Preparation To Make For Your Cruise To Antarctica

Preparation To Make For Your Cruise To Antarctica

Having a cruise to somewhere fancy is exciting because you will have a memorable journey on a cruise along with endless buffets and umbrella drinks. However, a cruise to Antarctica is not your typical cruise so you should not expect for those over-the-top buffets and services. However, you can expect for more fun of what can call expedition or exploration to a remote, untamed continent miles away from civilization. 

Things to prepare for your cruise to Antarctica

Since it is not your typical cruise,  you need different kind of preparation to make and different essentials to take with you. The most important element of a cruise to Antarctica is planning ahead. Your preparation determine whether or not you will have a smooth sailing cruise experience. Thus, make sure to plan it early to accommodate your unique experience.  Here are the types of preparation you need to do before a cruise to Antarctica:

Make honest assessment of your health

A cruise to Antarctica might not require vigorous activities. However, the journey might take a toll on you with how different it is than your usual trip. Hence, it is important to make an honest assessment of your health done by your physician. Regardless if you are having health problem or perfectly healthy, a medical check up before a cruise is a must. There are health providers on the cruise as well to evaluate and teat minor illnesses and emergencies. But if you need proper treatment from hospital you will be flown to one in Argentina, Chile, or home depending on the seriousness of your condition.

Be ready with seasickness

It is highly likely for you to experience seasickness during a cruise to Antarctica. In fact, some people experienced seasickness during a cruise to Antarctica even though they have never experienced it before. Consider wearing scopolamine patches before boarding. Or, you may also consider taking medications and acupressure devices. 

Practice your balance prior the trip

Prior your cruise o Antarctica, practice some exercises that specifically improve your balance. It is because you will climb in and out of a moving ship to a bouncing inflatable and vice versa during the trip. Your strength and balance will be tested especially when you are on shore landings as you battle the surf when climbing in and getting out of Zodiac boat. Of course the crew will help you but if you have great strength and balance, those will be just a piece of cake and make their job even easier. 

Know what to pack

Pack some waterproof clothing such as waterproof pants and jackets. Layering is great too but pack waterproof ones. Pack also thermal underwear, shirt, sweater, or a fleece jacket, sweatpants, and leggings. The crew usually provide passenger boots to use. If you bring your own boots, pack the one that is slip-on and tall since you will be getting out of the Zodiac into shallow water and walking up to the beach. Always your medication in your carry-on for easy access.