Things To Do When You Lost Your Valuables During A Trip

Things To Do When You Lost Your Valuables During A Trip

Travel often puts you in more vulnerable situation. You can be a target of crime or harassment especially when travelling alone. Another risk of travelling is to lose your valuables such as wallet, phone, passport, credit cards, etc. You can simply put your bag down to slurp some fresh drinks and in seconds it is gone. It can be like the worst nightmare to lose your bag in unfamiliar place with no one to rely on.

Best things to do to deal with loss bag and other valuables during travel

It is a must to prevent bad happens like losing bag during travel from happening. You can do it by staying cautious of your surroundings. But somehow, minor mistake can still lead to a huge loss so if it ever happens to you, here are some tips to deal with it:

The very first thing to do is to not go into panic mode. It is hard but try to stay as calm as you can be. Take deep breath and look for your bag once again to make sure. Do not beat yourself too hard because it can happen to anyone. 

Try to ask for help using English so people can understand you. If your destination is a country where English is little spoken, look for local English-speaker to help you making phone calls or explaining the situation with the local authority such as the police. You can go to the tourist office or hotelier to ask for help. Or, ask fellow travelers who happen to be in the same location as you are. 

Look for police officer and file a report. It may help with the process of replacing credit cards or passport. it is also a must if you file an insurance claim for a lost of expensive travel gears. 

Find information about your embassy and your bank online. Find somewhere with internet connection or use your own mobile data. Then you can retrieve information you stored online to get replacement for your lost passport and other documents. Or, contact people from your home to ask for help. 

The most important thing to do is to replace your passport since you won’t be able to go home without it. Go to your country’s embassy in person and ask for help. A replacement passport can cost a lot depending on the country. It can be issued within a few days or faster. If you don’t have the fund, the embassy will help you contact the people at your home to wire money. 

Remember to cancel your lost debit or credit card by contacting your bank. They will also help replacing your lost credit or debit card and delivering it within two to three days business days. 

The best thing to do is being preventive. Keep a few bills in hidden pockets and always keep track of your belongings especially in crowded place. Try to make the best of the situation by being patient and flexible.