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What Makes Vietnam Interesting Travel Destination?

East Asia has many beautiful places to explore for travel enthusiasts. And one of interesting Asian countries worth visiting for is Vietnam. It has various travel destinations that can make you feel like having an escape from real world. For those who are looking for leisure as well as adventure, Vietnam can be a good choice. 

Reasons why Vietnam is such an interesting place to visit

Vietnam is widely known for its beautiful landscapes, friendly people, mouthwatering delicacies, and many more. In short, Vietnam has everything you need from a perfect travel destination. And here are the more elaborated reasons on why Vietnam is such an ideal place for any kind of getaway and vacation:

The culture

The very first thing you will notice about Vietnam is that it has such beautiful culture to learn more, especially if you are not coming from East Asian countries. Vietnam has one of the oldest cultures in Asia that they keep adopting till now. Vietnamese adopt cultures that are incorporated by aspects from Chinese, Champa, as well as Khme cultures. Even though Vietnamese embrace their culture, they are still friendly to the people outside their community. They are very welcoming to people even from different background from them. You can interact with them without hassle. In fact, you can ask them to teach you about their cultures in a form of music, dance, art, literature, and so on. 

The landscape

Vietnam offers you variety of stunning landscape that looks like a beautiful painting of nature. Not to mention that it has a little bit of everything so it feels like you are travelling to multiple countries at the same time. There are many stunning places you can visit to enjoy beautiful landscapes such as limestone formations, mountains, waterfalls, open farmlands, turquoise water, and many more. Prepare your camera to capture them all but prepare your eyes to be surprised by the real beauty of nature. 

The Food

When it comes to travelling around Vietnam, you cannot miss the foods. They have variety of mouthwatering dishes worth trying for. The must try food when travel to vietnam is of course their noodle dish. There are different types of noodle dish you can enjoy during your visit. Also, there are more food selections including spring rolls, bread rolls, and many street foods. Not to mention that the price range is relatively cheap. You can pay less to get more in Vietnam. 

So affordable

Travelling to East Asian countries can be considered less expensive compared to Europe or America. And to travel to Vietnam, you won’t really have to rob a bank. You can go travel to Vietnam with your budget plan. The foods and accommodation are relatively reasonable as well. You can even get to stay in a five star hotel with the price that is equivalent to a three star hotel in the U.S. In average, your spending is less than $25 per day when you travel to Vietnam. Isn’t this enough reason for you to include Vietnam in your bucket list?

Manta Point Komodo Snorkeling, How to Get Close to Them?

For tourists who like snorkeling and diving, it is mandatory to visit Komodo Manta Point. Manta ray is a type of stingray typical of Eastern Indonesia with a size that can reach 3 meters and is very friendly to humans. Unfortunately, the population of this manta fish continues to decline, making it a rare and protected animal. Manta point Komodo snorkeling is one of the most fun and memorable activities.

manta ray - Manta Point Komodo Snorkeling

Tips Manta Point Komodo Snorkeling

Manta point is indeed one of the popular and favorite Komodo snorkeling spots. You can witness firsthand a variety of marine life ranging from coral reefs to small, colorful fish. The beauty of this one tourist spot attracts foreign tourists. Tip manta point komodo snorkeling:

Don’t underestimate your life jacket

life jacket during komodo liveaboard snorkeling

No matter how good you are at swimming, that doesn’t mean you won’t be tired. Currents in the Komodo area are known to be very fast. You have to be extra careful when snorkeling in the Komodo National Park area. Use the buoys that have been provided to prevent unwanted things.

Must check snorkeling equipment

Just like when you do a dive, you have to check the equipment. You also have to check snorkeling equipment such as masks, fins, and life jackets. Make sure everything is in accordance with your body size so as not to interfere with movement activities on the water. Make sure you know how to avoid mist on your mask while snorkeling. Blurred vision certainly interferes with your vision to be able to see manta rays.

