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Common Travel Hassles You Can Fix

Common Travel Hassles You Can Fix

Travelling must be something exciting for most people. It is often glorified to to the point those who are not really into travel feel like they have to try it. However, travel is not that fancy because it is not always rainbow and sunshine. Keep in mind that when people feel so excited about travel, it is more about the destination rather than the journey itself. It is pretty common for travelers to experience some pitfalls for every trip. Some of them can be minor hassles and others can be more major ones. 

Most common hassles associated with travel

There are some of the most common hassles associated with travel you should know about, especially if you are beginner. It helps you to know what to expect and what to do to deal with them. And here are some of the most common hassles associated with travel you should anticipate about:

Delayed flight

It is one of the most annoying hassles for every traveler. Having your flight delayed means the higher the chance of your schedule to be ruined. It is even worse if you have connecting flights because if the first flight gets delayed, you will likely miss the next one. Hence, it is recommended to not book connecting flights too close to each other. Give plenty of gap in between the flights so you are more prepared with the possibility of having your flight delayed. 

Losing your belongings

It is pretty common for travelers to lose one of their belongings; be it bags, clothes, money, documents, etc. However, it can be prevented by taking more precaution from the start. Make sure to keep your bag close to you no matter where you are throughout the trip. Do not trust strangers to watch your bag while you are away. Also, avoid taking valuable belongings to a trip such as jewelries. Leave them at home to avoid losing them. 

Getting lost somewhere

Many people say you have to be more adventurous and not be afraid of getting lost somewhere during a trip. Well, if you feel like it is such a challenging thing to get lost in such unfamiliar place then go for it. However, make sure that you put your safety at the top of your priority. To avoid jeopardizing your own safety, do a research of the routes prior the trip. Bring physical map with you just in case internet connection is unavailable. 

Annoying seat mates

This is also pretty common hassle for many travelers to experience during a trip. You don’t know who you will be seated with for your flight. And sometimes, you get unlucky by having such unpleasant seatmate. If this happens to you, there is nothing you can do but bear with it. If your seatmate is not only noisy but also disturbing or impolite, do not hesitate to tell them off or ask your flight attendants for help. To avoid having endless conversation with chatty seatmates, ask them politely to leave you alone or just tell them you need to rest. 

You Need Organic Toner for Your Life and This is Why

You Need Organic Toner for Your Life and This is Why

When it comes to skincare products, toner is a touchy subject: Some people swear by the after-cleansing procedure, while others believe it is completely unneeded. Sure, it’s not as important as your nightly face wash or daily SPF, but a well-formulated toner can provide plenty of benefits to your skin: It cleanses, balances oils, adds hydration, and prepares your skin for the rest of your skincare routine. While toners aren’t required, the correct one might help your skincare regimen work better.

Do You Really Need Organic Toner? 

Toner looks and acts like water—but it’s not water. There’s a lot more to it than hydrogen and oxygen. Acids, glycerine, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories may also be present depending on the toner. If you want to get technical, a toner is a fast-absorbing liquid that hydrates the skin while also assisting in the removal of dead skin cells from the surface. The end effect is plump, luminous skin. In terms of makeup, toner acts as a primer for the remainder of your skin-care routines, such as serums and moisturisers.

Let the Skin Drink the Toner

The natural regeneration process of the skin is disrupted by skin that is either overly oily or too dry. Toner can rehydrate dry skin and replenish moisture levels. Organic skin toner, regardless of skin type, minimizes and prevents dryness while also removing superfluous oils, leaving only the natural quantity for healthy skin renewal. Natural toners give important moisture and nutrients, which help to heal and restore your skin’s protective barrier. Natural hydration and protective antioxidants keep your skin safe from environmental toxins and allergens in the air. Toners also aid in the removal of impurities from the skin that cause it to become dry and dehydrated. That’s one of the reasons why toners feel so good when you use them. 

