Seven Reasons Why Komodo Tour is Good for Kids


Still think Komodo tour is exclusively for adult? Here are several reasons why bringing your kids to Komodo National Park, Flores, Indonesia, is a good idea. 

Being the last largest lizard from Pleistocene era, Komodo dragons has long been known for its ferocity. They have well earned the dragon title as everything on their body is lethal. On each of their limbs, four long, curved nails sticks out; ready to pounce on their prey. Behind their seemingly toothless mouths hides fatal bites; 60 shorts sharp teeth and highly toxic saliva that will surely end the life of any prey. Just like other top predators, the Komodo dragons are very skilled hunters. And that exactly why Komodo National Park draw only the bravest and most adventurous on its initial fame. 

But that’s no more.

Today, Komodo has shown its greatest potential—aside from just the Komodo dragons. Numerous alternative destinations within the national park are found. Discoveries on underwater offers rich, endless marine life to be explored on. Liveaboard sailing boats were built—from budget to luxurious—to take travelers of all ages sailing around Komodo in homelike comfort. And here’s some reasons why Komodo tour is great for your kids.

Seven Reasons Why Komodo Tour is Good for Kids

It’s A Live Encyclopaedia

More often than not, kids have their first knowledge of Komodo dragons from encyclopaedia or wildlife TV show. Needless to say, Komodo dragons draws children’s attention like dinosaurs do. Here, kids can have direct encounter with the Jurassic-looking Komodo dragons. It’s also a great chance to learn simple physiology of the dragons, its habitat, and how its actually not a dinosaur as people commonly think.   

Get Kids Connected to Plants and Animals

In Komodo where the landscape, flora, and fauna is exceptionally different, children would have abundant of new things to learn. Especially since the Komodo tour won’t only take you to the island of Komodo, but also the surrounding islands and the land under the water. It gives countless opportunity for kids to connect with many different types of plants and animal in Komodo. 

Also, kids would absolutely love to swim with fishes in very shallow depth on the beaches. Many shallow shores on Komodo are blessed with brillant water, bountiful fishes swimming around your ankle, and starfishes spread out between the sands!

Growing the Love for Mother Nature 

It’s hard to foster the love for environment when the kiddos are surrounded by concrete building and fake palm trees everyday. Visiting pristine nature, meeting animals, and play in the sea during Komodo tour would build a sense of love for the environments. At least, they know how throwing trashes to the sea would harm the amazing animals and the coral reefs. 

An Introduction to Underwater

Komodo, being part of coral triangle of the world, is definitely one of the best place to go for snorkel. When you and your spouse could take turn to dive, the other one could accompany your kids to go snorkel. Komodo has a lot of shallow water with amazing marine scenery that would be suitable for kids and teens!

Komodo Tour Opens Exposure to New Culture

It’s generally believed that children who were exposed to different cultures on their young age would grow better empathy, tolerance, and social skills than those who don’t. Here come the chance to see both Indonesian culture and Flores’ distinct ancient megalithic culture all at once after you finish the Komodo tour sailing trip. 

Are you ready for Komodo family trip this summer?