Pay attention to the direction of the water flow

This is what many snorkeling and diving lovers underestimate. The water currents are quite strong, so tourists must always be careful. The carelessness of tourists is not paying attention to the flow of water and making them tired. To prevent fatigue from strong currents, tourists must swim in the direction of the current and do not fight. Save your energy while doing Manta Point Komodo snorkeling to be able to play with manta rays.

Swim slowly and calmly

Manta rays are known to be very docile and friendly to divers and snorkelers. To get close and take photos of them up close will be a little difficult. The slightest movement we cause will make them move away. Tips to get close to the manta ray is that you have to swim slowly. Manta rays are not as dangerous as other stingrays, but that doesn’t mean tourists can harass them. Keep a safe distance and you can capture the exotic manta ray.

Komodo Liveaboard Snorkeling

Andamari Komodo Liveaboard Snorkeling

Did you know that the Komodo liveaboard snorkeling package is the best way to explore all the snorkeling spots in the Komodo National Park area? Most tourists who come back to Komodo Island prefer Komodo liveaboard with a more expensive budget and get a comfortable experience of living on a boat. The facilities available as long as tourists take part in Komodo snorkeling tours are equivalent to five-star hotels. For sure, your Komodo liveaboard snorkeling trip and adventure will be memorable and unforgettable.

How Travel With Kids Can Help Boost Their Development

Travelling with kids is often considered as daunting thing to do because kids tend to be harder to stay calm, easily change their moods, picky in eating foods, etc. However, it is not entirely true because it can be just as fun as when you travel alone or with your group of favorite people. Besides, travelling with kids can help in boosting their development. it can also help expand their world, allowing them to experience new things from different perspectives and enabling them to adapt to changing situations. 

Let your kids learn the tools for their development through travelling

There are many things about travel that can help teach your kids new narratives about similarities and differences, teaching them to coexist with other people. They may not remember a thing about the adventures but those will impact their development. Travel can help your kid to socialize, build their empathy, and have an open mind, helping them to grow awesomely. And here are things you can do to maximize the benefits of travel for kids:

Taking a stroll in local neighborhood

Travelling with kids doesn’t always have to be about visiting major attractions and destinations. Taking a stroll with your kids to a local neighborhood is such a meaningful activity and impactful moment for them. They will learn how to connect things. They also learn how to be confident meeting new people, seeing new things in their surroundings, and build their own memories through pieces that really resonate with them. 

Let your kids play with other children

As mentioned earlier that travel with kids allow them to build their self-confident and social skills. You can maximize it by allowing them to play with other children. Of course, you need to let them play under your supervision. They will meet children with different background, interest, and culture, making them learn many new things. They may also learn how to communicate efficiently with language barrier. 

Create a tradition during a trip

To make your trip with kids more meaningful and memorable, create a tradition while you are on a vacation. It helps kids in connecting to a trip. For example, collect stamps or the same type of souvenir every time you and your kids visit new places. Those items you collect together can be valuable memories you can relate back to their world. It is going to be such a meaningful experience to them even when they do it in a very young age. 

Make preparation more thoroughly

Preparing your trip with kids is not only about preparing essentials and items. It is not only about packing that matters. You need to prepare your kids as well. Inform them what to expect from the trip. For example, you tell them about the possibility of jet lag and ask them to pack their favorite toys to that will keep them happy during a long-haul flight. However, don’t make it sound like they will experience bad things. Have them anticipate the good things as well from the trip

Padar Island, Explore the Beauty of East Nusa Tenggara

Padar Island, the third largest island after Komodo and Rinca islands in the Komodo National Park. This island is not as famous as the other two islands but its beauty is no less beautiful than the two islands. Geographically, Padar Island is closer to Rinca Island. Even though it is located in the Komodo National Park area, this island is not a Komodo dragon habitat because of the broken food chain. 

padar island scenery

Padar island, Best Spot for Trekking

The attraction of this island is the stunning scenery. Most tourists visit Padar Island and do trekking activities. It does take a lot of energy but it’s not in vain after seeing the atmosphere above the stunning evidence. This island has a hill that is higher than other islands so you can see the sights of other tourist spots. 

