Places To Travel To If You Look For Monkeys

Finding monkeys while travelling is not as easy as it sounds. Despite the abundance, it is considered difficult to see monkeys unless you know where to look. Spotting monkey is such an experience. Monkeys are considered the closest species to human due to similarities in many aspects. They can be playful dangerous at the same time. If you are monkey enthusiasts, might as well travelling to places where they can be easily spotted. And here are some of the best recommendations:

Pavilion in Phraya Nakorn cave nearby Hua Hin , National Park Khao Sam Roi Yot Thailand .

Kinabatangan River, Borneo

Borneo is called the Asian Amazon and plays such a huge role to the ecosystem in our planet. In Kinabatangan River, you have fat chances to see two unique and endangered primates. They are proboscis monkeys and Borneo orangutan. You can only find orangutan in Borneo and Sumatra Island. This is categorized into endangered species because it almost extinct. The main reason of it is the oil palm plantation that has cleared the forest, their original habitat. Meanwhile, the unique feature of proboscis monkeys is their large nose. It is easy to spot them around Kinabatangan River. 

Danum Valley, Borneo

Again, Borneo is a great place to visit if you look for seeing monkeys. This is where you get to meet maroon langurs or red leaf monkeys. They often pay a visit to the Field Centre. Hence, you can observe them from close distance. They love eating green leaves of tropical trees, hence the nickname. You can also see Borneo gibbons, and they are also an endemic primate. This app lack of tails but smaller in size. 

Khao Sam Roy  Yot National Park, Thailand

You can travel to Thailand to see various species of monkeys. Khao Sam Roy  Yot National Park offer amazing views of nature. However, it is also home to dusky langur. They are considered the cutest monkeys in Asia with their appearance. They have large white colored circles around their eyes making them look like wearing glasses. There are also crab-eating macaques you get to see during your trip here. They have long tail and tend to be brazen. Hence, be mindful when encounter with them. 

Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

Not only in Asian countries, you can also travel to Costa rica to see monkeys. In Corcovado National Park, there are four species of Costa Rica’s monkey. They are Geoffroy’s spider monkeys, mantled howlers, Central American squirrel monkey, and white-faced capuchin. Habitat loss is one of the reason of the extinction of the monkeys here. Another reason is illegal capture. 

Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve is a place you can visit to see chacma baboons. This is the most dangerous monkeys in the world. It is reported that they can even rip leopard apart easily with their teeth only. They are not considered endangered since they are widespread. However, habitat loss has significantly decreased the number of them. Today, they are mostly isolated because they started to visit suburban areas where they cause damage by entering people’s homes.

Learn How To Get Affordable Komodo Cruise

Traveling around East Nusa Tenggara is definitely not enough in 1-day trip. Consider gin-clear waters lapping across pink sands. Imagine yourself snorkeling among coral forests surrounded by schools of fish of every form, size, and color. Consider traveling over deep blue waters and islands that resemble the Jurassic Park set. Imagine experiencing all of this from the comfort of your own Komodo cruise! 

Learn How To Get Affordable Komodo Cruise

Why charter Komodo cruise?

Komodo boats some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world. Unlike the Banda Islands, which are Indonesia’s snorkeling heavyweights, you can’t snorkel right off the beach in Komodo. Nomadic tourism is the most popular in recent years, especially tourism to Komodo National Park. The trending tourist nomadic concept is definitely live onboard!  For information, tours to Labuan Bajo including Komodo Island and its surroundings are always coveted by tourists. 

Exploring many large and small islands is the reason why you should take a Komodo boat trip. Komodo private boat charters have a variety of options with relatively small size and luxurious phinisi boat. Renting a small phinisi boat is usually the choice of tourists who want to enjoy a private holiday with their partner or family. Most tourists choose Komodo boat charters to save time exploring the island and hunting for the beautiful scenery before sunset.

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Overnight on a phinisi boat is also the main attraction of live on board tours. Tourists can experience a much different vacation compared to when they have to stay at a conventional hotel, because they can spend the night in a floating hotel.

Deal with Komodo sailing tour operator

Is it necessary for you to sell a kidney? We looked for snorkel tours on the internet before flying out to Labuan Bajo. Most tourists do not expect scheduled tours to be exactly what they expect. This prompts us to search for Komodo private boat charters on Google. When most tourists learn how much a liveaboard in Komodo costs, they have a heart attack. To secure a low-cost tour, you will undoubtedly require bargaining skills.

