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Find Out More about Morocco Tourism

Morocco is a unique place where lots of people find it attractive to be a travel destination. Tourism in Morocco is also stable. This one of country in North Africa has gained popularity for its tourism charms. There’s a lot about Morocco’s tourism that has drawn people in such as the country’s culture, coast, and of course history.

What makes Morocco tourism is worth traveling

There’s so much you can explore when you travel in this country. For your information, tourism in Morocco is the second largest foreign exchange earner. Thus, tourism in Morocco keeps developing throughout the years. The government even invest heavily in tourism development.

What makes Morocco worth traveling for?

As mentioned earlier that the coast, history, and culture in Morocco are what drawn global tourists the most. This unique country is kind of different that other countries in Africa. That’s one the reasons why people are curious to visit this country and get to know more about it. However, there are also other reasons why Morocco is worth traveling for.

  1. Price is one of the biggest reasons why travelers like traveling in Morocco. This country is famous for being a budget-friendly travel destination. For backpacker, solo travelers, and those who seek adventure, Morocco is a great destination to go to for memorable traveling without the need to spend too much money on the plan.
  2. Proximity to other interesting places is also what makes Morocco worth traveling for. The location of this country is close to Europe. Thus, it attracts visitors more. It is close to Spain coastal areas which make beach enthusiast eager to travel to Morocco. This way, travelers can go to Morocco and other places in Europe without spending long time to reach each place. It means most budget is being saved as well.
  3. There’s a lot of tourist attraction in Morocco which hard to resist. Regions in Morocco that drew tourist attention the most include Marrakech, Casablanca, Tangier, Agadir, Ouarzazate, Tarfaya, and Fez. Tourist attractions in Morocco include the Atlas Mountains, Malaba Coast, Sand Dunes, Bou Inania Madrasa, Old Defense Wall, Swany Water, Ifrane, and many more. Not to mention that beaches in Morocco are stunning that it is such a waste to skip them when you travel in this country.
  4. Another amazing thing about traveling to Morocco is, this country is home to nine UNESCO world heritage sites. They are Medina of Fez in Fez, Medina of Marrakesh in Marrakesh, Ksar of Ait-Benhaddou in Ait-Benhaddou, Historic City of Meknes in Meknes, Archaeological Site of Volubilis in Meknes, Medina of Tetouan in Tetouan, Medina of Essaouira in Essaouira, Portuguese City of Mazagan in El Jadida, and Modern Capital and Historic City of Rabat in Rabat.
  5. Morocco is a safe travel destination for any type of travel. Whether traveling alone or with group of friends and families, this country offer safety and convenience to keep you safe and comfortable during your trip. Thus, it is safe to say that Morocco is recommended travel destination you may want to include in your bucket list.

The Only 3 Bedroom Villa at Seminyak You Want to Lodging At

It seems to be hard to find an end when talking about the tourism in Bali. Travelers are keep on coming and there’s nothing we can do about that, governments and business owners are inviting them to spend their holidays at the island that has been a dream for so many people in the world.

So do when people or travelers are talking about it, somehow, Bali is a book you’ll never be finished to read or even it may has no end at all. There are too many things to experience.

And the way of how people are start making the stories in Bali is begun by which accommodation they will staying at. For those who are traveling around Bali in a group and will need a 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak, I’ll show you where the one and only villa you want to lodging at.

Hand-picked 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak

Even though I have not been identified how many of available villas at Seminyak especially with 3 bedrooms, but I have been got some of the favored ones for you to lodging at with all your group members.

I may won’t tell you them all since I think that 2 villas are too much for you, so I will only give you one of my best recommended stay that I have been manually hand-picked. It is what have been provided for you by a management called as the Hu’u Villas Bali.

The only 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak you want to lodging at with your group members

There are some more villa managements that are providing a villa with such number of bedrooms, but many of them are far enough from the shore and it won’t be interesting when you are at Seminyak and can’t really experience how beautiful of living around the beach.

