5 Spots That Will Make Your Raja Ampat Tour A Blast!

Raja Ampat Tour

If you dream about creating some fabulous content for your social media account, Raja Ampat island can make your dream come true! You could capture some memorable moments to create Instagrammable photos by posing in the beautiful sea with crystal clear water. Whether you’re traveling as a family, planning a honeymoon trip, or a trip of a lifetime with best friends, a Raja Ampat tour won’t disappoint! Enjoy relaxing on the island’s white sandy beaches, peppered with rich marine biodiversity and spectacular dive sites, or seek out Raja Ampat’s famed nightlife, of course after tucking into some delicious local foods.


Piaynemo is one of the most photographed and epic spots in Raja Ampat. Here, you can see the coral islands with various colors and sizes in a wide area. Climbing becomes the favorite thing to do, after all. You can climb from the dock up a set of wooden stairs, so you will be mesmerized by the stunning landscape below you. The small island jut out of the sparkling turquoise waters making for a vista like no other against the endless blue sky. Here, you can spend a little time admiring the beautiful view and taking perfect pictures before heading back down to get in the sparkling turquoise waters.

Raja Ampat Tour to Arborek Village

Arborek village is one of the most famous villages in Raja Ampat to visit. Here, you can meet the locals with its unique culture and traditional foods. Unlike most women in Raja Ampat who also help their husbands as fishermen, nearly all women here now produce handicrafts for a living. In Arborek, you can also find the local people that perform traditional dances. Walking around the small village, you can see amazing traditional houses. Therefore, it is a great place if you’re visiting with children too, as there are calm, sandy beaches and plenty of local kids playing in the water that are wonderful to photograph. Take a Raja Ampat Tour, swim with tropical sea life, and explore the local villages!

Telaga Bintang

Telaga Bintang is surrounded by towering rocks and is shaped like a star. To see the magical view, you need to climb an approximately 30-meter-high coral hill that’s lined with neither stair but only sharp rocks. It takes 5 minutes to admire the lagoons’ true wonders wrapped in Tosca colored waters and magnificent coral hills that circle around them.  If you want to visit, make sure to bring your shoes, trousers, sunglasses, and hats.

Raja Ampat Tour to Pasir Timbul

Pasir Timbul is one of the most favorite highlights to take instagrammable photos in Raja Ampat. You can call this spot an island or a beach, but these are literally sand patches in the middle of the sea that emerge out of the ocean when the tide is low.

See the wayag archipelago

Wayag Island comes with raw natural beauty. In Wayag, you can spot the pristine beaches with unique Karst islands that look like mushrooms sprouting out from the blue sea. Along these stunning beaches, you can see a fairy tale panorama!

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