If you take the time to check out the boats, you’ll notice sailboats with air conditioning and lobster dinners. Selling a kidney will certainly help, but don’t worry, there are plenty of boats to choose from. The price is determined by the size of your boat, the number of engines, and the amenities.

If need a private boat Komodo with one cabin, you can get around 3.6 million include meals. The price of the boat excludes the entrance fee to Komodo National Park. If you have time, inspect the boat right after arrive in Labuan Bajo and get the best deal with the boat’s owner. 

Exclusive Live onboard

This type of phinisi boat offers luxurious facilities throughout your cruise. Live onboard Komodo tours using phinisi boats have a variety of prices, ranging from a sharing budget at a price of 2.5 million to a private tour at a price of 17 million to 49 million. The average luxury phinisi ship has very adequate facilities such as hotels. Cabin with hot water and air conditioner, indoor & outdoor dining, lounge area on the deck to a spa.

Some Komodo cruise operators also provide water activity equipment such as diving, snorkeling. You can enjoy other water activities such as kayaking, banana boating, and canoeing. Make sure all water activities, diving, and snorkeling equipment are included in your Komodo tour cruise package. Use your bargaining skill for the best price.

Tips To Pick The Best Rib Eye Steak

Tips To Pick The Best Rib Eye Steak

Rib eye steak is one of the most delicious thing to enjoy. It can be considered one of the best in steak category. This steak is usually made out of major muscle linked to a cow’s back, called rib. There is strip of fat on the top of the meat you can see from rib eye. This part of meat is soft and tender, making it perfect for a steak. 

Choosing the best rib eye steak to enjoy

If you want to make yourself a rib eye steak for dinner, make sure to choose the best rib eye in the first place. It can affect the quality of steak you will have. If you choose to eat rib eye steak at restaurant, make sure to know what you order. But here are some tips to pick the best rib eye steak:

Choose healthier choice

Grass -fed cows are considered healthier than grain-fed cows. Hence, choose rib eye that comes from grass-fed cows since the meats are leaner, and more complex in its flavor. Also, grass-fed steak contains more omega-3, fatty acids, as well as vitamin A and E. if you shop rib eye steak, choose the one from grass-fed cows. If you are unsure, you can ask the seller about it. However, there is usually label to let you know where the steak comes from. 

Learn about beef grading system

Yes, there is grading system when it comes to meat such as beef which can divide meats into different grading and affect its quality. Beef itself is graded according to its age and fat marbling to indicate the tenderness of the meat. Prime is the superior grade of beef, followed by Choice, and then Select. These are three most common beef grades you can choose.

Pay attention to the marbling

As mentioned that the grading system for beef uses age and marbling. When steak has good enough amount of marbling, it is considered good quality. Marbling is sort of white flecks of fat on the meat. The more marbling you see, the more tender the emat is going to be. Also, marbling makes soft and tasty after cooking. However, keep in mind that the higher the quality of the meat, the more expensive the price is. 

Analyze the thickness of the steak

The thickness of the steak can be an indicator to choose the best one. If the steak has good thickness, it means you can prepare it to any temperature without lessening the taste. The most ideal thickness is around one and quarter inches to result in juicy, tender meat. 

Choose bone-in steak over bone-out steak

Many steak lovers suggest to look for the bone-in steak because it is tastier and juicier. Even though this is still something many steak lovers argue about, you can try this tip. In addition, it is also recommended to choose a rib eye from the central part of the ribs since it tends to contains a larger cuts of spinal muscle which is the best part of rib eye. 

A Personalised Luxury Villa Holiday in Bali is What You Need!

A Personalised Luxury Villa Holiday in Bali is What You Need!
Image source: Instagram/@raitricia

When it comes to a private holiday in Bali, many travelers turn into vacation rental instead of luxury hotels simply because of the freedom and ultimate privacy that it offers. Because you are staying in your own own vacation house, villa stays are intrinsically distinctive. You have the privacy and flexibility to establish your own vacation rhythm without having to adhere to a hotel or resort’s schedule or blend in with other guests. You can choose any villas for holiday in Bali and be whatever you want it to be. 

But what’s more in a villa stay that make it so special? 

Luxurious vacation houses and villas in Bali are different than your regular rentals. You’re not only having a nice place to stay, but also personalised service from dedicated chefs, concierge service, staffs, and even driver. This means you may design your own menu and order whatever meals and dishes you like, from al fresco fine dining to delectable breakfasts and nutritious lunches. This is perfect if you must adhere to a strict diet or simply enjoy eating certain foods while on vacation. You can also hire the driver to take you to any destination in Bali without any worries or hassles. From the Water Blow and limestone cliff beach in Nusa Dua, Bali’s southernmost corner, to hot springs up in Kintamani, you can travel anywhere with ease. 

