Find Out More about Morocco Tourism


Morocco is a unique place where lots of people find it attractive to be a travel destination. Tourism in Morocco is also stable. This one of country in North Africa has gained popularity for its tourism charms. There’s a lot about Morocco’s tourism that has drawn people in such as the country’s culture, coast, and of course history.

What makes Morocco tourism is worth traveling

There’s so much you can explore when you travel in this country. For your information, tourism in Morocco is the second largest foreign exchange earner. Thus, tourism in Morocco keeps developing throughout the years. The government even invest heavily in tourism development.

What makes Morocco worth traveling for?

As mentioned earlier that the coast, history, and culture in Morocco are what drawn global tourists the most. This unique country is kind of different that other countries in Africa. That’s one the reasons why people are curious to visit this country and get to know more about it. However, there are also other reasons why Morocco is worth traveling for.

  1. Price is one of the biggest reasons why travelers like traveling in Morocco. This country is famous for being a budget-friendly travel destination. For backpacker, solo travelers, and those who seek adventure, Morocco is a great destination to go to for memorable traveling without the need to spend too much money on the plan.
  2. Proximity to other interesting places is also what makes Morocco worth traveling for. The location of this country is close to Europe. Thus, it attracts visitors more. It is close to Spain coastal areas which make beach enthusiast eager to travel to Morocco. This way, travelers can go to Morocco and other places in Europe without spending long time to reach each place. It means most budget is being saved as well.
  3. There’s a lot of tourist attraction in Morocco which hard to resist. Regions in Morocco that drew tourist attention the most include Marrakech, Casablanca, Tangier, Agadir, Ouarzazate, Tarfaya, and Fez. Tourist attractions in Morocco include the Atlas Mountains, Malaba Coast, Sand Dunes, Bou Inania Madrasa, Old Defense Wall, Swany Water, Ifrane, and many more. Not to mention that beaches in Morocco are stunning that it is such a waste to skip them when you travel in this country.
  4. Another amazing thing about traveling to Morocco is, this country is home to nine UNESCO world heritage sites. They are Medina of Fez in Fez, Medina of Marrakesh in Marrakesh, Ksar of Ait-Benhaddou in Ait-Benhaddou, Historic City of Meknes in Meknes, Archaeological Site of Volubilis in Meknes, Medina of Tetouan in Tetouan, Medina of Essaouira in Essaouira, Portuguese City of Mazagan in El Jadida, and Modern Capital and Historic City of Rabat in Rabat.
  5. Morocco is a safe travel destination for any type of travel. Whether traveling alone or with group of friends and families, this country offer safety and convenience to keep you safe and comfortable during your trip. Thus, it is safe to say that Morocco is recommended travel destination you may want to include in your bucket list.