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Travel Expenses Most Travelers Often Missed

Traveling is important because there are many benefits we can gain from it. However, it can cost you a lot especially if you choose certain type of vacation. For example, luxury trip is surely more expensive than backpacking. Every individual has their own preferred trip. It can be cheap or expensive based on the expense of the entire trip. Aside from the type of the trip, there are some expenses that are often forgotten and missed by travelers, causing an increased in the initial budget. 

travel expenses
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Lists of travel expenses often forgotten by travelers

Planning a trip also means you have to plan the cost especially if you care about your own budget. Travelers usually focus on big expenses such as accommodations, transport, and food fares. However, there are also other expenses that tend to be forgotten and missed, causing a major raise to the initial budget. Here are several of them:

Drinks are expenses often forgotten because most travelers usually don’t think too much of it. A morning coffee, bottled water, a couple of beers during night out, etc. Those might not cost too much but when you accumulate the total amount, it can be higher than you expected. Thus, it is recommended to include drink in your travel expense so you can plan more accurate budget and won’t get too surprised when you spend a lot during the trip. 

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Tipping is a culture that many travelers around the world has been adapted to. No matter where your destination is, tipping a waiter, bus driver, or hotel staff is like a habit. However, it is not a habit for many travelers to put tipping in the list of travel budget. If your destination has tipping culture, you may have to spend extra for your travel budget. Thus, it is better to put it in your lists of travel expenses so you can plan better.

Transportation to get around your destination. You may have include major transport expense such as ticket plan and car rental. However, it will be different if you plan to get around your destination in public transportation such as trains, buses, or taxis. Even if you plan to have car rental, you have to consider the expenses followed such as gas. Thus, always remember to build this transport cost into your travel budget. 

Unexpected things such as hotel extras are also often forgotten by travelers. You may not realize that you will spend extra for additional service while staying at hotel during your trip such as laundry, minibar purchases, parking, etc. Thus, you can prepare a budget for these things that might happen during your vacation.

It is highly recommended to be prepared if you don’t want to get surprised due to the over-budget during your trip. Planning your travel expense into detail can help you more prepared with the amount of budget you need. It is also recommended to bring your own medicine just in case you get sick during your trip. So you don’t have to spend extra just to buy medicine.

The must-see destinations for winter!

“Winter is coming” is the slogan when we follow and watch the “Game of Thrones” series, winter is always like a favorable season for the holidays since the two great moments are thus presented in this season, “the christmas ”and“ the new year ”. Talking about the destination during the winter, there are a lot of heavenly places for you to visit; some travelers are delighted with the first snowfall of winter, while others will escape the cold of the season. Snow is the main reason people are happy to visit tourist destinations during winter. This article will take you to visit some favorable destinations for your winter vacation in 2018, let’s go!

Nagano, Japan

The must-see destinations for winter

Nagano is the capital of Nagano Prefecture, located near the confluence of the Chikuma River and the Sai River on the Japanese island of Honshū. Nagano was originally a small village formed around a Buddhist temple dating from the 7th century: Zenkō-ji. The 1998 Winter Olympics were held there. This place is known to be the best destination for skiing in winter since we can enjoy the water baths, the heat, the museums and look at the houses covered with thick snow.

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

The must-see destinations for winter

Charles Bridge is a bridge that connects the Old Town of Prague with the district of Malá Strana. Built in the 14th century, it will be the only bridge over the Vltava until 1741. Symbol of the city, a must for tourists, it is invaded by musicians, various artists, barkers and street hawkers. The most beautiful city in Europe becomes more and more amazing when snow covers classic buildings with rocks illuminated by a lot of light. Charles Bridge is one of the most visited tourist spots for couples, as visitors can listen to classical music while enjoying hot chocolate drinks served in many cafes.

Salzburg, Austria

The must-see destinations for winter

Salzburg is an Austrian city located on the border of Germany, at the foot of the Eastern Alps. With the city divided by the Salzach River, the medieval and Baroque buildings of the Altstadt (Old Town) on the left bank face the 19th-century Neustadt (New Town) on the right bank. Located in the Altstadt, the birthplace of the famous composer Mozart has become a museum exhibiting the instruments of his childhood. This city carries a very festive Christmas atmosphere, attracting many travelers who wish to spend their holidays in winter. Here you will see many Austrian specialties as well as all the Christmas needs to meet all your pre Christmas needs.