Why You’ll Love Personalised Services in Bali Holiday Villas

While your in-villa crew ensures a stress-free stay, your concierge attends to all of your unique preferences. Perhaps you’d like a Thai massage or a yoga or fitness instructor to come to your villa rental for a private training session overlooking the huge Indian Ocean. You may require practical assistance, such as car rental or yacht hire, as well as information on local attractions and how to get there. Personalized villa stays are ideal for finding favorite meals or bringing a beauty spa to your home.

A Total Relaxation Both for the Body and Mind

Why You’ll Love Personalised Services in Bali Holiday Villas
Image source: Instagram/@ninachristi

You can fully let go and relax into your time away knowing that your wants and needs will be met without you having to think about it. A holiday is a break, and a break from having to handle a hectic lifestyle entails. Even if you plan an action-packed vacation, you’ll feel completely relaxed.

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Greater Comfort and Convenience

The core of specifically tailored vacations is that you feel at rest, more at ease, and that being away from home does not mean you are inconvenienced in any way. The goal is to make your vacation smoother, more relaxed, and more “you.”

Feel Like A Royal

Customized villa stays could be about meeting certain basic necessities, such as food restrictions. Making a vacation personal, on the other hand, makes you feel valued, cared for, and special. Personalized service in from professionals in Bali holiday villas can be a real treat.

A Tailored Vacation in Bali Villas According to Your Liking

If the details are taken care of, you can focus entirely on creating the type of vacation you like. It might be water sports, poolside sunbathing, or family time at the villa. You’ll have more time and energy to enjoy your vacation. You can also participate in more activities and experiences.

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More Quality Time to Spend with Partners, Friends, or Family

Holidays build memories and bring people together, whether they are romantic paradise getaways, high-energy family fun, or unforgettable, shared trips with friends. Sharing a vacation is even more enjoyable when everyone is comfortable and well-cared for. If you are staying in a personalised holiday villas in Bali, everything is taken care of. And because you won’t have to worry about every detail, you’ll be able to focus on the good moments and quality time instead.

Benefits Of Yoga In Improving Your Health

Yoga has become a part of lifestyle for some people because they have already experienced the benefits of it. Yoga is not a new trend in wellness pan. In fact, it is an ancient practice that has been  existed for five thousand years. People have been practicing this for that long so there must be something to it. 

Benefits Of Yoga In Improving Your Health

Practicing yoga to improve health

Many people find yoga boring exercise because it looks just like posing instead of moving like any other sports that require quite intense physical movements. However, yoga is not only about making vigorous movement. It is just as much a philosophy as it is a workout. The idea of yoga is more to connect the body, mind, and spirit. And here are some of the benefits of practicing yoga in regular basis:

Reduce the risk of heart disease

There has been researches to find how practicing yoga can improve health. It is found that yoga can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular and heart-related diseases. Yoga can help maintain healthy breathing, regulate heartbeat, reduce chest pain, as well as reduce fatigue. It is also found that yoga exercise can help lower blood pressure. 

Manage depression and stress

As mentioned that practicing yoga is about connecting the body, mind, and spirit. Hence, it helps manage mental health. Many people who are suffering from depression and stress find yoga to be helpful in helping them improve their mental health. There is a sense of calmness within many people have experienced after taking yoga as regular practice. It helps a lot in alleviating and treating depression significantly. 

Help relieve back pain 

Back pain is one of the most common health problems experienced by many people around the world regardless of ages and gender. Meanwhile, there have been researched that show how their participants who practiced yoga on regular basis experienced significant improvement to their back pain. During yoga, you are required to pose properly. These poses can help fix your postures as well. Hence, it helps improve back pain. 

Help reduce anxiety

Similar to how yoga helps alleviate and treat depression, it benefits to anxiety management as well. So many people are suffered from anxiety from mild to extreme level. Yoga can help calm your nerves, resulted in relaxation. Also, yoga is relatively safe and widely available so everyone can try this treatment to treat their anxiety problems. To some people with anxiety, yoga can help improve their symptoms. Also, it can be a valuable tool to support the overall treatment plan. 

