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Most Common Problems When Business Travelling

Travelling for business can be stressful more often than not because you are not visiting the place for fun or relaxing but to fulfill your responsibility. There are those kinds of work that require you to travel a lot from time to time. Sometimes, it can be domestic or international trip. No matter how often you travel for work, it is not surprising to experience various hassles such as feeling fed up with the airport foods, etc. Those are common to have those kinds of feelings. There are still people who though that business travel is full of fun and adventure. However, it is not always the case. Having a fun business travel is something that hard to comes by. 

Business travel most common problems

If you are travel a lot for business purpose, you must have experienced many things throughout your trip history. Sometimes, those happen like a cycle every time you travel. Here are some of the most common problems most business travelers experience and are suffered from:

Going budget without considering important things

business travel

Stay in budget hotels with poor amenities. Unless you are the owner of your business, you have the right to choose and book a hotel that you want. However, it is often that employees are being sent to business travel and they have to stay at budget hotel booked by the company. Aside from fulfilling your responsibilities, you are also required to settle with what you have during your stay. This can be more stressing. Not to mention that sometimes your company book you a hotel located in shady area which makes you feel unsafe. Most business travelers try to avoid this staying at the hotel by taking a day trip. However, this arise another problem, which is exhaustion and fatigue. 

Insurance and safety

Insurance and safety are also the most common issues for business travelers. For those who have travel insurance provided by their company must have feel more secured. However, not all employees are insured by their companies. This can be a problem when travelling especially when you encounter unfortunate situation such as losing your luggage, documentation, etc. Keep in mind that it is not only your travel destination that should be concerned. The airport is also one of the places where problems happen.

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Foods choice is also one of the most common problems experienced by business travelers. Airport foods are not always great unless you visit a country with great airport. It is also common finding foods that really don’t fit your taste. Airport restaurant is one of the nearest destination you can go to when you are on business trip. Not to mention that the price of the foods sold at the airport restaurants are relatively much higher than in regular restaurants. Eating unhealthy, overpriced foods is often experienced by business travelers. 

Other issues

There are other most common problems experienced when you are traveling for business such as fighting off jet lag while having tight schedule for meetings, flight delays, hotel cancellations, and many more. Those are common but don’t mean every business traveler have already gotten used to it.

Tattoo Bali Hygiene: Is it Really Safe to Get a Tattoo in Bali?

One of the concerns when you’re opting to get Bali tattoo is hygiene. There are always questions of whether getting inked in the Paradise Island is safe. Do the tattoo studios in Bali adhere to the standard safety procedures like how it is back home? How’s the whole safety standards in Bali actually?

Bali as a travel tattoo destination 

It’s widely known that Bali is one of the most attractive tropical tourist destinations over the last several decades. People flock to the island in search of things they couldn’t find back home. The Tattoo community in Bali is one of the phenomenon that could not be separated from the rise of the tourism industry. 

tattoo bali safety

As such, much of the standards of Bali tattoo actually follows the world at large. It isn’t rare to find studios owned by Australian and European expatriates. While this is in no way an indication of good hygiene standards, take note that Indonesia in general is a Muslim majority. While tattoo will always have a place there, it remains a fact that in society at large, tattoos are looked down upon. This is something that you’d understand if you’ve been in Indonesia for long enough and actually have meaningful interactions with the locals. A large portion of clients who are getting a tattoo in Bali are from overseas themselves, who are of course wondering about hygiene concerns and all. 

Tattoo Bali: That suspiciously cheap tattoo places in Kuta 

While it’s safe to say that getting a tattoo in Bali as as safe as when you get it back home, same common sense when you wanted to get a tattoo applies. There are many shady parlors in Kuta (or Sanur, tattoo Canggu or everywhere in Bali, really) that offer super cheap tattoo. Those are the ones you need to be wary of. 

bali tattoo

The main issue here is that tattoo standards here are not regulated. And Indonesia is far from the point of getting such regulations, there’s also the fact that even if the regulation is in place, enforcing such regulations is an entirely different matter. 

