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Places Around The World With Otherworldly Beauty Worth Visiting For

The situation with the covid-19 has not died yet even though the vaccines are being distributed all over the world. Even with the vaccines being found, there is still need for the process of distribution and transition to take. Travelling around the world sounds far fetched now but you can always take inspiration for your future vacation. There are many places around the world with otherworldly beauty worth travelling for. 

Krka National Park in Croatia, the most gorgeous places on earth

Otherworldly beautiful places around the world

Granada is in Spain and one of the most beautiful things about this place is its sunset. Of course, Granada itself is holds something special as well. It is where you can enjoy spending your time on the architecture, foods, and the interaction with the locals. One more special thing is the Alhambra. It is the best place to watch over the sunset. In fact, it is called the most beautiful sunset in the world. The magical experience you feel is extraordinary that you want to live there forever. 

Krka National Park in Croatia is also one of the most gorgeous places on earth. It is not exaggerating. This national park has rivers and streams crisscrossing the ground beneath. You can navigate your ways through the elevated wooden pathways. You can enjoy peaceful tranquility and deep stillness when exploring the place. The sound from the birds and water makes you feel like you are in different dimension. Also, beautiful waterfalls at the end of your pathways will welcome you with their grace. 

Haputale Tea Country in Sri Lanka also holds a predicate as one of the most beautiful places one earth. The photos cannot even do this place justice. To explore the place, you have to go through the slopes, misty gorges, surrounded by mystique views. Not to mention that the most special thing of this place is Haputale’s local tea pickers that perched beautifully at 7,000 feet above the sea level. You will be able to see such gorgeous views from the foothills of Agarapatana Plantation. You can even enjoy a fresh cup of tea served with sweets and breads while looking at the greenery.

South Island in New Zealand is quite popular already. It is indeed one of the most wonderful places on earth with its breathtaking landscape. Everything feels right when you look at the landscape. It is like everything is placed like that on purpose to create such magical landscape. The crystalline lake, the view of the mountain, and the sun that cast a rosy glow make everything look captivating at first sight. 

The Antarctic Peninsula in Antarctica is such an otherworldly place to visit. Maybe because it is devoid of human causing eerie emptiness which make us more focused on the natural beauty instead of man-made building, power lines, or lights. Natural life is truly breathtaking with how the landscape look along with group of penguins that enjoy their life peacefully. The backdrop could not be more perfect with blue glaciers, towering mountains, and unpolluted sky. Nothing compared to this special place on earth. 

Padar Island Tour, The Best Place to Enjoy the Labuan Bajo Sea

Deciding to take a vacation to explore Komodo Island and Labuan Bajo and its surroundings, Padar Island will be included in your schedule list. The 3rd largest island in the Komodo National Park area offers exotic natural charms without being inhabited by rare reptiles. This island is relatively closer to Rinca Island than to Komodo Island. The Padar Island Tour is very different from other island tours since the spectacular natural beauty is perfect for hunting for Instagrammable photos.

Padar Island Tour, The Best Place to Enjoy the Labuan Bajo Sea around

Padar Island Tour and How To Explore?

The main goal is that you have to arrive in Labuan Bajo. Find a flight ticket to Denpasar then continue back to Labuan Bajo for 30 minutes. If you are traveling solo, you can continue your trip to Loh Liang pier, Komodo Island then takes a speed boat to Padar Island. If you want a simple holiday, you can look for providers that offer Padar island tours and its surroundings. Usually, they do not specifically offer tours to Padar, but the third-largest island is always a spot for vacation travel packages to Komodo Island and its surroundings.

The type of vacation that is currently a favorite is using a yacht. Luxurious getaway at an affordable price! Sharing costs can be one way to enjoy a luxurious vacation on a yacht, especially if you are traveling solo. Some of the spots that are usually included in the list are Komodo Island, Padar Island, Pink Beach, Rinca Island, and several other islands.

Climb Hundreds of Stairs for spectacular views of Padar Island

On the island of Padar, you can climb as far as 400 meters by climbing approximately 800 steps. Along with the steps, there are views of the green sea as well as the islands. If you visit during the dry season, make sure to bring long sleeves, hats, and lotion with a high SPF. Climbing the stairs around 200 meters, you will see a stretch of pink beach

Climbing the 300-meter stairs, you will find a Bidara tree to just take shelter and enjoy the surrounding scenery. If you want to enjoy the peak, you can walk about 100 meters with a path without stairs to enjoy the views of Komodo Island.