The advantages why you will want to rent this 3 bedroom villa Seminyak are;

  1. You will get affordable price or even the cheaper one.
  2. There is always a discount everyday at least for the past recent year.
  3. Heading to the beach from the villa will only take not more than 5 minutes walking.
  4. Great services and is providing you with a private pool.
  5. You can celebrate the party at the villa or you can choose to celebrates it at the bar called as The Den that is around your villa’s area and the villa has a pretty much tasteful restaurant as well with great interior and beautiful outdoor view.

Many travelers have been said that this 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak is where they are going to rent as well when they will be back to Bali one day. The management itself even getting a really excellent reviews from various reservation sites such as TripAdvisor,, TriVago and many more. There are so many living proofs have been giving the positive feedback that have became their experiences while lodging at.

I am recommending you this for a reason; because many people were taking the overall services and facilities as what they were really need. Therefore, they can really rely on their needs of staying in luxury and fulfilling the needs of an accommodation. If you are interested about this 3 bedroom villa at Seminyak, it will always free if you only want to know about the offers. I do really hope that you will have a great story to be told when lodging at this villa.

Things to Remember for Female Travelers

The number of women who traveling around the world has been significantly rising. Here is also trend of solo female traveler and it has attracted tourism habit and commodity. In the past, women can only wait until they have someone else to have their dream vacation.

Things that female travelers should remember when traveling

Today, they just go with it by themselves. Of course, there are risks and weighs to consider regarding to solo female travelers. Harassment and dangers are real anyway. Besides, bad people see them as easier target when they are traveling such theft, robbery, or sexual harassment.

There are many places in the world where respect for women is still hard to get.

What things that female travelers should keep on remember?

Even though there are risks and dangers for solo female travelers, it doesn’t mean women can’t travel at all because there are still many safe places out there ready to embrace women rights.

To be able to travel safely, here are tips for solo female travelers so you can really enjoy the journey.

First, always be respectful even though you face cultural differences. Remember that the place you visit own different culture than what you embrace. Instead of giving rude comments, you should respect the customs and the cultures.

Even though what they do don’t align with what you believe as an individual person or as a woman, always respect them. You don’t have to like or follow their beliefs. However, you don’t have right to change or disrespect them. When you respect them, you will learn to understand more.

In return, they will also respect you and give you some sense of security of being accepted.

Next thing the female travelers should remember is that there are things women can do when men can’t.

Not all the time women travelers are at disadvantage during a trip. Sometimes, you have more opportunities to experiences things which aren’t provided for men. In some countries, there are programs or services dedicated for women only such as female-only yoga class, hair salon, parks, etc.

Instead of visiting unknown places, you can visit those women-only places to have fun.

Another addition for female travelers is to always stand your guard whenever you go.

No matter where you go, your safety is your priority. Of course women are more at risk in this matter. Therefore, you need to travel with your guard up. It might be stressing but it is necessary to guarantee your safety.

Make sure there is someone at home who knows your travel schedule. Women have strong intuition so use it. If you visit a place and something feels off, just get out of the place.

The next important thing to know is that there are travel destinations that are less friendly for women travelers.

However, you can never know if you don’t experience it yourself. Instead of succumbing to your fear and doubt, you can ask more experienced female travelers about the places they went to. Ask their opinion about the places even though it is somewhere do far from your home.

You can challenge yourself and there is no limit for a woman to travel. Being more prepared and always on guard can help you to travel alone safely.

Reasons A Couple Should Going Out For Camping

Falling in love is the great thing to experience in life. It can be the top of any happiness thing in the world. If you are now with someone you love, what if I told you that as a couple, you both may need to go out there in a trip and experience the beauty of outdoors through a camping trip?

What would you say about that idea?

A romantic travel can be means many things for different people. Some of us may are thinking that a candle light dinner on top of sky restaurant building is the great one, some of the others may are wanting to have a night cruise on the river after a movie on theater and many more. And what will make you think that a camping with your beloved one is not really what you need for a romantic trip?

Reasons for a couple to go out for a camping

A luxury and romantic dates are vary, many couples are doing many things just to be closer and being intimate with their lovers the ways they wanted. You can get a romance while on the yacht, you can also experience the luxury of the silence while camping in the forest, hill, cliff besides the sea and many more.

