Why Some Travellers Swear by Travelling Light Wherever the Destination


Emphasis on always here. Traveling light has been such a game-changer. As checked luggage price is not getting any cheaper anytime soon, more and more travellers revved up their packing game.

Reasons why travellers are packing light when travelling to any destination

It’s never about being able to fit the most inside your bag. It’s about knowing what you truly need and being able to adapt. After all, it’s one of those little things why you choose to travel, right?

Embrace that you simply cannot bring everything

And you’re not supposed to. and chances are, you’re not going to use many of the stuff you’d think you’ll use. Don’t aim to stuff your bag full. Leave some room because you know you’re going to shop for something there. Whether it’s a souvenir for your cats or something for yourself, leaving some room in your bag is wise.

Packing light makes you take care of your belongings better

More often than not, bringing more would only mean that you would neglect them more.
If you’re going somewhere for longer than several days, then don’t shy off from doing your laundry. Most hotels, hostels, and house rentals offer.

If you have difficulties finding a laundry facility, you can always wash your clothes by hands, at least for your undergarments. They’re small and therefore easy to wash.

Tip for packing light: you should be able to comfortably lift it

If you can’t even stand lifting it, then yes, you’re bringing too much.

Bringing a load of items that even you have difficulties transporting yourself is not how good packing works. You may not need to lift your luggage all the time.

But the burden that your stuff is too much for yourself to bring means something is clearly disproportionate. If you’re going diving, camping, or other activities that may require you to bring heavy, bulky stuff, then it may be understandable. But for most of us who travel, no, you won’t need that much stuff.

Ditch your huge bags

The easiest way to overpack? By choosing the largest thing you can possibly find and try to fit everything inside. Start with a small bag instead.

Starting with a carry on is an excellent method to pack, even though clearly not everyone thinks they’re ready to pack that light. Consult your packing list (don’t tell me you didn’t have it) and see if your stuff could fit inside only a carry-on.

Unless you’re going somewhere and you do activities that require gears and bulky equipment, chances are, a carry on is sufficient. This may take some practice, but once you get around to do it, you’ll thank yourself.

Practice makes perfect

You won’t get from being an over-packer to an expert overnight. Or in a single trip. Be patient and keep levelling up your packing game.

You’ll get there.

You’d probably never thought that you could pack that light. But that’s the thing. A lot of people who pack light often started not by some divine inspiration. It’s when something happened. Checked luggage gone wrong is one of the common reasons why she travellers swear by packing light.