Iconic Spots To Visit in Surabaya


Surabaya is one of the largest cities in Indonesia and it is not surprising that this city is also an iconic travel destination. Surabaya played important role during Indonesian’s struggles of colonial era. Surabaya has become a great city where you can still feel the colonial era presence through colonial buildings. This city is also iconic due to its richness in culture. There are many places you can go to truly enjoy the local cultures and traditions. Therefore, choosing Surabaya as your travel destination will be worth it. 

Suramadu Bridge

Recommended spots to visit in Surabaya

Surabaya is budget and family friendly. Therefore, it is such a perfect travel destination for everyone. There are iconic spots you should not miss to visit when you stay in Surabaya for your holiday, such as:

Mesjid Ampel is a iconic mosque in Surabaya which has been also a popular tourist site especially for Muslim travelers. The mosque is an old establishment because it was built in the 15th Century. However, this mosque still stands majestically with spacious observation deck that provides great view of the city. Another religious tourist attraction is Gereja Kelahiran. It is a church that was built with red brick which makes this building looks more beautiful and iconic. This church also has stained glass windows that just adds unique points of the building. 

Another iconic spot to visit is Suramadu Bridge or Jembatan Suramadu. It is a bridge connecting Surabaya and Madura. It can be considered as the highlight of Surabaya because it is the longest bridge in Indonesia. It stretches out at 5.5 km adorned in modern style. It is also decorated with spectacular lighting you can witness at night. Therefore, it is highly recommended to visit this bridge during sunset and continue to stay at night to watch beautiful lighting.

Sampoerna House is also iconic attraction in Surabaya. This architectural object consists of a complex of several colonial buildings designed in Dutch style. This complex was built in the 19th Century. It was once also a location of cigarette factory where all tobacco products were handmade. The tobacco factory itself still occupies the part of the buildings in this complex. Meanwhile, other parts are used as museums for cultural exhibitions. 

Surabaya Chinatown is also highly recommended to visit due to its iconic vibe. It was once a vital port town for international trades. Surabaya itself has large population of Chinese descendants. Therefore, it is not surprising to find Chinese communities in this old city. Chinese communities has integrated themselves to the local culture while preserving their original practices and customs. In Chinatown, you will get to see the perfect blend of local and Chinese cultures reflected through the buildings and objects. One of the most iconic buildings is Cheng Ho Mosque, a mosque with pagoda-like building style. It is decorated with oriental materials. Not to mention that you can also get a taste of various Chinese culinary in this complex. Of course, there are also stores where you can buy unique souvenirs in Chinese design and style.