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Why Charter a Tiare Liveaboard in the Raja Ampat

Why Charter a Tiare Liveaboard in the Raja Ampat

Have you been dreaming about relaxing in a tropical paradise with the sun shining overhead and your toes in the sand? Then Raja Ampat is for you. The great way to see these exotic places is by chartering a liveaboard. Chartering Tiare Liveaboard with family or friends is a unique way to explore the beauty of the Raja Ampat while enjoying the thrill of sailing. When you charter Tiare around the Raja Ampat, it’s nothing but privacy and relaxation. Here are the reasons to charter a liveaboard in Raja Ampat.

Tiare liveaboard will give you luxury service

The best part about going on a sailing trip is being waited on hand and foot. When you are sailing on holiday, you don’t have to worry about things like cooking or decide places to visit. Tanaka liveaboard is defined by luxury service in every aspect of the holiday. From accommodations to visit amazing places. With a liveaboard, you’ll also have the freedom to come up with a customized itinerary that meets your preferences and needs.

You can escape the tourist crowds

If you are looking to enjoy ultimate freedom and relaxation on holiday, then spending a week on a liveaboard in Raja Ampat is for you. By being on Raja Ampat, you’ll get to immerse in its serenity and tranquility. Imagine sitting on the upper deck and watching the sunset from a charming island, sailing to secluded white sandy beaches, and diving into the warm water without another soul in sight. Sailing holiday allows for relaxing times as well as undisturbed photo sessions. Moreover, you have the chance to have a whole beach to yourself.

Why Charter a Tiare Liveaboard in the Raja Ampat

Getting up close

Tiare comes with 6 cabins, which is an ideal number for a smaller group of less than 15. A sailing trip is about exploration and escape. Therefore, it’s a chance to get back to pristine nature and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. For instance, swimming with manta rays with your friends or watching the spectacular sunset with the whole family.

Variety of activities

Most sailing holidays include exciting activities, like swimming, diving, and snorkeling.  However, you do not need to worry. Many boats come with all the equipment to allow you to enjoy all the water activities. Here is a day in life on a boat trip. Wake up, breakfast, swim, sail, anchor in a nice bay, diving, lunch, and watch the sunset. The routine might stay pretty much the same each day, but every day you’ll wake up in a new destination. Every day can be a different adventure!

Tiare liveaboard to Raja Ampat is perfect for yoga sessions

Raja Ampat is the perfect destination for a sailing holiday. Combine a relaxing holiday on the blue sea with yoga sessions. Treat yourself to a memorable experience that will make you feel fully relaxed and reconnected with the natural elements, while also avoiding the swarms of travelers and the crowded boats, planes, restaurants and beaches.

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Have Your Pet Taken Care of When You Go Travelling

Have Your Pet Taken Care of When You Go Travelling

Having a pet is huge responsibility so that’s why everyone should consider everything before deciding to adopt animals. One of the problems from having a pet at home is when you have to go travel. It might not be a problem if you are planning to take them with you. However, it is different if you have to leave them behind. You need to make sure that they will be taken care of so you can also travel with lighter heart.

Taking care of your pet while you go travelling

It is important to keep taking care of your pets even when you travel. You can do it in many forms, such as:

You can call your family or close friends and see if anyone can stay at your home and take care of your pet temporarily. Or, you can ask if anyone of them can take your pets to their home while you are away. So they don’t have to visit your house regularly since the pets are with them. You can also call professional pet sitters if no one in your family or friends circle can’t do it.

If your pets don’t require high maintenance when left alone overnight, you can also call in-house visit from professional pet sitters. They will make a visit to your house every day in particular time to check on your pets, feed them, and take them for a walk. However, this can be risky because you let strangers in your house while you are away. So make sure you call professional, trusted, reliable, reputation pet sitters.

Pet swap is a good idea you can have with your neighbor. If you have neighbors who own pets as well, you can propose this idea. While either of you go travelling, you can take care of each other’s pets. Also, you already know your neighbors so they are not strangers to you. If you can trust them and vice versa, implementing this idea sounds more promising.

Pet hotel can be your alternative as well even though it is more expensive and a bit risky. You might worry about your pets catching disease like kennel cough or cat flu. Hence, it is important to find reputable hotels that pay attention to their hotel management and pet control. If you have the budget and good pet hotel recommendation, you can roll in with this alternative.

