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Creating Workspace To Match Your Personal Preference And Spark Your Productivity

Creating Workspace To Match Your Personal Preference And Spark Your Productivity
Free laptop in modern office with white brick wall and window view image, public domain CC0 photo.

Working from home continues to be the policy many companies choose to face the situation with the global pandemic that is still going on. Working from home has been reported to have two side effects. Some people experience a boost of creativity working from home since they are able to choose a work style that fits them. Meanwhile, some others are reported to experience burnout due to lack of conducive space for working. It is important to have workspace that fits your preference so your creativity and productivity are boosted. 

How to create workspace that prefer your style and can spark your productivity

Working for hours can put you in a major boredom especially when you keep working in the same place. Working from home, allows you to be more creative with your workspace arrangement. Hence, don’t hesitate to arrange it as you see fit. Here are some ideas to help you create a workspace that is comfortable but still spark your productivity:

Utilize the corner of a room

Instead of using living room or bedroom to do all work-related tasks from home, why not creating a workspace yourself by utilizing particular corner of a room. This way, you can create a workspace without needing too much space. Use simple table and chair that don’t take much space either with muted colors. As for the designs, choose the ergonomics ones so they are still comfortable for your body to sit on for hours. 

Choose the concept you love

Room in a modern office. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

Every individual may have different preferences when it comes to interior design and decoration. Unlike at the office where workspace has been decided by the company, you can create more preferable workspace yourself. You may consider minimalist concept that is typically less-cluttered with simplicity as dominant aspect. For this concept, you need neutral colors combination and furniture with earth tone. Adding ornamental plants can make the room more lively and enjoyable. 

Modern setting

You can also create a workspace that adopt modern concept. For this, you will need standing desk. Choose the one that is adjustable so you can use it while standing or sitting as needed. Choose simple chair that is ergonomic and functional. You can create this kind of workspace with an open space concept. Hence, you don’t really need specific space to arrange it. 

Try bolder concept

You may also want to add boldness to your workspace. You can do it by creating workspace with bolder concept. It can be seen by the choice of colors, furniture, patterns, and textures you prefer. You can create a workspace that is contrast with your home interior design in general. For example, your home uses minimalist concept with neutral colors as dominant palette. In contrast, create  workspace with total opposite in the concept by opting for bolder color palette. It makes your workspace look more striking. It also gives the impression of high spirit and lively vibes. This concept-clash is suitable for you who like to show your unique self as well. 

Living in A Villa in Bali for Long Term: 6 Maintenance Tips!

Living in A Villa in Bali for Long Term: 6 Maintenance Tips!

The resort island of Indonesia, Bali, continue to attract thousands of travelers across the globe every year. The crystal-clear blue waters, picturesque landscapes, sprawling rice terraces, and abundant natural beauty make for an enchanting retreat. It’s no wonder that some travelers who already get a taste of Bali want to extend their stay—and start living in this island. The cost of living is low and so is the stress level! Imagine heading to the beach after closing your works to catch a gorgeous sunset and enjoying a pool party at the weekend. Not to mention the availability of Bali villas for rent from all range of budget. 

Finding the Perfect Villas in Bali for Rent

One of the best aspect of living in Bali is that you can rent villas for the price of your airline ticket! Finding temporary housing in the region where you wish to move would be the first thing to do before arriving in Bali. On or any other website, you can make a room reservation online.

When you arrive in Bali, you can begin looking for your ideal new residence. This is the procedure. You can either go door to door or search for long-term rentals on or Facebook groups. However, some expats are envisioning a more permanent business, and if you are planning to stay for years in Bali, it’s financially wiser to get a villa for lease. You can look for agencies to help you get a luxury villas for rent in Bali in best price. 

Maintaining Your Villa 

Hunting for a good Bali property takes time; but once you get the one that suits you, it’s time to live the tropical dream. 

