Things to Remember for Female Travelers


The number of women who traveling around the world has been significantly rising. Here is also trend of solo female traveler and it has attracted tourism habit and commodity. In the past, women can only wait until they have someone else to have their dream vacation.

Things that female travelers should remember when traveling

Today, they just go with it by themselves. Of course, there are risks and weighs to consider regarding to solo female travelers. Harassment and dangers are real anyway. Besides, bad people see them as easier target when they are traveling such theft, robbery, or sexual harassment.

There are many places in the world where respect for women is still hard to get.

What things that female travelers should keep on remember?

Even though there are risks and dangers for solo female travelers, it doesn’t mean women can’t travel at all because there are still many safe places out there ready to embrace women rights.

To be able to travel safely, here are tips for solo female travelers so you can really enjoy the journey.

First, always be respectful even though you face cultural differences. Remember that the place you visit own different culture than what you embrace. Instead of giving rude comments, you should respect the customs and the cultures.

Even though what they do don’t align with what you believe as an individual person or as a woman, always respect them. You don’t have to like or follow their beliefs. However, you don’t have right to change or disrespect them. When you respect them, you will learn to understand more.

In return, they will also respect you and give you some sense of security of being accepted.

Next thing the female travelers should remember is that there are things women can do when men can’t.

Not all the time women travelers are at disadvantage during a trip. Sometimes, you have more opportunities to experiences things which aren’t provided for men. In some countries, there are programs or services dedicated for women only such as female-only yoga class, hair salon, parks, etc.

Instead of visiting unknown places, you can visit those women-only places to have fun.

Another addition for female travelers is to always stand your guard whenever you go.

No matter where you go, your safety is your priority. Of course women are more at risk in this matter. Therefore, you need to travel with your guard up. It might be stressing but it is necessary to guarantee your safety.

Make sure there is someone at home who knows your travel schedule. Women have strong intuition so use it. If you visit a place and something feels off, just get out of the place.

The next important thing to know is that there are travel destinations that are less friendly for women travelers.

However, you can never know if you don’t experience it yourself. Instead of succumbing to your fear and doubt, you can ask more experienced female travelers about the places they went to. Ask their opinion about the places even though it is somewhere do far from your home.

You can challenge yourself and there is no limit for a woman to travel. Being more prepared and always on guard can help you to travel alone safely.