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Organic Toners is Essential for Skin’s Health

Organic Toners is Essential for Skin’s Health

Toners restore your skin’s natural pH balance, balancing out the high pH content that soaps and foams can cause. Dryness is reduced even more by the restored balance. Toners have the ability to soothe and regulate your skin while also increasing blood circulation for a healthy glow. 

Have Oily Skin? It starts with the Right Organic Toner

Thinking that oily skin doesn’t need toner and all sorts? Think again. Ingredients in an organic toner for oily skin that regulate oily skin also assist acne-prone skin to avoid blemishes and outbreaks. Many acne-fighting skincare solutions contain chemicals that only dry up the skin. Because the skin has a hard time producing new, healthy tissue, this extreme dryness simply raises the likelihood of additional outbreaks. Toners keep the skin cells active, allowing them to shed the old and welcome the new.

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Better Skin for the Next Step on Your Skin Regime

Toner can be thought of as pore preparation. It restores your skin’s naturally acidic pH, removing pollutants and aiding in the absorption of skincare products. Your skin resembles a dehydrated sponge. A brittle, dry sponge will not receive a thick cream and will not be ‘prepped’ for wetness. The cream will sink in more easily if you wet the sponge. This is exactly why toner is essential for the skin. 

Organic toner is made with gentle, skin-friendly components that find the optimal mix between respecting the skin’s barrier function while also promoting the efficiency of its active ingredients. Toners that are made from all-natural ingredients are gentle enough for sensitive skin, but also strong enough to produce glowing results; like reducing sebum, smoothening the skin, soothing irritated skin. 

Tips For Smooth And Safe Camping With Kids

Tips For Smooth And Safe Camping With Kids

It doesn’t always end in a nightmare when you take kids for a trip. Camping is one of valuable activities you can do with your kids. It helps introduce them to the nature, train their stamina by various outdoor activities, as well as build their confidence. 

Camping smoothly and safely with kids

Even though challenging, camping with kids can run smoothly with these tips:

Practice setting up gear at home

It is best to set up your camping gear at home as a way to practice as well as build the excitement. Assembling the tent at home can make them feel more enthusiast with the camp. You can also assign certain tasks to your kids so they can actively participate in the process. You can set up camp in the living room or at the backyard. 

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Don’t bring any gadget for entertainment

Make sure that the camp you plan for is when your kids will focus on their surroundings. Hence, it is best to not bring any devices or gadgets especially when you use it only for their entertainment. If you worry they will grow bored with the camp, plan various activities in advance. In fact, involve them when making the plan so they can list what they want to do enthusiastically. 

Go with a mission

Have particular mission for the camp to make it more meaningful and exciting for your kids. For example, the mission is to hike up the trail to the summit. Or, you can make a simpler mission such as making it down to creek for a swim. It helps build anticipation. It also helm your kids to gain a sense of accomplishment once the camp is over. 

Be flexible with the plan

You can make plan and detailed itinerary for the camp. However, be flexible to pivot or make changes if necessary. Make sure that the schedule is not too tight to the point your kids will end up fainting or exhausted. Adapt to the situation as well because the condition in the wild can be unpredictable. 

Pack extra foods

Don’t be too stingy with foods when it comes to camping, especially with kids. You are not doing it to teach your kids how to survive from the lack of foods. It is not the time because it may end up with them being traumatic with camping. Be generous with the foods you pack since you are going to share it with everyone. You can involve your kids to prepare and cook the foods. 

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Do not let them wander around by themselves

Let your kids explore the place but keep an eye of them. Don’t let them wander around places alone by themselves without any adult supervising them. It is also best to educate your kids prior the camp about what to do if they get lost or how to ask for help in emergency situation. Make sure to communicate this in non-threatening way because they may end up feeling afraid of going for a camp.