However, you should not forget to run a regular maintenance for the villa. Maintaining a clean and orderly home is one of your duties as a tenant. Try to keep the villa that you live in as tidy as you found it in the advertisement. Make sure that any minor damage is fixed and that any significant maintenance is recorded. Tenancy checks are typically conducted every six months, therefore maintaining the property is crucial.

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Understand the Tropical Weather to Maintain the House

In contrast to Northern Hemisphere dwellings built for freeze-thaw cycles, Bali’s perpetual tropical climate mostly deals with variable humidity levels. In addition, there is the incredible diversity seen in the tropics, including termites, ants, beetles, and a wide variety of other insects. Of course, there is a lot of seismic activity in addition to being situated on a chain of volcanoes and on top of moving tectonic plates, which rounds out the difficulties.

It should come as no surprise that a home under such attack will eventually decline and require more frequent maintenance.

Maintaining the Airflow

Maintaining the Airflow

When you are looking for villas for rent in Bali, prioritise houses with open-floor plan and a lot of windows to ensure great airflow inside the house. Cross-ventilation is crucial for air flow. Breezeways, French doors, and several windows are used in tropical dwellings to provide air circulation for cooler temperatures and to evaporate moisture. Have several screened air vents installed high beneath the ceiling. screened to keep pests out of your home at night, particularly at the time of year right after the first rains when they emerge in droves.

Regular Maintenance of Air Conditioner

In the hot and humid weather of Bali, an air conditioner is essential to any house. Always take special attention to the AC in your villa. An experienced repair business must perform routine maintenance on air conditioners. This is because the inside blower and external compressor have been clogged with dust, grime, and mold. Regular AC system maintenance can prevent the AC unit from malfunctioning and may even risk the health of your family, especially if you have individuals who suffer from allergies because of the inevitable accumulation of mold and mildew. Make sure the blower, condensation coils, and interior/exterior air filter get a thorough cleaning as part of the servicing. A Freon level check should be part of the service. 

The tenant is often responsible for paying the costs of AC servicing, so bear this in mind. 

Maintaining the Landscape of Your Villa

It’s nice to stay at a luxury villa rental in Bali with a beautiful garden within it. However, you need to do a regular maintenance to keep it pretty. Check your lease to see what landscaping duties you have. Some landlords employ a gardener who will visit once a week or once a month so the tenants won’t have to worry. Some will demand that you take care of landscaping maintenance tasks like making sure sprinklers run frequently or watering plants on your own.

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Clean the House

Regular cleaning is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your rental. The home and its appliances will last longer as a result. Although they are frequently neglected, cleaning the oven, microwave, and refrigerator is a common cause of a large cleaning cost when you move out.

Never Flush Baby Wipes Down the Toilet

is a mistake we frequently observe among our residents. Even wipes that claim to be flushable might seriously damage a home’s plumbing system. Baby wipes don’t degrade, so they won’t break down like toilet paper and clog drains instead. Even if it does pass through the pipes, as your pipes get older, it can cause additional trouble. At water treatment facilities, it also creates issues.

Bali Tropic Resort & Spa, Indulge Yourself During Holiday

If Thailand is famous for its traditional massage, Bali is no less interesting than a traditional massage that makes your body feel comfortable. Vacationing in Bali means you have to enjoy all the unique and fun traditions. Most Bali family resorts offer spa services, body scrubs, or reflexology. Bali tropic resort & spa offers world-class exclusive services that ensure a pleasant stay for its guests.

Bali Tropic Resort & Spa, Indulge Yourself During Holiday

The relaxing effect is the most sought after when someone does a spa. For spa enthusiasts, they will be willing to fly to various countries to experience the best spa facilities.

Vacations are one of the most powerful ways to relax from all busy activities. Seeing beautiful scenery, eating delicious food, and staying in luxurious hotels are the perfect plans for enjoying a vacation.