Tromsø, Norway

The must-see destinations for winter

City in northern Norway, represents a major cultural center above the Arctic Circle. It is a famous vantage point for the Northern Lights which sometimes light up the night sky. The historic center of the city, on the island of Tromsø, is distinguished by its century-old wooden houses.

Nusa Penida Diving: Fantastic Fishes and Where to Find Them!

For the majority of travel aficionado, Nusa Penida might be identical with the ever-famous Kelingking Beach, Angel Billabong, and series of other stunning white beaches. Nusa Penida, the biggest of Nusa trio just off the mainland Bali is indeed known for its laidback, off the beaten path exotic tropical setting which radiates strong wanderlust vibes. For divers, however, Nusa Penida is a vast and gorgeous playground which displays arrays of vibrant corals, colorful fishes, and impressive ocean creatures! Diving in Nusa Penida would easily leave any divers in awe—simply because of what they’ll see underneath the waves. Here are four of big celebrity fishes which enjoy Nusa Penida’s plankton-rich waters and attentions from worldwide marine enthusiast.

Big Celebrity Fishes on Nusa Penida Diving

These fishes are certainly not the only ocean dwellers in Nusa Penida. The similarity between them lies on their notable size and their popularity among divers. Diving in Nusa Penida would never be complete without a sight of these animals!

The Magnificent Manta Rays

Nusa Penida Diving: Fantastic Fishes and Where to Find Them!

If popular fishes were Hollywood stars, the Manta Rays would be like Taylor Swift. Or Chris Martin. Their enormous body is just as big as their name. Manta Rays are the highlight of diving in Nusa Penida. They are the largest among the ray family and are the smartest among all fishes (before you think of dolphins, remember that they are mammals and are not fishes). Manta Rays are often nicknamed as the gentle giants of the sea; they move so graciously and are very friendly towards divers. In a way that similar to birds, Manta Rays swims by flapping their large “wings” and glide through the water. Despite of their size, Manta Rays eat only plankton! Sometimes they enjoy crustacean and smaller fishes but they are totally harmless—especially to humans.

Manta Rays love to hangout around the feeding stations or their favourite cleaning stations. They are mainly spotted on the southern coast of Nusa Penida. The Manta Point and Manta Bay are two most famous Nusa Penida diving site to spot Manta Ray, though sometimes they swim to the Crystal Bay, too.

The Weirdo of the Ocean: Mola Mola

Once you take a look at Mola Mola, you would agree that they are probably not the most good-looking fish in the sea. But you will admit that they have a special charm that would keep any divers fascinated. I meant, just look at them!

Nusa Penida Diving: Fantastic Fishes and Where to Find Them!

The weird yet admirable Mola Mola or sunfish is generally a deep-water fish. They live in the twilight zone of Nusa Penida for more than half of the year. They come up to the shallower water during July to November as the cold currents begin to flow to the water. They love cool temperature—and when it comes, this means the Mola Mola can travel to the sunlight zone to get their yearly treatment. They love to attend the “reef fishes spa” as these fishes plucks parasites and dead skins off the Mola Mola’s body. This is also the time when Mola Mola gets to sunbathe on the ocean surface—absorbing as much as sunlight to warm up their body—which earned then the sunfish nickname.

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The Protected Hawksbill Turtle at Nusa Penida Diving Protected Area

Nusa Penida Diving: Fantastic Fishes and Where to Find Them!

Hawksbill turtle are declared as critically endangered and now live under strict protection by law. They were hunted for their shells and eggs for years before conservation efforts starts to look after this poor animal. The Hawksbill turtle are now enjoying undivided attentions from marine devotees and better living situation thanks to the growing awareness. Today, diving in Nusa Penida won’t be complete without a sight of the Hawksbill turtle. They are mainly spotted around the Atuh beach Nusa Penida and Padang Bai Bali.

The Pretty and Dangerous Blue Spotted Stingray

Nusa Penida Diving: Fantastic Fishes and Where to Find Them!

So this is the venomous cousin of Manta Ray. The blue spotted stingray come in bright and striking color. Their yellowish body is adorned with light blue dots followed with equally dazzling electric blue tails. Unlike their larger cousin, they are relatively short and love to dwell on the ocean’s floor than in the body of water. However, much like their friendlier cousin, they are also commonly witnessed around the Manta Bay and Manta Point Nusa Penida. Be careful during your Nusa Penida diving though—don’t get too close to this pretty ray or they will sting your with their pretty stingers!

