Making The Most Of Authentic Experiences by Visiting Developing Countries


Paying a visit to developing countries can result in the most memorable experience not only from the nature but also from the human interaction. There are many things you can find and learn through your visit to developing countries you may not find anywhere else. However, not all travelers are ready to face various challenges that comes with visiting developing countries. It is fair to be more cautious when you are planning to visit developing countries. However, you can always take some precautions to do it safely. 

How to travel to developing countries safely without losing the fun

Visiting well-established tourism infrastructure is not something uncommon. You can sometime do it spontaneously as well. However, it different from visiting developing countries especially those places that have higher safety risks. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the do’s and don’ts of visiting developing countries such as below:

Always do your research. It is like the basic thing to do when you are planning a travel regardless how safe the place is. It is even more important to do when you are going to visit developing countries because you need to find information regarding to the safety risks, economic or political situation, etc. By researching first, you have basic knowledge of what to and not to do. 

While doing your research, pay attention to the local culture, tradition, and customs. Different rules applied in different places. In some countries, you have to dress modestly while in other places you can wear anything you like. Some behaviors may also considered offensive in different countries due to cultural differences. In developing countries, those aspects are usually tighter.

Transportation can be a major issue for you when visiting developing countries. It is possible that some areas in developing countries down’s have easy access to taxi or even bus. There are more traditional or conventional transports that still operating in some developing countries such as Delman, Becak, and Angkot in Indonesia. Hence, you have to find out about the transports in advance to see which one is the safest mode.

Be mindful when giving out your money. In many developing countries, there are many people who ask for money to travelers or tourists. The best thing to do is to not give them any even if it must be hard for you because they look more in need than you. However, it is better to help those in need through local community or organization such as local non-profit. 

Avoid handing out items to children. It is just similar to giving them your money. It will condition them to do it again in the future. There have been cases where children growing up more aggressive with asking for money or items to strangers. If you really want to contribute, it is best to give  your contribution to the local community such as school. You can hand out school supplies, medical supplies, or clothing. Parents, teachers and community leaders are the best persons to give your contribution to.