Bali Tropic Resort & Spa – Tea Tree Spa

Tea Tree Spa is a spa with an international standard that you must try in this one city. Being at the Nusa Dua beach resort Holiday Inn, you will feel an elegant and luxurious atmosphere as soon as you enter this place.

Bali Tropic Resort & Spa - Tea Tree Spa Holiday Inn Bali Benoa

With professional and friendly staff and therapists, you will be pampered with the treatments here. There are traditional massages, foot reflexology, aromatherapy, hair spa, and others. Guaranteed to make you feel at home and addicted to trying to come back.

The tea tree spa features six serene treatment rooms, a dedicated nail salon with fun nail art for mother/daughter manicures, and a serene relaxation room, decorated in a sleek modern Moroccan style.

Samabe Bali Suites & Villas Spa

The Galangal spa treatment rooms are positioned close to the lobby in the building. Galangal Spa has a large range of treatments and massages to choose from, depending on your needs. Relax in the outdoor sunken tub loaded with flower petals after your treatment. By the tub, incense sticks and lit scented candles assist to relax your mind. Spa retreat packages include organic juice or herbal tea. Leave your spa room with a positive attitude.

Bagus Jati Health & Wellbeing Retreat

A genuinely exceptional hotel with a beautiful natural landscape, situated on a slope so that the chilly mountain air feels cool, ideal for people seeking peace and tranquility, and especially excellent for honeymoon couples. You can participate in numerous activities such as yoga, meditation, and others in this relaxing and stress-relieving environment.

The health ethos is well-known in this area.

With their vast choice of treatments, they’ve added a new dimension, incorporating Asian-inspired therapies like marma and massage, as well as traditional beauty treatments staffed by skilled wellness practitioners.

Bagus Jati provides holistic retreats with a variety of facilities and wellness activities, such as Yoga, Meditation, Rejuvenating Spa treatments, Ayurveda, Detox, Nature, and Balinese cultural programs.

You’ll find inner peace and stress relief, or you’ll revitalize your body and start living a healthy lifestyle.

You Need Organic Toner for Your Life and This is Why

You Need Organic Toner for Your Life and This is Why

When it comes to skincare products, toner is a touchy subject: Some people swear by the after-cleansing procedure, while others believe it is completely unneeded. Sure, it’s not as important as your nightly face wash or daily SPF, but a well-formulated toner can provide plenty of benefits to your skin: It cleanses, balances oils, adds hydration, and prepares your skin for the rest of your skincare routine. While toners aren’t required, the correct one might help your skincare regimen work better.

Do You Really Need Organic Toner? 

Toner looks and acts like water—but it’s not water. There’s a lot more to it than hydrogen and oxygen. Acids, glycerine, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories may also be present depending on the toner. If you want to get technical, a toner is a fast-absorbing liquid that hydrates the skin while also assisting in the removal of dead skin cells from the surface. The end effect is plump, luminous skin. In terms of makeup, toner acts as a primer for the remainder of your skin-care routines, such as serums and moisturisers.

Let the Skin Drink the Toner

The natural regeneration process of the skin is disrupted by skin that is either overly oily or too dry. Toner can rehydrate dry skin and replenish moisture levels. Organic skin toner, regardless of skin type, minimizes and prevents dryness while also removing superfluous oils, leaving only the natural quantity for healthy skin renewal. Natural toners give important moisture and nutrients, which help to heal and restore your skin’s protective barrier. Natural hydration and protective antioxidants keep your skin safe from environmental toxins and allergens in the air. Toners also aid in the removal of impurities from the skin that cause it to become dry and dehydrated. That’s one of the reasons why toners feel so good when you use them. 

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Organic Toners is Essential for Skin’s Health

Organic Toners is Essential for Skin’s Health

Toners restore your skin’s natural pH balance, balancing out the high pH content that soaps and foams can cause. Dryness is reduced even more by the restored balance. Toners have the ability to soothe and regulate your skin while also increasing blood circulation for a healthy glow. 