Boost the brain

Yoga is known to be beneficial for improving mental health. However, it is also great to promote brain health. In fact, many researches showed how yoga could benefit the brain by boosting thinking skills, and preventing cognitive decline. Hippocampus and amygdala are the most benefited parts of the brain from yoga practices. Also, people who practice yoga on regular basis are found to have larger prefrontal cortex. This part is responsible for multitasking, planning, and decision making. 

Raja Ampat Trip, Adventure At the Edge of Papua

Yes, there are other sites around the world that are popular for their beaches and marine biodiversity. But none compare to Raja Ampat. Why? Since few people visit Raja Ampat, it is easy to admire its natural beauty without being disturbed by people.

Raja Ampat Trip, Adventure At the Edge of Papua
The masterpiece of God

Why you will love Raja Ampat trip?

Furthermore, it is a component of the well-known “Coral Triangle” that every scuba diver and marine lover is familiar with. The coral triangle is renowned as the “Amazon of the Seas”. It contains more than 76 percent of all known coral species despite covering only 1.6 percent of the world’s maritime area. Why you will love the Raja Ampat trip?

  • Raja Ampat is one of the few places on the earth. You may view such a diverse range of marine creatures in their native habitat, thanks to its exceptional biodiversity.
  • Raja Ampat, located in the vast Coral Triangle between the Indian and Pacific oceans, offers an unparalleled snorkeling experience. We’re talking about viewpoints comparable to those of a diver.
  • Raja Ampat’s reefs are in excellent condition, with numerous gigantic corals, purple corals, and sea squirts, as well as hard coral tables, deer antler corals, and green and brown moose antler corals.
  • Raja Ampat’s people are wonderful and welcoming, as well as model conservationists and craftspeople. For a day, immerse yourself in their culture in the charming Arborek Tourist Village.

The boat you’ll be sailing in is designed in the style of a traditional Indonesian. It is half the fun of Raja Ampat trip.

Is this a journey that you should take?

The beauty of a sailing trip to Raja Ampat is that each day is different, and while we have an objective to reach, we can adjust the day’s schedule if the weather or the group’s interests change. The itinerary is subject to change and is subject to weather and sea conditions. To protect your safety at all times, your skipper will make the final decision.

  • Because you’ll be spending most of your time on a Raja Ampat liveaboard, you’ll need to be comfortable moving around the boat, especially up and down steps. With that stated, some people have a natural affinity for the sea, while others do not. If necessary, your courteous staff will be able to assist with the effects of seasickness.
  • This is an expedition on a boat model like traditional outrigger canoes. It means that living quarters, cabins, baths, and showers will share with other guests. Although sleeping arrangements may be cramped, you will spend the majority of your time above deck and in the open air.
  • Time spent on the water also equates to time spent in the sun. Remember to bring UV protection, such as sunscreen and a hat, and to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  • Please keep in mind that safe sailing is contingent on good weather, therefore schedule alterations may be made at the last minute if the weather becomes bad. If something changes, you may rely on your experienced skipper to choose a different route or activity.

Outdoor Skills You Need To Learn For Having Great Adventure

Outdoor Skills You Need To Learn For Having Great Adventure

You have been staying indoor for the past two years. It is time for you to plan for outdoor adventure that will bring you back that spirit of joy and excitement. The problem is, going on outdoor adventure is not always as nice as staying indoor. You are exposed to so many things that can lead to discomforts such as heat, extreme winds, injury, disasters, etc. Hence, it will be very helpful to master various outdoor skills that can help protect yourself, others, and environment during your adventure. 

Mastering outdoor skills as preparation for your adventure

Being prepared is a must when it comes to planning an adventure, regardless of your destination. It is because adventure means more risk and unexpectedness. Here are some of outdoor skills you can learn to master this year to prepare for your next outdoor adventure:

Protecting yourself from the sun exposure

Getting sunburn might not be life threatening but it can cause major discomfort during your outdoor adventure. The UV rays regardless of the season is just as dangerous. Consider buying sunblock or sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and have broad spectrum PA++++. hence, you will be protected from both UVA and UVB radiation. 

Evaluating hiking trail

This is a skill you need if you love or plan to hike some times in the future. First time hiking can be very challenging even if the route is considered mild. Hence, it is important to learn how to evaluate your hiking trail so you will be more prepared. You can start with the distance. You need to count how many miles to cover per hour on flat terrain or more elevated trails. You can learn more about this from elevation charts on trail mapping online. 

