Mistakes You Can Make In A Hotel


Making a mistake during travel is not so uncommon. Sometimes, it can be harmless but sometimes it can put your safety in jeopardy. Being a savvy traveler can help a lot in keeping you safe and comfortable during your trip. Some mistakes can even be prevented if you are aware of them and know how to avoid them. However, some of them can be inevitable and what you can do is to be prepared for the unexpected and flexible to pivot. 

Various mistakes most travelers often do in hotel

Staying at hotel is probably one of the most common solution for the majority of travelers. It is easy to access hotel and there are many types of room you can choose. But there are also decision you can make while in hotel during your stay that can lead to mistakes. Here are some of them:

When you decide to ask special room after settle in, it can cause more hassle. If you need something, be it special room, facilities, or something else to add your comfort for your stay, ask it when you arrive at the hotel’s front desk. Even better, you can ask it during your reservation call. Therefore, you can just check in when you arrive and take proper rest before exploring the place.

It is such a simple mistake to let the least pleasant travel companion to go to the front desk. If you have travel buddies, ask the most pleasant one to go to the front desk instead. Do not let your travel body who is carrying a screaming child to go there. Also, do not ask your grumpy travel buddy to go either. The process of check-in is easy and doesn’t take long but with the wrong person, it can become a tiring process. 

Be a responsible during your stay by following the rules applied to all guests. Keep in mind that even though you have paid for your stay, you need to respect the other people. Besides, only troubles will come if you are going rogue and don’t follow the rules. Why not being smart and responsible guest while enjoying your stay to the fullest.

Take something outside of necessities provided by the hotels. There are things you can take from the hotel room such as travel-sized shampoo. However, do not take the robes, the slipper, or other things. Some hotels even put trackers on the items so if the guests try to steal, they will be caught. So don’t take anything that is not for you no matter what the reason.

Treating the staff rudely and disrespectfully. Keep in mind that hotel staffs are not your slaves. They are there to make your stay more comfortable and safe. They are to cater to your needs. However, they are also just human. Sometimes they make minor mistakes. You don’t have to scream at them or treat them poorly just because you are a guest who pay. So be nice to everyone you encounter with in the hotel.