Why Charter a Tiare Liveaboard in the Raja Ampat

Why Charter a Tiare Liveaboard in the Raja Ampat

Have you been dreaming about relaxing in a tropical paradise with the sun shining overhead and your toes in the sand? Then Raja Ampat is for you. The great way to see these exotic places is by chartering a liveaboard. Chartering Tiare Liveaboard with family or friends is a unique way to explore the beauty of the Raja Ampat while enjoying the thrill of sailing. When you charter Tiare around the Raja Ampat, it’s nothing but privacy and relaxation. Here are the reasons to charter a liveaboard in Raja Ampat.

Tiare liveaboard will give you luxury service

The best part about going on a sailing trip is being waited on hand and foot. When you are sailing on holiday, you don’t have to worry about things like cooking or decide places to visit. Tanaka liveaboard is defined by luxury service in every aspect of the holiday. From accommodations to visit amazing places. With a liveaboard, you’ll also have the freedom to come up with a customized itinerary that meets your preferences and needs.

You can escape the tourist crowds

If you are looking to enjoy ultimate freedom and relaxation on holiday, then spending a week on a liveaboard in Raja Ampat is for you. By being on Raja Ampat, you’ll get to immerse in its serenity and tranquility. Imagine sitting on the upper deck and watching the sunset from a charming island, sailing to secluded white sandy beaches, and diving into the warm water without another soul in sight. Sailing holiday allows for relaxing times as well as undisturbed photo sessions. Moreover, you have the chance to have a whole beach to yourself.

Why Charter a Tiare Liveaboard in the Raja Ampat

Getting up close

Tiare comes with 6 cabins, which is an ideal number for a smaller group of less than 15. A sailing trip is about exploration and escape. Therefore, it’s a chance to get back to pristine nature and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. For instance, swimming with manta rays with your friends or watching the spectacular sunset with the whole family.

Variety of activities

Most sailing holidays include exciting activities, like swimming, diving, and snorkeling.  However, you do not need to worry. Many boats come with all the equipment to allow you to enjoy all the water activities. Here is a day in life on a boat trip. Wake up, breakfast, swim, sail, anchor in a nice bay, diving, lunch, and watch the sunset. The routine might stay pretty much the same each day, but every day you’ll wake up in a new destination. Every day can be a different adventure!

Tiare liveaboard to Raja Ampat is perfect for yoga sessions

Raja Ampat is the perfect destination for a sailing holiday. Combine a relaxing holiday on the blue sea with yoga sessions. Treat yourself to a memorable experience that will make you feel fully relaxed and reconnected with the natural elements, while also avoiding the swarms of travelers and the crowded boats, planes, restaurants and beaches.

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