Getting to know the average tattoo prices in Bali 

artist tattoo bali

Visit the studio tattoo Bali of your choice. Just be upfront with them and say that you’re considering your budget. 

  • Send your inquiries to several tattoo studios or artists in Bali. Expect that prices will vary. But you’ll know then, how much is an acceptable range and how cheap is too cheap.  
  • Always make sure that you have a design ready when you’re doing this by message. It does not have to be a fixed design; it just needs to be able to illustrate your point. Don’t be afraid of including other people’s tattoo to illustrate the size of your tattoo, for example. Anything to get your idea across. 
  • Already in Bali? Why not go to the tattoo places you already have in mind? Actually visiting the place and getting to talk to the artist is a valuable experience 
  • You don’t have any idea where you’d like to get tattooed in? Then it’s time to do your research. Browse for reputable Bali tattoo places

Getting a tattoo Bali is generally safe, but…

With everything that’s said, getting a tattoo in Bali is actually not that huge of a concern many often make it out to be. Poor tattooing practice exists, but it’s more of an exception than a norm. And as long as you do your research and always consult before committing to a tattoo studio or artist, you’re generally going to be fine. And of course, educate yourself in what consist of safe tattooing practices, such as single-use tattoo equipment, sterilization process, down to the after-care. 

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Travel Tips To Surabaya

Surabaya is an urban city but it still has cultural as well as colonial vibes. This old city was the witness of Indonesian struggles during WWII. There were war heroes in Surabaya and that’s why many monuments and memorials as appreciation to those. Surabaya has a perfect blend of urbanity and cultural diversity. It is a a city where you can find perfect harmony between Chinese and Muslim communities. Therefore, it is a safe place for travelling around. The locals are friendly and open-minded. Surabaya is a great destination for your next travel plan. 

Travel Tips To Surabaya

What to know before visiting Surabaya

Surabaya is an old city full of historical and cultural values. There are many interesting places to visit during your vacation in Surabaya. Here are things you should know about Surabaya before making your visit.

Surabaya is accessible

There are many ways you can get in Surabaya. There is Juanda Airport available for domestic and international flights. You can also reach Surabaya via train from Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital city. Public transportation is also available include minibus and Angkot. If you arrive in Juanda Airport, taxi is the most accessible to take you to the center of the city. Bus is also available in the airport but pretty seldom. 

Best time to visit

Travel Tips To Surabaya

The best time to visit Surabaya is literally anytime in the year. However, you can also avoid rainy season which falls in November-April if you don’t want to deal with more traffic or wet clothes. The average temperature in Surabaya is pleasant which is about 30-32 degree Celsius.

What to wear

You can wear casual, comfortable clothes during your visit in Surabaya. However, it is highly advised to not wear too revealing clothes if you are visiting or entering religious attractions such as Cheng Hoo Mosque or Ampel Mosque. As for walking around the city, there is no issue even if you wear shorts and tank tops. Just make sure to always wear sunscreen especially when you visit during dry season since Surabaya is a tropical city. Hats and sunglasses will be useful too since the sun can be pretty strong during the day.

Safety on Surabaya

As for security issue, Surabaya is relatively safe and there is no major threats you should be aware of. However, it is highly advised to not wander around big crowds carelessly because pick-pocketing is still the main issue. Do not bring valuables when getting around the city. Make sure to keep your belongings close to you during your walk. 

Never drink the tap water

It is highly advised to not drink from tap water. Always drink bottled water and it’s even better if you carry your own purified bottle. Bottled water is available in every store so you won’t have difficulty to get it. 

Careful with the taxis

Be more cautious if you get around the city by taxi. They may charge more expensive price to foreign tourists. You can negotiate the price in advance. As for foods, it is not hard to spot a restaurants, cafes, and even street vendors. The price of foods is relatively affordable even for budget travelers. 

