Recommended Foods To Try in Alexandria Egypt


Alexandria is known as the second largest city in Egypt after Cairo. It is a great place to spend your holiday because there are many things you can explore during your visit. It is also a city full of wonder so it’s worth visiting for. One of the greatest things about Alexandria is that it was used to be the most powerful place. It was where the scripted knowledge was secured in the Great Library. It was an ancient library containing the world’s scripted knowledge. The Great Library had been vanished due to the fire but you can still visit the ruins. Aside from the Great Library, Alexandria is a great place for food hunting. The authentic dishes are unique so it gives you a new experience in enjoying foods. 

Egyptian foods to try in Alexandria

It is said that Egypt has unique café culture. There are many cafes around the big cities such as Cairo and Alexandria where people, both locals and international travelers are mingled around and enjoy their drinks or foods. Thus, food is not an issue you should be worried about when visit Egypt, especially Alexandria. There are many kinds of food you can try during your time in Alexandria, such as:

egyptian street food

Liver Sandwich

Egyptian liver sandwiches. Every country in the world usually has their own kind of sandwiches. If you are a fan of sandwiches, you must try the one in Alexandria. This might be a simple dish you can snack lazily. However, Alexandria has variety of flavor when it comes to their sandwiches. Also, there is wide selection of the side dish you can pick. 

Egyptian fondue

Well, this might not what came in your mind when you think of what food you should try in Egypt. However, you should try Egyptian fondue in Alexandria. The special thing about their fondue is the seven cheese mixture. The fragrant resulted from the mixture smells amazing. There is variety of seafood and meats you can order along with it. It is also best to enjoy with Vino bread stick because you can scoop up the fondue with it and taste the richness of the cheese that comes with the fondue. 

Alexandrian Foul

Alexandrian Foul. It is a must to try Egyptian Foul when you visit Alexandria. It is best to enjoy for breakfast. The foul fava bean dip is completed with tahini and tomato cilantro salsa. The round felafel has great flavor that you must try. Not to mention that you will be served baladi bread along with variety of side dishes to complete your full breakfast. 

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The seafood!

Egyptian seafood. If you wander around the seafood market in Alexandria, you must try the seafood. You can buy fresh seafood with cheap price then bring the, to the seafood grills located only few meters from the market. By paying their cooking fee, you can enjoy the best seafood in Alexandria. Their cooking fee is around $4USD or 80EGP. You can ask the cook to cook your fresh seafood in many ways. Thus, you can try different flavor.