Have Oily Skin? It starts with the Right Organic Toner

Thinking that oily skin doesn’t need toner and all sorts? Think again. Ingredients in an organic toner for oily skin that regulate oily skin also assist acne-prone skin to avoid blemishes and outbreaks. Many acne-fighting skincare solutions contain chemicals that only dry up the skin. Because the skin has a hard time producing new, healthy tissue, this extreme dryness simply raises the likelihood of additional outbreaks. Toners keep the skin cells active, allowing them to shed the old and welcome the new.

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Better Skin for the Next Step on Your Skin Regime

Toner can be thought of as pore preparation. It restores your skin’s naturally acidic pH, removing pollutants and aiding in the absorption of skincare products. Your skin resembles a dehydrated sponge. A brittle, dry sponge will not receive a thick cream and will not be ‘prepped’ for wetness. The cream will sink in more easily if you wet the sponge. This is exactly why toner is essential for the skin. 

Organic toner is made with gentle, skin-friendly components that find the optimal mix between respecting the skin’s barrier function while also promoting the efficiency of its active ingredients. Toners that are made from all-natural ingredients are gentle enough for sensitive skin, but also strong enough to produce glowing results; like reducing sebum, smoothening the skin, soothing irritated skin. 

Benefits Of Yoga In Improving Your Health

Yoga has become a part of lifestyle for some people because they have already experienced the benefits of it. Yoga is not a new trend in wellness pan. In fact, it is an ancient practice that has been  existed for five thousand years. People have been practicing this for that long so there must be something to it. 

Benefits Of Yoga In Improving Your Health

Practicing yoga to improve health

Many people find yoga boring exercise because it looks just like posing instead of moving like any other sports that require quite intense physical movements. However, yoga is not only about making vigorous movement. It is just as much a philosophy as it is a workout. The idea of yoga is more to connect the body, mind, and spirit. And here are some of the benefits of practicing yoga in regular basis:

Reduce the risk of heart disease

There has been researches to find how practicing yoga can improve health. It is found that yoga can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular and heart-related diseases. Yoga can help maintain healthy breathing, regulate heartbeat, reduce chest pain, as well as reduce fatigue. It is also found that yoga exercise can help lower blood pressure. 

Manage depression and stress

As mentioned that practicing yoga is about connecting the body, mind, and spirit. Hence, it helps manage mental health. Many people who are suffering from depression and stress find yoga to be helpful in helping them improve their mental health. There is a sense of calmness within many people have experienced after taking yoga as regular practice. It helps a lot in alleviating and treating depression significantly. 

Help relieve back pain 

Back pain is one of the most common health problems experienced by many people around the world regardless of ages and gender. Meanwhile, there have been researched that show how their participants who practiced yoga on regular basis experienced significant improvement to their back pain. During yoga, you are required to pose properly. These poses can help fix your postures as well. Hence, it helps improve back pain. 

Help reduce anxiety

Similar to how yoga helps alleviate and treat depression, it benefits to anxiety management as well. So many people are suffered from anxiety from mild to extreme level. Yoga can help calm your nerves, resulted in relaxation. Also, yoga is relatively safe and widely available so everyone can try this treatment to treat their anxiety problems. To some people with anxiety, yoga can help improve their symptoms. Also, it can be a valuable tool to support the overall treatment plan. 

Boost the brain

Yoga is known to be beneficial for improving mental health. However, it is also great to promote brain health. In fact, many researches showed how yoga could benefit the brain by boosting thinking skills, and preventing cognitive decline. Hippocampus and amygdala are the most benefited parts of the brain from yoga practices. Also, people who practice yoga on regular basis are found to have larger prefrontal cortex. This part is responsible for multitasking, planning, and decision making. 