trekking in padar island

For beginners, it’s best to bring a trekking stick to maintain balance. Unfortunately, no public boats reach this location. To enjoy the beauty of this island, you must join the Padar island tour

The closest spot to pink beach

You only need 40 minutes to reach Pink Beach from Padar because it is closer than other islands. For you snorkeling lovers, you can enjoy this one water activity and enjoy the underwater scenery. Pink beach is very popular among domestic and foreign tourists.

pink beach - Komodo National Park

You can enjoy the expanse of clear blue sea and pink sand which is a unique beach attraction. The coral reefs at Pink Beach are usually pink in color. The coral reefs hit by the waves were destroyed and the debris mixed with white sand. This is what causes the sand to be pink.

If you follow a private liveaboard, you can ask to enjoy dinner along the beach while enjoying the sunset. Padar island tour can add to the list of the best vacations, and memorable adventures.  

How to reach Padar Island?

The best route before reaching Padar Island is of course from Bali. Bali, the world’s popular tourist destination that you must visit before heading to Padar. Bali has an airport that is well connected with international flights or domestic flights from various cities in Indonesia.

Bali International Airport

From Bali, you can go to Labuan Bajo by plane or boat. You can choose domestic flights, Air Asia, Batik Air, Garuda Indonesia, Citilink Indonesia, and Wings Air.

Komodo National Park is growing in popularity and there are more and more flight options to reach Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo is the starting point for your adventurous journey to explore Padar island. You can use a public boat, or rent a liveaboard for those of you who want to enjoy a more private vacation.

Essentials You Need For An African Safari

There are many interesting things about safari such as being able to witness the wildlife within close distance. You can see how variety of animals in their habitat. It is such a good learning opportunity not only for kids but also adults, reminding us all to be grateful for and protect the wildlife. However, going on a safari can be a bit challenging because you need to pack the right essentials.

Why choose the right essentials to pack for a safari

For safari adventure, you need to be aware at least to the three threats.; they are sun, dirt, and bugs. Those three are your worst enemies during safari. Hence, you need to pack the right essentials to ensure your health and comfort throughout your adventure with the wildlife. And here are things you need to pack for a safari:

Pack comfortable clothes

Generally, you need to wear comfortable, casual clothes for a safari. Choose loose layers and accessories that can protect you from the sun and biting insects. Pack a windbreaker and long pants. Also, choose hiking boots over sandals. Wear polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes. Also, you will want to bring a hat that covers your face, ear, and neck. For women, it is highly recommended to wear sport bra because the roads can be bumpy. 

Pack wearable items in neutral shades and lighter colors

What you wear can affect your safari adventure. When you wear something white or too bright, it will distract the animals. But if you wear something too dark such as black and blue, it will attract flies, and it is too hot when you are under the sun. Hence, it is recommended to wear something in neutral shades and lighter colors such as green, olive, and khaki. Those colors can blend with your surroundings easily as well. 

Essentials to protect your hair and skin

Always carry a sunscreen to protect your skin from the harsh environment. You will need to apply it every two hours. Always wear moisturizer because your skin will get dry easily with how hot the place it. Bring some insect repellent wipes or spray to fight off the biting insects. Wear your hat and sunglasses during safari to ensure you are protected. Protect your face from wind, sand, or dirt with a scarf or any extra layer. 

Essentials to enjoy the safari to the fullest

Get closer to the wildlife can be dangerous for you. Hence, always follow the guidelines and rules from your guides. If you want to take a look closer to the animals, bring your own binoculars or telephoto lens. Hence, you can see them more clearly and take amazing close-up shots of them. 

Choose the right bag to carry your essentials

It is recommended to bring duffel bag or soft-sided bag instead of suitcase since safaris often require transportation on small planes or vehicles with quite strict luggage restriction. So pack only a what’s valuable in a day. You can leave everything else in your hotel room. 