Welcome to New Zealand!

New Zealand is a dream country. From the crystal clear waters of Abel Tasman, along the majestic expanse of Ninety-Mile Beach, the mountains overlooking Queenstown, all are the breathtaking scenery. Travelers can enjoy them by hiking or tramping (as said by New Zealanders), lazing on the beach, or enjoying the views of a vineyard while holding a glass of Pinot Noir in their hand. The trip to New Zealand requires a good plan to avoid the wasting of your time and money.

There are only 4.8 million New Zealanders spread over 268,021 km2, larger than the United Kingdom with a fourteenth of the population. Forests, mountains, lakes, beaches and sublime fjords. Here are the favorite destinations in New Zealand.

Welcome to New Zealand!

Explore Abel Tasman National Park

Stepping up to Abel Tasman seems like you’re getting to the beach in Thailand. A beautiful beach and its azure water are more tropical than New Zealand. The hike is superb with its giant ferns, tall trees and in the temperate climate. There are many hiking trails from one to three days and you can kayak to enjoy the park and its surroundings. This way you explore the coves and beaches that make Abel Tasman very special.

The glacier hike to Fox and Franz Josef

The steep and dramatic Fox and Franz Josef Glacier is accessible by hiking, ice climbing, helicopter flight which is landing on snow field above. It’s so hyped because the glaciers have receded and melted very fast. Today, the ice cave and its hike are closed so there is only one helicopter flight. It’s a little expensive but still worth the money.

The Tongariro passage walk

Welcome to New Zealand!

Considered the best day hike in New Zealand, tracks lead you to Mordor in a film The Lord of the Rings. The total of the track is 19.4 kilometers with different difficulty level but considered easy even for a beginner. The hike in this environment of volcanoes and sulfur, supernatural and red in color, was the highlight of your stay in New Zealand.

Relax in Christchurch

Heavily damaged by earthquakes in recent years, today Christchurch is a brand new city. Although there is still a lot of open space of demolished buildings, you will also find a large number of new constructions, a sense of hope and dynamism, funky bars, more markets, new restaurants, shops and exhibitions. The locals are really using this chance to improve Christchurch. If you’re there for a few days, be sure to visit the Canterbury and Quake City Museum, and be sure to take the gondola too!

Surfing in Raglan

One of the best and longest left breaks in the world, a reliable swell and a relaxed atmosphere make this surf destination in New Zealand a destination of choice.

Why Komodo National Park Diving Should Be in Your List

Apart from the gigantic, ancient dragon lizards that roam the lands, the Komodo National Park offers over thousands of fish species, all kinds of corals, and impressive big fishes like the Manta Rays, dolphins, and sharks. The Komodo lies in the heart of world’s coral triangle, receiving steady streams of rich-nutrients currents which contributes to the healthy bloom of the marine life. Moreover, the government’s strict protection to the national park allow the underwater world to flourish undisturbedly. Diving in Komodo National Park is anything less than impressive and this is why this remote destination should be in your dive list.

Why Diving in Komodo National Park Should Be in Your List

The World-Sized Aquarium You’d Find on Komodo National Park Diving

You might have thought that people are exaggerating Komodo’s waters for the sake of tourism before seeing it by yourself. Pristine reef system, crystal-clear waters, and sheer amount of marine biota feature almost every site in Komodo. It’s like jumping in a world-size living aquarium. From every hard coral you have seen documentaries to soft and almost transparent coral in bright colour. The teeming fishes from reef fishes to bigger one like humphead wrasses and barracuda. The appearance of bigger creature like hawksbill turtles and occasionally patrolling sharks. And the small critters like nudies and shrimps that gets busy unnoticed in the ocean floor. This is the general illustration of diving sites in Komodo National Park. Every site is varied, of course, but are just as rich as the others.

The Gentle Giants of the Ocean, Manta Rays

A rare chance to swim with Manta Ray is one of the main reasons why divers and snorkelers alike flock to Komodo. It’s not every day you could meet with these gentle giants yet in Komodo they are plenty! They even frequently ‘fly’ in squadron! You probably has never seen once in during your dive career and yet you’ll probably see as much as five mantas on just a single dive! The Komodo has this spot that serves as Manta Rays’ favourite cleaning station—the Manta Point near Taka Makassar. Sighting is not granted, but the Mantas almost always graced the sites daily.

