Reasons Why Bandung In Indonesia Is Worth Travelling For


Bandung is the third biggest city in Indonesia. This is also one of the trendiest cities in Indonesia that is worth travelling for. This city is worth every penny you spend during your visit.

Bandung is also a perfect destination whether you are travelling solo or in group with families and friends.

Why you should visit Bandung in Indonesia with your friends or families

This city is famous for its fashion products both locals and international ones. Shopping in Bandung is a must activity you shouldn’t miss if you visit the city famous for its nickname, Paris Van Java.

Aside from great factory outlets, there are many things about Bandung that make it worth your time for travelling.

Why you should visit Bandung in Indonesia

Here are reasons why Bandung is your perfect getaway destination either for short trip or long vacation.

First, Bandung is charming where the beautiful nature is one of the reasons why Bandung is the perfect destination for vacation.

This city tend to have cooler temperature but not in extreme way. Aside from the ideal climate, Bandung also offers stunning landscape. It is not hard to find restaurants overlooking view of rice paddies, mountain, beach, or lake.

You can find all of them effortlessly when you visit Bandung.

Next reason is there are various trendy cafes and restaurants is also one of the reasons why Bandung is worth travelling for.

In Bandung, it is not only the food the reason why you should visit a café or restaurant. Each café and restaurant in Bandung is designed in unique theme to attract more visitors.

For example, there is Phinisi Restaurant where you can eat your food in a giant pirate ship overlooking stunning view of volcano. There is also a café that has zombie theme. The foods and everything is decorated in spooky theme.

There are also tons of factory outlets is the reasons why you can not miss Bandung for your next travel plan.

There are locals and international brands you can find in Bandung. That is why Singaporeans love shopping in this cool city. Recommended shopping places are Rumah Mode, DeMoss, UNKL 347, and many more.

You can also have a culinary tour in Floating Market Lembang. This is one of biggest tourist attraction in Bandung. This place is also family-friendly attraction.

Here you will find various foods both local and international. Popular foods available here include Bakso, Soto, Sate, nasi Goreng, and many more. You can also ride a simple boat if you are already full with foods.

Distinct culture is also the reason why Bandung is worth travelling for. This is where you can learn more about Sundanese culture.

There are also many places where you can find out more about the charm of local culture such as Saung Angklung Udjo. This is where you can learn about Sundanese instrument and even learn how to play it.

There is also live performance by kids which can make you want to know more about the culture. Besides, the locals in Bandung are friendly and funny, they welcome tourists so it is easy to fall in love with this city.