Have You Been Experienced These Kind of Interesting Travel?


There are various kind of traveling in the world. It can be differentiate base on the location, how many people are going, time, packages and many more. But among all of the trip you have been experienced before, there are still must be some destinations and attractions you have not been experienced.

That’s why this post is right on your eyes right now which is to telling you about some kind of traveling you may have in mind while you are still planning for the right times to experience them all later.

Some kinds of interesting travel you have to experience in life

Hiking the mountain as one of the interesting travels to experience in life

Many people are telling you to take a vacation for many reasons. You do also have your own opinions why you have to do that. But, how many people have been told you before about what kind of traveling you have to experience?

You may also have some attractions you need to experience in a travel. You will then save the money and prepare the budget and all things related to lift up your life through traveling.

If you are curious about some kinds of traveling you may have not been experienced before, you may want to check out the lists that I have been prepared before. Keep on remembering that there’s no good and bad for these types of travel as each of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

1. Diving and snorkeling

The first on my list is where you can choose between the two; diving or snorkeling? Feel free which one possible for you to experience. The underwater life is amazing. There are so much hidden beauty and gems need to be seen and revealed.

Diving may be my first recommendation since you can also enjoy the beauty of snorkeling.

Scuba diving itself has been the popular dream for many travellers since long time ago. Diving ’till the under for certain depth of sea level can be the special achievement and will allowing us to see more about the things we have never seen and heard before.

2. Hike the mountain

From the depth of the underwater world, let’s moving to the peak of the world in just a second. Hiking the mountain is also the recommended travel you need to experience someday.

There will also the beauty you can see and even there are many hikers making this kind of travel as the spiritual journey where you can find your own peaceful moment.

3. Experience the liveaboard

It is surely that I am talking about the cruising either experiencing the luxury liveaboard or even some days on the traditional boat. There are many liveaboard packages in the world that aren’t only serving you to live over the sea but also will delivering you to visit some interesting islands on the cruise.

4. Visiting the ancient places

I am not actually talking about the spot like visiting the museum for this case. But I am truly mean something like the pyramid at Egypt, Temples at Cambodia and Indonesia and things like that.

It is about digging into the history of the past and also to experience how the place is being used by the ancient people.

5. Meet the Jurassic creatures

Have you been known about the Komodo dragons at Komodo Island in Indonesia? It is believed that they were from the jurassic world where the dinosaurs were still alive. The dragons are one of the living ancient creature that we can still meet until today.

Seeing them on their original habitat will be the great thing you will experience from your travel.