Komodo Liveaboard vs Maldives Liveaboard, Which One Better?

Blue sky, sugary beaches, remote islands, and exceptional underwater wonder. Both Komodo and Maldives are holiday perfect. The weather on these places are nice almost all year round and travelers are flocking even in November and December. Both destination are famous for having the best of diving as well as strings of islands to explore. The two are both phenomenal for its liveaboard sailing trip, and damn they do stellar job on that. If you are confused to choose between Komodo or Maldives liveaboard for your next holiday, we’ve covered some considerations below.

Komodo Liveaboard vs Maldives Liveaboard, Which One Better?

Wooden Komodo Liveaboard vs Fibres-and-Steels Maldives Liveaboard

One distinct characteristic that set Komodo liveaboard apart from the rest of the world’s is their ship materials. Most liveaboard boats in Indonesia—whether in Flores, Mentawai, Papua, and Maluku—are flowing a modernised version of Phinisi, Indonesian traditional wooden schooner. The country has long history on sailing with the Buginese (one of Indonesian ethnic tribe) being the most respected sailors and ship builders. If you are going to embark on sailing trip in Indonesia, you would most definitely sailing on wooden phinisi. The Maldives sort of adopting dive sailing trip on their tourism industry, so you’ll mostly find modern fibres-and-steel ship and cruisers on the dock. It’s very rare to find teak wood liveaboard ships in Maldives and when you do, it’s quite pricey. So if taking the nostalgic feeling of sailing in pirate era is on your dream list, Komodo liveaboard is your answer. Plus, the all-wooden exterior and interior decor gives a romantic and idyllic vibe. 

Capacity on Both Liveaboard

Unlike European Mega Cruisers, both Komodo and Maldives liveaboard don’t take too many passengers. Depend on their sizes, these boats can fit from as few as 4 guest up to 24 guest only. They make sure that the sailing trip is focused and intimate. Also, it’s hard to pay proper attention when you have hundreds of diver on the boat!

Not All Liveaboard in Komodo is For Diving—Everyone Can Board

One thing we love on Komodo liveaboard is that they are so inclusive! Liveaboard trip in this dragon territory is so flexible. You can always choose to book a seven day trip of exclusive diving, a balanced mix of diving and island exploration, or even three days sailing exclusively for beach galore. Unlike Maldives, almost all islands in Komodo is government-owned and naturally uninhibited. The famous Padar (with its viewpoint comprising three coloured beaches), Gili Lawa, Sebayur, Rinca, and many other islands are completely uninhibited. Only few are private owned by resorts. If you are a non diver, you can always spend the entire sailing trip islands hopping, hiking, and having fun at empty beaches almost for free. You only need to pay the park entrance fee for once, and that’s it. 

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How Does A Mid Range Komodo Liveaboard Look Like

Modern Amenities and Hospitality

Though these wooden Komodo liveaboard boats look antique, they are completely modern once you step to the inside. Even Kanye West and the Kadarshian family had their holiday on one of the luxury phinisi. On both Maldives and Komodo boats, you can find private bathrooms, bar, salon with in-house TV, air conditioner, DVD entertainment, and many more. Some liveaboard boats on both location are even in par with four star hotel! Just like any other modern accommodation in the world, however, you can live as modern as you like in the liveaboard according to your budget. It’s not that different, really. 

Iconic Spots To Visit in Surabaya

Surabaya is one of the largest cities in Indonesia and it is not surprising that this city is also an iconic travel destination. Surabaya played important role during Indonesian’s struggles of colonial era. Surabaya has become a great city where you can still feel the colonial era presence through colonial buildings. This city is also iconic due to its richness in culture. There are many places you can go to truly enjoy the local cultures and traditions. Therefore, choosing Surabaya as your travel destination will be worth it. 