Flores Tour With Exclusive Traditional Boat

Flores tour with an exclusive traditional boat packed with spectacular views is a smart choice. Cruise is the best and perfect choice to explore eastern Indonesia, complete with unique experiences and adventures. Along the way, you will find many wonders and benefits. Some exclusive yachts start the Flores tour from Labuan Bajo. Let’s start your Flores journey!

Flores Tour – Taman National Komodo

Choosing a ship as a place to stay for Flores tour, lying on the deck while enjoying the sunrise & sunset offers a new atmosphere for you. The breeze from the outdoors is certainly refreshing compared to air conditioning in a hotel room. Starting from Labuan Bajo, a small town where the people depend on fishing for a living, you will head to Komodo National Park.

Komodo Island is located between Sumbawa and Flores Island which in 1977 was declared a Human and Biosphere Reserve, and 1980 as a national park. In 1997 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and a Marine Protected Area in 2000.

Komodo National Park covers the ocean, land, and 5 main islands, namely Rinca, Komodo, Padar, Gili Motang, and Nusa Kode. There are at least 254 plant species and 58 animal species.

Meet The Komodo Dragon

Flores tour takes you to explore the island of Rinca, with a population of Komodo dragons reaching 2,318 individuals. You will enjoy the view like in a savanna desert with dragons that are seen roaming around. They are able to smell odors up to 5 kilometers away. For women who are menstruating, it is advisable to inform the ranger because it will be very dangerous. You must stay close to the group and should not be separated from the ranger because it is very possible for Komodo to be wild. Choice of tracks ranging from short, medium to long tracks with a distance between 2-8 km and a travel time of 1-3 hours. Don’t forget to capture photos of large reptiles, Komodo dragons throughout the trekking.

Enjoying the clarity of the Flores sea

The mandatory thing that you have to do while on a Flores tour is to taste the seawater and spoil your eyes with the underwater world. Pink beach is a delicious spot to relax, snorkel with the beauty of the sand that looks pink. The underwater charm of the pink beach presents a variety of colorful fish, as well as the beauty of the coral. Bidadari and Kanawa islands are no less interesting, perfect for snorkeling and diving. If you want to enjoy solitude and serenity, go to Seraya Island.

Vacation options to rejuvenate body, soul, and mind

The advantage of staying on a boat during the trip is that you can try a lot of new things. You can learn to read the winds, drive a cruise, and do many other things you can ask the captain. If possible, you can request for the cruise provider to prepare fishing rods for you to use during the Flores tour. Flores tour by staying on the boat brings you to experience the daily life of the fishermen.

Places Around The World With Otherworldly Beauty Worth Visiting For

The situation with the covid-19 has not died yet even though the vaccines are being distributed all over the world. Even with the vaccines being found, there is still need for the process of distribution and transition to take. Travelling around the world sounds far fetched now but you can always take inspiration for your future vacation. There are many places around the world with otherworldly beauty worth travelling for. 

Krka National Park in Croatia, the most gorgeous places on earth

Otherworldly beautiful places around the world

Granada is in Spain and one of the most beautiful things about this place is its sunset. Of course, Granada itself is holds something special as well. It is where you can enjoy spending your time on the architecture, foods, and the interaction with the locals. One more special thing is the Alhambra. It is the best place to watch over the sunset. In fact, it is called the most beautiful sunset in the world. The magical experience you feel is extraordinary that you want to live there forever. 

Krka National Park in Croatia is also one of the most gorgeous places on earth. It is not exaggerating. This national park has rivers and streams crisscrossing the ground beneath. You can navigate your ways through the elevated wooden pathways. You can enjoy peaceful tranquility and deep stillness when exploring the place. The sound from the birds and water makes you feel like you are in different dimension. Also, beautiful waterfalls at the end of your pathways will welcome you with their grace. 

Haputale Tea Country in Sri Lanka also holds a predicate as one of the most beautiful places one earth. The photos cannot even do this place justice. To explore the place, you have to go through the slopes, misty gorges, surrounded by mystique views. Not to mention that the most special thing of this place is Haputale’s local tea pickers that perched beautifully at 7,000 feet above the sea level. You will be able to see such gorgeous views from the foothills of Agarapatana Plantation. You can even enjoy a fresh cup of tea served with sweets and breads while looking at the greenery.

