What to Do with Your Luggage for Safer Traveling

Your luggage contains your travel kits and essentials. If it lost, your logistics for comfortable and safe traveling are gone too.

It means you need to pay more attention to your luggage when it comes to traveling especially when you take air travel. It is not uncommon to lose things from the suitcase for travelers.

Ways to keep luggage safe during travel

The worst though, your suitcase is lost at all.

It is not such a pleasant thing to happen during your supposed fun travel. There are thousands claims against TSA for losing items filed by passengers every year. This proves that your things in the suitcase are not always safe during your travel.

You need to do more to your luggage.

Keep your luggage safe during travel

It is not about how expensive your suitcase is but more into the things you have inside.

You will face to face with problems when you cannot protect your luggage during your travel since everything you have is inside. Thus, it is better to not put important documents in your suitcase as well as expensive electronic devices and jewels.

Here are things you can do to keep your luggage safe during your travel:

  • It is highly recommended to use a lock for your suitcase. Locking your suitcase means it will be harder for baggage handlers to take everything from your luggage. There is no chance for security officers to roam into your suitcase inappropriately. Besides, your belongings will be more secured since the zips will be locked. They won’t get easily open and leak out especially during transfer. Locking your suitcase or bag is also necessary when you are out of your hotel and you leave it behind.
  • Choose the right locks for your luggage. You see that people are getting smarter. It is often that thieves can easily figure out how to break the locks without breaking a sweat. There are many types of locks you can choose. Aside from making sure that you choose the right locks, make sure you also choose the right suitcase or bag for travelling. Don’t choose something that is easy to cut open or break. Sturdy suitcase with security protection might be a little more expensive. However, it is worthy if it can at least put your mind at ease for your travel.
  • It is more recommended to choose suitcase that has unique feature. Or, you can also make it yourself. For example, you can put something on your suitcase so you can identify it better in the crowds of other suitcases. If you have unique suitcase, you will be able to locate it easier if it’s lost.
  • Buying baggage insurance from car-rental companies, airlines, or travel agencies is not bad idea either. If you always bring something expensive and irreplaceable indie your luggage, you may consider buying an insurance. Make sure to choose the right one that meets your needs and liking. Make sure to choose insurance with the best coverage. This is also recommended for those who travel often.

Do you have another thing to be added so the luggage will be safer during travel? Let me know about it if you have one.

Bali SEO Agency to Help You Rank Better on Google

Hey, everyone. Have you been running online business using website but you can generate more traffics and sales through search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc? If your site is hard to be ranked on the first page of search engines, it can really affect the development of the business itself. So that, you are really need the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services in order to make your brand noticed by the customers.

Bali SEO agency to help you rank better on Google

If you are in Bali and doing business to sale products or services especially related to the tourism sector, then I’d like to inform you about an agency that could help you with all the SEO aspects of your business site.

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Which Bali SEO agency you can work with?

There are several agencies specialized only to offering the SEO services in Bali. But rather than just finds one that only has one specialty, I’ll brings you one that has more than that. I will inform you about the digital agency that is also offering the website design and development services since SEO itself is related to that especially when it comes to talk about the on-page optimization that talks more about the website structures, coding, and many more.

Bali SEO services are recommended to be done by the digital agency with such services so your online business website will get all the benefits from various aspects including to considering about the web design, on-page contents, URL structure, site speed optimization and many more.

I won’t suggest you to get the SEO services that will only focusing on the off-page optimization where that thing can be actually done by you when you have a budget. The specialists should know about the coding or at least there will be the supported team that can help the SEO specialists to deal with the site development either to deal with the back-end or the front-end development.

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One of the digital agency in Bali that can help you to deal with SEO is Kesato that is located at Jl. Plawa, Seminyak. You can also get to Fleava at Jl. Beraban or to Blessing Digital at Jl. Gurita.

Feel free to choose the nearest agency and try to pay your visit to understand more about the offers whether they will be worth or not.

Tips For Safe Solo Traveling For Women

Solo traveling tips for women – Some people are doubted or even scared to travel alone, especially women. Moreover, if they are traveling to a place they visit for the first time. There are many unknown factors about the place that make them worried. But, you do not have to be scared anymore to travel alone if you follow these tips below.

Tips For Safe Solo Traveling For Women

Do As Much Research As Possible

Make sure you look for information as much as possible about the place you are going to visit. The more information you get, the more plans and scenarios you can make for your trip. Doing research will help you to be more prepared. Understand the map clearly before you are going to a specific location.

Follow Your Instinct

Your intuition or instinct will give you answers with unexplained reasons. If you meet a person that makes you trembling, avoid them. If you think the road is too quiet and dangerous, do not pass it. With your instinct, you can even know what culinary that is suitable for your mood and condition at that time. Intuition is a skill that can be sharpened from one solo traveling to another one. So, do not be afraid to start your first solo traveling.

Be Brave To Say No

Solo traveling is about you and the trip itself. So, do not be worried about disappointing anyone, even the locals, by saying no or rejecting their offerings or invitations. There will be bad people who figure it out that you are traveling alone so that they will try to approach you with various offerings. If your instinct tells you to say no, be brave to say no.