Wedding in Nusa Dua Beach Resort During the Pandemic; It’s a Win

Wedding in Nusa Dua Beach Resort During the Pandemic

As the coronavirus haunts in the air, many couples have retreated from having a full-fledge wedding and reconsider options for a small, private wedding. The pandemic has hit wedding industries really hard and crushes many hearts of the soon-to-be-wed. Changes are inevitable but your wedding can still take place. It needs various modification indeed; re-navigating, re-planning, and re-scheduling is the key to still have a successful, beautiful wedding even in the midst of the pandemic. One of our favourite solution for the coronavirus wedding is having it take place on a beach resort. Like the Nusa Dua Beach resort in Bali which has been so experienced at handling a wedding—and turning a bride’s dream come true. This is why having a wedding at Nusa Dua resort is a win, even in the middle of pandemic.

You can have faith in how Nusa Dua Beach Resort arrange a safe wedding

Preparing a wedding is already stressful on its own—and now you have coronavirus on the list. You need to think about wedding venue, catering, makeup artist, and down on how to maintain hygiene and safety for your guests. When you have the wedding in a Nusa Dua beach resort, however, you can basically have them to arrange everything. They will take care of the decoration, catering, guests room, and sanitising the whole venue when you just sit and supervise everything.

It’s effortlessly beautiful  

When you prepare a wedding, you’ll want it to be as beautiful as possible. However, having a beautiful decoration means you need to be in touch with many vendors to make it true. This give greater chance of transmission as you will meet a lot of people to discuss the concept or source materials. Beach, on the other hand, provide a breath-taking backdrop with its natural beauty. You only need a light touch—some fresh flower arrangements—to make it dreamy.

Multiple Venues in Nusa Dua Beach Resort

Wedding in Nusa Dua Beach Resort During the Pandemic

When you choose the Nusa Dua beach resort for your wedding venue, you will get the luxuries of having multiple wedding venue even without moving a place. For a couple who have a wedding in the midst of a pandemic, this is surely a great benefit. In one single resort, you can choose a unique location for each part of the wedding. A nuptial ceremony right in the beach and a wedding brunch in restaurant, for example.

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Limiting the guest size while providing the best wedding experience

Guest number is an important thing in Covid-situation wedding. For Indonesians who traditionally have lavish banquet with minimum 700 guests, arranging a wedding in beach resort like the Nusa Dua give excuses to couples to have a small initimate wedding. Something that’s quite taboo on Indonesia before the pandemic.

Nusa Dua Resort is giving a much-needed break from the pandemic worries

The pandemic is scaring people in so many ways and forced couple to navigate through complicated situation. It’s nice to know that you will soon getting pampered that you deserve right after the wedding. A wedding in beach resort usually come in package with a honeymoon stay. You don’t have to think about transportation to and from the wedding venue. It’s all arranged in one place and in this situation, that’s the best thing you’ll want to have.

Find Best Deal Bali Villas Seminyak

Confused looking for a tourist destination for your vacation? Each world destination offers its own charm and charm. Bali, one of the world’s best destinations and an amazing island that is famous for its art, dance and music culture. Amazing beaches and clear sea make Bali a luxurious and perfect vacation. The development of Bali Seminyak villas is increasingly providing added value to the Seminyak area which is popular by expats and foreign tourists.

Bali Villas Seminyak

What To Do To Get Bali Villas Seminyak?

Tourists who are on their first vacation to Bali might be a little confusing. Some questions that are usually asked a lot are the great location of the resort, villas or hotel. The Bali area is filled with many tourist destinations ranging from Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, Sanur, Jimbaran, Uluwatu, Ubud, and others. The question is where will you take your vacation? All you have to determine is finding information about all popular locations in Bali.

Seminyak is very popular as a luxurious and prestigious area. There is no doubt that this area is filled with exclusive accommodations such as Seminyak villas. Searching over the internet will be very easy but how much budget do you have to prepare?

