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Taking Pictures of Moving Objects during Your Trip

During your trip, there must be lots of interesting things you can capture through your camera lens. Those can be your memorabilia for a long time. Those will be reminder of places you have visited. However, taking pictures during a trip sometimes is not easy especially for those who are not professional photographer. There are various factors which can make the results turn out to be amazing or the opposite. However, there is nothing to be stress about when it comes to photography and travel. You can both enjoy them without stressing around to make perfect pictures. If that’s so, you may get distracted from enjoying the real trip because you are too busy trying to take good pictures.

Tips to take pictures of moving object while traveling

Even if the scene of the place you visit is amazing, it doesn’t guarantee the success of beautiful photos. Sometimes, instead of still objects you find moving one which makes it harder for you to take pictures. Capturing objects in motion is challenging but it is not impossible to do. Here are some tips:

  • Being able to capture the moment of moving objects such as flying bird, running man, or moving train during your trip give you self-satisfaction. To decide what kind of picture you really want to capture, you need to decide the final effect you want to convey through the pictures. When you know what effect you want to show through the pictures, you will be able to choose the right approach. Capturing moving train for example, you may want to focus on the train and let its surrounding blurry or the other way round. It is up to your preference but make sure to decide clearly.
  • The shutter speed does matter when capturing moving objects. You may need to adjust the shutter speed first before taking any picture. With fast shutter speed, you will be able to capture sharper focus on moving object while blurring the background. The slower shutter gives the opposite effects. It will make moving object looks blurry due to more lights in. Try different shutter speed to see which one of them you prefer.
  • You need to adjust the aperture as well or taking pictures of moving objects. This will help you taking better pictures in the matter of lighting. It can help minimizing overexposed images due to the light pass in. once everything adjusted, you can trust your tripod to take picture steadily. Thus, the background of the pictures will stay crisp and in focus when you want to make the moving objects look blurry.
  • You may want to try pan technique. This trick is a bit tricky but won’t hurt to try. This technique requires you to move along with the objects while taking pictures. You need to match the movement with speed and direction of the objects. This is challenging technique. However, you can always improve if you keep practicing. Whenever you take a trip, make sure to practice your skill so you will be able to capture priceless moments.

Things to Remember for Female Travelers

The number of women who traveling around the world has been significantly rising. Here is also trend of solo female traveler and it has attracted tourism habit and commodity. In the past, women can only wait until they have someone else to have their dream vacation.

Things that female travelers should remember when traveling

Today, they just go with it by themselves. Of course, there are risks and weighs to consider regarding to solo female travelers. Harassment and dangers are real anyway. Besides, bad people see them as easier target when they are traveling such theft, robbery, or sexual harassment.

There are many places in the world where respect for women is still hard to get.

What things that female travelers should keep on remember?

Even though there are risks and dangers for solo female travelers, it doesn’t mean women can’t travel at all because there are still many safe places out there ready to embrace women rights.

To be able to travel safely, here are tips for solo female travelers so you can really enjoy the journey.

First, always be respectful even though you face cultural differences. Remember that the place you visit own different culture than what you embrace. Instead of giving rude comments, you should respect the customs and the cultures.

Even though what they do don’t align with what you believe as an individual person or as a woman, always respect them. You don’t have to like or follow their beliefs. However, you don’t have right to change or disrespect them. When you respect them, you will learn to understand more.

In return, they will also respect you and give you some sense of security of being accepted.

Next thing the female travelers should remember is that there are things women can do when men can’t.

Not all the time women travelers are at disadvantage during a trip. Sometimes, you have more opportunities to experiences things which aren’t provided for men. In some countries, there are programs or services dedicated for women only such as female-only yoga class, hair salon, parks, etc.

Instead of visiting unknown places, you can visit those women-only places to have fun.

Another addition for female travelers is to always stand your guard whenever you go.

No matter where you go, your safety is your priority. Of course women are more at risk in this matter. Therefore, you need to travel with your guard up. It might be stressing but it is necessary to guarantee your safety.