Healing Trip in Ubud: A Mindful Travel Trend for Mental Health

Healing Trip in Ubud: A Mindful Travel Trend for Mental Health
Image source: Instagram/@explorebali @@me.wanderlust_

As the pandemic enters its third calendar year, it’s unsurprising that visitors are turning to their vacations to improve their emotional and physical well-being. Being confined in their home during the quarantine period in last 2020 makes people becoming more aware with mental health. And with it comes the “healing trip” trend—a new form of wellness travel where people are seeking for mindful escape and restore their mental health from whatever burden the pandemic entails. One of the main destination for healing trip is, of course, Ubud Bali. The most magical place in the island where the spirituality is so strong and the nature feels so close. You’ll love to stay for a week in villa Ubud Bali, get surrounded by lush greeneries, disconnect from daily stressors, and take time to heal your self. 

The Digital Detox for Mindful Break

Travel can be a break from screens, and vacation can be a “digital detox,” allowing you to step away from your device for a while. If you try leaving the devices at home on your next vacation, you might be astonished at how much more serene, calm, and present you feel.

Take A Break from Your Phone

A digital detox vacation is just taking a break from your technology for a few days and choosing to live in the present now instead. We genuinely focus on our trip companions and frequent conversation without screens in front of our faces. We wait with hushed breath as the sun fades away on the horizon, rather than arranging the perfect sunset photo. Rather than photographing dinner, we order it and eat it quickly before it becomes cold!

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Stay in Villa Ubud Bali for Your Healing Trip

Stay in Villa Ubud Bali for Your Healing Trip

The next step is to figure out where you’ll stay once you’ve arrived. Luxury hotels and resorts frequently host wellness retreats. However, if this does not fit into your budget, you have other possibilities. A variety of reasonably priced hotels and vacation rentals provide the comfort, luxury, and facilities you require for your health-conscious trip.

You can discover reasonable daily rates for villa and vacation home in Ubud, Bali. The best thing is that these vacation rental properties frequently include all of the amenities of home, such as bedrooms, baths, kitchens, living areas, swimming pools, and other amenities.

Plan Your Itinerary Ahead

When you come to Ubud for relaxation, be sure to plan a detailed-yet-flexible itinerary so you always know what to do and where to go. Walk the Campuhan Ridge in the morning, see the monkeys playing freely in Monkey Forest, have a meditative sunrise yoga, try some scrumptious vegan cuisine, and have lunch in riverside restaurant. 

You don’t have to plan your vacation down to the minute, but include things like a restaurant list and a list of activities and sites will assist. For each trip, create a vacation “bucket list” to help you select what you want to do. Try to write it down in note book to further minimise smartphone use!

Enjoy Your Time in Your Private Villa Ubud

Enjoy Your Time in Your Private Villa Ubud
Image credit: Instagram/@_vanisaflo_ via @kclububud

You’ll never be bored during your trip in your secluded, beautiful private villa in Ubud Bali. Even when you leave your laptop at home and put your phone away. You’ll stay in genuine houses with plenty to do, such as board games, novels, a pool, BBQ, and garden. Spend quality time with your family, attempt a new game or craft project, try a new meal, and enjoy being together on vacation with all the new things to see and do.

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Make Sure to Finish Your Works Before Going

Discuss ongoing tasks with coworkers, and double-check that anything time-sensitive is being handled by someone else. Set up an auto-responder for your business email so that people know you’re not ignoring them while you’re away. The more you prepare ahead of time at work, the more you’ll be able to unplug.

Tips To Pick The Best Rib Eye Steak

Tips To Pick The Best Rib Eye Steak

Rib eye steak is one of the most delicious thing to enjoy. It can be considered one of the best in steak category. This steak is usually made out of major muscle linked to a cow’s back, called rib. There is strip of fat on the top of the meat you can see from rib eye. This part of meat is soft and tender, making it perfect for a steak. 