Today, you know and you may have been proven that what I just told you is not a nonsense at all. There are many girls out there that were enjoying how beautiful it was to sat by campfire while laying their heads on their men’s chests.

So does when they are singing together in a cold night of camping or when the couples are sleeping close together by using the double hammock to make their self warmed each other. Don’t you think that sleeping high with someone you love between the trees is a worth trying thing to do for experience the different way of a romantic date?

And as for your information, camping itself is not always to be somewhere faraway of your house, you can even setup the camping trip on your own backyard if you had one. It doesn’t always to be in the deep of the forest ever since the city park nearby can also be your destination. Many places can be used as the couple’s camping ground and enjoy the beauty of seeing the night sky together.

The interesting thing about the camping itself by knowing that most of the couples can enjoying it almost anywhere is that you can get it almost anytime. Says who that camping should have been made you stay for overnight? You can experiencing it for only 3 or 4 hours and decided to go home.

Camping is also one of the travel idea that allowing us to get out without bring many items. Sometimes, you will only need to bring the hammock or the tent and a bottles of drink as well as the matches to fire up the woods as the bonfire. As simple as that, and if you are going out there with your lover, there won’t many hassles you won’t want. Most are the beautiful things to be enjoyed as the romantic travel stories you can share in the future.

So, how many reasons you will need to go out for camping someday?

3 Main Benefits of Kayaking Why Travelers Are In Love With It

Traveling is truly a wide open topic to talk about since there are many things you can do out there that can bring you happiness. If there will a time for you to go somewhere in an alone trip, you may want to experience kayaking for once.

I am telling you this for various legitimate reasons that you can get through kayaking.

To start knowing some important things you can get while kayaking at the sea or mostly people will recommending you to be at the streamed line river that can make you in loves with it, we can see how big does the benefits its brings for you as a solo traveler or even when you are going with your friends.

And, here they are that you can know about it.

Main benefits of kayaking you can get

1. Performing an adventure

When you are thinking about making the kayaking as your travel idea, you can’t be a traveler for any longer. In fact, you are now switching to be an adventurer since kayaking is allowing you to be so.

There is always a spot for beginners to perform kayaking but we have to admit that this kind of idea is encouraging us to explore things while challenging ourselves. And this type of adventuring will also gives you chance to spend your holidays in more different way than before if you haven’t been experienced.

2. Kayaking will be a great idea for your upper body exercising

Let’s leave a gym behind and see another thing to do that can make you exercising especially to get a better treat for your upper body parts while enjoy the nature with a sense of an adventure.

Paddling a kayak will allow your body from your hip section up to your head and it may will also help you to burn off the fat on your body so you can help yourself to get an ideal and healthier body while enjoy the moment at the sea with beautiful seascape.

Your arm can be stronger, chest will be tighten, your back can be strengthen and many more good health condition your body can get in more fun way. Moreover, it is a sport as well.

3. While you have realized that kayaking is fun, you can also be an athlete

In case you are wondering what you will become in the future, you can try kayaking to spend the holidays and see if that will be a great idea to makes it as you dream future career.

Kayaking itself as a sport has been held competitions for years where you can join in the regional and national competition up to the international event as an athlete. So, you’d better thinking about your hobby for now in traveling where it is not only a way to gain experiences but also may possible to support your future career.

While kayaking is also a good way to explore the watery world where you are possible not to getting cold by the water, it is surely has some more health benefits and fun aspects that the travelers can get that I have not been explained this time. But overall, the above 3 benefits are the important summaries of general advantages you can get.

When Is the Best Time to Change Your Business Site Design?

Have you been fear of losing many things when you were deciding to change your online business’s site design? Even though you are thinking that the new design will be the great one, I am telling you that you will still lost some things you have got before.

But, you don’t have to brooding in sadness while thinking about that. There will always ways to get those lost things to make your website even better. In fact, losing is the normal thing when its come to talk about site optimization.

Recommended best time when you want to change the business site design

One of the thing that can brings a great impact for your online business site is when you are planning to change its design. By that time, you will lose one and two things and when the passing by, some of them will be returned automatically.