If your pets have particular health condition or problems, it is recommended to board them at the vet. It is safest option to ensure they will have medication they need with supervision. The environment is also more sufficient for pets with special needs.

Whatever decision you make, make sure that it is the best for both of you and your pets. Always find a safe and loving situation for your pet especially when you are not there to take care of them for awhile. Check on your pet regularly when you are travelling to know if they are safe and sound.

5 Spots That Will Make Your Raja Ampat Tour A Blast!

Raja Ampat Tour

If you dream about creating some fabulous content for your social media account, Raja Ampat island can make your dream come true! You could capture some memorable moments to create Instagrammable photos by posing in the beautiful sea with crystal clear water. Whether you’re traveling as a family, planning a honeymoon trip, or a trip of a lifetime with best friends, a Raja Ampat tour won’t disappoint! Enjoy relaxing on the island’s white sandy beaches, peppered with rich marine biodiversity and spectacular dive sites, or seek out Raja Ampat’s famed nightlife, of course after tucking into some delicious local foods.


Piaynemo is one of the most photographed and epic spots in Raja Ampat. Here, you can see the coral islands with various colors and sizes in a wide area. Climbing becomes the favorite thing to do, after all. You can climb from the dock up a set of wooden stairs, so you will be mesmerized by the stunning landscape below you. The small island jut out of the sparkling turquoise waters making for a vista like no other against the endless blue sky. Here, you can spend a little time admiring the beautiful view and taking perfect pictures before heading back down to get in the sparkling turquoise waters.

Raja Ampat Tour to Arborek Village

Arborek village is one of the most famous villages in Raja Ampat to visit. Here, you can meet the locals with its unique culture and traditional foods. Unlike most women in Raja Ampat who also help their husbands as fishermen, nearly all women here now produce handicrafts for a living. In Arborek, you can also find the local people that perform traditional dances. Walking around the small village, you can see amazing traditional houses. Therefore, it is a great place if you’re visiting with children too, as there are calm, sandy beaches and plenty of local kids playing in the water that are wonderful to photograph. Take a Raja Ampat Tour, swim with tropical sea life, and explore the local villages!

Telaga Bintang

Telaga Bintang is surrounded by towering rocks and is shaped like a star. To see the magical view, you need to climb an approximately 30-meter-high coral hill that’s lined with neither stair but only sharp rocks. It takes 5 minutes to admire the lagoons’ true wonders wrapped in Tosca colored waters and magnificent coral hills that circle around them.  If you want to visit, make sure to bring your shoes, trousers, sunglasses, and hats.

Raja Ampat Tour to Pasir Timbul

Pasir Timbul is one of the most favorite highlights to take instagrammable photos in Raja Ampat. You can call this spot an island or a beach, but these are literally sand patches in the middle of the sea that emerge out of the ocean when the tide is low.

See the wayag archipelago

Wayag Island comes with raw natural beauty. In Wayag, you can spot the pristine beaches with unique Karst islands that look like mushrooms sprouting out from the blue sea. Along these stunning beaches, you can see a fairy tale panorama!

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Foods You Better Avoid to Eat When Flying

Air travel is one of the most efficient alternative since it brings safety and comfort you need for travel. However, there are many factors during the flight that can cause you or other travelers experience discomforts. One of the most common factors is food. Whether you are packing your own foods or buying a gate-side meal to-go, it is best to know which foods that you can eat or avoid for more comfortable flight.

Foods You Better Avoid to Eat When Flying

Foods to avoid for comfortable flight

Even during a short flight, sometimes you feel hungry and it is fine to eat something whether it is light foods or full-course meal. However, some foods might cause you problems during the flight. Here are few of foods you better avoid during a flight:

Instant soups such as cup noodles. During a flight, it is not uncommon to see passengers bring their own cup noodles and ask the flight attendant for some boiling water. However, it is best to not having a hot liquid near your lap when you are thousands feet above the ground. The turbulence can happen unexpectedly and you don’t want the hot liquid to spill into your body. Also, instant soup like that has high sodium level which can worsen your jet lag.

Foods You Better Avoid to Eat When Flying

Smelly foods such as tuna fish or hard-boiled eggs are better to avoid during a flight. They may taste heavenly but the strong smell can disturb the other passengers. The cabin itself is closed area so when smell foods are served, the smell might stay for a long time and it can cause discomfort for many people even if you feel just fine yourself.