Choosing the best rib eye steak to enjoy

If you want to make yourself a rib eye steak for dinner, make sure to choose the best rib eye in the first place. It can affect the quality of steak you will have. If you choose to eat rib eye steak at restaurant, make sure to know what you order. But here are some tips to pick the best rib eye steak:

Choose healthier choice

Grass -fed cows are considered healthier than grain-fed cows. Hence, choose rib eye that comes from grass-fed cows since the meats are leaner, and more complex in its flavor. Also, grass-fed steak contains more omega-3, fatty acids, as well as vitamin A and E. if you shop rib eye steak, choose the one from grass-fed cows. If you are unsure, you can ask the seller about it. However, there is usually label to let you know where the steak comes from. 

Learn about beef grading system

Yes, there is grading system when it comes to meat such as beef which can divide meats into different grading and affect its quality. Beef itself is graded according to its age and fat marbling to indicate the tenderness of the meat. Prime is the superior grade of beef, followed by Choice, and then Select. These are three most common beef grades you can choose.

Pay attention to the marbling

As mentioned that the grading system for beef uses age and marbling. When steak has good enough amount of marbling, it is considered good quality. Marbling is sort of white flecks of fat on the meat. The more marbling you see, the more tender the emat is going to be. Also, marbling makes soft and tasty after cooking. However, keep in mind that the higher the quality of the meat, the more expensive the price is. 

Analyze the thickness of the steak

The thickness of the steak can be an indicator to choose the best one. If the steak has good thickness, it means you can prepare it to any temperature without lessening the taste. The most ideal thickness is around one and quarter inches to result in juicy, tender meat. 

Choose bone-in steak over bone-out steak

Many steak lovers suggest to look for the bone-in steak because it is tastier and juicier. Even though this is still something many steak lovers argue about, you can try this tip. In addition, it is also recommended to choose a rib eye from the central part of the ribs since it tends to contains a larger cuts of spinal muscle which is the best part of rib eye. 

A Personalised Luxury Villa Holiday in Bali is What You Need!

A Personalised Luxury Villa Holiday in Bali is What You Need!
Image source: Instagram/@raitricia

When it comes to a private holiday in Bali, many travelers turn into vacation rental instead of luxury hotels simply because of the freedom and ultimate privacy that it offers. Because you are staying in your own own vacation house, villa stays are intrinsically distinctive. You have the privacy and flexibility to establish your own vacation rhythm without having to adhere to a hotel or resort’s schedule or blend in with other guests. You can choose any villas for holiday in Bali and be whatever you want it to be. 

But what’s more in a villa stay that make it so special? 

Luxurious vacation houses and villas in Bali are different than your regular rentals. You’re not only having a nice place to stay, but also personalised service from dedicated chefs, concierge service, staffs, and even driver. This means you may design your own menu and order whatever meals and dishes you like, from al fresco fine dining to delectable breakfasts and nutritious lunches. This is perfect if you must adhere to a strict diet or simply enjoy eating certain foods while on vacation. You can also hire the driver to take you to any destination in Bali without any worries or hassles. From the Water Blow and limestone cliff beach in Nusa Dua, Bali’s southernmost corner, to hot springs up in Kintamani, you can travel anywhere with ease. 

Why You’ll Love Personalised Services in Bali Holiday Villas

While your in-villa crew ensures a stress-free stay, your concierge attends to all of your unique preferences. Perhaps you’d like a Thai massage or a yoga or fitness instructor to come to your villa rental for a private training session overlooking the huge Indian Ocean. You may require practical assistance, such as car rental or yacht hire, as well as information on local attractions and how to get there. Personalized villa stays are ideal for finding favorite meals or bringing a beauty spa to your home.

A Total Relaxation Both for the Body and Mind

Why You’ll Love Personalised Services in Bali Holiday Villas
Image source: Instagram/@ninachristi

You can fully let go and relax into your time away knowing that your wants and needs will be met without you having to think about it. A holiday is a break, and a break from having to handle a hectic lifestyle entails. Even if you plan an action-packed vacation, you’ll feel completely relaxed.

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Greater Comfort and Convenience

The core of specifically tailored vacations is that you feel at rest, more at ease, and that being away from home does not mean you are inconvenienced in any way. The goal is to make your vacation smoother, more relaxed, and more “you.”