Make sure there is someone at home who knows your travel schedule. Women have strong intuition so use it. If you visit a place and something feels off, just get out of the place.

The next important thing to know is that there are travel destinations that are less friendly for women travelers.

However, you can never know if you don’t experience it yourself. Instead of succumbing to your fear and doubt, you can ask more experienced female travelers about the places they went to. Ask their opinion about the places even though it is somewhere do far from your home.

You can challenge yourself and there is no limit for a woman to travel. Being more prepared and always on guard can help you to travel alone safely.

3 Main Benefits of Kayaking Why Travelers Are In Love With It

Traveling is truly a wide open topic to talk about since there are many things you can do out there that can bring you happiness. If there will a time for you to go somewhere in an alone trip, you may want to experience kayaking for once.

I am telling you this for various legitimate reasons that you can get through kayaking.

To start knowing some important things you can get while kayaking at the sea or mostly people will recommending you to be at the streamed line river that can make you in loves with it, we can see how big does the benefits its brings for you as a solo traveler or even when you are going with your friends.

And, here they are that you can know about it.

Main benefits of kayaking you can get

1. Performing an adventure

When you are thinking about making the kayaking as your travel idea, you can’t be a traveler for any longer. In fact, you are now switching to be an adventurer since kayaking is allowing you to be so.

There is always a spot for beginners to perform kayaking but we have to admit that this kind of idea is encouraging us to explore things while challenging ourselves. And this type of adventuring will also gives you chance to spend your holidays in more different way than before if you haven’t been experienced.

2. Kayaking will be a great idea for your upper body exercising

Let’s leave a gym behind and see another thing to do that can make you exercising especially to get a better treat for your upper body parts while enjoy the nature with a sense of an adventure.

Paddling a kayak will allow your body from your hip section up to your head and it may will also help you to burn off the fat on your body so you can help yourself to get an ideal and healthier body while enjoy the moment at the sea with beautiful seascape.

Your arm can be stronger, chest will be tighten, your back can be strengthen and many more good health condition your body can get in more fun way. Moreover, it is a sport as well.

3. While you have realized that kayaking is fun, you can also be an athlete

In case you are wondering what you will become in the future, you can try kayaking to spend the holidays and see if that will be a great idea to makes it as you dream future career.

Kayaking itself as a sport has been held competitions for years where you can join in the regional and national competition up to the international event as an athlete. So, you’d better thinking about your hobby for now in traveling where it is not only a way to gain experiences but also may possible to support your future career.

While kayaking is also a good way to explore the watery world where you are possible not to getting cold by the water, it is surely has some more health benefits and fun aspects that the travelers can get that I have not been explained this time. But overall, the above 3 benefits are the important summaries of general advantages you can get.

Why Some Travellers Swear by Travelling Light Wherever the Destination

Emphasis on always here. Traveling light has been such a game-changer. As checked luggage price is not getting any cheaper anytime soon, more and more travellers revved up their packing game.

Reasons why travellers are packing light when travelling to any destination

It’s never about being able to fit the most inside your bag. It’s about knowing what you truly need and being able to adapt. After all, it’s one of those little things why you choose to travel, right?

Embrace that you simply cannot bring everything

And you’re not supposed to. and chances are, you’re not going to use many of the stuff you’d think you’ll use. Don’t aim to stuff your bag full. Leave some room because you know you’re going to shop for something there. Whether it’s a souvenir for your cats or something for yourself, leaving some room in your bag is wise.

Packing light makes you take care of your belongings better

More often than not, bringing more would only mean that you would neglect them more.
If you’re going somewhere for longer than several days, then don’t shy off from doing your laundry. Most hotels, hostels, and house rentals offer.

If you have difficulties finding a laundry facility, you can always wash your clothes by hands, at least for your undergarments. They’re small and therefore easy to wash.

Tip for packing light: you should be able to comfortably lift it

If you can’t even stand lifting it, then yes, you’re bringing too much.

Bringing a load of items that even you have difficulties transporting yourself is not how good packing works. You may not need to lift your luggage all the time.