Changing site design will not only affecting how your regular visitors and customers are seeing about the new appearance they will getting used to, but it will also result in how the search engines robots crawling your site because most of the structured data that have been written for long will be totally changed.

One popular thing that your online business site can possibly get when deciding to change its site design is that the traffics from search engines that many of us are calling them as the organic traffic will be decreased, drastically.

Meaning that the less visitors you’ll get, the less customers your business will get as well. Mostly, that’s simple math is quiet relevant, isn’t it? And that’s why that choosing the right and best time to change the site design for your business is really important.

Recommended best time to change your business site design

I should tell you that when your website traffic is significantly decreasing, many Webmasters, SEO experts, bloggers were claiming that their traffic will be back to normal mostly when it will reaches its last stage after changing the site design which is many of them will be after 3 months.

Many experiences are proven so. Google’s crawler itself sometime will be known that one of your removed site widget you have been put on the right sidebar before realized for a week or more that telling the crawler that you have been made changed to it.

So, think about when you are 99% will change all of the design and codes before, that will be more times to make the search engines crawlers for getting used to the new theme or template.

Knowing that your site is somehow considered or looked as the “new” one by the robot crawlers when changing its design should waking you up and thinking about the best time for it.

Therefore, if that will be your main online business site, you’d better think about the business trend itself that can help you to answering the best time to change your business site design.

In a year, there must be some months where the products you are offering will get less of customers. For example, ice cream might not popular in rainy or snowy. Now, how long do the both seasons are occurring at your area? That will be the best time to change your site design since the trend will also decreased during that seasons.

The only best time to change your business site design in this post is considering about the months where more customers will not looking for your business. During that period, you can experiment about how the design will be and how you will develop the site itself.

You can do it yourself if you could but if you can’t since you are focusing to the other of business aspects, you can hire the Bali web design to help you out with a business site design as well as the development.

So, have you been found the best time to change your site design that won’t hurt your business itself?

Why Some Travellers Swear by Travelling Light Wherever the Destination

Emphasis on always here. Traveling light has been such a game-changer. As checked luggage price is not getting any cheaper anytime soon, more and more travellers revved up their packing game.

Reasons why travellers are packing light when travelling to any destination

It’s never about being able to fit the most inside your bag. It’s about knowing what you truly need and being able to adapt. After all, it’s one of those little things why you choose to travel, right?

Embrace that you simply cannot bring everything

And you’re not supposed to. and chances are, you’re not going to use many of the stuff you’d think you’ll use. Don’t aim to stuff your bag full. Leave some room because you know you’re going to shop for something there. Whether it’s a souvenir for your cats or something for yourself, leaving some room in your bag is wise.

Packing light makes you take care of your belongings better

More often than not, bringing more would only mean that you would neglect them more.
If you’re going somewhere for longer than several days, then don’t shy off from doing your laundry. Most hotels, hostels, and house rentals offer.

If you have difficulties finding a laundry facility, you can always wash your clothes by hands, at least for your undergarments. They’re small and therefore easy to wash.

Tip for packing light: you should be able to comfortably lift it

If you can’t even stand lifting it, then yes, you’re bringing too much.

Bringing a load of items that even you have difficulties transporting yourself is not how good packing works. You may not need to lift your luggage all the time.

But the burden that your stuff is too much for yourself to bring means something is clearly disproportionate. If you’re going diving, camping, or other activities that may require you to bring heavy, bulky stuff, then it may be understandable. But for most of us who travel, no, you won’t need that much stuff.

Ditch your huge bags

The easiest way to overpack? By choosing the largest thing you can possibly find and try to fit everything inside. Start with a small bag instead.

Starting with a carry on is an excellent method to pack, even though clearly not everyone thinks they’re ready to pack that light. Consult your packing list (don’t tell me you didn’t have it) and see if your stuff could fit inside only a carry-on.

Unless you’re going somewhere and you do activities that require gears and bulky equipment, chances are, a carry on is sufficient. This may take some practice, but once you get around to do it, you’ll thank yourself.

Practice makes perfect

You won’t get from being an over-packer to an expert overnight. Or in a single trip. Be patient and keep levelling up your packing game.