Looking for accommodation in popular areas is a bit burdensome for tourists. Especially when they are consumed with promos with no clear explanation. The internet makes it easy for everyone to find anything, but sometimes they get stuck with unclear promos. When seeing pictures of Bali villas Seminyak through the internet everything looks beautiful, but when they see the reality a bit makes them disappointed because it does not match what is shown.

The best way to find the best deal Bali Villas Seminyak is through a previous visitor review. The previous visitor’s statement will not make you deluded by the promotion. They tell everything in detail based on reality. Sometimes they also inform the best deals at certain times. Experience is the best teacher.

The best thing that you get when you stay at Bali villas Seminyak is freedom to roam the location and be more private. Bali villas Seminyak brings you the best experience. Look around and find out more closely the life of the locals. You might be able to get help from locals to take you around to many of the best tourist attractions in Bali. Find the best deal Bali villas Seminyak is perfect for minimizing your budget, and you will find a hidden paradise on the Island of the Gods.

What Tattoo Artist Bali Secretly Wish You Know

Getting a tattoo in Bali is a big deal to do—especially during a holiday. You need to invest countless time thinking about the designs, researching a reputable tattoo shop, to finding the right artists whose style match with your dream design. With tattoo removal being a painful and costly business, getting a permanent ink could be a huge task for the tattoo bearer. But they are not the only one to feel frustrated on the tattoo process. Have you ever wonder of what your tattoo artists Bali think when you step on the door? Here, we’ve covered things your tattoo artist secretly wish you know as you make ink request on their parlour. 

What Tattoo Artist Bali Secretly Wish You Know

That You Treat Tattoo Artist Bali Professionally

Just because tattoo is a leisure industry and Bali is a holiday island, doesn’t means you can treat your tattoo artist Bali without respect. It’s just like any other businesses—tattoo artists are professionals on their fields. Sure, the shop’s vibe might be casual, but it’s still a working environment of the artist. Always act nice, kind, and treat the artists with equal respect as you would give to other professionals. 

That You Don’t Walk In and Ask An Exact Copy of A Tattoo

Sometimes clients walk in, asking for an exact copy of a design that they found online. This could be an awkward issue for the artist. No true artist could be comfortable copying the work of other artist and claim it as theirs. It’s offensive both to the original tattoo artist and to the artists that you ask to copy it. Most likely, the tattoo won’t be as good as the original copy—and the artist might find difficulty to publish it as their work due to copyright issue. 

That You Should Speak Up What You Want 

Your tattoo artists in Bali is not mind reader. Too many clients walk in with blurry visions in their head (or sometimes, no at all), that’s difficult to translate into a tattoo design. They’ve been busy enough by clients who are too articulative with their ideas. They don’t have time thinking for you from scratch. When you walk into a parlour, make sure you have clear and solid idea of what you want. Gather some designs related to your idea, then have some creative process with your artist. 

That Fees of Many Tattoo Artist Bali Could Vary 

It’s kinda rude if you compare the price of a high-skilled, renown artist with the price of less experienced artist. Know that the price of tattoo artist, whether in Bali and in any other places, is determined by their level of expertise, skills, and extensive experience. The hourly rate of an artist could be different with one another—even at the same studio. 

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That You Shouldn’t Micro Manage the Artits

One thing that people usually forget: letting the artist be an artist. They are not human machine paid to work as per your command. Share ideas and communicate your wants clearly. Then, let the artists took the best decisions of details, colourings, shades, etc. 

That You Are Encourage to Tipping 

We all know that tattoo price is high—especially with finer details and larger design. However, it’s a courtesy to set aside a little of extra cash for tipping in the final session. It’s a way to say thank you if your tattoo artist Bali is doing a great job!

Ubud Villas, A Smart Choice For Digital Nomads

Ever imagined working at a dream place? Many people choose to work without having ties with certain companies. Digital nomads are one of them and their popular destination is Bali. Bali, an exotic island with a unique culture and traditions as the perfect place to work remote and have fun. One of the destination areas for digital nomads is Ubud, where they enjoy a calm, cool and peaceful atmosphere. Ubud villas are widely available for digital nomads which also allow building relationships from remote workers from many countries.