Messy foods are better to avoid when you are flying. Messy foods such as those that leave crumbs or any leftovers can cause problems later on. Even though the airline may provide cleaning service, deep cleaning is not very often especially when the flights schedule is tight. You might leave crumbs later that will cause the next passengers feel uncomfortable.

It is also advised to avoid eating noisy foods such as chips especially if you tend to chew loudly. Your seatmate might not appreciate it. If you have options for the foods you can enjoy, save the crunchy ones later for when you have landed.

Greasy foods are also best to avoid not only during but also before the flight. They might be the fastest and cheapest option but they tend to be messy and smelly which are double-kills to make the other passengers feel uncomfortable. Also, those foods can contribute to jet bloat that can bring discomfort to your body as well.

It is also advised to avoid eating foods you can’t even finish. A long-haul flight might give you more  time to finish any foods you have. However, it can cause problem if you have short flight and cannot finish your foods. Some foods are usually not allowed in some countries so if you’re unsure if you can finish or throw the leftover before land, choose light food in small portion instead.

Why Raja Ampat Cruise is Ideal for a New Normal Holiday

Raja Ampat Cruise

Raja Ampat is one of the most magnificent Island nations in the Southeast of Asia, Indonesia. This beautiful island is part of the Coral Triangle that includes Papua New Guinea, East Timor, Malaysia, Solomon Island, and The Philippines. This stunning island was spanning over forty thousand square kilometers and made up of about one thousand five hundred small islands. The pristine beauty of the island cannot be denied. The surrounding landscape is made up of rainforests that provide a perfect contrast with the clear crystal beaches. When you’re just so done with the quarantine and welcoming new normal, you want nothing but going someplace remote and getting soothed by the beauty of nature. You do not want to get in a close distance with other travelers as well during the trip. This is why renting a Raja Ampat cruise is the perfect way to enjoy the allure of wilderness.

Easier social distancing on Raja Ampat Cruise

Holiday time usually is a joyful time. Many families look forward to gathering with their family, celebrating, and exchanging gifts.  But pandemic and physical distancing have brought a new kind of stress this holiday. Maintaining a social distancing from others is the most critical factor for preventing the spread of COVID-19 – and it can be more comfortable on a cruise. When you rent a Raja Ampat Cruise, you don’t need to share your transportation and accommodation and with anybody else. It means less chance of accidental transmission during the holiday. The whole cruise just for yourself—and probably with some family or friends. When combined with well-known methods of prevention like using hand sanitizer everyday and washing your hands frequently, wearing a mask, this adds up to a much safer Raja Ampat trip.

It is best to escape from the pandemic-frenzy of the world

The gentle rocking of the ocean in the air alone will have a mesmerizing effect on you, but there are also many quiet places to retreat to on the cruise. The endless expanse of the blue ocean and starry sky is enchanting. There is nothing like being on a cruise in the middle of the sea, and feeling like life’s routines and job stress is far behind. Cruise life is pretty good, and it doesn’t take long before you give in, and you can’t help but relax.

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Raja Ampat Cruise

The ultimate hassle and stress-free vacation on Raja Ampat Cruise

The world today is buzzing with pandemic fears, and that’s everything we keep hearing wherever we go. The COVID-19 is affecting the mental health of many and triggers anxiety. A cruise holiday is all you need after the extended quarantine. It is a fantastic holiday that is completely hassles and stress-free. You no need to research foods, look for fun things to do, and nobody will ever get bored!

Travel Mishaps You Can Avoid by Having Travel Insurance

Travel Mishaps You Can Avoid by Having Travel Insurance

Lots of people are still considering whether or not it is important to buy travel insurance. For those who travel frequently, having travel insurance can help you a lot in preventing from unexpected things that may happen during your trip. Keep in mind that travel can be unpredictable. It is best to already have travel insurance instead of waiting until something bad happens. Travel mishaps are many and you can experience them or avoid them.

Travel woes you can prevent

Travelling is not always sunshine and rainbow. Even if you plan it thoroughly from A to Z, something unexpected things happen. Travel mishaps often happen unexpectedly. It is good to be insured no matter where you are going or no matter how high the risk of it is. Those can spoil the fun of the trip/ here are some of travel mishaps that can be avoided especially by having travel insurance:

Damage or loss luggage – Losing Luggage during or after check-in is one of the most common travel mishaps. Also, lots of travelers have experienced having their bags damaged after check-in. If you don’t have travel insurance, you may have to deal with it all alone. Meanwhile, you will get compensated if you already have travel insurance whenever this thing happens during your trip.

