Street Foods in Vietnam Worth Travelling For


Vietnam is a lovely country located in Asia. There are many interesting worth exploring for from the distinctive culture to the variety of authentic dishes. When it comes to foods, you can find many in Vietnam. You will never run out of idea of what to eat during your stay. Besides, Vietnamese foods are not only popular they taste exquisite but also because they are one of the healthiest foods in the world. The reason is that Vietnamese usually use fresh ingredients and use minimal oil and diary. Also, most of Vietnamese dishes are gluten-free because they mostly use rice noodles or paper.

What about Vietnamese street foods?

Exploring Vietnam won’t be completed without trying variety of their street foods. Not to mention that they are so easy to find. If you feel hungry, you can just stop by one of the stalls and order your favorite dish. Here are some of the most mouth-watering Vietnamese street foods worth travelling for:

Pho is probably one of the most famous dishes from Vietnam that has been known all over the world. A heart bowl of Pho can warm your heart. This is practically noodle dish made from rice noodles, meat (chicken or beef), and some herbs. Therefore, the broth is what makes Pho special. The aromatic herbs makes the broth even more flavorful. There are wide varieties of Pho all over Vietnam you can try from the one that taste sweet to salty.

Bun Cha is meat dish made from pork belly as the star of the ingredient. This dish is favorite Vietnamese workers for lunch. This dish consists of crispy grilled pork belly served with white rice noodle then sprinkled with various herbs.

Must try Dishes!

Banh Xeo is like Vietnamese version of stuffed pancake. This dish is made from rice flour batter and a beaten egg. It has crispy texture. Since it is stuffed pancake, the filling consists of variety of ingredients such as shrimp, pork, and bean sprouts. The rice batter makes loud sound when it is poured into hot skillet which is why it is named Xeo which means sizzle in Vietnamese.

Pho Cuon is different from another Vietnamese noodle dish, Pho. This Pho Cuon is actually rolled Pho. This dish is from fresh rice paper sheets used to rolled variety of ingredients inside such as meat, seafood, vegetables, and herbs. This dish is usually served as appetizer in many Vietnamese dining settings but you can also find it sold at street vendors and stalls.

Banh Mi is Vietnamese sandwich. It consists of pork sausage, cucumber, coriander leaf, pickled carrots, pickled dalkon, and condiments such as Pate, chili, and mayonnaise. The name Banh Mi means bread in Vietnamese. This street food is so classic and most of Vietnamese enjoy it as snack or a go-to for breakfast.