But the burden that your stuff is too much for yourself to bring means something is clearly disproportionate. If you’re going diving, camping, or other activities that may require you to bring heavy, bulky stuff, then it may be understandable. But for most of us who travel, no, you won’t need that much stuff.

Ditch your huge bags

The easiest way to overpack? By choosing the largest thing you can possibly find and try to fit everything inside. Start with a small bag instead.

Starting with a carry on is an excellent method to pack, even though clearly not everyone thinks they’re ready to pack that light. Consult your packing list (don’t tell me you didn’t have it) and see if your stuff could fit inside only a carry-on.

Unless you’re going somewhere and you do activities that require gears and bulky equipment, chances are, a carry on is sufficient. This may take some practice, but once you get around to do it, you’ll thank yourself.

Practice makes perfect

You won’t get from being an over-packer to an expert overnight. Or in a single trip. Be patient and keep levelling up your packing game.

You’ll get there.

You’d probably never thought that you could pack that light. But that’s the thing. A lot of people who pack light often started not by some divine inspiration. It’s when something happened. Checked luggage gone wrong is one of the common reasons why she travellers swear by packing light.

The Idea of Themed-Travel You Should Know About

Sometimes, it makes sense that you lose interest to travel because of the similar circumstance wherever you go. Hitting major tourist sites, sightseeing popular town, and enjoying the nightlife at the club is kind of cliché sometimes especially if you travel a lot. Everything can feel dull every time you travel.

Sailing on board as one of the travelling types with theme

Thus, it is time for you to get to know the idea of themed-travel. Travelling with certain theme assigned so everything is planned according to the theme might sound unfamiliar for you. However, lots of travellers have done it. Of course every traveler has their own fair share on the themed-travel they did. But one thing for sure, it is worth trying.

Travelling with specific theme to guide you

Travelling with theme can be a good idea if you have been feeling bored lately with the way you travel. This can be a good chance. You can even plan it ahead of time to make sure that you choose the theme you really want. Here are tips to themed-travel you need to know;

  • Travelling with theme means you have specific thing to do and to enjoy according to the theme. For example, if your theme is art it involves visiting various art galleries, joining art workshops, etc. It may also involve you visiting a place that has great artistic value. It may sound repetitive and boring. However, it can really fee your interest on certain thing. This will make you love arts even more. Thus, do not judge until you experience the real thing.
  • Then, you should choose the theme. It can be something about your interest such as hobby. There are many possible think you put interest into. For example, you have desire to learn more about wine production or hand-made products. Then, you can just Google and search for a place that is famous for them.
  • After deciding the theme, go for further research about where to go, what to enjoy, and everything related to the theme for the travel. You can visit some travel blogs, read travel books or magazines, and many more. For example, you need to research more about Japan if it is the country you have been obsessed for. If the culture is what has drawn you the most, research about the most cultural places in Japan you can visit.
  • Done with researching, you should start planning your itinerary. You see, when you are interested in Japanese culture and lifestyle, it means you should experience all of them during your trip to the country. You should plan where to eat authentic foods, where to meet friendly locals, etc.
  • Next thing to do is to be brave and enjoy the ride. Themed-travel can be a refreshing change when you are stuck with the idea of travel. This can be something different from what you have previously done for travelling. However, it deserves a try. If it suits you, who knows maybe you want to repeat this kind of travel again with different theme of course.

Keep a Journal for Your Travels, You’ll Thank Yourself Later

Traveling and journaling have always come hand in hand together. Journaling is a great tool to record your travels and yourself, and everything in between. People journal to record their thoughts and their feelings during their travels. Different people needed to record what have they accomplished during their travel. Some need to record their expenses. But what is a journal for yourself as someone who travels?

Getting to know a travel journal

A travel journal lets you keep track of the things that transpire during the duration of your travel. It is one of the most useful things to have during a trip. A travel journal is very versatile and it holds endless possibilities. It is also a place to solidify your thoughts about a place you’re traveling to and what you feel about them.