The Padar Island Tour will be very different because you will be presented with a beautiful natural panorama from the top of the hill. As one of the UNESCO world heritage of this island, you must visit while on vacation Labuan Bajo and its surroundings. You can also climb the peak in the morning to enjoy the sunrise.

Changes In Travel World In The Last Decade

Changes In Travel World In The Last Decade

Travel world has changed especially in the last decade. There have been many incredible event happened int he last few years which bring us to how travel world work today. Travelling is still seen as one of the most important factors int he world contributing many areas in life. Travelling be it for business or pleasure still plays important role to keep us moving forward. 

Momentous changes in travel world 

In the past, travel was seen as luxury and often associated with wealthy people only. However, it has changed a lot today because travel now is more accessible and affordable. It is no longer associated with the wealthy  only. People from different background can travel to places they want to visit without spending too much money. 

In 2010, mobile boarding passes became the norm. In the past, travelers could only use paper boarding passes. Today, everything has gone digital. 2010 is the start where mobile boarding passes were being used for air travel. It makes the process or boarding much more efficient. Also, there is not need to afraid of boarding passes being lost. 

Momentous changes in travel world

In 2011, the security lines at the airport has become less painful. It is not a secret that security check is one of the most dreading processes for air travelers. In 2011, TSA launched pre-check program for the first time to make it more efficient. Today, over 200 airports participating this program and 8.4 millions of people have joined as members. 

Aside from many developments to the travel world in the last decade, there are also some downfalls such as overtourism. The peak of it was in 2015.  One year prior, a portion of he Pont des Arts bridge in Paris collapsed. It was followed by another big event where the infamous ‘love locks’ were removed. The reason was the weight of the locks that keep added by tourists over the years. When this happened, it brought the attention of overtourism and its real impact on the infrastructure of the cities.

watch solar eclipse

In 2017, many people were so high spirited to venture out all over the world just to watch solar eclipse. It has been one of major attractions for people to travel. Solar eclipse is natural phenomenon that happen in particular times. During solar eclipse, many hotels and tourism destinations experienced and reported the spike in visitors, causing revenue to soar higher as well. 

International tourism has reached its peak in 2018. It has even exceeded the UNWTO’s long term forecast. Meanwhile, 2019 was when the scandals and restrictions hit the global sharing economy. This situation has led to major challenges in both financially and legally for many companies. 2020 is where people anticipated the world of cruising. However, the global pandemic happened and it is like tourism world has paused for unknown period. 

It is predicted that tourism will rise again after pandemic ends. Also, there is anticipation of space tourism. Many people anticipate NASA’s plan to open The International Space Station for commercial tourism.

Buying Canggu Bali Villas? Read These 5 Tips Before You Do

Buying Canggu Bali Villas? Read These 5 Tips Before You Do

Buying a house is just as thrilling, as nine million homeowners can attest. People buy a second home for a number of reasons, including family vacations, separated residences, investment opportunities, or all three. The beach is one of the most famous places to buy a second home, followed by the lake. This is also, conveniently, the most common form of travel destination. Buying a beach house will provide not only wonderful family memories, but also extra income. A vacation rental can be a great start if you’re interested in investing in real estate. It can not only assist you in gaining experience in locating, preparing, and financing an investment property, but it can also provide you with a comfortable living space. If you’re thinking of buying a holiday home such as Canggu villas in Bali to rent out for extra cash, think about all of the advantages and disadvantages first.

Do You Choose Profit or View for Your Canggu Bali Viilas

Decide which one is more important before purchasing Canggu Bali villas. While both are possible, certain homes are better suited to one than the other. It all boils down to what they expect from their investment return. Beach houses can probably be rented out for more money each night, but you’ll be spending more money on the house up front and might only break even in the first few years. Owners of homes a block or two from the beach can expect to see a return on their investment a little faster because they will be paying less for the land. Whatever you decide, make sure you stick to the 10% rule: try to make at least 10% of the money you spend on your vacation rental in revenue.