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The Amazing Macro Critters to Be Found on Komodo National Park Diving

Why Diving in Komodo National Park Should Be in Your List

One dive to Komodo and macro lovers will get high for weeks. Seriously, diving in Komodo National Park rewards you with all kind of macro critters imaginable. From the usual nudibranchs, shrimps, and tiger crabs to the endemics of Komodo like sea apples and fire urchins. Some sites even have rarer creatures like “Pokemon” nudis, “Shaun the Sheep” nudis, and pygmy pink seahorses.

Making Your Travel Pursue Less Heavy

Have you experienced returning to your hotel room with shoulder and neck pain after exploring your travel destination? Most o travelers have experience this. One of the most common reasons is heavy travel-purse. You cart around your travel purse not realizing that the weight making your neck and shoulders suffer all day. At least some travelers experience headache after carrying around heavy purse when travelling. The severe one is when you also experience joint disease. The temporary discomfort you get from carting around your heavy travel purse can be prevented. 

Making Your Travel Purse Less Heavy

Comfortable travel purse for more comfortable trip

You don’t have to suffer from any kind of physical discomfort just because you carry around your travel purse. You can still wear them without causing any physical damage to your body. Here are some tips to make your purse lighter so it is more comfortable to wear while you are exploring your travel destination all day long.

Choose the right purse

First thing first, you need to choose the right purse. It means you need to start with choosing light purse with sturdy materials. There are purses that weigh more than the others even if their size is the same. The average weight for purse is around 2 to 3 pounds before it is filled with any items. Therefore, you can opt for a lightweight travel purse instead. However, make sure the material is sturdy as well for the longevity. Some purses can be carried like a tote-bag and some of them can be worn cross-body. If you can find travel purse that can be worn both ways, then it is a good choice. You can also look for purse with more travel-friendly features to accommodate you better when travelling.

Which goes into your wallet

Making Your Travel Purse Less Heavy

Sort out items you are going to put into your wallet. The weigh of the wallet you put inside the travel purse impact the weigh of the purse itself. Thus, it is highly suggested to only bring the essentials you are going to really need for exploring travel destinations. You can just bring your ID card, credit card, and debit card on your wallet. You don’t have to bring punch cards or store rewards cards especially when you are not going to use them at all. 

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Travel sized items 

Stock your travel purse with travel-sized items you are going to need such as travel-sized sunscreen, lip balm, hand sanitizer, moisturizer, or over-the-counter medications. Those are the most common essentials you need for travel comfortably. However, the travel-sized package can reduce the weight of your travel purse significantly. 

Remove all coins from travel purse

Remove all coins from your travel purse before wearing it to explore your travel destination. Coins might not be significant and they are often forgotten. However, they make your purse weigh even more. You don’t really need so many coins in your purse anyway. Thus, dump out coins from your travel purse every day. Or, you can just bring coin purse instead so you can just bring necessary amount of of them without weighing down your purse. Also, clean out your travel purse every night from unnecessary items. 

Girls Guide to Surf Camp Spain

Girls Guide to Surf Camp Spain

Here’s one of the dreamiest dream for every girl with wandering souls in their heart. To spend a splendid summer holiday in sunny destination like Spain, donning a fabulous sunglasses, sporting gorgeous bikini with surfboard in one hand, ready to stroke the waves anytime. And of all other places in Europe, Spain is definitely perfect for surfing holiday—with Portugal as the other alternatives. The golden coasts, rolling barrels, bright sky, the scrumptious Mediterranean foods, and wholly culture are enough reason to put Spain on your list. On top of it, the crime rate is pretty low—girls can surf and travel in Spain without lots of worry. And Spain is ridden with wide variety of surf camp which make your surf trip a lot easier. So if you are a girl and plan to surf in Spain some time soon, here’s what you need to do. 

Choosing the Right Surf Camp Spain for Girls

Just to make it clear. Spain is a popular surfing destination in Europe and it has TONS of surf camp for every type. You can have teen surf camp, kite and surf camp, surf apartment, safari surf camp, surf “glamping”, to even women-only surf camp. If you are a teen, beginner, and looking for peers of your age, you might want to stay at teen surf camp.