You’ll get there.

You’d probably never thought that you could pack that light. But that’s the thing. A lot of people who pack light often started not by some divine inspiration. It’s when something happened. Checked luggage gone wrong is one of the common reasons why she travellers swear by packing light.

Things to Do in Bali for Small Company Outings

The main reasons to give the employee an outings for the small company is to give them time to relax together with their partners and start socialising. Doing that can benefits the company to increase the productivity of the team and will positively gives many feedbacks the company should get.

Things to do in Bali for small company outings

Here I am focusing on the small company outings that will be taken place in Bali. Don’t you think that the company outings can be a great idea in such a beautiful island?

If you are agree with me in that, let me show you about the things to do along with the destinations your team should visit while outing in Bali as the paradise island for many of travellers.

What you can do when your small company outings is in Bali?

I have no idea if a small company with a dozens of employee are giving their team the break time like outing since people may are thinking that the budget will be used is quiet high. Rather than to give them a holidays, it is better to used the cash for developing the company itself.

But, I have a different approach for that. All the positive things that can affecting the company positively should be a part of the development program the company should have.

And as i said before, holidays and socialising among the employee is good for small company to make the team to be more solid in the future. That’s what will make the company will be the better and even the bigger one for later.

And now, if you want to know more about the things of your small company’s employee can do while outings in Bali, give yourself some times to see the lists below.

1. Find a community for volunteering

An interesting thing about giving one thing is that you will also accepting some good things. Volunteering is one of the way to achieve that and you small company’s employee can also take advantages of it.

Through volunteering, your team can enrich the experience, the collaboration as well as to enrich their soul to be better in life, so does it will applied when they will be at work.

If you are in Bali, there are many communities for that. You can even finds one that is relates to your own business or company so there will be more knowledge and experiences to share with.

you can decide to choose the cultural community, dealing with social one, or anything that will give advantages for your team.

2. Plan the games that will be played

As the company’s outing is also a kind of traveling, so you need to make fun of it. Playing games is also the fun thing thing to do to spend the outing in a fun way and is also the thing that can make the team even closer together.

3. Gives the employee a leisure of a villa

Now your employee will love me even more when recommending this. Staying in villa is not only recommended when you are outing in Bali for no reason but this is also the way to maximise the outing itself.

Villas have their own amenities that can make the guests feel pampered with luxury and your team can also take the benefits of them to make a beautiful outing. For example, many villas in Bali have their own private pool.

If you will stay in with the team, I think the pool will not be as silent as before. So does its side for a small party in the night.

But, you have to make sure of how many employee did you have or will you bring when outings in Bali to make the holidays more planned and affordable. If your small company outings bring 7 up to 9 persons, then you may have to check out and rent the 4 bedroom villa Seminyak that is located near the beach.

4. Rafting at Ayung River with whitewater stream

There’s nothing can stop me from recommending you to experience the water life such diving in Bali but I think I will not included in this list since it is somehow the individual thing that will only gives the less impact to the team.

So that, I am recommending you to get the adventurous of rafting at the Ayung “whitewater stream” River at Gianyar regency, Bali.

It is really recommended since the rafting itself can be part of how you will build the team of the employee while it is also challenging everyone’s adrenaline.

5. Get a dinner at Petitenget beach at least once

Have you been experienced a dinner right on the white sand beach before? If you don’t, then that will be the unforgettable one if your company can give that for you. See the recommended villa on above at Seminyak to stay in? The dinner spot will be reached in minutes from the villa by walking distance.

And it is not as expensive as you may have thought. That’s why I am telling you about this.

6. Get a paintball’s “war”

This is truly different with the games that I am recommending you on above number 2 point. But it can be as adventurous as the rafting at Ayung River since you will have your company’s partners as your “enemy.”

For the employee, this can also be the chance to hit and runaway from your boss while seeing him laughing or hurting when you are doing it and there is no one to blame. Paintball is also involving the skills and strategy, so if there will be at least 2 team, I think that will be the good think for the team building activity. There are some of the paintball areas you can rent such as at Ubud as well at Nusa Dua.

