Wedding in Nusa Dua Beach Resort During the Pandemic; It’s a Win

Wedding in Nusa Dua Beach Resort During the Pandemic

As the coronavirus haunts in the air, many couples have retreated from having a full-fledge wedding and reconsider options for a small, private wedding. The pandemic has hit wedding industries really hard and crushes many hearts of the soon-to-be-wed. Changes are inevitable but your wedding can still take place. It needs various modification indeed; re-navigating, re-planning, and re-scheduling is the key to still have a successful, beautiful wedding even in the midst of the pandemic. One of our favourite solution for the coronavirus wedding is having it take place on a beach resort. Like the Nusa Dua Beach resort in Bali which has been so experienced at handling a wedding—and turning a bride’s dream come true. This is why having a wedding at Nusa Dua resort is a win, even in the middle of pandemic.

You can have faith in how Nusa Dua Beach Resort arrange a safe wedding

Preparing a wedding is already stressful on its own—and now you have coronavirus on the list. You need to think about wedding venue, catering, makeup artist, and down on how to maintain hygiene and safety for your guests. When you have the wedding in a Nusa Dua beach resort, however, you can basically have them to arrange everything. They will take care of the decoration, catering, guests room, and sanitising the whole venue when you just sit and supervise everything.

It’s effortlessly beautiful  

When you prepare a wedding, you’ll want it to be as beautiful as possible. However, having a beautiful decoration means you need to be in touch with many vendors to make it true. This give greater chance of transmission as you will meet a lot of people to discuss the concept or source materials. Beach, on the other hand, provide a breath-taking backdrop with its natural beauty. You only need a light touch—some fresh flower arrangements—to make it dreamy.

Multiple Venues in Nusa Dua Beach Resort

Wedding in Nusa Dua Beach Resort During the Pandemic

When you choose the Nusa Dua beach resort for your wedding venue, you will get the luxuries of having multiple wedding venue even without moving a place. For a couple who have a wedding in the midst of a pandemic, this is surely a great benefit. In one single resort, you can choose a unique location for each part of the wedding. A nuptial ceremony right in the beach and a wedding brunch in restaurant, for example.

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Limiting the guest size while providing the best wedding experience

Guest number is an important thing in Covid-situation wedding. For Indonesians who traditionally have lavish banquet with minimum 700 guests, arranging a wedding in beach resort like the Nusa Dua give excuses to couples to have a small initimate wedding. Something that’s quite taboo on Indonesia before the pandemic.

Nusa Dua Resort is giving a much-needed break from the pandemic worries

The pandemic is scaring people in so many ways and forced couple to navigate through complicated situation. It’s nice to know that you will soon getting pampered that you deserve right after the wedding. A wedding in beach resort usually come in package with a honeymoon stay. You don’t have to think about transportation to and from the wedding venue. It’s all arranged in one place and in this situation, that’s the best thing you’ll want to have.