How to Choose It

Girls Guide to Surf Camp Spain

Basically, you have three basic rules to apply when it comes to choosing surf camp in Spain. Budget, type & facilities of accommodation, and location. The higher your budget, the more options you can have, and the nicer the accommodation is. Type of accommodation is also an important factor. If you are a solo travelling woman in late 20s or early 30s, you might not feel comfortable staying at nosy teen camps. Last, you want to stay somewhere where the surfing beach meet your level. You don’t want to stay at Meñakoz when you are a total beginner. 

Freed Yourself from Super Planning

If you sign up for surf camp Spain, you can free yourself from running a detailed itinerary. You don’t need to plan from hours to hours cause you can simply follow the surf camp’s schedule. And when you are not busy riding the waves or absorbing the coastal glow, you can wader off to the city. Just prepare some destination list you want to visit but don’t squeeze it into a tight schedule. Stay open for coincidences or travel invitations from new friends!

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Find New Friends at Spain Surf Camp 

Whether you are travelling solo or with friends, the surf camp Spain is an excellent place to meet interesting people from all around the world and make new friends! Many girls afraid to being lonely on their solo surf trip, but here in the surf camp, you won’t. There are so many girls that just like you, want to surf the world and have awesome adventure! You might meet new friends to share sweet waves together!

Be Realistic: You Cannot Surf Just in Skimpy Bikini

Don’t be fooled with how surfer girls are portrayed in movies and magazines and show up with just a bikini. You will get rash and that’s totally unpleasant. While Spain’s warm weather totally support bikinis, you should not give in to the temptation. At least wear a rash guard of even better, a wetsuit. 

Packing A Carry-On Bag For Travel

Packing is one of the most tricky part of travel preparations. However, it is necessary just so you can travel smoothly and have everything you need. Picking items that will fit into your suitcase wont’ take much time if you make a list beforehand. As for a carry-on bag, you need to be wise in packing. You must try to balance the things in the airline requirements and airport security. You also have to make sure that you bring all essentials you are going to need during the trip and make them accessible. 

Common carry-on mistakes when packing for travel

Packing unnecessary things inside your carry-on bag can cost you lots of money. You may also get uncomfortable throughout the flight due to the weight. Not to mention that it’s possible to get held back at the airport security by packing things against their rules or requirements. Here are some mistakes you can actually avoid.

Packing A Carry-On Bag For Travel

Packing prohibited items 

Packing prohibited items by the country you are going to visit. Most common reasons for travelers to do this mistake is because they don’t know the rules. However, it is basic for you to not carry any firearms, baseball bats, explosives, or any other sporting equipment that can be considered or used as weapon in your carry-on bag. You cannot also pack sharp objects even if they are just safety razors. You can pack a scissors as long as they are not longer than 4 inches. You can pack disposable razors or nail clippers in your carry-on. 

Putting liquid or gasses at the bottom of the bag

For easy access, don’t put any plastic bags of liquid or gels at the bottom of your bag. It will make the process longer. Thus, place them at the top of your carry-on or at accessible pockets. This way, you don’t have to waste time digging around in security check. 

Packing too many things inside carry on bags

Packing A Carry-On Bag For Travel

Pack too many things inside carry-on bag is a common mistake by travelers. It will only cause your bag to weigh more. Some airlines weigh even carry-on not only the suitcase. Some airlines have a 15-pound limit for carry-on bags. So if you pack too much, it may exceed the limit and you have to pay extra. Not to mention that packing too many items can hurt your shoulders since you have to carry it around whenever you go. 

Unnecessary Items  

Stocking carry-on bag with unnecessary items is a mistake you can really avoid. Put everything you will need for comfortable flight. You can bring hand sanitizer, some reading materials, eye mask, headphones or ear buds,some medicines, documents, toiletries, etc. 

Are you willing to pay extra luggage?

If you cannot avoid packing so many items because they are going to be needed for your travel to be more comfortable, make sure you know how much you are going to pay for extra weight. It is possible for you to pay the cost lower if you pay it online in advance instead of when you arrive the the airport. This way, you don’t have to deal with the issue at the airport. 