Think Deeper About the Location

Understand the Rhythm of Renting Canggu Bali Villas

The golden rule of real estate is venue, as we’ve all learned. Simply put, a property’s position is more important than anything else; it’s the one thing that can’t be modified. That said, it should come as no surprise that deciding on a location is the first step in investing in vacation rental properties. Proceed to choose a city to invest in, as well as an area within that city. For example, look for villas in Canggu area of Bali. It’s best if you can be as descriptive as possible. Pay close attention to all of the important factors, such as market conditions, employment rate, weather, proximity to certain services, demand, inventory, and a variety of others. Although the financial aspects of a potential property must be considered, you cannot overlook the fact that your imminent purchase must be in a friendly, affordable, and attractive location to easily attract visitors. Although the financial aspects of a potential property must be considered, you cannot overlook the fact that your imminent purchase must be in a friendly, affordable, and attractive location to easily attract visitors.

Understand the Rhythm of Renting Canggu Bali Villas

Think Deeper About the Location

The ebbs and flows of demand, which we briefly discussed earlier, deserve a closer examination. Vacation properties are distinct from conventional rentals in that the income earned is mostly seasonal. In the summer, a house near the water will draw more attention. You should be aware of what to expect during peak seasons as well as off-seasons. You should also have an idea of how much money you’ll be spending on a monthly basis. You must add in the cost of furnishing the property and cleaning it every few weeks. If you want to buy the house, you’ll need at least a 25% down payment and will have to pay a higher interest rate.

More Villa and Investment Insights:

Bali Villas – What Benefit Can Spacious Unit Offer?

Luxury Bali Villas Offers A Different Vacation For Travelers

Talk with Realtors

Realtors specialize in the types of property they rent, just as teachers specialize in subject areas. Kibarer, for instance, specializes in Bali vacation rentals. Realtors seem to gravitate into one of two niches. Often do your homework on real estate agents and inquire about their background. You’ll be in good hands if you take the time to vet your agent. This is a significant transaction, and you must have complete faith in them.

See the Villas from Guests’ Perspective

When visitors visit, one of the key reasons they choose vacation rentals is that they want to have the comforts of home while on vacation. People want something at least as good as they have at home. Imagine yourself in the shoes of a renter, and consider what you’d like in the Canggu Bali villas – you want to make your guests as happy as possible. It may be as easy as getting enough fresh towels or soft sheets or having rewarding view of the surrounding from the balcony. 

Revenge Travel And The Future of Tourism

Revenge Travel And The Future of Tourism

The covid-19 has turned the global travel industry upside down like no other in the last decade. There have been many losses in tourism industry especially destinations that rely greatly on it. Not to mention that many workers in tourism industry around the world lose their income. Many predictions going around say that it is highly likely that revenge travel will save the tourism industry after the pandemic. 

Revenge travel after the pandemic

With vaccine distribution, travel is slowly bouncing back against all odds. In some countries where covid-19 is already more controlled, tourism is slowly getting back. Domestic travel has started to be allowed for the citizen. Of course, things are not what they used to be before the pandemic because people still have to follow the protocol and guidelines to stay safe during travel. 

Revenge Travel And The Future of Tourism

It is predicted that once the pandemic ends, there will be a phenomenon called revenge travel. It is not actually new phenomenon in tourism industry. It happened before in 1980s when people in China back then had a concept of revenge spending after emerge from an economic recession. This kind of consumer behavior is predicted and even already started in 2020 as the result of the global pandemic. 

Many people have been experienced the feel of being isolated for months. Many people have started to sue the motivation of ‘treat yourself’ using revenge travel. They try to make up for the lost time and canceled trips. In China, it was reported there was a surge of travel happening during the Golden week. The people traveled domestically after the lockdown policy was lifted by the authority. It happened in other countries as well such as Philippines, Florida, etc. 

Will revenge travel save tourism industry? The answer is not that simple and clear. Of course it will bring benefits to tourism industry in some ways. However, it might not be sustainable in the long run. The surge or spike of travel around the world after pandemic can also bring negative impacts especially to famous attractions. 

If revenge travel is taken from positivity and hope then it is a good thing. Many people now who are still unable to travel can start to hope for a brighter future especially with how vaccine is already distributing around the world. The need to travel and the enthusiasm can help a lot in lifting up spirit and ambition of people after suffering from many restrictions. 

