one. If you are indeed on a long-haul flight and you need to recline your seat to rest or sleep better, check the people at the back first. You can see if the person behind you is doing something such as eating. It is also wise if you can just ask them if it is okay for you to recline your seat. 

Don’t be late

As mentioned earlier that it is common to see people cutting line especially when they are in such a  hurry. What if it happens to you and you are late for your flight while the lines are very long? In this situation, you may choose to cut the line, wait in line and miss your flight, or ask people to let you get in the front line. The best solution is to ask the people in lines politely and explain your situation. However, do not cut the lines rudely or without a reason. 

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Swapping seats

Another issue regarding to travel etiquette is when people ask you to swap the seats. Sometimes, they do that so they can sit close to their travel companion, etc. It is not fair especially if your seat is better than theirs. You have right to refuse politely especially when you have paid extra for your seat. If they are persistent, call the flight attendance to get some solutions that make everyone happy. 

Scuba Diving in the Seas of Komodo – Before You Dive

komodo national park diving

Astonishing biodiversity, pristine corals that make up spectacular macro heaven, are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to scuba diving in Komodo and why the destination is listed among the top in divers’ list. The Komodo islands of Flores are brimming with wonders beyond just housing the ancient dragon that makes up the namesake of the place. 

Scuba diving Komodo National Park Indonesia

komodo island scuba diving

Diving in the Komodo national park is not exactly something for a beginner. The currents can be strong and sin order to dive, you need to have at least an Open Water PADI certification. With that said, if you’ve invested your time and money to dive in Komodo at all, you likely have some experience under your belt. 

Some people wonder when is the best time to do scuba diving Komodo but the truth is that you should be able to dive all-year round. This is especially true if you come with a diving liveaboard that allows you to stay aboard in the sea for the entirety of your diving adventure. What you need to pay attention to when diving in Komodo is the species you’d like to see. For instance, while mantas swarm certain parts of Komodo all-year round, there are certain times that divers dubbed as “manta seasons” and it’s best if you find this out in advance. November is often a good time to do diving if you’re looking to swim with the mantas. 

Komodo liveaboard or dive resort? 

Which one should you pick? Liveaboard or a dive resort? Both are certainly feasible options but you’re going to need to have to consider many factors when it comes to a final decision. 

scuba diving komodo

Scuba diving Komodo through liveaboard is generally ideal for you whose top priority in visiting Flores is to dive. Professional divers who would like to make the most of their time by obtaining underwater footage would find that they’re so much more productive going on a liveaboard instead of on staying on a resort. 

Invest on a diving insurance 

diving komodo

If you’re a dedicated scuba diver, especially one who invest your money and time on a trip to the remote islands, you have probably thought of investing on a diving insurance. This type of insurance is not offered by that many insurance companies and it seemed that select specialized companies offer them, such as the World Nomads that specialize in travel insurance. For your protection and peace of mind, consider a specialized company that covers adventurous activities, especially if you’re traveling and scuba diving Komodo to remote areas like Indonesia’s many famed diving sites. 

Make sure all of your equipment works 

One of the most rookie mistakes you could commit if you’re going on a liveaboard boat is that divers didn’t check their equipment before going on a dive. You won’t be able to find dive shops readily catering to your needs in the middle of the ocean. So make sure to do a test dive. 

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Making Your Travel Pursue Less Heavy

Have you experienced returning to your hotel room with shoulder and neck pain after exploring your travel destination? Most o travelers have experience this. One of the most common reasons is heavy travel-purse. You cart around your travel purse not realizing that the weight making your neck and shoulders suffer all day. At least some travelers experience headache after carrying around heavy purse when travelling. The severe one is when you also experience joint disease. The temporary discomfort you get from carting around your heavy travel purse can be prevented. 

Making Your Travel Purse Less Heavy

Comfortable travel purse for more comfortable trip

You don’t have to suffer from any kind of physical discomfort just because you carry around your travel purse. You can still wear them without causing any physical damage to your body. Here are some tips to make your purse lighter so it is more comfortable to wear while you are exploring your travel destination all day long.