South Island in New Zealand is quite popular already. It is indeed one of the most wonderful places on earth with its breathtaking landscape. Everything feels right when you look at the landscape. It is like everything is placed like that on purpose to create such magical landscape. The crystalline lake, the view of the mountain, and the sun that cast a rosy glow make everything look captivating at first sight. 

The Antarctic Peninsula in Antarctica is such an otherworldly place to visit. Maybe because it is devoid of human causing eerie emptiness which make us more focused on the natural beauty instead of man-made building, power lines, or lights. Natural life is truly breathtaking with how the landscape look along with group of penguins that enjoy their life peacefully. The backdrop could not be more perfect with blue glaciers, towering mountains, and unpolluted sky. Nothing compared to this special place on earth. 

Padar Island Tour, The Best Place to Enjoy the Labuan Bajo Sea

Deciding to take a vacation to explore Komodo Island and Labuan Bajo and its surroundings, Padar Island will be included in your schedule list. The 3rd largest island in the Komodo National Park area offers exotic natural charms without being inhabited by rare reptiles. This island is relatively closer to Rinca Island than to Komodo Island. The Padar Island Tour is very different from other island tours since the spectacular natural beauty is perfect for hunting for Instagrammable photos.

Padar Island Tour, The Best Place to Enjoy the Labuan Bajo Sea around

Padar Island Tour and How To Explore?

The main goal is that you have to arrive in Labuan Bajo. Find a flight ticket to Denpasar then continue back to Labuan Bajo for 30 minutes. If you are traveling solo, you can continue your trip to Loh Liang pier, Komodo Island then takes a speed boat to Padar Island. If you want a simple holiday, you can look for providers that offer Padar island tours and its surroundings. Usually, they do not specifically offer tours to Padar, but the third-largest island is always a spot for vacation travel packages to Komodo Island and its surroundings.

The type of vacation that is currently a favorite is using a yacht. Luxurious getaway at an affordable price! Sharing costs can be one way to enjoy a luxurious vacation on a yacht, especially if you are traveling solo. Some of the spots that are usually included in the list are Komodo Island, Padar Island, Pink Beach, Rinca Island, and several other islands.

Climb Hundreds of Stairs for spectacular views of Padar Island

On the island of Padar, you can climb as far as 400 meters by climbing approximately 800 steps. Along with the steps, there are views of the green sea as well as the islands. If you visit during the dry season, make sure to bring long sleeves, hats, and lotion with a high SPF. Climbing the stairs around 200 meters, you will see a stretch of pink beach

Climbing the 300-meter stairs, you will find a Bidara tree to just take shelter and enjoy the surrounding scenery. If you want to enjoy the peak, you can walk about 100 meters with a path without stairs to enjoy the views of Komodo Island.

The Padar Island Tour will be very different because you will be presented with a beautiful natural panorama from the top of the hill. As one of the UNESCO world heritage of this island, you must visit while on vacation Labuan Bajo and its surroundings. You can also climb the peak in the morning to enjoy the sunrise.

How To Travel Safely and Comfortably When You Have Asthma

Asthma is not uncommon condition because millions of people around the world live with asthma. There are different types of asthma and of them is allergic asthma. It is type of asthma that usually appear triggered by allergens such as mold spores, tobacco smoke, dust mites, pollen, or pet dander. To reduce the risk of allergic asthma attack is by avoiding the triggers. However, it is more challenging when you travel because of the unknown environment and unpredictable triggers. 

Travel tips for travelers with asthma

Travel tips for travelers with asthma

The most important thing to do to travel with asthma is to be prepared. If you are planning to travel somewhere, always make plan so you can enjoy your vacation instead of worrying over the unknown. It might not guarantee you won’t experience asthma attack during your trip. At least, you lower the risk by doing so. And here are some tips you can consider to travel safely with your asthma:

Always follow your treatment plan regardless of your destination. If you have daily medications then bring them with you to your destinations. Make sure to pack enough so you won’t have to look for them in unknown territory. Also, pack your rescue inhaler because it is your lifeline. 

