Why Raja Ampat Cruise is Ideal for a New Normal Holiday

Raja Ampat Cruise

Raja Ampat is one of the most magnificent Island nations in the Southeast of Asia, Indonesia. This beautiful island is part of the Coral Triangle that includes Papua New Guinea, East Timor, Malaysia, Solomon Island, and The Philippines. This stunning island was spanning over forty thousand square kilometers and made up of about one thousand five hundred small islands. The pristine beauty of the island cannot be denied. The surrounding landscape is made up of rainforests that provide a perfect contrast with the clear crystal beaches. When you’re just so done with the quarantine and welcoming new normal, you want nothing but going someplace remote and getting soothed by the beauty of nature. You do not want to get in a close distance with other travelers as well during the trip. This is why renting a Raja Ampat cruise is the perfect way to enjoy the allure of wilderness.

Easier social distancing on Raja Ampat Cruise

Holiday time usually is a joyful time. Many families look forward to gathering with their family, celebrating, and exchanging gifts.  But pandemic and physical distancing have brought a new kind of stress this holiday. Maintaining a social distancing from others is the most critical factor for preventing the spread of COVID-19 – and it can be more comfortable on a cruise. When you rent a Raja Ampat Cruise, you don’t need to share your transportation and accommodation and with anybody else. It means less chance of accidental transmission during the holiday. The whole cruise just for yourself—and probably with some family or friends. When combined with well-known methods of prevention like using hand sanitizer everyday and washing your hands frequently, wearing a mask, this adds up to a much safer Raja Ampat trip.

It is best to escape from the pandemic-frenzy of the world

The gentle rocking of the ocean in the air alone will have a mesmerizing effect on you, but there are also many quiet places to retreat to on the cruise. The endless expanse of the blue ocean and starry sky is enchanting. There is nothing like being on a cruise in the middle of the sea, and feeling like life’s routines and job stress is far behind. Cruise life is pretty good, and it doesn’t take long before you give in, and you can’t help but relax.

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Raja Ampat Cruise

The ultimate hassle and stress-free vacation on Raja Ampat Cruise

The world today is buzzing with pandemic fears, and that’s everything we keep hearing wherever we go. The COVID-19 is affecting the mental health of many and triggers anxiety. A cruise holiday is all you need after the extended quarantine. It is a fantastic holiday that is completely hassles and stress-free. You no need to research foods, look for fun things to do, and nobody will ever get bored!