If you travel for the so-called self-discovery, then don’t skip on journaling

These days people travel to both find and lose themselves. The cravings for novelty and the sense of urgency to find something. Something along those lines. If this is a similar drive that gets you into traveling, then it is all the more reason for you to keep a travel journal. Without a record of sorts, what can you look back to? What can you use as a means of reflection towards your whole journey so far?

Journal for yourself, first and foremost. While blogging is in a way, also a form of a journal, there are distinct differences that separate the two. If you’re already blogging for some years, then blogging may be an immediate ‘replacement’ for journaling. And this is definitely a viable option if your goal is to voice your thoughts and get it out there for people to discover. For many of us, travel journaling is a form of self-reflection.

Starting tip: start your travel journal before you even begin

An excellent way to do this is by using your travel journal for your travel planning. This can be something as simple and as obvious as your expenses. Your travel journaling can start from tracking your expenses starting from your plane tickets. It could also be the expense record of the petrol you bought for your vehicle if you’re going on a road trip.

The medium of your journal

Personally, I prefer the traditional pen on papers. But this may not be a viable option for everyone. For starters, I didn’t even start journaling using pen and papers at all. It was all digital for me. Buying a dedicated journal for me to write on would give me unnecessary pressure when I just started. So instead, I simply journaled on my phone. With any note-taking app, I could start. So I chose the lightest (the one that takes the least space on my phone) to type down things that come to mind.

This way, I could start any time, any day, and at virtually any circumstances whenever I feel like it. It could be during the time I had an idea for my trip, or when I remembered that I needed to buy something for my travel. It could literally be at any time. If you’re just starting out, choose the medium of journaling that is the easiest for you to access. The most important key is to start.

Should You Rent a Scooter in Bali?

Ride your way through the narrow roads as you bask in the views of the rice fields in your right and left sides. The breeze is warm all year-long. It was a pleasant ride surrounded by breathtaking views as the tropical winds caress you. That’s how riding a scooter in Bali feels like—that is, when it’s not too hot outside. Except it’s almost always too hot outside. But that aside, riding a scooter in Bali does have its very own advantages compared to driving a car, for a few reasons.

Having a scooter in Bali gives you access you didn’t have before

You’ve probably heard of people going on about their scooter adventure in Bali. Riding a scooter in Bali will take you to places. You won’t have to wait for your online ojek rides or even a taxi. Places that are initially too long to reach by walking, can now be easily accessed. Bali does not have a reliable system of public transportation. The pedestrian space is also not very accommodating. This is why locals rely on their private vehicles all the time. But the main culprit is that roads in Bali are small—way too small. Put a bus in most roads in Bali and the traffic would immediately get congested. This is why riding a scooter in Bali triumphs over any other means of transportations, most of the time. But before you jump onto your scooter adventure, there are several things you need to pay attention to.

Wear your helmet, no excuses

Wherever you rent your motorbike, you’ll always get a helmet along with your motorcycle. The only place you don’t get your helmet is Nusa Lembongan or even Nusa Penida. But that is because they don’t even have traffic lights in those islands. You get my point.

Bring your international license

Your international licenses are valid in Bali. Make sure to apply for one in your home country. It’s a  very complicated process, and probably downright impossible to apply for an international license in Bali. However, you do have another option.

If you don’t have an International license, apply for an Indonesian driving license! Yes, it’s possible. The process is straightforward, although it does take time. Right now, this can only be done in Bali and no other parts of Indonesia. Head to the Police’s headquarters (Polresta Denpasar) at Jalan Gunung Sanghyang (google it) with all of the required documents.

Please do not ever drive when you’re drunk

This is common sense everywhere you go. You just don’t drive when you’re drunk in your home country. it’s flirting with disasters and even death. But people seemed to do this a lot in Bali. Perhaps the laid-back nature and the relaxing atmosphere of Bali had often messed with many people’s health.

The Police love to stop bule on the road  

Don’t drive shirtless. Or in a swimming suit. We know you’ve got nice pecs and want to show it off. But the roads just isn’t the place. Once you leave the beaches, put some clothes on. Not only you would protect your skin from the harsh sun, but you will also prevent polices from stopping you just because you look foreign. And usually, they have a good reason to stop you, as a lot of tourists riding bikes in Bali aren’t equipped with a license.