Feel Like A Royal

Customized villa stays could be about meeting certain basic necessities, such as food restrictions. Making a vacation personal, on the other hand, makes you feel valued, cared for, and special. Personalized service in from professionals in Bali holiday villas can be a real treat.

A Tailored Vacation in Bali Villas According to Your Liking

If the details are taken care of, you can focus entirely on creating the type of vacation you like. It might be water sports, poolside sunbathing, or family time at the villa. You’ll have more time and energy to enjoy your vacation. You can also participate in more activities and experiences.

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More Quality Time to Spend with Partners, Friends, or Family

Holidays build memories and bring people together, whether they are romantic paradise getaways, high-energy family fun, or unforgettable, shared trips with friends. Sharing a vacation is even more enjoyable when everyone is comfortable and well-cared for. If you are staying in a personalised holiday villas in Bali, everything is taken care of. And because you won’t have to worry about every detail, you’ll be able to focus on the good moments and quality time instead.

How To Make Your Flight More Comfortable With These Goofy Things

When it comes to travel, many people will do almost everything to make it as comfortable as possible especially if they have to take such a long-haul flight. Instead of buying expensive products, you may also try some offbeat travel products that can actually help to make your flight more enjoyable. The downside is, you might look a little bit silly with your appearance. But if you are confident fellas, then why bother with people’s opinion as long s you are happy and comfortable, right?

How To Make Your Flight More Comfortable With These Goofy Things

Offbeat travel products to make your flight more comfortable

Travelling is not only about going to wonderful places because before you reach your destination you have to go through such a long-haul flight sometimes. You need to sacrifice your comfort especially when you are in a pretty tight budget. However, these goofy items might be your life save during a long flight and keep you comfortable.

Butt cushion

Well, this is something you might not be expecting but this silly item can be really helpful to keep your butt warm and comfortable during a flight. This kind of product is already available and you can buy it online as well. There are variety of sizes and colors you can choose based on your preferences. This might not be regular thing that travelers use for their travel but you can experience yourself how comfortable it is to have a butt cushion providing support. 


Not many people like wearing sweatpants for a flight. However, a pair of sweatpants can actually make your flight more comfortable because your legs won’t feel restricted so you can move as you please. It is also breathable so you won’t feel too hot or cold during the flight. You will stay comfortable to sleep in those sweatpants of yours. If you don’t like to look that goofy having a flight in a pair o sweatpants, you can find the alternative such as dress sweatpants. They are made from spandex and nylon but they look just like regular pants. 

Wearable blanket

It is common for travelers to bring their own travel blanket that they can fold into a relatively small size that fit in their carry-on. However, you can also choose a wearable blanker which is made from soft and warm fabric to keep you comfortable during a flight. You don’t have to fold and unfold it throughout the flight. You also don’t have to keep organizing it and just wear it just like how you wear your sweater. 


This item is not very common among travelers because some aircraft seats come with little metal fold-down footrests. However, not all of them have it and some passengers (especially the petite ones) sometimes couldn’t even reach the footrest provided and ended up having their legs dangled uncomfortably. Hence, a footrest can be helpful to provide more support to your legs during a flight. There are also a massaging footrest you can buy if you prefer. It can help your legs to stay relaxed. 

Before You Rent A Luxury Villa Rental in Bali

Before You Rent A Luxury Villa Rental in Bali

There is a growing demand for private luxury villa rental in Bali as travelers choose to stay in luxury villas rather than luxury hotels. In terms of a distinct holiday experience, luxury villas offer more than luxury hotels. Luxurious villa rentals are a totally unique experience compared to traditional hotel accommodations. However, choosing the right luxury villas need a bit more study and attention to avoid scam or unmet expectation. So, what do you need to check before booking luxury villas in Bali?

Checking in the Realities of Luxury Villa Rental Bali 

If you are not used to luxury vacation rental, looking at breathtakingly gorgeous, luxury villa could seems unreal. You might wonder, do these villas do exists? Are you getting scammed by the owner? What if you don’t get what was displayed in the picture?

