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Tattoo Bali Hygiene: Is it Really Safe to Get a Tattoo in Bali?

One of the concerns when you’re opting to get Bali tattoo is hygiene. There are always questions of whether getting inked in the Paradise Island is safe. Do the tattoo studios in Bali adhere to the standard safety procedures like how it is back home? How’s the whole safety standards in Bali actually?

Bali as a travel tattoo destination 

It’s widely known that Bali is one of the most attractive tropical tourist destinations over the last several decades. People flock to the island in search of things they couldn’t find back home. The Tattoo community in Bali is one of the phenomenon that could not be separated from the rise of the tourism industry. 

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As such, much of the standards of Bali tattoo actually follows the world at large. It isn’t rare to find studios owned by Australian and European expatriates. While this is in no way an indication of good hygiene standards, take note that Indonesia in general is a Muslim majority. While tattoo will always have a place there, it remains a fact that in society at large, tattoos are looked down upon. This is something that you’d understand if you’ve been in Indonesia for long enough and actually have meaningful interactions with the locals. A large portion of clients who are getting a tattoo in Bali are from overseas themselves, who are of course wondering about hygiene concerns and all. 

Tattoo Bali: That suspiciously cheap tattoo places in Kuta 

While it’s safe to say that getting a tattoo in Bali as as safe as when you get it back home, same common sense when you wanted to get a tattoo applies. There are many shady parlors in Kuta (or Sanur, tattoo Canggu or everywhere in Bali, really) that offer super cheap tattoo. Those are the ones you need to be wary of. 

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The main issue here is that tattoo standards here are not regulated. And Indonesia is far from the point of getting such regulations, there’s also the fact that even if the regulation is in place, enforcing such regulations is an entirely different matter. 

Getting to know the average tattoo prices in Bali 

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Visit the studio tattoo Bali of your choice. Just be upfront with them and say that you’re considering your budget. 

  • Send your inquiries to several tattoo studios or artists in Bali. Expect that prices will vary. But you’ll know then, how much is an acceptable range and how cheap is too cheap.  
  • Always make sure that you have a design ready when you’re doing this by message. It does not have to be a fixed design; it just needs to be able to illustrate your point. Don’t be afraid of including other people’s tattoo to illustrate the size of your tattoo, for example. Anything to get your idea across. 
  • Already in Bali? Why not go to the tattoo places you already have in mind? Actually visiting the place and getting to talk to the artist is a valuable experience 
  • You don’t have any idea where you’d like to get tattooed in? Then it’s time to do your research. Browse for reputable Bali tattoo places

Getting a tattoo Bali is generally safe, but…

With everything that’s said, getting a tattoo in Bali is actually not that huge of a concern many often make it out to be. Poor tattooing practice exists, but it’s more of an exception than a norm. And as long as you do your research and always consult before committing to a tattoo studio or artist, you’re generally going to be fine. And of course, educate yourself in what consist of safe tattooing practices, such as single-use tattoo equipment, sterilization process, down to the after-care. 

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