Be more strategic when planning your travel. Always keep your triggers in mind when making plan and decision. If your trigger is mold spores then avoid staying at places that tend to be damp, rainy, etc. Also, avoid booking a room in musty building. If air pollution is your trigger, avoid travelling to major urban areas because the air quality must be lower. If pollen is your trigger, time your travel plan so you can avoid time and places with high pollen counts especially in fall and spring. 

Schedule a check-up with your physician before travel so they can refill your prescription if needed. They will also help review travel-related risks for you to stay informed and aware. They will also give you the proper immunizations you need for the trip. You can also ask your doctor to provide documentation or letter explaining your condition so it can be used in case of emergency during your trip. 

Keep yourself informed with everything you need to know to keep safe while travelling with asthma. You need to find information about allergy policies. Do your own research so you know what to expect and what to do. 

Pack smartly for smooth travel. Put your medication in your carry-on not in suitcase. Always keep them within your reach so you know where to get them when needed. Also book your accommodation with consideration. Choose hotel or any accommodation that can provide you a smoke-free and pet-free room. 

Just in case of emergency, find out the nearest hospital and local emergency number. Also, be mindful of what you eat if you also have food allergy. Allergic asthma is manageable and it doesn’t have to interfere with your travel plan. With good preparation and proper packing list, you can enjoy a healthy, stress-free travel. 

2 Bedroom Villa in Seminyak for A Stay You’ll Never Forget

If you’re a traveler looking to visit Bali, Seminyak is one of the top destinations for those searching for a relaxing holiday experience. Seminyak is an ideal vacation destination, whether you are planning to enjoy time in the trendy cafes or you want to immerse yourself in the beaches. If you are looking for great accommodation for a small family trip, 2 bedroom villa in Seminyak would be an excellent choice. When you rent one of the Seminyak villas, you can experience everything this town has to offer.

2 Bedroom Villa in Seminyak for A Stay You'll Never Forget

What Seminyak Villas have to offer?

As Seminyak grows in popularity, many travelers from all over the world come to visit this beautiful town. Seminyak attracts many different types of travelers. The upside to this trend is that Seminyak accommodation has been made plentiful. In Seminyak, you’ll find villas to suit any budget and size. From fully equipped kitchen to open-plan living area and gazebos to garden paths. For travelers bringing their small family, renting a 2 bedroom villa in Seminyak may be the ultimate destination.

Most villas provide a satisfying travel experience. However, before you book one of the Seminyak villas, there are a few factors you should consider. To create an unforgettable holiday, make sure to book a villa that has spacious rooms and the luxury amenities you deserve. Then, look for a Seminyak villa that has a fully equipped kitchen. While there are plenty of world-class restaurants around the area, a self-catering kitchen is always a pleasure to have. Therefore, you can enjoy delicious home-cooked meals on the sidelines of your holiday. Staying in a private villa also offers an amazing experience, especially one with a private pool.

Top pick for the best 2-bedroom villa in Seminyak

Top pick for the best 2-bedroom villa in Seminyak

The charming 2-bedrooms villa is located in a chic area of Seminyak. This villa is set on 153 sqm and offers 84.9 sqm of total living area. Laid out on 2 levels, the villa has 2 bedrooms with aesthetic bathrooms. The spacious bedrooms open directly to the pool terrace where there are two relaxation sunbeds. This villa comes with a modern open living and dining area. Open style living room overlooking the pool is a great place to gather with the family. The villa also has a swimming pool surrounded by green lawns. With a pool, you can swim or just sit on sunbeds while the tropical air of Seminyak surrounds you.

Just 5 minutes from the villa, you can reach the stunning beach.  When you stay at this Seminyak villa you can also reach the nearby local market within 5 minutes. With all the luxury facilities, this 2-bedroom villa in Seminyak is on leasehold for 28 years and costs USD 380,755.