Creating Workspace To Match Your Personal Preference And Spark Your Productivity

Creating Workspace To Match Your Personal Preference And Spark Your Productivity
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Working from home continues to be the policy many companies choose to face the situation with the global pandemic that is still going on. Working from home has been reported to have two side effects. Some people experience a boost of creativity working from home since they are able to choose a work style that fits them. Meanwhile, some others are reported to experience burnout due to lack of conducive space for working. It is important to have workspace that fits your preference so your creativity and productivity are boosted. 

How to create workspace that prefer your style and can spark your productivity

Working for hours can put you in a major boredom especially when you keep working in the same place. Working from home, allows you to be more creative with your workspace arrangement. Hence, don’t hesitate to arrange it as you see fit. Here are some ideas to help you create a workspace that is comfortable but still spark your productivity:

Utilize the corner of a room

Instead of using living room or bedroom to do all work-related tasks from home, why not creating a workspace yourself by utilizing particular corner of a room. This way, you can create a workspace without needing too much space. Use simple table and chair that don’t take much space either with muted colors. As for the designs, choose the ergonomics ones so they are still comfortable for your body to sit on for hours. 

Choose the concept you love

Room in a modern office. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Every individual may have different preferences when it comes to interior design and decoration. Unlike at the office where workspace has been decided by the company, you can create more preferable workspace yourself. You may consider minimalist concept that is typically less-cluttered with simplicity as dominant aspect. For this concept, you need neutral colors combination and furniture with earth tone. Adding ornamental plants can make the room more lively and enjoyable. 

Modern setting

You can also create a workspace that adopt modern concept. For this, you will need standing desk. Choose the one that is adjustable so you can use it while standing or sitting as needed. Choose simple chair that is ergonomic and functional. You can create this kind of workspace with an open space concept. Hence, you don’t really need specific space to arrange it. 

Try bolder concept

You may also want to add boldness to your workspace. You can do it by creating workspace with bolder concept. It can be seen by the choice of colors, furniture, patterns, and textures you prefer. You can create a workspace that is contrast with your home interior design in general. For example, your home uses minimalist concept with neutral colors as dominant palette. In contrast, create  workspace with total opposite in the concept by opting for bolder color palette. It makes your workspace look more striking. It also gives the impression of high spirit and lively vibes. This concept-clash is suitable for you who like to show your unique self as well.