Consider These Korean Celebrities’ Restaurants To Visit


South Korea is one of the busiest travel destinations. The most obvious factor is the hallyu wave. Korean Pop culture has been one of the most significant factors in South Korean tourism. From their heart-wrenching K-dramas to the talented K-pop idols, South Korea has drawn many interest of people to pay a visit. Travelling to South Korea means you have chance to enjoy their distinct and mouth-watering cuisines. Aside from visiting regular diners, why not visiting some of popular Korean celebrities’ restaurants. There are quite many of them you can opt to visit.

Popular restaurants owned by Korean celebrities to visit

Many Korean celebrities build their career aside from in entertainment industry. They try their luck and passion in business industry especially the one related to foods since Korea has numerous type of delicious foods to enjoy. Not to mention that people in Korea really love dining out whether with friends or families. If you are planning to travel to South Korea soon, here are lists of Korean celebrities’ restaurant you can visit:

T.M.I Dining Pub owned by actor Yoo Ah In is casual stylish dining pub situated in Itaewon. There are many things to order such as cocktail, beers, and various foods made with organic ingredients. Mushroom Burger is one of the most popular menu in this dining pub.

Cafe Awol Monstant is owned by G-Dragon. A member of Korean boy-band BigBang. G-Dragon himself is one of the most iconic and popular South Korean celebrities. He also shows his talent in running a business with a cozy cafe located in Jeju Island. The place itself is designed in rustic vibe. Foods and drinks you can order include pizzas, beers, macaroons, salad, coffee, cookies, etc.

Loco Quan 401 BBQ Restaurant is owned by Haha or Ha Dong Won, the member of Running Man, popular variety show in Korea. The interior of this restaurant located in Mapo-Gu is the reflection of Haha’s personal interest which screams Jamaican vibes. Popular foods to order include The Jeju Black Pork, doshirak or lunchbox, and pork belly.

Cafe Soo is owned by one of the beautiful celebrities in Korea, Bae Suzy. She is idol turned actress famous with nickname Nation’s first love. It is situated in Gwangju, the hometown of the actress. The cafe itself is cozy with warm ambience. Hence, it is a great place for hanging out with friends or families.

My Shi Chi is a restaurant owned by Hong Suk Chun, one of the most controversial celebrities due to he’s only a few of openly gay figures in the country. However, he is also very talented in creating amazing foods loved by many. Many foods can be ordered here including Moroccan, Greek, Japanese, Thai, French, Italian, Indian, Chinese and Mexican styled cuisines. Hong also owns seven other restaurants in Korea that also often used as secret dating places for Korean celebrities. You can check out one of the restaurant when visiting South Korea.