When will revenge travel will truly happen? It already happened in some places around the world even if it is in domestic scale. However, revenge travel in global scale is unpredictable since the pandemic itself has not ended. It takes time to spread the vaccines and for them to work. Financial resource, health risk, and safety  are several factors that make some people still hesitate to travel even after the pandemic ends. It is because the impact won’t just go away in a day or two. Some changes will remain and it may take time for us all to adapt again. 

How To Travel Safely and Comfortably When You Have Asthma

Asthma is not uncommon condition because millions of people around the world live with asthma. There are different types of asthma and of them is allergic asthma. It is type of asthma that usually appear triggered by allergens such as mold spores, tobacco smoke, dust mites, pollen, or pet dander. To reduce the risk of allergic asthma attack is by avoiding the triggers. However, it is more challenging when you travel because of the unknown environment and unpredictable triggers. 

Travel tips for travelers with asthma

Travel tips for travelers with asthma

The most important thing to do to travel with asthma is to be prepared. If you are planning to travel somewhere, always make plan so you can enjoy your vacation instead of worrying over the unknown. It might not guarantee you won’t experience asthma attack during your trip. At least, you lower the risk by doing so. And here are some tips you can consider to travel safely with your asthma:

Always follow your treatment plan regardless of your destination. If you have daily medications then bring them with you to your destinations. Make sure to pack enough so you won’t have to look for them in unknown territory. Also, pack your rescue inhaler because it is your lifeline. 

Be more strategic when planning your travel. Always keep your triggers in mind when making plan and decision. If your trigger is mold spores then avoid staying at places that tend to be damp, rainy, etc. Also, avoid booking a room in musty building. If air pollution is your trigger, avoid travelling to major urban areas because the air quality must be lower. If pollen is your trigger, time your travel plan so you can avoid time and places with high pollen counts especially in fall and spring. 

Schedule a check-up with your physician before travel so they can refill your prescription if needed. They will also help review travel-related risks for you to stay informed and aware. They will also give you the proper immunizations you need for the trip. You can also ask your doctor to provide documentation or letter explaining your condition so it can be used in case of emergency during your trip. 

Keep yourself informed with everything you need to know to keep safe while travelling with asthma. You need to find information about allergy policies. Do your own research so you know what to expect and what to do. 

Pack smartly for smooth travel. Put your medication in your carry-on not in suitcase. Always keep them within your reach so you know where to get them when needed. Also book your accommodation with consideration. Choose hotel or any accommodation that can provide you a smoke-free and pet-free room. 

Just in case of emergency, find out the nearest hospital and local emergency number. Also, be mindful of what you eat if you also have food allergy. Allergic asthma is manageable and it doesn’t have to interfere with your travel plan. With good preparation and proper packing list, you can enjoy a healthy, stress-free travel. 

2 Bedroom Villa in Seminyak for A Stay You’ll Never Forget

If you’re a traveler looking to visit Bali, Seminyak is one of the top destinations for those searching for a relaxing holiday experience. Seminyak is an ideal vacation destination, whether you are planning to enjoy time in the trendy cafes or you want to immerse yourself in the beaches. If you are looking for great accommodation for a small family trip, 2 bedroom villa in Seminyak would be an excellent choice. When you rent one of the Seminyak villas, you can experience everything this town has to offer.

2 Bedroom Villa in Seminyak for A Stay You'll Never Forget

What Seminyak Villas have to offer?

As Seminyak grows in popularity, many travelers from all over the world come to visit this beautiful town. Seminyak attracts many different types of travelers. The upside to this trend is that Seminyak accommodation has been made plentiful. In Seminyak, you’ll find villas to suit any budget and size. From fully equipped kitchen to open-plan living area and gazebos to garden paths. For travelers bringing their small family, renting a 2 bedroom villa in Seminyak may be the ultimate destination.

Most villas provide a satisfying travel experience. However, before you book one of the Seminyak villas, there are a few factors you should consider. To create an unforgettable holiday, make sure to book a villa that has spacious rooms and the luxury amenities you deserve. Then, look for a Seminyak villa that has a fully equipped kitchen. While there are plenty of world-class restaurants around the area, a self-catering kitchen is always a pleasure to have. Therefore, you can enjoy delicious home-cooked meals on the sidelines of your holiday. Staying in a private villa also offers an amazing experience, especially one with a private pool.

