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Wedding catering services: Best Practices for Planning Catered Menu

Good food brings together good conversations, and it’s not an overstatement to say that having a good time in a wedding (or any event for that matter) is reliant on having delicious dishes. This is why hiring experienced wedding catering services is imperative to the success of your big day. But before you browse for wedding caterers in Bali to meet your event’s needs what are some of the most important things you should note when it comes to catered food? 

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Wedding catering services: go local and seasonal 

Going local is not merely a fad. The emphasis on going local is particularly beneficial and has gained popularity for a reason. Locally-grown and produced food are so much fresher compared to ingredients that had to be imported first. Fresh ingredients are proven to be more delicious and not to mention, healthier. 

Find out where your wedding catering services get the ingredients for their food. Obtaining food from local sources—from farmers to tables—is undoubtedly the ideal arrangement. Also consider seasonal food. This is a huge factor when engineering a menu. If you ask for a dish with an out of season ingredient, then you’ll likely have to settle for processed food, which means, less than fresh delicacies for you and your guests. 

Bali catering services: try the local dishes 

Don’t just go local for the ingredients; go all out by trying out local dishes and authentic menu selections. Your guests will appreciate the taste of the rich spices Balinese dishes are famed for. If you’re a fan of other Indonesian dishes coming from different regions of the country, then incorporate them into your menu as well. Find catering services in Bali that specialize in authentic local dishes to have an unforgettable menu. 

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Here are some Balinese food recommendation: 

  • Chicken or duck Betutu. This type of dish used to be consumed during traditional celebrations in Bali. But today, this dish is an everyday favorite of the locals. 
  • Varieties of satay. Grilled pieces of meat or fish with rich spices and/or sauces 
  • Don’t forget the many variations of sambal (sauces and condiments) that make Balinese dishes so delightful. 

Plan a menu that fits your wedding’s concept 

Planing a menu can be as exciting as it is nerve-wracking. However this point relates strongly to the ones we talked about before. Once you’ve decided to go for best-practice and only source your ingredients from the local produce and going seasonal, you’re on your way to create a good catering menu that are both fresh and tasty. Having local ingredients as a must will narrow down the list of dishes you’ll be able to cook up using them. 

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Scout for an experienced wedding caterer so that you’ll have a peace of mind throughout the planning of your event, and most importantly, during the day of your reception. Take a look at the past work of wedding catering services or their portfolio during your scouting process. 

Consider the format of the meals offered 

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Having a buffet or a seated meal is often a tricky question anyone hosting an event would have. The best catering in Bali would be able to give you insights on the meal arrangements they have in offer. Whether it’s buffet or plated meals, each has its own pros and cons. So make sure to consult your caterers. 

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