Stolen money or document – This is also quite common mishap especially when you visit heavily-crowded destination with high-risk crime. Crowded tourist attraction is often the target for thief to get into action by stealing. If your bag is stolen, not only your money that will be lost but also other important documents such as visa, passport, and so on. If you have travel insurance, you can have coverage to ensure that you are eligible to receive compensation from experiencing this thing during the trip.

Unexpected hospitalization and medical treatment – Being in a place you are not very unfamiliar with can put you in danger. Getting injured or sick during a trip can cost a lot. If you need medical treatment or hospitalization during your trip, you will be covered by your travel insurance. Hence, you don’t have to spend a fortune.

Delayed or canceled flight – It is very common to get your flight delayed or canceled. Sometimes, you have to wait for hours until the flight can take off. However, sometimes it is being totally canceled due to many reasons. In travel insurance, usually you will get compensated for every six hours delayed flight. If you are left with no alternative flights, you will get even more coverage.

Cancellation – flight is not the only thing that is often being canceled. Sometimes, your bookings to hotels are forced to be canceled when circumstances happen. However, you have the chance to not completely loss if you have travel insurance. You may get coverage if you suddenly have to cancel the trip due to natural disaster, illness, or injury. It usually depends on your insurance plan. By having travel insurance, at least you won’t be caught off-guard when unexpected things happen. 

Explore the World: Exotic Destinations in The Top Komodo Tours

Top Komodo Tours

What is your idea of a perfect holiday break? Maybe it’s spending quality time with family or friends exploring new places. Perhaps it’s trying amazing things or soaking up the sunshine on a pristine sandy beach?  Yes, welcome to Komodo Island, where you can honestly say that you can have it all in Komodo. When you think about Komodo Island in East Nusa Tenggara, you probably think of the Komodo Dragons which are actually a kind of the largest lizard. But, this island is also much more than that: dynamic diving sites, lush rainforests, impressive mountain ranges, pristine beaches, thundering waterfalls. And that’s not all, there’s the cultural scene, amazing cuisine, the habitat of various other land and sea creatures. There are just so many fun things to do here, and this is how you can have the top, best Komodo tours on the trip.

Having an awesome Top Komodo Tours!

There are numerous top Komodo Tours who are selling for groups or solo trips. Having an amazing trip is just impossible without the help of the local tour organizer. Local tours will help you to manage the great itineraries, operate the boat and fun activities. Therefore, joining a Komodo tour arranged by agencies is what you need to enjoy this island to the fullest.

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Exotic Destinations in Komodo

Komodo is a beautiful and exciting island. It’s home to a wonderful mix of mountains, beaches, and wildlife. Here are the top exotic destinations in The Top Komodo Tours.

1.           Gili Laba – Gili Laba is a small iconic, beautiful and remote island. This island is well known for trekking, the small hills allow travelers to enjoy breathtaking views of the national park.

2.           Kelor Island – A trip to the Komodo Island is not perfect without marveling at its beautiful marine life. Kelor island is a home to 206 types of corals and thousands of amazing fishes.

3.           Pink Beach – If there is one place you absolutely have to see in Komodo, it’s Pink Beach. Pink beach is one of the magical beaches on Komodo Island. This gorgeous beach is called Pink beach because the beach has amazing pink sand. The pink sand is a mixture of colors from white sand with coral fragments of very small marine creatures which have a red shell.

4.           Loh Buaya – This area is the main habitat of Komodo Dragon, The giant lizards in Rinca Island. Other fun things to do in Loh Buaya include chilling on the beach and trekking.

5.           Komodo Tourism Village – Here, you will be able to witness a day in the life of the local. Komodo Tourism Village also allows you to purchase some unique and local souvenirs like Komodo dragon wooden sculptures.

The Magic of Austria!

Austria is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The country attracts many tourists throughout the year. Even in winter, it is as common as summer in mountainous regions. Tourists are interested in beautiful mountain landscapes and cities like Vienna (Vienna and Salzburg). Austria is the smallest country in Europe in the highlands and mountains.