Suramadu Bridge

Recommended spots to visit in Surabaya

Surabaya is budget and family friendly. Therefore, it is such a perfect travel destination for everyone. There are iconic spots you should not miss to visit when you stay in Surabaya for your holiday, such as:

Mesjid Ampel is a iconic mosque in Surabaya which has been also a popular tourist site especially for Muslim travelers. The mosque is an old establishment because it was built in the 15th Century. However, this mosque still stands majestically with spacious observation deck that provides great view of the city. Another religious tourist attraction is Gereja Kelahiran. It is a church that was built with red brick which makes this building looks more beautiful and iconic. This church also has stained glass windows that just adds unique points of the building. 

Another iconic spot to visit is Suramadu Bridge or Jembatan Suramadu. It is a bridge connecting Surabaya and Madura. It can be considered as the highlight of Surabaya because it is the longest bridge in Indonesia. It stretches out at 5.5 km adorned in modern style. It is also decorated with spectacular lighting you can witness at night. Therefore, it is highly recommended to visit this bridge during sunset and continue to stay at night to watch beautiful lighting.

Sampoerna House is also iconic attraction in Surabaya. This architectural object consists of a complex of several colonial buildings designed in Dutch style. This complex was built in the 19th Century. It was once also a location of cigarette factory where all tobacco products were handmade. The tobacco factory itself still occupies the part of the buildings in this complex. Meanwhile, other parts are used as museums for cultural exhibitions. 

Surabaya Chinatown is also highly recommended to visit due to its iconic vibe. It was once a vital port town for international trades. Surabaya itself has large population of Chinese descendants. Therefore, it is not surprising to find Chinese communities in this old city. Chinese communities has integrated themselves to the local culture while preserving their original practices and customs. In Chinatown, you will get to see the perfect blend of local and Chinese cultures reflected through the buildings and objects. One of the most iconic buildings is Cheng Ho Mosque, a mosque with pagoda-like building style. It is decorated with oriental materials. Not to mention that you can also get a taste of various Chinese culinary in this complex. Of course, there are also stores where you can buy unique souvenirs in Chinese design and style. 

5 Reasons Why Should Rent A Villa Ubud Bali?

Ubud is between Gianyar and Tampaksiring, which has been a tourist destination since 1930. For tourists, the village of Ubud should not be missed because it is one of the world’s most popular areas and is one of the world’s best cities. Ubud tourism has the charm and privileges that become a paradise for domestic and international tourists. In 9th place as the best city in the whole world, Ubud is able to defeat other big cities like Spain, Rome, and Barcelona. Ubud is considered capable of providing surprises and unforgettable holiday experiences for tourists. One that makes many tourists feel at home and return to visit is Villa Ubud Bali. What is special about Ubud villa?

Villa Ubud Bali

Rent A Villa Ubud Bali and Enjoy The Nature

Panorama of rice terraces in Ubud has mesmerized and stole the world’s attention. The natural scenery that amazes the world brings Tegallalang as an irrigation system that is included in the world heritage. Rows of villa Ubud Bali offerings with all kinds of special facilities and services have sprung up to pamper tourists with natural wraps. You can feel a vacation full of calm with the cool air. Romantic villas again offer their appeal to honeymooners. Cool air that flows relaxed will always accompany the tourists who enjoy the afternoon.

A city with perfect cultural preservation

Globalization has spread throughout the world, including Ubud. Especially, Ubud is able to maintain traditions and culture well. The awareness of the local community to maintain its culture makes Ubud very different from other cities. You will not find nightlife and frenetic like in other areas of Bali. Deciding to rent and stay in an Ubud Bali villa takes you to learn to blend into the natural atmosphere. This is one of the reasons Ubud is so charming and offers its own charm that tourists cannot refuse.

City of Artists

The fusion of eastern and western art by dozens of Peliatan, Batuan and Ubud arts introduced art interactions throughout the world in the 1920s. The Ubud artists’ village has become more popular from time to time and has gained worldwide recognition for its impressive work. Art is not only implemented in strokes or sculptures but is also seen in many cafes. This proves that the cafe is not just for coffee but can bring visitors to enjoy art.