Choose the right purse

First thing first, you need to choose the right purse. It means you need to start with choosing light purse with sturdy materials. There are purses that weigh more than the others even if their size is the same. The average weight for purse is around 2 to 3 pounds before it is filled with any items. Therefore, you can opt for a lightweight travel purse instead. However, make sure the material is sturdy as well for the longevity. Some purses can be carried like a tote-bag and some of them can be worn cross-body. If you can find travel purse that can be worn both ways, then it is a good choice. You can also look for purse with more travel-friendly features to accommodate you better when travelling.

Which goes into your wallet

Making Your Travel Purse Less Heavy

Sort out items you are going to put into your wallet. The weigh of the wallet you put inside the travel purse impact the weigh of the purse itself. Thus, it is highly suggested to only bring the essentials you are going to really need for exploring travel destinations. You can just bring your ID card, credit card, and debit card on your wallet. You don’t have to bring punch cards or store rewards cards especially when you are not going to use them at all. 

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Travel sized items 

Stock your travel purse with travel-sized items you are going to need such as travel-sized sunscreen, lip balm, hand sanitizer, moisturizer, or over-the-counter medications. Those are the most common essentials you need for travel comfortably. However, the travel-sized package can reduce the weight of your travel purse significantly. 

Remove all coins from travel purse

Remove all coins from your travel purse before wearing it to explore your travel destination. Coins might not be significant and they are often forgotten. However, they make your purse weigh even more. You don’t really need so many coins in your purse anyway. Thus, dump out coins from your travel purse every day. Or, you can just bring coin purse instead so you can just bring necessary amount of of them without weighing down your purse. Also, clean out your travel purse every night from unnecessary items. 

Girls Guide to Surf Camp Spain

Girls Guide to Surf Camp Spain

Here’s one of the dreamiest dream for every girl with wandering souls in their heart. To spend a splendid summer holiday in sunny destination like Spain, donning a fabulous sunglasses, sporting gorgeous bikini with surfboard in one hand, ready to stroke the waves anytime. And of all other places in Europe, Spain is definitely perfect for surfing holiday—with Portugal as the other alternatives. The golden coasts, rolling barrels, bright sky, the scrumptious Mediterranean foods, and wholly culture are enough reason to put Spain on your list. On top of it, the crime rate is pretty low—girls can surf and travel in Spain without lots of worry. And Spain is ridden with wide variety of surf camp which make your surf trip a lot easier. So if you are a girl and plan to surf in Spain some time soon, here’s what you need to do. 

Choosing the Right Surf Camp Spain for Girls

Just to make it clear. Spain is a popular surfing destination in Europe and it has TONS of surf camp for every type. You can have teen surf camp, kite and surf camp, surf apartment, safari surf camp, surf “glamping”, to even women-only surf camp. If you are a teen, beginner, and looking for peers of your age, you might want to stay at teen surf camp.

How to Choose It

Girls Guide to Surf Camp Spain

Basically, you have three basic rules to apply when it comes to choosing surf camp in Spain. Budget, type & facilities of accommodation, and location. The higher your budget, the more options you can have, and the nicer the accommodation is. Type of accommodation is also an important factor. If you are a solo travelling woman in late 20s or early 30s, you might not feel comfortable staying at nosy teen camps. Last, you want to stay somewhere where the surfing beach meet your level. You don’t want to stay at Meñakoz when you are a total beginner. 

Freed Yourself from Super Planning

If you sign up for surf camp Spain, you can free yourself from running a detailed itinerary. You don’t need to plan from hours to hours cause you can simply follow the surf camp’s schedule. And when you are not busy riding the waves or absorbing the coastal glow, you can wader off to the city. Just prepare some destination list you want to visit but don’t squeeze it into a tight schedule. Stay open for coincidences or travel invitations from new friends!

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Find New Friends at Spain Surf Camp 

Whether you are travelling solo or with friends, the surf camp Spain is an excellent place to meet interesting people from all around the world and make new friends! Many girls afraid to being lonely on their solo surf trip, but here in the surf camp, you won’t. There are so many girls that just like you, want to surf the world and have awesome adventure! You might meet new friends to share sweet waves together!

Be Realistic: You Cannot Surf Just in Skimpy Bikini

Don’t be fooled with how surfer girls are portrayed in movies and magazines and show up with just a bikini. You will get rash and that’s totally unpleasant. While Spain’s warm weather totally support bikinis, you should not give in to the temptation. At least wear a rash guard of even better, a wetsuit.