Be sure to check the accuracy of the images and descriptions of the villas before booking one. For example, you may not discover much information on certain villa rentals since the owners are reticent to provide photographs. To be fair, there should be enough photos and text for the guests to see. Then, stay away from listings of Bali villas for rent that are vague or incomplete.

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Checking in the Size and Budget

Checking in the Size and Budget

When it comes to picking a luxury villa rental in Bali, the first thing you need to do is determine your budget. In this case, you have a number of options to choose from. Or, you may determine how much you’d want to spend on a per-night basis or as a total. Start by determining the size of the villa you’re interested in. This will be determined by the number of guests and the number of rooms you intend to rent. Some villas, for example, may sleep up to eight people, yet only have three bedrooms. As a result, this selection is quite important to make.

Does the Ambience Match Your Vibe? 

Everybody wants to be in a particular atmosphere, no matter who they are. Do you want to unwind or do you want to party till the early hours of the morning with your friends? A quiet and serene setting, or do you want to find out where the party is? It may be either or both! Unwinding with a good book, away from the outside world, may be your thing or maybe cranking it up is your jam. If you want a luxury villa in the city or far out in the woods or forest, you’ll need to think about the ambiance you want.

Check Interiors of the Luxury Villa Rental Bali 

Check Interiors of the Luxury Villa Rental Bali

On this list, the interiors are one of the most crucial items to check off. You may think of it as a little finer version of your own house. When it comes to making a decision, you have the option to go all-out. Modern rooms in traditional blues and whites are possible. The Chalet Windflower, for example, has rustic decor in tones of brown and various neutrals. Alternatively, it might come down to creating a bohemian, colorful and quirky interior. Find a place to stay that meets your needs by being specific about what you want.

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Look for Extra Services

Don’t limit yourself to the services and amenities that are offered by standard holiday villas in your area. Look for hotels with extra amenities that can make your stay even more memorable.

Consider luxury villa rental in Bali that can provide you with customized services based on your trip’s occasion, making it a memorable experience. It’s great to have private chefs and party planners are available for every occasion in the villa, whether it is a birthday celebration or a bachelorette party. In addition, the villa can assist in creating a memorable experience.

How To Make The Most Of Your Solo Getaway

How To Make The Most Of Your Solo Getaway

Many people including seasoned travelers suggest everyone to go solo travel at least one in lifetime. Solo travelling is such a valuable experience one can have. There are many learning opportunities available through solo travel that you might not get it anywhere else. Travel itself is more than just leisure and luxury. You can create your own adventure and story through your solo trip. What you learn will impact your life in general, developing your character, and making you feel better. 

Making the most of your solo trip

Solo travel can be daunting especially for first timers. Exploring a place that is unfamiliar to you sounds scary. You don’t know your surroundings and you have no one to rely to. However, those fears, doubt, and anxiety are something you must conquer. When you successfully overcoming them all, you will feel satisfaction with yourself. There is a sense of proud for accomplishing something great like that. And here are some tips for you who plan to travel solo and make the most of it:

Plan your budget accordingly

Plan your budget accordingly

There is no need to follow anyone’s rule when it comes to solo travelling because you are in charge of everything. Hence, you can plan your own budget accordingly. you can make budget plan that suits your financial situation. One of the downsides of solo travel is that you cannot split the bills since you have no travel companion to do so. Hence, you have to budget your solo travel more thoroughly so you know the estimation of your travel cost. Always do your own research before making deals with travel agency, airlines, or hotels. Compare prices from different sources so you know which to choose. 

Prioritize safety

Solo travel is deliberating because it gives you a sense of freedom. However, make sure that you still prioritize your safety no matter what activities you plan to do in your itinerary. Keep in mind that you don’t have immediate companion to help you when something goes wrong. Hence, it is always better to be careful than impulsive. Also, keep updating the people at home of your whereabouts so they know you are safe. And if you are in danger, they will know immediately and help you to find needed help. You may also consider buying travel insurance in advance to cover you during emergency while travelling overseas. 

