Essentials You Need For An African Safari


There are many interesting things about safari such as being able to witness the wildlife within close distance. You can see how variety of animals in their habitat. It is such a good learning opportunity not only for kids but also adults, reminding us all to be grateful for and protect the wildlife. However, going on a safari can be a bit challenging because you need to pack the right essentials.

Why choose the right essentials to pack for a safari

For safari adventure, you need to be aware at least to the three threats.; they are sun, dirt, and bugs. Those three are your worst enemies during safari. Hence, you need to pack the right essentials to ensure your health and comfort throughout your adventure with the wildlife. And here are things you need to pack for a safari:

Pack comfortable clothes

Generally, you need to wear comfortable, casual clothes for a safari. Choose loose layers and accessories that can protect you from the sun and biting insects. Pack a windbreaker and long pants. Also, choose hiking boots over sandals. Wear polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes. Also, you will want to bring a hat that covers your face, ear, and neck. For women, it is highly recommended to wear sport bra because the roads can be bumpy. 

Pack wearable items in neutral shades and lighter colors

What you wear can affect your safari adventure. When you wear something white or too bright, it will distract the animals. But if you wear something too dark such as black and blue, it will attract flies, and it is too hot when you are under the sun. Hence, it is recommended to wear something in neutral shades and lighter colors such as green, olive, and khaki. Those colors can blend with your surroundings easily as well. 

Essentials to protect your hair and skin

Always carry a sunscreen to protect your skin from the harsh environment. You will need to apply it every two hours. Always wear moisturizer because your skin will get dry easily with how hot the place it. Bring some insect repellent wipes or spray to fight off the biting insects. Wear your hat and sunglasses during safari to ensure you are protected. Protect your face from wind, sand, or dirt with a scarf or any extra layer. 

Essentials to enjoy the safari to the fullest

Get closer to the wildlife can be dangerous for you. Hence, always follow the guidelines and rules from your guides. If you want to take a look closer to the animals, bring your own binoculars or telephoto lens. Hence, you can see them more clearly and take amazing close-up shots of them. 

Choose the right bag to carry your essentials

It is recommended to bring duffel bag or soft-sided bag instead of suitcase since safaris often require transportation on small planes or vehicles with quite strict luggage restriction. So pack only a what’s valuable in a day. You can leave everything else in your hotel room.