Ubud Villas

Ubud Villas, A Peaceful Workplace For Digital Nomads

Ubud is indeed the most popular among tourists. It can’t be said to Bali if you haven’t visited Ubud. As the heart and center of art, bringing many people to come in curious about the natural beauty of Ubud. In fact, Bali has been able to take over some of the world’s major countries as the goal of digital nomads. Art workers, yoga lovers, tranquility seekers have already stepped on Ubud as the best place to escape the crowds.

Even many people who initially vacationed then decided on their nomad’s digital life to move and work in Bali for 1-2 months. Maybe Ubud villas are not the only perfect place for freelancers. Canggu, Umalas, or Seminyak are also options for those who want to continue to enjoy the holiday atmosphere and ease of reaching many other tourist destinations.

Based on surveys, nomadic digital experience in various countries helps individuals recognize a great deal of understanding about culture. The decision to be a digital nomad and look for working space in Ubud villas is a big decision. Get out of your home country’s safe zone and look for extraordinary experiences in many countries, including Bali. The digital nomads must, of course, think of looking for a quiet working space like Ubud villas to complete all the tasks from the client. Finding a working space in an Ubud at a low price is also a must because the life of a digital nomad will be full of challenges. When a worker remains calm with a fixed salary every month, a nomad digital lifestyle may not necessarily bring the same income every month.

When there is an opportunity to get a lot of relationships by gathering with digital nomads in Ubud villas, it will bring success and income as desired every month. Working quietly, relaxing with the cool atmosphere in Ubud villas is the right choice for digital nomads from around the world. Who does not want to work and settle while in Bali, the island of dreams and pieces of heaven on earth?

Exclusive Bali Villas, True Spirit Of A Holiday

What do you think about hearing exclusive words? Luxury? Private? You are right! Exclusive Bali villas offer the convenience of living quarters equipped with luxurious, modern facilities and more private. Most villa owners build each separate villa so that guests have a special place, separate and not accompanied by others. Bali is a pleasure for vacation but full of traps related to accommodation.

Exclusive Bali Villas - Private Accommodation

Exclusive Bali Villas, True Spirit Of A Holiday

It is undeniable that 90% of tourists on vacation in Bali will question “which hotel we will live in”. This is the first mistake because it is clear that staying in a hotel will cost a lot. Bali has hundreds or even thousands of accommodations for you to choose from. Now it depends on how you choose accommodation wisely and smartly. Hundreds of business people left the world of hospitality because of the many unfilled rooms, especially in the Denpasar area. The reason? Because of traffic jams and you have to travel more than 30 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Available alternative accommodation that is different from the hotel is exclusive Bali villas. There are tens of thousands of Bali luxury villas scattered on this exotic island. Business people in the villa sector are very clever at marketing to attract many guests. In fact, 70% of foreign tourists prefer safety and private accommodation. If you think of exclusive rates for Bali villas per night more than your accommodation budget then that is wrong. For example, you have to find accommodation for family holidays, groups or groups so staying at Bali villas will save hundreds of dollars compared to staying in a hotel.

Most exclusive Bali villas are built around the homes of local residents so that they offer a very close feel to Bali. The smell of incense at certain hours when the prayer times will be smelled. If you are lucky, you can see Hindu ceremonies such as Ngaben or other ceremonies. Getting to know the traditions and culture of Bali is a part of holiday pleasure.

A true spirit of the holiday is where when you can enjoy it in accordance with the purpose of your vacation There are many people who pay less attention to their vacation goals. Ensuring a place to stay and feel calm is the destination when the exclusive Bali villas are designed and built, for different nuances to each tourist. There is no pleasure that exceeds vacation pleasure with family or friends.