Seven Reasons Why Komodo Tour is Good for Kids

Still think Komodo tour is exclusively for adult? Here are several reasons why bringing your kids to Komodo National Park, Flores, Indonesia, is a good idea. 

Being the last largest lizard from Pleistocene era, Komodo dragons has long been known for its ferocity. They have well earned the dragon title as everything on their body is lethal. On each of their limbs, four long, curved nails sticks out; ready to pounce on their prey. Behind their seemingly toothless mouths hides fatal bites; 60 shorts sharp teeth and highly toxic saliva that will surely end the life of any prey. Just like other top predators, the Komodo dragons are very skilled hunters. And that exactly why Komodo National Park draw only the bravest and most adventurous on its initial fame. 

But that’s no more.

Today, Komodo has shown its greatest potential—aside from just the Komodo dragons. Numerous alternative destinations within the national park are found. Discoveries on underwater offers rich, endless marine life to be explored on. Liveaboard sailing boats were built—from budget to luxurious—to take travelers of all ages sailing around Komodo in homelike comfort. And here’s some reasons why Komodo tour is great for your kids.

Seven Reasons Why Komodo Tour is Good for Kids

It’s A Live Encyclopaedia

More often than not, kids have their first knowledge of Komodo dragons from encyclopaedia or wildlife TV show. Needless to say, Komodo dragons draws children’s attention like dinosaurs do. Here, kids can have direct encounter with the Jurassic-looking Komodo dragons. It’s also a great chance to learn simple physiology of the dragons, its habitat, and how its actually not a dinosaur as people commonly think.   

Get Kids Connected to Plants and Animals

In Komodo where the landscape, flora, and fauna is exceptionally different, children would have abundant of new things to learn. Especially since the Komodo tour won’t only take you to the island of Komodo, but also the surrounding islands and the land under the water. It gives countless opportunity for kids to connect with many different types of plants and animal in Komodo. 

Also, kids would absolutely love to swim with fishes in very shallow depth on the beaches. Many shallow shores on Komodo are blessed with brillant water, bountiful fishes swimming around your ankle, and starfishes spread out between the sands!

Growing the Love for Mother Nature 

It’s hard to foster the love for environment when the kiddos are surrounded by concrete building and fake palm trees everyday. Visiting pristine nature, meeting animals, and play in the sea during Komodo tour would build a sense of love for the environments. At least, they know how throwing trashes to the sea would harm the amazing animals and the coral reefs. 

An Introduction to Underwater

Komodo, being part of coral triangle of the world, is definitely one of the best place to go for snorkel. When you and your spouse could take turn to dive, the other one could accompany your kids to go snorkel. Komodo has a lot of shallow water with amazing marine scenery that would be suitable for kids and teens!

Komodo Tour Opens Exposure to New Culture

It’s generally believed that children who were exposed to different cultures on their young age would grow better empathy, tolerance, and social skills than those who don’t. Here come the chance to see both Indonesian culture and Flores’ distinct ancient megalithic culture all at once after you finish the Komodo tour sailing trip. 

Are you ready for Komodo family trip this summer? 

Reasons Why Bandung In Indonesia Is Worth Travelling For

Bandung is the third biggest city in Indonesia. This is also one of the trendiest cities in Indonesia that is worth travelling for. This city is worth every penny you spend during your visit.

Bandung is also a perfect destination whether you are travelling solo or in group with families and friends.

Why you should visit Bandung in Indonesia with your friends or families

This city is famous for its fashion products both locals and international ones. Shopping in Bandung is a must activity you shouldn’t miss if you visit the city famous for its nickname, Paris Van Java.

Aside from great factory outlets, there are many things about Bandung that make it worth your time for travelling.

Why you should visit Bandung in Indonesia

Here are reasons why Bandung is your perfect getaway destination either for short trip or long vacation.

First, Bandung is charming where the beautiful nature is one of the reasons why Bandung is the perfect destination for vacation.

