How to Get the Best of Your Stay in A Beach Resorts in Bali

How to Get the Best of Your Stay in A Beach Resorts in Bali

When we come to Bali and stay at a beach resort, we want to give ourself the best of the holiday experience we can. That’s why we book a beach resort and not just a regular hotel down in the suburbs. However, do you know that there are simple things that can significantly amp up your vacation experience? You can book the best beach resorts in Nusa Dua Bali for a week but it all will go so fast without anything so meaningful if you don’t know how to maximise the experience. 

Arrive Early to the Resort, Stay Past Your Check Out Time

The key to extending the time you may relax in your hotel’s lap of luxury is to arrive early and stay late. It works especially well when you’re going abroad and changing accommodations every two or three nights, making “the overnight” look like a weekend getaway.

If you are a frequent customer of a particular hotel chain, they will typically accommodate your request to extend your stay by a few hours on both ends, subject to availability. You should keep in mind that early check-ins and late check-outs are not unusual requests if you are not a member of any reward programs. Inform the front desk that you plan to arrive early and remain late to inform personnel of your extension. Even while they frequently state, “We can’t guarantee this request in advance,” they will at least record the request in the system, and the majority of smart properties will make an effort to comply. You win whether you gain one hour or four.

Research All About Facilities, Amenities, and Any Extra Fees

Come prepared! Avoid arriving at reception without any knowledge of which amenities are free and which fees or extras are required. To avoid any surprises and to start off strong, do your study in advance. This Nusa Dua beach hotel & spa Bali, for example, have a signature spa that almost always fully booked and bike-for-rent facility to go around the Nusa Dua resort complex. This means you need to hurry to the spa, reserve a bike for exploring the neighborhood, or benefit from the hotel’s daily wine and appetizer hour.

Research the hotel’s perks and extras before you go, double-check all the amenities with the staff member you speak to when you arrive, and inquire about any insider tips or smart strategies to use while you’re there.

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Tell Them If You Are Celebrating

Tell Them If You Are Celebrating

The best hotels are aware that they are in the surprise and delight industry in addition to providing lodging. This means that if you’re celebrating anything—a birthday, an anniversary, a babymoon, a night away from the kids, etc.—you must let them know in advance. This gives the hotel a justification and chance to treat you to whatever extras they may have available, such as chocolate-covered strawberries, a bottle of champagne, a cheese plate, an early check-in/late check-out, or a highly sought-after upgrade to the lounge level. We know some beach resorts in the Nusa Dua that always give decorated cake to guests who are celebrating their honeymoon, babymoon, or even just travelling with their families!

Inform the hotel in advance of your celebrations by giving them a call! Inform the front desk staff of your excitement to be staying at their hotel to commemorate your engagement if they don’t mention it during check-in because sometimes information gets lost in the shuffle.

Check Out Your Loyalty Program

Loyalty is equivalent to royalty when it comes to travel. To further improve your experience, it is crucial to understand the specifics of your loyalty program and how they connect to redemptions or incentives for your stay. Double check to see if you qualify for any free nights, gift certificates, or extras through the hotel’s rewards program or Expedia+ Rewards while you’re there. As an alternative, consider if your travel credit card contains money or points that you may use to pay for the room or for extras like hotel breakfast.

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Make Effort to Know the Staffs 

In hotels, where the occasional visitor may treat workers harshly, friendliness goes a long way. Call them by name as the first rule. Rule number two: Request local knowledge from the staff. Get to know the hotel staff; from a service standpoint, friendliness mixed with a generous tip makes all the difference.