Canggu villas, Cozy & Royal Temporary Residence


Kuta is no longer a prima donna for some foreign tourists. The trend of people looking for tourist destinations in Bali in the last 5 years is more towards South Bali. For the current trend, Canggu and the Seminyak area and its surroundings have attracted local and foreign tourists. If Kuta, South Bali offers the splendor of a beautiful stretch of beach, Canggu offers a view of the terraced rice fields that can refresh your senses. Changes in tourist area trends bring other changes such as accommodation. Canggu villas offer a unique and alluring rustic atmosphere.

Canggu villas, Cozy & Royal Temporary Residence

Canggu Villas, A Desire To Enjoy Life

Canggu displays the natural beauty of Bali through a stretch of rice fields enhanced by a rural atmosphere. Canggu is very popular among ex-pats as a place to stay while in Bali. Ease of reaching various public facilities such as international schools, Canggu Club, and others.

Nowadays, Canggu is not only famous for its public facilities for ex-pats but also Canggu villas as a long-term residential option. The style of villas in Canggu offers a variety of views ranging from the beach, the waterfront of rice fields to tropical gardens. Most of Canggu villas are equipped with Balinese thatched roofs, gazebos, private pools with traditional Balinese elements. The comfort of the villa is complemented by the latest and modern technology to create a retreat for tropical style lovers.

One of the advantages of living in the Canggu area is that ex-pats can get membership in one of the ex-pats’ favorite clubs. Bowling, water boom, and other facilities are available to pamper you during your stay in Bali. Canggu Villas offers many facilities both in the villa itself and the surrounding facilities. A private swimming pool is of course available to ensure your privacy while relaxing. You can find a housekeeper who is happy to help you take care of all your household needs.

Canggu is a paradise for surfers, both beginners, and professionals. This is one reason why many ex-pats prefer to stay in Canggu villas. There are many surf beaches in the Canggu area but some are well-known such as Pererenan Beach, Seseh beach, and Gema beach.

The cafes along Canggu beach offer the best atmosphere for you to enjoy the sunset. A variety of delicious dishes from various countries with quality ingredients, ranging from Balinese, Italian, Thai, Japanese and other dishes can be enjoyed in the open space.

It’s easy to indulge in a relaxed and calm atmosphere when staying at a Canggu villa. This area is perfect for travelers and ex-pats living in Bali who have a passion for beaches, waves, and family entertainment. Whatever you desire and dream of, vacation, or stay flawless you can find it at Canggu Villas, a retreat to enjoy the true taste of tropical life.