Komodo Luxury Liveaboard Tips for Big Family Vacation

Taking your family for a vacation is a refreshing way to relieve stress after exhausting daily activities. Once in a while, you might also want to invite your cousins, uncle, aunt or grandparents for a huge family vacation. An ideal destination is visiting nature, where you don’t need to worry about room space. For example, booking a Komodo luxury liveaboard to tour around Indonesia’s most amazing tourist attractions.

Komodo Luxury Liveaboard Tips for Big Family Vacation

Komodo Luxury Liveaboard for Family

Why liveaboard? Because it is the best method to bring everyone without worrying about somebody going to left out. There are other methods to explore Komodo, but unless you already know your way around Komodo you can be easily scammed by the locals. Taking a Komodo luxury liveaboard trip from a trusted boat charter is way more convenient and simple.

But what can you do to make sure that every single one of your family members can have fun? Well, here are some of them:

Take a Private Tour

Usually, there are 2 kinds of trips offered in the liveaboard, an open or private trip. The open trip combines several guests until it reaches the quota per ship. This is suitable for solo or a few travelers who like to meet other people. Meanwhile, if you are one a big family trip it would be best to book a private trip instead.

Meeting new people is fun, but gathering with your family in a private ship can be an unforgettable experience.

Do Group Activities from the Luxury Liveaboard Komodo

Komodo Luxury Liveaboard Tips for Big Family Vacation

Aside from enjoying nature, you are given a chance to do so many water sport activities from the Komodo luxury liveaboard. These exciting activities can bring the whole family to bond and have fun together. Swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking are just a few examples that you can try with your beloved family.

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Arrange a Picnic on the Forest or Beach

When you take a vacation to enjoy nature, it’s obvious that you should bring a picnic set to prepare in the wilderness. Bring your family members to set a camp in one of the islands on Komodo National Park. You can either go to the forest and admire the rich nature on the island, or go to the beach and feel the ocean breeze as you relax.    

Sing Together on the Boat

Bring a guitar and gather your family on the ship at night to sing together. Just like on a campfire, songs can always make a group of people be in a good mood and enjoying the moment. Something about the melody makes people eager to sing along and share the joy that each is having. On top of that, the sound of ocean waves can also make the situation more relaxing.

How To Gain More Opportunities To Travel

Travelling is exciting and can be a healing or recharging moments for some people. However, planning a trip is not always as easy as it looks especially when you have many responsibilities on you. For example, you have to save money to pay student loans, rent, etc. For some people travel can be as easy as eating. However, it might not be the case for other people. Therefore, the opportunities to travel more sometimes sound getting farther.

How you can travel more

How To Gain More Opportunities To Travel

Travelling is basically get out of your home and daily routine for a while. It can take few days or just few hours. Travelling doesn’t always have to visit foreign countries, private islands, or luxury destinations. It is about the experience of the process and the impact you feel afterward. Therefore, you can actually have more opportunities to travel when you don’t think too much about how expensive it is and how not affordable it following your current financial situation. You can create your own travel and fun.

Start from your own city

You can always start with something simple and small by being a tourist in your own city. You might be surprised at how your city has changed over the years with new buildings, attractions, etc. You can visit a spa to relax yourself. It can make you feel like you just got back from Bali. You can also simply go museum hopping or visit botanical garden. You can basically choose anything to escape from your daily routine. By visiting some tourist attractions in your own city, you may get a chance to interact with tourists from other cities or countries as well. 

Look for cheap flights and tour package

How To Gain More Opportunities To Travel

You can also have more opportunities to travel without spending too much money. You can search for cheap flights or tour package. This way, you can really go outside and far from your home. You can choose a destination that put you some distance from your home and work. There are many website offering cheap flight or tour packages. However, be careful in choosing to avoid getting scammed. You can also try to be more flexible with the destination. You can instead choose destination based on the cheap flights available. 

Calculate the budget

Travel can be expensive indeed especially when you don’t set your travel budget in advance. You can actually make your own calculation of the expenses of your travel plan. This way, you have more control over what you can buy later and what to avoid. This gives you more opportunity to plan your own dream trip without spending excessive budget.

List your daily spending

Make your financial sacrifices by cutting down unnecessary spending you may not even realize on your daily basis. You may not really realize where your money goes. List of your daily spending and see what unnecessary things you can cut down so you can save money more. This will make your trip more valuable and meaningful because it is like a reward for you after sacrificing some of your daily spending. The trip will excite you even more.