Top pick for the best 2-bedroom villa in Seminyak

Top pick for the best 2-bedroom villa in Seminyak

The charming 2-bedrooms villa is located in a chic area of Seminyak. This villa is set on 153 sqm and offers 84.9 sqm of total living area. Laid out on 2 levels, the villa has 2 bedrooms with aesthetic bathrooms. The spacious bedrooms open directly to the pool terrace where there are two relaxation sunbeds. This villa comes with a modern open living and dining area. Open style living room overlooking the pool is a great place to gather with the family. The villa also has a swimming pool surrounded by green lawns. With a pool, you can swim or just sit on sunbeds while the tropical air of Seminyak surrounds you.

Just 5 minutes from the villa, you can reach the stunning beach.  When you stay at this Seminyak villa you can also reach the nearby local market within 5 minutes. With all the luxury facilities, this 2-bedroom villa in Seminyak is on leasehold for 28 years and costs USD 380,755.

Things To Keep In Mind When Travel Post Pandemic

Things To Keep In Mind When Travel Post Pandemic

In several countries, full-scale vaccination efforts are on the way. Hence, there has been a raise of confidence in travel. Vaccines are being distributed all over the world but it doesn’t mean that you can go back to things before the covid-19. there are many things to keep in mind because some changes are there to remain still.  

What to keep in mind about post pandemic travel

It is true that after vaccines are being distributed, many travelers show their enthusiasm and positive sentiment. However, there are still barriers to overcome. Safety protocols from covid-19 are here to stay. And here are several things to keep in mind when it comes to post pandemic travel no matter where you are:

Can you travel freely and safely after getting your shot with the vaccine? The answer is not that simple. Just because you have gotten your vaccine doesn’t mean there is no risk. It is important to stay cautious and adapt with the gradual transition. Even vaccine needs time to work in your body. Abroad travel is likely not to be encouraged because it still has high risk. 

Things To Keep In Mind When Travel Post Pandemic

What about domestic travel? It depends on where live. if your local authority allows their citizen to travel domestically then you can do it too. However, always follow the safety and health guidelines given by your local authority to stay safe because there is still a long road ahead of us. If your local authority already loosen lockdown or stay at home rule and you are planning for a travel, do it with preparation and cautions. 

Remember to always mask up. You still have to wear your mask diligently regardless of your destination. We all already grow accustomed to wearing mask for a year now so it should not be a challenging thing anymore. Washing hands, practicing social distancing rules are already engraved in our mind now. So it is not that hard to keep practicing them whenever you go out. 

The next thing to prepare is documentation. There have been discussions and arguments about making documentation for travel, vaccine passport. It is kind of vaccination certificate or documentation to show proof immunity against covid-19. However, this matter is still on debate because some people argue it is unfair for those who are not accessible to vaccine yet. It is possible for different or new documentation to be established post pandemic to ensure the safety of travelers.

Travel post pandemic means the chance for you to support local businesses. They really could the help especially after how the pandemic affected their economy. Small enterprises deserve to get any support traveler give. It helps them build their economy in the long run. 

The most important point of all is that to always follow safety measures and travel regulations to stay safe. Also, it is important that you aim for responsible travel habits. You can make better choices as travelers so what you do won’t damage or harm your surrounding.

Top Reasons to Try a Liveaboard Diving Indonesia

liveaboard diving indonesia

Raja Ampat attracts a growing number of scuba diving enthusiasts each year. Scuba diving in Raja Ampat brings together endless crystal waters under the brilliant sun with the perfect diving conditions and an abundance of marine life. There are a dozen exceptional dive sites among the Raja Ampat, including Manta Sandy, Gam, Dampier Strait, and The Passage. Many divers say you haven’t had a perfect Raja Ampat diving vacation until you have tried liveaboard diving Indonesia. The highlight attraction of a liveaboard trip is to allow you to dive into some of the best dive sites on Raja Ampat. So, if you want to make your diving holiday a memorable experience, here are some reasons that make liveaboard the best option to dive Raja Ampat.