Destinations for connoisseurs of world dance

Who doesn’t know Kecak dance? Typical dance of the island of the world that describes the role of the art accompanied by musical instruments and gamelan. Kecak dance is very sacred which can be seen from the dancers who are on fire but experience immunity and are not burned. Initially, the Kecak dance was performed during a religious ceremony. Over time, this dance is exhibited as an attraction for tourists.

Stay in Villa Ubud Bali & Feel the hospitality of the local residents

Ubud’s reputation as a friendly city greatly influences tourism growth. Starting from a figure who was credited with introducing Ubud to the world that made Ubud a popular city as a friendly city. Most villa Ubud Bali are in residential areas. Here you can feel the friendliness of the local residents and see the daily activities, starting from the ceremonies that they do every day to the activities carried out by the locals when they gather in the “Banjar”.

Recommended Foods To Try in Alexandria Egypt

Alexandria is known as the second largest city in Egypt after Cairo. It is a great place to spend your holiday because there are many things you can explore during your visit. It is also a city full of wonder so it’s worth visiting for. One of the greatest things about Alexandria is that it was used to be the most powerful place. It was where the scripted knowledge was secured in the Great Library. It was an ancient library containing the world’s scripted knowledge. The Great Library had been vanished due to the fire but you can still visit the ruins. Aside from the Great Library, Alexandria is a great place for food hunting. The authentic dishes are unique so it gives you a new experience in enjoying foods. 

Egyptian foods to try in Alexandria

It is said that Egypt has unique café culture. There are many cafes around the big cities such as Cairo and Alexandria where people, both locals and international travelers are mingled around and enjoy their drinks or foods. Thus, food is not an issue you should be worried about when visit Egypt, especially Alexandria. There are many kinds of food you can try during your time in Alexandria, such as:

egyptian street food

Liver Sandwich

Egyptian liver sandwiches. Every country in the world usually has their own kind of sandwiches. If you are a fan of sandwiches, you must try the one in Alexandria. This might be a simple dish you can snack lazily. However, Alexandria has variety of flavor when it comes to their sandwiches. Also, there is wide selection of the side dish you can pick. 

Egyptian fondue

Well, this might not what came in your mind when you think of what food you should try in Egypt. However, you should try Egyptian fondue in Alexandria. The special thing about their fondue is the seven cheese mixture. The fragrant resulted from the mixture smells amazing. There is variety of seafood and meats you can order along with it. It is also best to enjoy with Vino bread stick because you can scoop up the fondue with it and taste the richness of the cheese that comes with the fondue. 

Alexandrian Foul

Alexandrian Foul. It is a must to try Egyptian Foul when you visit Alexandria. It is best to enjoy for breakfast. The foul fava bean dip is completed with tahini and tomato cilantro salsa. The round felafel has great flavor that you must try. Not to mention that you will be served baladi bread along with variety of side dishes to complete your full breakfast. 

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The seafood!

Egyptian seafood. If you wander around the seafood market in Alexandria, you must try the seafood. You can buy fresh seafood with cheap price then bring the, to the seafood grills located only few meters from the market. By paying their cooking fee, you can enjoy the best seafood in Alexandria. Their cooking fee is around $4USD or 80EGP. You can ask the cook to cook your fresh seafood in many ways. Thus, you can try different flavor. 

Wedding catering services: Best Practices for Planning Catered Menu

Good food brings together good conversations, and it’s not an overstatement to say that having a good time in a wedding (or any event for that matter) is reliant on having delicious dishes. This is why hiring experienced wedding catering services is imperative to the success of your big day. But before you browse for wedding caterers in Bali to meet your event’s needs what are some of the most important things you should note when it comes to catered food? 

catering services in bali

Wedding catering services: go local and seasonal 

Going local is not merely a fad. The emphasis on going local is particularly beneficial and has gained popularity for a reason. Locally-grown and produced food are so much fresher compared to ingredients that had to be imported first. Fresh ingredients are proven to be more delicious and not to mention, healthier. 