Open up your mind 

To make the most of your trip, do not forget to open up not only your eyes but also mind. There are many new things you will see for the first time. You will also get to experience new things you may have never before. Not to mention that you will meet new people from different background. Open up your mind so you can embrace the diversity, learn how to embrace differences, building empathy, and respecting other cultures. With open mind, it will be easier for you to learn many important things that will be useful for you later in life. It can help you grow into an awesome person. 

Staying in Benoa Resort and Visiting the Lesser Knowns of Bali

Staying in Benoa Resorts and Visiting the Lesser Knowns of Bali

Nestled in the nook of Nusa Dua enclave, Tanjung Benoa might not be as popular as the party-centre Legian, the sophisticated Seminyak, or the trendy Canggu. Tanjung Benoa is quite secluded it you compare it with other Bali’s seaside town. However, its gentle waves repels youngsters and surfers, leaving the region as a mature and family-friendly vacation spot. Staying in a Benoa resort is definitely recommended if you are visiting this region. While you are here, don’t forget to visit this interesting places.

Caow Eng Bio Chinese Temple

The Chinese has long been staying in Nusa Dua, and this red temple is one of its valued heritages. The vivid red hue of this temple, as well as some beautiful carved wood and stone, make it stand out. The temple itself is restricted in terms of access because it is a Buddhist temple where Buddhists pray. However, it is rather open, allowing you to view the design’s exquisite intricacies. A magnificent dragon boat sculpture stands beneath a finely carved pagoda that appears to guard the temple. Tanjung Benoa’s tip is where you’ll find it.

Jump in Adventurous Water Sports

Jump in Adventurous Water Sports

Tanjung Benoa is ideal for a variety of water sports because it is surrounded by vast bodies of water. Under the beautiful sunny weather, you will have a great time participating in numerous water sports such as banana boats, jet skis, and snorkeling. You’ll get a great view of the ocean directly in front of you or the beach stretching as far as your eyes can see from the banana boat. You may even have a good time with your family and friends while surfing the calm waves on a jet ski. If you don’t know how to find a good water sport, ask the resort! The Benoa resort where you stay in will gladly help you to book an affordable and trusty water sport agent.

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Visit the Turtle Island Conservation, Serangan Island

Hop to a boat and sail to the nearby Serangan Island to visit a turtle conservation island! It’s a conservation centre where they take care of injured turtles and release them back to the wild. There is also a hatchery here, and when the young turtles are mature enough to care for themselves, they are released into the nearby beaches. You’ll also see birds, snakes, and other Balinese wildlife here. It’s a wonderful day out for anybody interested in marine conservation.

Serangan Island is accessible by boat or highway from Nusa Dua and is a fantastic day trip if you want to see more of the island. Make sure you’re visiting the Serangan Turtle Island Conservation Centre, as there are other so-called “conservation centers” that are more concerned with their own wallets than with the ecology.

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Visit the Pasifika Museum

Not many people know about the Pasifika Museum, even the local Balinese. It’s one of a fun thing to do to spend a day in Tanjung Benoa. The museum, which is near to the Bali Collection, exhibits the work of a number of European painters who went to Bali and later created art there. There are other galleries dedicated to local painters, as well as a Polynesian display and an Indochinese exhibition. As This museum also displays works by greats like Paul Gauguin, Rudolf Bonnet, and Emilio Ambron, so if you’re a fan of art, this is a must-see.

Spend Leisure Days at Your Benoa Resort

Spend Leisure Days at Your Benoa Resort

Lastly, you can just choose to do nothing at all and just enjoy your time at the Benoa resort. Swim in the pool, get your tropical cocktail, or get pampered with rejuvenating Balinese Spa. And if you want some vitamin-sea, just walk to the back of the resort to find a secluded strip of Benoa beach!