So, which things you will do while in your small company outings in Bali?

The Idea of Themed-Travel You Should Know About

Sometimes, it makes sense that you lose interest to travel because of the similar circumstance wherever you go. Hitting major tourist sites, sightseeing popular town, and enjoying the nightlife at the club is kind of cliché sometimes especially if you travel a lot. Everything can feel dull every time you travel.

Sailing on board as one of the travelling types with theme

Thus, it is time for you to get to know the idea of themed-travel. Travelling with certain theme assigned so everything is planned according to the theme might sound unfamiliar for you. However, lots of travellers have done it. Of course every traveler has their own fair share on the themed-travel they did. But one thing for sure, it is worth trying.

Travelling with specific theme to guide you

Travelling with theme can be a good idea if you have been feeling bored lately with the way you travel. This can be a good chance. You can even plan it ahead of time to make sure that you choose the theme you really want. Here are tips to themed-travel you need to know;

  • Travelling with theme means you have specific thing to do and to enjoy according to the theme. For example, if your theme is art it involves visiting various art galleries, joining art workshops, etc. It may also involve you visiting a place that has great artistic value. It may sound repetitive and boring. However, it can really fee your interest on certain thing. This will make you love arts even more. Thus, do not judge until you experience the real thing.
  • Then, you should choose the theme. It can be something about your interest such as hobby. There are many possible think you put interest into. For example, you have desire to learn more about wine production or hand-made products. Then, you can just Google and search for a place that is famous for them.
  • After deciding the theme, go for further research about where to go, what to enjoy, and everything related to the theme for the travel. You can visit some travel blogs, read travel books or magazines, and many more. For example, you need to research more about Japan if it is the country you have been obsessed for. If the culture is what has drawn you the most, research about the most cultural places in Japan you can visit.
  • Done with researching, you should start planning your itinerary. You see, when you are interested in Japanese culture and lifestyle, it means you should experience all of them during your trip to the country. You should plan where to eat authentic foods, where to meet friendly locals, etc.
  • Next thing to do is to be brave and enjoy the ride. Themed-travel can be a refreshing change when you are stuck with the idea of travel. This can be something different from what you have previously done for travelling. However, it deserves a try. If it suits you, who knows maybe you want to repeat this kind of travel again with different theme of course.

Why You Should Recording the Moments in Bali Into Videos?

Traveling in Bali can cause you ends up with hundreds or even thousands of beautiful images stored in your phone and laptop. But you shouldn’t always capturing all the beauties and moments into images because you are also can take advantage of the video formats to see the different records of your traveling especially when you are in a special event.

Recording special moments in Bali into videos file format

At first, people may are seeing the tourists are visiting Bali to experience the cultures, destinations, culinary and more. While those things can be the true, but we have to admit that people are also visiting to held their own special occasions such as wedding or getting marry, birthday event, company’s outing, traveling gift of a business achievement and so on.

There are different reasons why people are visiting Bali but there will only 2 common things how we are capturing the moments besides through our own eyes. Both are capturing more images through photography and secondly is to think about recording videos especially for more special moments as above.

The more special of the moments you are getting through in Bali, the more you will need the videography services, why?

I am telling you that since all of the special moments such as wedding day or as crowd as the company’s outing will be the good idea for recording the moments themselves where people are actually “living” without being overriding the importance of the photography as well.

People are talking, laughing and smiling, happiness is around and you can hear them all with your own ears. Far different with photography where images are silent and have their own ways to speak to us.

Recording your special moments in Bali into videos will also add the durability for the files since videos can also be stored and played online while they can also provide the old way of remembering the moments through playing the videos using TV or screen which will add unique experiences in memorizing the beauty when you were in Bali before.

You can also take advantage of the video shooting Bali services since they are provided for those who need to capture their special moments in more professional way.

The more professional of the services you will get, the better results you will see. And it doesn’t have to be on your special day. If you are running the business in Bali, video shooting services are great to display your business in video as it is one of the way to get the interests of the customers nowadays.

So, are you interesting to record the videos for your special moments or vacation in Bali to store your own stories into different file, professionally?