Standing on a paddleboard

Planning for a water activity for your next outdoor adventure, you can learn how to stand properly and safely on a paddleboard. Paddleboarding may look fun and easy but learning how to stand on the board is one of the most intimidating parts. If you are new paddlers, don’t feel discouraged with the possibility of falling your ass so many times because it is normal. 

Protecting yourself from wildlife

If you plan to have a little adventure into the wildlife, make sure you learn a thing a two to protect yourself from possible harm. For example, there is possibility that you encounter a bear, tiger, or even a lion when you explore deep into national park. Learn how to defend yourself without harming the wildlife and the environment. 

Taking a night sky photo

Taking pictures during your adventure is one of the most fun parts. However, it can be challenging to take great photos properly especially when you are not a pro photographer to begin with. However, you can learn the basic of photography as preparation for your next outdoor adventure. Hence, you know how to make the best shot of a beautiful night sky. You can start with buying a proper camera, and tripod to stabilize your shot. 

5 Tips Have the Best Wellness Retreat in Bali Resorts

5 Tips Have the Best Wellness Retreat in Bali Resorts

Over the last few years, wellness travel has grown in popularity and is now one of the fastest-growing travel areas. People are increasingly choosing better lifestyles, which includes more mindful and health-focused holidays. One of the most popular destination for wellness vacation and healing trip is Bali, Island of Gods, home of holistic wellbeing derived from their thick culture and closeness to nature. And if we’re talking about healing trip in Bali, we want somewhere peaceful, quiet, and away from the hustles and bustles of the city. Somewhere like Ubud, Kintamani, or Nusa Dua in the south if you don’t want to travel all the way up to the north. What’s better than spending few days by yourself in a secluded Nusa Dua resorts, surrounded by white beach and wonderful ocean vista?  

Navigating Your First Wellness Trip in Bali Resorts

Perhaps you’re going on your first retreat iand have no idea what to expect or how to prepare. Maybe you’ve already gone on a retreat vacation and didn’t get the most out of it or wished you had planned it a little better in advance. Don’t worry. We got it covered. 

Decide Your Location

Not every location is made equal. A excellent retreat is mostly determined by its location. When choosing a destination to visit, you must be completely honest with yourself. If you’re a city slicker who despises the outdoors, you’re unlikely to enjoy a mountain getaway that includes a lot of trekking. The northern region of Bali like Ubud, Kintamani, or Batur Mountain are perfect for that. 

If you don’t want to stay far from the city but still want a peaceful getaway, consider the Nusa Dua. This region is known as the resort enclave of Bali. Not surprising as it’s lined with white soft sands beaches, calm water, and wonderful view of the ocean. Avoid backpacker and tourist-packed areas like Kuta, Canggu, or Seminyak unless you want to spend your day with shopping and cafe-hopping. 

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Look for Nusa Dua Hotel or Resorts with Spa

Look for Nusa Dua Hotel or Resorts with Spa

A hotel with spa in the secluded Nusa Dua is exactly what it sounds like: a hotel with a spa on-site for guests to use. Treatments are usually charged individually because the spa operates as a separate part, but still within the resort. You are under no compulsion to choose a treatment or two, but they are available if you want to go above and beyond to relax completely.

From beach resorts to major cities, you can find a hotel with a spa practically anywhere. There are also a variety of hotels with spas to suit all budgets. If you’re thinking of staying at a hotel with a spa to take advantage of their services, do your homework first because spa standards and treatments differ greatly.

Book Early

It’s best to start organizing your retreat break as soon as possible. You should plan in advance for two reasons: to acquire the greatest travel prices and to prepare your mind and body. When it comes to arranging your retreat lodgings, booking early can help you get a room upgrade, the last remaining private room, or a shared room with a friend. For scheduling and paying in full by a specified date, several retreats offer an early bird discount. You should absolutely take advantage of this!

Just Take A Moment to Relax with Yourself in the Resort

Just Take A Moment to Relax with Yourself in the Resort

A wellness retreat, wellness resort, or fantastic hotel spa offers numerous advantages. They’re all designed to provide an escape and a break from reality. Relax by the pool, read a book for a few hours, and add in some yoga, meditation, and healthy food for good measure.

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Plan Activities to Do in the Resort

Have you always planned to try some surfing in Bali? Or maybe you want to do some pilates during the retreat? Plan your activity. A wellness retreat don’t have to be just seclusion and do nothing (but you can always do it if you want to! No judgement). The Nusa Dua is famous for their water sport and it’s a good idea to incorporate that to your retreat. Try some waterski or parasailing. The combination of fun, adrenaline rush, and new experiences is good to heal your stressed mind!

