Preparing Yourself To Face The Unknown In Business Industry


The situation with covid-19 has taught us many things. One of many lessons is that we will never know when things go south. 2020 is like the year that nobody expected to be so daunting. Many people’s live are affected in so many different ways.

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However, the same point is that it has affected in a bad way. The world is full of volatility, complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty. Many people are still struggling to find the best to plot their future now. The traditional way seems like no longer sufficient. 

Plotting a plan for the unknown challenges and opportunities

The unexpected should always be on the list of things you need to be prepared for in anything in life. In business, it is common to anticipate or expect the unexpected. However, being prepared with the plan you design in traditional ways might not be applicable anymore now. Hence, you need to develop another plot so your business can face the unknown challenges, difficulties, and opportunities. 

It is time for you to be more open with your plotting strategy. If the traditional way won’t work any longer, then try new method. For example, you only involve the people in boardroom to discuss and plan strategy for your company. Now, you can involve more people outside the boardroom to engage more in the plotting. Bringing people from the outside the boardroom may result in broader ideas. Some of ideas might appear disruptive or even unusual. however, they might be the best solution. 

Also, involving people outside of boardroom can make the process of implementation goes smoothly. It is because from the beginning, the people who are going to directly engage in implementing the plans have been there and know exactly what the plans were about. They choose the plans which aligns perfectly with how they work. Their suggestions and concerns come from the right places. 

Front-line employees can be the best asset for you to plot the plan for your company to be ready in facing the unknown in the future. Discussing strategic issues with them will result in more diverse ideas. However, make sure that their ideas are taken seriously. 

Predicting what is going to happen is difficult. Hence, you can try experimenting instead. Try different ideas and see which ones work best. Usually, a long trial-and-error and hypothesis testing are done by startups. It is done ti ensure they know where they are going even if the path is unknown. Experimental approach is not such a bad idea to try. You don’t have to pretend you know the future anyway. 

A scenario planning can be a great plot to try as well. Predicting the future is hard but you can at least work with several alternative futures by doing scenario planning. You can try develop several detailed stories of how the future might play out. Each story will need different strategies because each has different perspectives. In scenario planning, it is not about probability. You need to choose scenarios that are plausible and build on evidence.

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