Ways To Maintain Your Muscles While Travelling


It must be devastating to lose hard-earned muscle mass. The process of building a well-balanced and muscular physique does take time. It is a challenging process and need constant maintenance. In fact, maintaining muscle gains is considered more challenging for some people. Many people are concerned about losing their muscles especially during a travel. 

Maintaining your muscles well during travel

You are at risk of losing your muscle during travel because there are many factors. For example, you don’t know where to find the gym to keep in shape. Or, there are many tempting foods that can make you forget about yourself and gaining fat instead of muscles. Following your routine religiously is also more challenging during travel due to different settings and the availability of the right nutrition you need. Here are some tips you can try to maintain your muscles during travel:

Pack your own resistance bands so you can exercise regardless of your destination. Resistance bands are also travel-friendly because they are compact, lightweight, and durable. Most of them provide up to 125 pounds resistance you can use for exercise. You can perform various workout exercise using resistance bands during travel such as reverse flies, chest crossovers, alternating bicep curls, and Romanian deadlifts. 

Perform bodyweight exercise as it is one of the most convenient exercises to maintain muscles especially during travel. You can do various exercises in a local park, or any other comfortable and quiet places. You can perform bodyweight squats, pull-ups, push-ups, burpees, and mountain climbers. 

Go to the nearest gym. If you travel to the outskirt, it might be harder to find a gym. However, it will be easier to locate one if you travel to major city. You can buy a day pass at the nearest gym. Or, if you stay in hotel with gym facility, you can spend few hours there once or twice a week. You can choose morning or evening workout. Or, you can also perform both if the time is available.

Maintain your protein intake. Maintaining muscles means you need to take care of your protein intake because it is one of the most important element. Protein contains amino acids which is the building blocks of muscle tissue. Intense workout without adequate protein will your body at risk of muscle loss. You can opt for foods high in protein such as eggs, chicken, beef, local fish, quinoa, yogurt, lentils, and pork during travel.

Try various adventure activities to keep your body stay active. Some people who have gained and maintained muscles dislike the idea of exercising especially during travel. If you are one of them, you can try adventure-based activities to spend your vacation. Choose the ones that demand your muscles the most such as surfing, paddle-boarding, rock climbing, and hiking. Those are activities that requires your muscles to stay active. 

Maintaining muscle mass while travelling doesn’t have to be demanding or feeling like a chore. You can choose exercises or activities that still fun to do and can fit perfectly with your itinerary.