Austria is a German-speaking country in central Europe characterized by mountain villages, Baroque architecture, imperial history and steep alpine terrain. Located on the Danube, Vienna, the capital, is home to the palaces of Schönbrunn and Hofburg. Mozart, Strauss and Freud lived in the city. The country has other notable regions such as the Bohemian Forest and Lake Traunsee to the north and the vineyard hills to the east. Here are some interesting places to visit in Austria

The Hofburg

Austria, a country that was "close" to France, has a lot of tourist destinations

The Hofburg is the largest palace in the city of Vienna. It has gradually been built over the centuries. The original nucleus, built around 1220, included a quadrangle bristling with towers around the courtyard later named Schweizerhof. The president now runs the business in the same room as that of Emperor Joseph II. Almost every Austrian ruler since 1275 has added or changed palaces, producing various architectural influences including Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, and Classical. The area of ​​the palace, with its courtyard and garden, covers 19 hectares with 19 courtyards and 2,600 rooms.

The Kitzbüheler Horn

Austria, a country that was "close" to France, has a lot of tourist destinations

The Kitzbüheler Horn is a summit of the Alps, at 1,996 m above sea level, in the Kitzbühel Alps, Austria. One of the most beautiful peaks in the Austrian mountains. This peak is accessible via the cable car via Pletzeralm or from the countryside of Kitzbühel. South of Kitzbuheler, the summit of Hornkopfli rises to 1,772 meters, also accessible by cable car.


Austria, a country that was "close" to France, has a lot of tourist destinations

Salzburg is an Austrian city located on the border of Germany, at the foot of the Eastern Alps. With the city divided by the Salzach River, the medieval and Baroque buildings of the Altstadt (Old Town) on the left bank face the 19th-century Neustadt (New Town) on the right bank. Located in the Altstadt, the birthplace of the famous composer Mozart has become a museum exhibiting the instruments of his childhood. Several classical musicians were born in this country, including Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart has links to several cities, but the closest city is Salzburg. The Mozart Museum, which saw the birth of Mozart on January 27, 1756, is also worth a visit. This museum now bears the name of “Mozart’s birthplace”. The room in which the exit is located is filled with souvenirs, instruments and photographs. Another place linked to Mozart is Makartplatz 8, which was his residence in 1773. Mozart’s residence contains many artefacts related to his life and times, and is the place where many symphonies are written. After that there is Mozart Square with its great monument.

Nusa Penida Diving: Fantastic Fishes and Where to Find Them!

For the majority of travel aficionado, Nusa Penida might be identical with the ever-famous Kelingking Beach, Angel Billabong, and series of other stunning white beaches. Nusa Penida, the biggest of Nusa trio just off the mainland Bali is indeed known for its laidback, off the beaten path exotic tropical setting which radiates strong wanderlust vibes. For divers, however, Nusa Penida is a vast and gorgeous playground which displays arrays of vibrant corals, colorful fishes, and impressive ocean creatures! Diving in Nusa Penida would easily leave any divers in awe—simply because of what they’ll see underneath the waves. Here are four of big celebrity fishes which enjoy Nusa Penida’s plankton-rich waters and attentions from worldwide marine enthusiast.

Big Celebrity Fishes on Nusa Penida Diving

These fishes are certainly not the only ocean dwellers in Nusa Penida. The similarity between them lies on their notable size and their popularity among divers. Diving in Nusa Penida would never be complete without a sight of these animals!

The Magnificent Manta Rays

Nusa Penida Diving: Fantastic Fishes and Where to Find Them!

If popular fishes were Hollywood stars, the Manta Rays would be like Taylor Swift. Or Chris Martin. Their enormous body is just as big as their name. Manta Rays are the highlight of diving in Nusa Penida. They are the largest among the ray family and are the smartest among all fishes (before you think of dolphins, remember that they are mammals and are not fishes). Manta Rays are often nicknamed as the gentle giants of the sea; they move so graciously and are very friendly towards divers. In a way that similar to birds, Manta Rays swims by flapping their large “wings” and glide through the water. Despite of their size, Manta Rays eat only plankton! Sometimes they enjoy crustacean and smaller fishes but they are totally harmless—especially to humans.

Manta Rays love to hangout around the feeding stations or their favourite cleaning stations. They are mainly spotted on the southern coast of Nusa Penida. The Manta Point and Manta Bay are two most famous Nusa Penida diving site to spot Manta Ray, though sometimes they swim to the Crystal Bay, too.

The Weirdo of the Ocean: Mola Mola

Once you take a look at Mola Mola, you would agree that they are probably not the most good-looking fish in the sea. But you will admit that they have a special charm that would keep any divers fascinated. I meant, just look at them!

