Should You Rent a Scooter in Bali?


Ride your way through the narrow roads as you bask in the views of the rice fields in your right and left sides. The breeze is warm all year-long. It was a pleasant ride surrounded by breathtaking views as the tropical winds caress you. That’s how riding a scooter in Bali feels like—that is, when it’s not too hot outside. Except it’s almost always too hot outside. But that aside, riding a scooter in Bali does have its very own advantages compared to driving a car, for a few reasons.

Having a scooter in Bali gives you access you didn’t have before

You’ve probably heard of people going on about their scooter adventure in Bali. Riding a scooter in Bali will take you to places. You won’t have to wait for your online ojek rides or even a taxi. Places that are initially too long to reach by walking, can now be easily accessed. Bali does not have a reliable system of public transportation. The pedestrian space is also not very accommodating. This is why locals rely on their private vehicles all the time. But the main culprit is that roads in Bali are small—way too small. Put a bus in most roads in Bali and the traffic would immediately get congested. This is why riding a scooter in Bali triumphs over any other means of transportations, most of the time. But before you jump onto your scooter adventure, there are several things you need to pay attention to.

Wear your helmet, no excuses

Wherever you rent your motorbike, you’ll always get a helmet along with your motorcycle. The only place you don’t get your helmet is Nusa Lembongan or even Nusa Penida. But that is because they don’t even have traffic lights in those islands. You get my point.

Bring your international license

Your international licenses are valid in Bali. Make sure to apply for one in your home country. It’s a  very complicated process, and probably downright impossible to apply for an international license in Bali. However, you do have another option.

If you don’t have an International license, apply for an Indonesian driving license! Yes, it’s possible. The process is straightforward, although it does take time. Right now, this can only be done in Bali and no other parts of Indonesia. Head to the Police’s headquarters (Polresta Denpasar) at Jalan Gunung Sanghyang (google it) with all of the required documents.

Please do not ever drive when you’re drunk

This is common sense everywhere you go. You just don’t drive when you’re drunk in your home country. it’s flirting with disasters and even death. But people seemed to do this a lot in Bali. Perhaps the laid-back nature and the relaxing atmosphere of Bali had often messed with many people’s health.

The Police love to stop bule on the road  

Don’t drive shirtless. Or in a swimming suit. We know you’ve got nice pecs and want to show it off. But the roads just isn’t the place. Once you leave the beaches, put some clothes on. Not only you would protect your skin from the harsh sun, but you will also prevent polices from stopping you just because you look foreign. And usually, they have a good reason to stop you, as a lot of tourists riding bikes in Bali aren’t equipped with a license.