It’s critical to practice self-care and learn how to take a more active role in our emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being. Keeping your primary motivations in mind when looking for a retreat will help you have a memorable experience that will remain long after your vacation is finished.

Tips To Avoid Booking Inauthentic Food Tours

Food tour is one of the travelers love to book on their vacation. From food tour, you get to experience the authenticity of the local culture and learning more about it while enjoying heavenly taste. However, it is pretty often that the operators don’t provide you authentic food tour experience and more like milking the money out of your pocket. Trusted food tour operators highlight the local culture and also give back to the native communities. And this is how you see if the food tour is authentic. 

Booking authentic, ethical food tours

When it comes to finding authentic food tours, it is important for you to consider various factors, not only the food itself. It is best to read and understand things that the operator give you through their guide or program. You can see if their tour is authentic and highlighting native culture or not. and here are more tips to avoid booking inauthentic food tour for your next travel plan:

Always do your research

It is recommended to book a food tour from locally owned small companies. You can start searching online and visit their website. Read through their website and see what they offer. Try to check their social media platforms as well to see if they truly do what they say. If you have something you don’t really understand, email them and ask questions freely but politely. Ask about anything you like, more importantly about their ethical practices. 

Avoid booking from third party sites

Food tours experts recommend you to book food tour directly from their official website instead of a third party site. It is because you cannot really see what the company is all about if you book from large platforms or third party sites. Also, third party sites usually charge relatively high for their commission so it is hard for small companies to make profit while they have to also deliver good quality service. 

Read the reviews diligently

To avoid booking inauthentic food tours, it is best that you read the reviews first to see what the previous guests are saying from their experience. The previous guests also often post their own pictures so you can see food portion sample in compare to the real one. Also, try to find food tour company that is small enough that the owner is there every day, serving the guests themselves. 

Check the price point

Paying attention to the price tagged by the operator plays huge roles in helping you decide what type of business operation that they run. If the price is too cheap, the is high possibility that the business operation is more on abusive side with the community. Or maybe they rely heavily on discount from vendors or big groups to make a profit. And what you have to be cautious of is those big groups because they tend to be damaging to the local life and community. Make sure that you choose an operator that gives back to the local community and support local economic growth.

Spot Diving and Snorkeling Indonesia, Exploring Togean Island

Almost all visitors to Togean Island express a strong desire to return. Togean Island turns out to have a lot of interesting and gorgeous tourist attractions. Taking pictures of the sunset is one of the most popular tourist activities (sunset). Togean Island is a famous snorkeling Indonesia and should be on your travel itinerary. This tropical island boasts about 300 diving places with abundant coral reefs that range from flat to form a valley.

Spot Diving and Snorkeling Indonesia, Exploring Togean Island
Image Resource: merahputih

Indonesian snorkeling with stingless jellyfish

The stingless jellyfish is one of the Togean Islands’ most distinctive features. Lake Mariona is where you’ll find this jellyfish. The lake is close to the shore, and the water has a saline taste due to a mix of fresh water and sea water seepage. 

In the morning and evening, usually, jellyfish, which are partially transparent and some are yellow, appear on the surface. However, during the day when the sun is hot, the friendly animal hides in the depths. That is why it is advisable to come in the morning or evening.

Togean is also a haven for adventurers who want to explore the islands. inhabited islands such as Papan Island and Janda Island can be visited by individuals who want to interact with and capture the life of local residents (the Bajo Tribe).

Snorkeling in Taipi island

Do you want to snorkel or dive in a calm ocean, almost as if it were your own private ocean? You can do it in Taipei Island’s waterways. The distance between this island and Kadidiri Island is only about 4 kilometers. During the day, the greatest time to dive in the ocean that surrounds Taipi is during the day. Apart from the fact that coral reefs and different marine biota are visible, there are few visitors diving at this time.

Given that the coral reefs and marine life here are still in their native state, it would be a shame if you missed it. The ocean depth on this island fluctuates, ranging from 5 to 30 meters, which is excellent for both beginners and experts. On this island, you may also find fascinating things in the form of coral colonies that have been stacked vertically to make steep walls. This rock wall, which stretches from south to north, is known as the Taipi wall.

The Togean Islands are more than just a tourist destination. However, it can also provide the ideal snorkeling Indonesia experience for you to use in order to relax your thoughts. The environment is gorgeous and natural, and each of the little islands has a variety of excellent diving opportunities. Of course, this is a deal that should not be passed up.