Nusa Penida Diving: Fantastic Fishes and Where to Find Them!

The weird yet admirable Mola Mola or sunfish is generally a deep-water fish. They live in the twilight zone of Nusa Penida for more than half of the year. They come up to the shallower water during July to November as the cold currents begin to flow to the water. They love cool temperature—and when it comes, this means the Mola Mola can travel to the sunlight zone to get their yearly treatment. They love to attend the “reef fishes spa” as these fishes plucks parasites and dead skins off the Mola Mola’s body. This is also the time when Mola Mola gets to sunbathe on the ocean surface—absorbing as much as sunlight to warm up their body—which earned then the sunfish nickname.

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The Protected Hawksbill Turtle at Nusa Penida Diving Protected Area

Nusa Penida Diving: Fantastic Fishes and Where to Find Them!

Hawksbill turtle are declared as critically endangered and now live under strict protection by law. They were hunted for their shells and eggs for years before conservation efforts starts to look after this poor animal. The Hawksbill turtle are now enjoying undivided attentions from marine devotees and better living situation thanks to the growing awareness. Today, diving in Nusa Penida won’t be complete without a sight of the Hawksbill turtle. They are mainly spotted around the Atuh beach Nusa Penida and Padang Bai Bali.

The Pretty and Dangerous Blue Spotted Stingray

Nusa Penida Diving: Fantastic Fishes and Where to Find Them!

So this is the venomous cousin of Manta Ray. The blue spotted stingray come in bright and striking color. Their yellowish body is adorned with light blue dots followed with equally dazzling electric blue tails. Unlike their larger cousin, they are relatively short and love to dwell on the ocean’s floor than in the body of water. However, much like their friendlier cousin, they are also commonly witnessed around the Manta Bay and Manta Point Nusa Penida. Be careful during your Nusa Penida diving though—don’t get too close to this pretty ray or they will sting your with their pretty stingers!

Welcome to New Zealand!

New Zealand is a dream country. From the crystal clear waters of Abel Tasman, along the majestic expanse of Ninety-Mile Beach, the mountains overlooking Queenstown, all are the breathtaking scenery. Travelers can enjoy them by hiking or tramping (as said by New Zealanders), lazing on the beach, or enjoying the views of a vineyard while holding a glass of Pinot Noir in their hand. The trip to New Zealand requires a good plan to avoid the wasting of your time and money.

There are only 4.8 million New Zealanders spread over 268,021 km2, larger than the United Kingdom with a fourteenth of the population. Forests, mountains, lakes, beaches and sublime fjords. Here are the favorite destinations in New Zealand.

Welcome to New Zealand!

Explore Abel Tasman National Park

Stepping up to Abel Tasman seems like you’re getting to the beach in Thailand. A beautiful beach and its azure water are more tropical than New Zealand. The hike is superb with its giant ferns, tall trees and in the temperate climate. There are many hiking trails from one to three days and you can kayak to enjoy the park and its surroundings. This way you explore the coves and beaches that make Abel Tasman very special.

The glacier hike to Fox and Franz Josef

The steep and dramatic Fox and Franz Josef Glacier is accessible by hiking, ice climbing, helicopter flight which is landing on snow field above. It’s so hyped because the glaciers have receded and melted very fast. Today, the ice cave and its hike are closed so there is only one helicopter flight. It’s a little expensive but still worth the money.

The Tongariro passage walk

Welcome to New Zealand!

Considered the best day hike in New Zealand, tracks lead you to Mordor in a film The Lord of the Rings. The total of the track is 19.4 kilometers with different difficulty level but considered easy even for a beginner. The hike in this environment of volcanoes and sulfur, supernatural and red in color, was the highlight of your stay in New Zealand.

Relax in Christchurch

Heavily damaged by earthquakes in recent years, today Christchurch is a brand new city. Although there is still a lot of open space of demolished buildings, you will also find a large number of new constructions, a sense of hope and dynamism, funky bars, more markets, new restaurants, shops and exhibitions. The locals are really using this chance to improve Christchurch. If you’re there for a few days, be sure to visit the Canterbury and Quake City Museum, and be sure to take the gondola too!

Surfing in Raglan

One of the best and longest left breaks in the world, a reliable swell and a relaxed atmosphere make this surf destination in New Zealand a destination of choice.