Liveaboard, the only way to access some remote dive sites in Raja Ampat

Many dive sites in Raja Ampat simply can’t be reached from existing shore-based dive operations within a reasonable day trip time. To reach unique and remote dive sites in Raja Ampat, a liveaboard diving Indonesia may not only be your best choice, sometimes it is your only choice. Your liveaboard Indonesia will take you out to remote areas where few others are able to access. Diving in remote areas means the sites are less crowded, more pristine, less damaged, and less polluted. Therefore, you can find more fish and marine species.

liveaboard diving indonesia

More dives per day

One of the best reasons divers choose a dive liveaboard for the scuba diving trip is because they offer more dives per day. you will have the chance to dive up to four until five dive every day. Renting a liveaboard also can introduce you to many more species that are unique. So, this is definitely a memorable experience which many people can only dream to have.

Sight-seeing from a liveaboard diving Indonesia

Sailing along the coast of Raja Ampat gives you an incredible perspective on the beautiful shorelines. Imagine white sandy beaches lined by green jungle stretching to turquoise lagoons merging into the crystal blue of the open sea. On most liveaboards, you have a few opportunities for land excursions. You might enjoy a picnic on isolated white sandy beaches while traveling through the Raja Ampat.

Liveaboard diving Indonesia is a no-stress holiday

On a liveaboard Indonesia, everything is done for you. The boat’s crew will take care of everything from your gear to your breakfast. Therefore, there’s almost nothing to worry about. A liveaboard trip is truly a no-stress type of holiday!

You’ll leave with plenty of great dive stories

The liveaboard trip is a truly incredible experience. Every dive is exciting and there’s almost always something fun to talk about once you get back to the boat. You also see some of the most incredible things, meet new people, and do some fantastic diving.

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Natural Wonders You Should See Before Gone

Natural Wonders You Should See Before Gone

There are many natural wonders around the world worth visiting for. However, some of them are disappearing in an alarming rate. It is possible that you don’t get to see before it’s too late. Of course, the situation with global pandemic now doesn’t allow you to travel freely. However, you can save this list of gorgeous natural wonders around the world for later when travel is safe again. 

List of gorgeous-soon-to-disappear natural wonders around the world

Here are some of natural wonders around the world that are predicted to not be around forever:

Amazon Rainforest is one of the most gorgeous places on earth. No one can deny its beauty and mystery. Not to mention that it holds about half of the world’s tropical rainforest. However, about 17% of it has been lost in only 50 years. It is considered rapid rate disappearance of rainforest. The well-being of the planet depends on the health of the Amazon Rainforest but it won’t be there forever. There are many reasons why it happens in rapid rate such as deforestation. You can go visit Amazon Rainforest conservation but make sure to do it responsibly. 

White Cliffs of Dover in Great Britain is also disappearing in an alarming rate. The gorgeous, rare cliffs are retreating 10 times faster in the last 150 years than it did in 7.000 years prior due to exposure to weather and storm waves. The cliffs are great for hiking because there are trails you can explore. What more interesting is that the trails are really close to the cliff edge. It is thrilling to hike the trails while looking down from the top. 

Natural Wonders You Should See Before Gone

Great Barrier Reef in Australia is breathtaking natural wonder that you should see before die. It won’t be there forever because the ocean temperature keep soaring in the past three years. It has caused the worst bleaching to the Great Barrier Reef. The reef’s corals have been dying. In fact, nearly a quarter of them died in 2016. It is highly likely that the reef on the planet will cease to exist in the next 100 years. Meanwhile it is important part of functioning ecosystem since it is the largest coral reef ecosystem in the world. If you are planning to visit this place, make sure to follow the guidelines such as act responsibly and wear or bring something that won’t harm the coral reef. 

Sundarbans Mangrove Forest is located in India and Bangladesh. This exotic place is the largest mangrove forest in the world and needs to be protected. In fact, it listed as UNESCO World Heritage site. Its biodiversity is exceptional, along with rich ecosystem. There are few endangered species living here such as Royal Bengal Tiger and Ganges River Dolphin. This natural wonder’s biggest threat is climate change. Other threats include illegal hunting, intense cyclones, mangrove timber harvesting, as well as agricultural encroachment. There has been a dramatic tidal surges reported as well which threatened the ecosystem of the mangroves.