Find out where your wedding catering services get the ingredients for their food. Obtaining food from local sources—from farmers to tables—is undoubtedly the ideal arrangement. Also consider seasonal food. This is a huge factor when engineering a menu. If you ask for a dish with an out of season ingredient, then you’ll likely have to settle for processed food, which means, less than fresh delicacies for you and your guests. 

Bali catering services: try the local dishes 

Don’t just go local for the ingredients; go all out by trying out local dishes and authentic menu selections. Your guests will appreciate the taste of the rich spices Balinese dishes are famed for. If you’re a fan of other Indonesian dishes coming from different regions of the country, then incorporate them into your menu as well. Find catering services in Bali that specialize in authentic local dishes to have an unforgettable menu. 

catering chef bali

Here are some Balinese food recommendation: 

  • Chicken or duck Betutu. This type of dish used to be consumed during traditional celebrations in Bali. But today, this dish is an everyday favorite of the locals. 
  • Varieties of satay. Grilled pieces of meat or fish with rich spices and/or sauces 
  • Don’t forget the many variations of sambal (sauces and condiments) that make Balinese dishes so delightful. 

Plan a menu that fits your wedding’s concept 

Planing a menu can be as exciting as it is nerve-wracking. However this point relates strongly to the ones we talked about before. Once you’ve decided to go for best-practice and only source your ingredients from the local produce and going seasonal, you’re on your way to create a good catering menu that are both fresh and tasty. Having local ingredients as a must will narrow down the list of dishes you’ll be able to cook up using them. 

venue wedding catering services bali

Scout for an experienced wedding caterer so that you’ll have a peace of mind throughout the planning of your event, and most importantly, during the day of your reception. Take a look at the past work of wedding catering services or their portfolio during your scouting process. 

Consider the format of the meals offered 

bali catering services

Having a buffet or a seated meal is often a tricky question anyone hosting an event would have. The best catering in Bali would be able to give you insights on the meal arrangements they have in offer. Whether it’s buffet or plated meals, each has its own pros and cons. So make sure to consult your caterers. 

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How Does A Mid Range Komodo Liveaboard Look Like

“How exactly Komodo liveaboard is like?”

This is one of the most common questions travelers asked before taking their Komodo trip. Every liveaboard in Labuan Bajo is different and greatly depend on the boat you choose. Just like any other travel accommodation, the more luxurious it is, the more you can get. Of course, the higher the price that you would pay. Actually, with the surge of tourism that the Komodo National Park is now currently enjoying, you would easily find all type of boat in Labuan Bajo’s deck. You would find basic and budget liveaboard all the way up to the first liner cruisers. And of course, the happy medium. The mid range Komodo liveaboard that’s actually the all time favourite among travelers. 

Whether it’s your first liveaboard trip or your twelfth, you would be wondering what’s inside the boat and what you could realistically expect. So here’s we’ve rounded up some general tour to the inside of mid-range Komodo liveaboard. 

Basic Rooms on Komodo Liveaboard

Most mid-range liveaboard in Labuan Bajo don’t have many cabins. They take 8 to 12 passengers in three to four cabins. The best cabins are located in the upper or main decks. These cabins have windows—or better, a wraparound window—in much better price than luxurious liveaboard. Cabins on budget liveaboard are usually bunkbeds, which is perfect if you are travelling solo. But if you want more comfort, rest assured as you can find a very comfortable double beds on mid-range liveaboard’s cabin. 

Getting Social at The Common Space

The medium range Komodo liveaboard might not have the biggest communal room, but it’s comfortable enough for hanging out. You can to gather around in the main deck, sun deck, or the inside lounge. Most of them have beanbags and sun beds, which is nice! If you want, you could bring a hammock for ultimate relaxation! Just don’t forget to apply sun protection while you’re having fun because getting sun burn is no fun. 