Prepare A Fake Purse and Whistle

A fake purse is very useful to trick pickpockets or robbers who are already after you. You can fill the fake purse with fake name cards, expired credit cards, bills, and others that make it looks like a real purse. You can also add small nominal money. While a whistle is so useful to ask for help or drag people’s attention to you. You may think that bringing a whistle is too much, but it is surely more effective than screaming your voice out.

Advice From the Locals

Ask the staff of the hotel where you are staying about which places that are safe to visit and the ones that should not be visited. Ask them too about what should be done and what should be avoided. No one knows better about the area you are visiting than the locals themselves.

Properly Dressed

Make sure you are wearing proper and polite clothes that will not drag people’s attention when you are traveling around. Moreover, do not wear many jewelry and accessories when you are traveling alone. It will be better if you do not wear any jewelry at all. Blend with the conditions and locals around you.

Solo traveling is an amazing activity that you must do at least once in your lifetime. Be safe by following those solo traveling tips for women.

Affordable Destinations for Winter Vacation

Affordable destinations will also be considered for winter vacation although we can make sure that winter usually means the cheaper flight. However, people also have to deal with uncertain weather and even longer delays. In fact, with the right timing choice, a winter vacation can be cheap and interesting. There are some great places which can be visited at affordable costs.

Affordable Destinations for Winter Vacation

Sun Valley, Idaho, US

Enjoying the snow on the slopes surely becomes one experience which can only be found in winter. However, many people have the same thing in their mind and this might be the reason why ski resorts can be too crowded and expensive at the same time. There is no need to worry because more affordable alternative can be chosen such as Sun Valley, Idaho. This place must be a great choice because the sunshine can be enjoyed all year round. It means that the slopes can be enjoyed for skiing and snowboarding without having to be disturbed by the harsh weather. Other activities can also be done in Sun Valley such as sleigh riding, shopping, visiting galleries, watching movies, and also enjoying the live music which is plenty.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm must be considered as affordable destinations for winter enjoyment because the flight fare can be very cheap in winter. Of course, people must not forget that they can also enjoy viewing the Northern Lights in this place. If they really want to see the Northern Lights, winter is the best time. The view can be found in the country but sometimes they can also witness it from the capital city. Although shorter day time can be found during winter, there are still various things which can be enjoyed in Stockholm including fika tradition which can give them the Swedish cultural experience.

Berlin, Germany

Booking winter flight to Berlin actually will make people can get the cheap winter vacation. Besides the cheap airfares, people can also find that the hotel fare is more affordable during winter. Berlin comes with so many attractions which can be enjoyed in the winter. It is the perfect time for exploring the boutiques, vintage bookstores, and galleries which are easy to find in the city. Visiting museums and planetarium will also be a great experience in the winter.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

In the winter, people can also enjoy the national park experience in Gatlinburg. It is easy and affordable to reach this place. More importantly, the winter vacation can be so much fun because there are nine ski runs which can be found in this place. It means that people can really enjoy the cheap ski trip. Visiting Great Smoky Mountains National Park can perfectly be done in the winter if people want to avoid the crowd. Snowfall hiking will be a great thing to do for sure. The wildlife can be spotted at Cades Cove. The view of the frozen waterfalls will give a different memory during vacation for sure. There is no need to go too far for finding the most affordable destinations in the winter after all.

Affordable Destinations for Summer Vacation

Affordable destinations surely are getting more and more popular recently because everyone makes the vacation as an important activity to do in their life. It is part of their lifestyle but they cannot spend that much amount of money for vacation only. They have to save money so they should consider the destination which is much more affordable even in the summer. Summer can be a peak season of tourism but there are some destinations which are considered affordable for the summer vacation.

Affordable Destinations for Summer Vacation


It is sure that summer vacation in Europe will be a great experience which people need to consider but enjoying summer in popular destinations such as Mediterranean countries will mean a lot of money to spend. In fact, they can save money more by choosing Albania as their summer vacation destination. There are some great places to visit in this country such as Saranda which is a pleasant coastal town. People can also find cheap accommodations in Durres which is a port city.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

The next affordable option for the summer vacation is Zanzibar in Tanzania. There is no doubt that Africa might be a great place to enjoy the summer holiday but instead of spending a lot of money for the popular African vacation, they can save money by visiting Zanzibar where they can enjoy the sailing adventure in the spice islands. Summer and ocean must be a perfect match.

Budapest, Hungary

European destinations are very popular for summer vacation for sure but people have to be wise when choosing the affordable destinations. One thing for sure, they will always be able to find a more affordable price when they travel to Hungary. The attractions of Budapest are hard to resist. This is the place where people can enjoy the beautiful city with cheap drinks.


Considering Tahiti for summer vacation destination will not be wrong at all. People will be able to find great flight offers to reach this exotic place. They can also save money on the accommodations by choosing to stay in the pension or guesthouse. They do not have to spend a lot of money and at the same time, they will be able to get closer to the Tahitian culture. They even can enjoy some activities such as pearl diving.