This city tend to have cooler temperature but not in extreme way. Aside from the ideal climate, Bandung also offers stunning landscape. It is not hard to find restaurants overlooking view of rice paddies, mountain, beach, or lake.

You can find all of them effortlessly when you visit Bandung.

Next reason is there are various trendy cafes and restaurants is also one of the reasons why Bandung is worth travelling for.

In Bandung, it is not only the food the reason why you should visit a café or restaurant. Each café and restaurant in Bandung is designed in unique theme to attract more visitors.

For example, there is Phinisi Restaurant where you can eat your food in a giant pirate ship overlooking stunning view of volcano. There is also a café that has zombie theme. The foods and everything is decorated in spooky theme.

There are also tons of factory outlets is the reasons why you can not miss Bandung for your next travel plan.

There are locals and international brands you can find in Bandung. That is why Singaporeans love shopping in this cool city. Recommended shopping places are Rumah Mode, DeMoss, UNKL 347, and many more.

You can also have a culinary tour in Floating Market Lembang. This is one of biggest tourist attraction in Bandung. This place is also family-friendly attraction.

Here you will find various foods both local and international. Popular foods available here include Bakso, Soto, Sate, nasi Goreng, and many more. You can also ride a simple boat if you are already full with foods.

Distinct culture is also the reason why Bandung is worth travelling for. This is where you can learn more about Sundanese culture.

There are also many places where you can find out more about the charm of local culture such as Saung Angklung Udjo. This is where you can learn about Sundanese instrument and even learn how to play it.

There is also live performance by kids which can make you want to know more about the culture. Besides, the locals in Bandung are friendly and funny, they welcome tourists so it is easy to fall in love with this city.

Contributions Of Portable Parachute Hammock For The Campers

Camping is now even popular as it has been supported with interesting various gears and accessories.

And as an activity that can be held at outdoor, we are recommended to bring the portable tools that can support all of our outdoor activities. That’s where the parachute hammock can be very useful as it is one of the portable outdoor’s item that can be carried anywhere.

Important contributions of portable parachute hammock to the campers in the world
Campers are using the portable parachute hammocks in the forest. Image by Best Gear Designs via WikiPedia.

Portable parachute hammock is commonly used as the shelter. Campers are using it as the hanging bed where they can sleep and rest on it while hanging between the trees at outdoor.

It is one of the most popular sleeping suspension system where there will be the two ends of it and both of them will be fastened to the support poles with certain estrangement that you set yourself to make you comfortable.

Important contributions of portable parachute hammock for the campers in the world

As everything has its own purposes, the portable parachute hammock itself is also has its own contributions especially for the camping enthusiasts in the world. I think that campers are those who get the most of the advantages the hammock brings.

The old way how we were camping is mostly dominated by bringing the heavy stuffs. Be it the tent that even though it was portable enough, yet it still burden our shoulders more weights since it has too many supported tools to make it stands such as the bendy poles, the groundsheets, ropes, the pegs and many more.

I can’t even imagine how I will enjoy the camping while bringing all of those heavier stuffs. Not to mention about the other items that I will really need to bring all the way of a trip to fulfil my needs.

Thanks to those who were involving in the innovation of the portable parachute hammock where now all the campers are possible to bring more lighter items in their backpacks since a hammock can even weight for only not more than a half of one kilogram.

The tent itself is surely portable, you can brings it anywhere you go. But knowing that setting it up can bring troublesome plus its extra weight compared to the portable parachute hammock, it is making any sense if more campers are switching to a hammock than use the tent.

The term of portability that is also closely attached to the parachute hammock is caused by its own main material so it can even reaches such light weight as I have been mentioned above.

The campers will then move faster and won’t need more room in their backpack or even decided to bring the bigger bag just to make its shelter to be fits inside with all the other items.

Beside those, sleeping above the ground can also brings the different experience while it can also minimising the threats especially when we are camping in the forest. So, using the portable parachute hammock somehow the first thing to considered of when we are planning to camp somewhere.

I am sure that there may the other important contributions that the portable parachute hammock is get. But some of the above can be the part of the important benefits you can get while camping out there.