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The Foods!

How Does A Mid Range Komodo Liveaboard Look Like

FInally, we’re getting to the food! You can expect to have decent and delicious Indonesian local delicacy in the boat. On most mid range liveaboard in Komodo, you would be surprised with their quality of food! The chef and his helping crews will cook warm, freshly-made food at every meal time. You will see arrays of seafoods, grilled meats, local curries, satay (chicken skewers), gado-gado (veggies mix with tempeh, tofu, and eggs), and other hearty meals! Sometimes, they will cook western food like spaghetti or blah blah blah. In addition to that, fresh fruits will always be available in the sides of every meal. But that’s not the end. On between dives, you will find fried bananas and fritters to munch on. Needless to say, foods on mid-range liveaboard are plenty and satisfying!

The Bathrooms

Since there are huge selection on mid range Komodo liveaboard, types bathrooms are greatly varied. Some liveaboard boats have two to three shared bathrooms, while others built ensuite bathrooms on their cabins. Sometimes, the cheapest of mid-range liveaboard still use squat toilets. But if you pay a little more, you will find comfortable toilet seats with showers. Even warm water showers—which is a huge plus after a dive in Komodo’s wonderful underwater world. 

Best Travel Destinations for Noodle Dish Lovers

Travelling without exploring the foods is incomplete. Thus, trying out different foods while travelling is a must-experience. Noodle dish is already popular around the world. There have been variety of versions of it you can find in various places. Noodle dishes never get old or boring. They are also great to enjoy in any seasons. Therefore, it is a great idea to look for particular places with the best noodle dishes. Therefore, you can go travel to those places and find the best noodle dishes to complete your journey. 

Best places to find the best noodle dishes

Noodle is popular food staple around the world. It is compatible food because you can prepare it in various kind of cooking technique. It can also be mixed with various ingredients to create different flavor. Noodle is also part of culture in many places especially in Asian countries. These places are where you can find noodle dishes with authenticity, rich flavors, as well as great textures. 

Pho Ga is Vietnamese chicken noodle soup. Well, Vietnam is already popular with their noodle dishes. This one is also popular and the locals love it dearly. Pho is known as noodle dish for Vietnamese. And Pho Ga is another variation of it. This dish consist of noodle served in delicious broth and topped with chicken instead of beef. The taste is quite light so it’s great to lighten up your mood and remove fatigue from your body after travelling around this country. 

Indonesian Mie Rebus is also worth travelling for. Well, this country is already familiar with noodle dishes. They adapt this mostly from Chinese cuisines. One of the most popular is Mie Rebus. This noodle dish consists of noodle served in hot broth along with bean sprouts and topped with steamed shrimps. It is also usually served with hard-boiled eggs and kerupuk (Indonesian chips). Add spicy sambal to spice up the flavor. 

Spice Noodle Soup can be found in Malaysia. This country is popular with their laksa. And this one is another version of Malaysian noodle dish. Laksa itself has been considered as national dish of Malaysia. This one dish is a must try when you visit Malaysia. It has spicy taste quite strong so it’s heavenly for spicy food lovers. 

Shrimp Scampi with Tagliatelle is from Italy. This dish is quite easy to make by yourself at home. It is rather simple dish but it has certainly captivated the locals because it is part of their daily meals. It is also compatible with any ingredients. You can throw anything together and it still tastes amazing. The main ingredients are noodle and steamed shrimps.  For an extra kicks, add some chili flakes. 

Shin Ramyun is Korean noodle dish. Korea is already famous for its version of ramyeon. Their noodle usually has chewy texture with authentic broth. They also use variety of topping to complete the flavor. One of the most important components is soybean paste, chili paste, and chopped veggies. They usually complete the dish with hard-boiled eggs, seaweed, and shrimps.