San Juana del Sur, Nicaragua

Another exotic getaway for people who love the beach is Nicaragua especially San Juan del Sur. Visiting this place in summer will be pretty affordable. It will also be a perfect time as well because they will enjoy the attractions before the rainy seasons. Staying at the jungle hotel will be a great experience to try along with other activities such as hiking and yoga.

San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

Visiting Mexico can also be great for summer vacation. However, if they want to save money on their trip, they should try to visit San Jose del Cabo. It is not far from the airport. The visitors can find so many galleries and also a brewery. With many options for affordable resorts, there is no doubt that it must be included in the list of affordable destinations in the summer.

Money Saving Tips for Traveling in Japan

Traveling in Japan might be very popular among travelers all around the world. People are excited to enjoy the combination of the west and east in this country. Of course, there are also so many attractions and great foods which can be enjoyed in this country. Nevertheless, it is sure that people have to prepare a lot of money to travel to Japan because it will not be cheap at all. There is no need to worry because by applying these tips, people can save money while enjoying their travel to Japan.

Money Saving Tips for Traveling in Japan

Bus Instead

It is true that the train becomes one of the most popular mass transportation chosen in Japan. Many travelers in Japan choose rail passes for supporting their journey. Traveling using the train in Japan can be cost effective if they use it for short trips. However, they should consider using the bus if they want to get the cheaper methods to get around the country. People can find many options of bus companies in Japan and for booking the trip; they can do it online at Kosokubus.com. They even can find the bus pass which can be used for several days. Of course, they must not forget about the overnight bus routes which can be great for saving the accommodation at night.

Japanese Fast Food Chains

Although people want to save money while traveling in Japan, it does not mean that they can risk their health by eating junk food all the time. This is something which will appear in people’s mind when they are suggested to get the meal from the Japanese fast food chains to save money. In fact, a different term of fast food can be found in Japan. They might think about a bowl full of rice along with the miso soup, crispy dumplings, savory meats, and a glass of green tea. Those are the basic meals in Japan which can be bought with a pretty cheap price.


If people want to save money in Japan, it means that they have to be very sensible about the accommodation. To find the cheapest accommodation option, they use the support from Airbnb or HotelsCombined. When people are visiting Tokyo, the cheap accommodation option can be found in Shinjuku or Shibuya. If they are visiting the areas which are less traveled, they should use the guide from the Lonely Planet Japan to find the accommodation needed. The reliable source of help can also be found from the Tourist Information Centers.

Bento from Grocery Stores

There is no doubt that bento from Japan is very popular all around the world. That is why when they visit this country, they must not miss the opportunity to get the delicious bento. There is no need to worry about the budget because it is actually a great way to save money when they are enjoying time in Japan. They only need to go to the Japanese grocery stores to find so many options of bento. Besides, they can also find take-away udon, noodles, and sushi for saving money during traveling in Japan.

Tips to Save Money on Travel

Save money on travel sounds like an overwhelming task. Many people believe that they are traveling because they want to spend money. However, many people think that nowadays traveling becomes part of their lifestyle so they still want to do it in a budget. It means that it will be so much better if they can save money while traveling so they will be able to use the saved money on the next trip. It must be easy to spend money when traveling but there are some useful tips which can be used for saving money as well.

Tips to Save Money on Travel

Low Season

This must be a pretty common suggestion which people will find when they try to save money on their travel budget. Nevertheless, we can make sure that travel in low season will be great to save money on every single aspect from the transportation to accommodation. Avoid the peak season means that they have to avoid traveling during the school holidays. Besides, they also have to avoid travel during Christmas, Easter, and half-term holidays. They can also get the bonus since the destinations will be less busy during the low season.

Cheap Transportation

Transportation might post which takes the most of the budget during traveling. If people want to save money on travel transportation budget, they should be more flexible. Comparing the flight prices must be a great way to find the right day with the cheapest price to fly. People should also be creative because sometimes they can find a cheaper price by choosing the indirect routes. Instead of driving, people will find it better to use the train because they can save money on the gas cost and avoid the traffic jam at the same time. Once they arrive in the city, walking must be the cheapest way to get around.

Avoid City Center Accommodation

Many people might be tempted to stay in the hotel located in the city center because it can provide them with the view of the city landmarks. However, they should not choose this option if they want to save money. It will be better for them to find accommodation outside the city limits. There must be the right place to stay where they can still access the attractions easily during the day and enjoying cheaper and quieter stays at night.

Eat and Shop like Locals

Last but least, people will be able to save money a lot when they eat and shop like locals. Eat like locals actually will be a great idea because it means that they can enjoy the new cuisines during their travel. It will be an interesting experience for sure and more importantly, they will be able to save money. In fact, street food eating becomes a great attraction for budget travelers nowadays. Of course, they also have to shop like locals especially when they are looking for the merchandise. They should consider exploring the local markets for instance. They should also visit the stores at the off high street to get the cheaper goods so they can save money on travel.