The must-see destinations for winter!


“Winter is coming” is the slogan when we follow and watch the “Game of Thrones” series, winter is always like a favorable season for the holidays since the two great moments are thus presented in this season, “the christmas ”and“ the new year ”. Talking about the destination during the winter, there are a lot of heavenly places for you to visit; some travelers are delighted with the first snowfall of winter, while others will escape the cold of the season. Snow is the main reason people are happy to visit tourist destinations during winter. This article will take you to visit some favorable destinations for your winter vacation in 2018, let’s go!

Nagano, Japan

The must-see destinations for winter

Nagano is the capital of Nagano Prefecture, located near the confluence of the Chikuma River and the Sai River on the Japanese island of Honshū. Nagano was originally a small village formed around a Buddhist temple dating from the 7th century: Zenkō-ji. The 1998 Winter Olympics were held there. This place is known to be the best destination for skiing in winter since we can enjoy the water baths, the heat, the museums and look at the houses covered with thick snow.

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

The must-see destinations for winter

Charles Bridge is a bridge that connects the Old Town of Prague with the district of Malá Strana. Built in the 14th century, it will be the only bridge over the Vltava until 1741. Symbol of the city, a must for tourists, it is invaded by musicians, various artists, barkers and street hawkers. The most beautiful city in Europe becomes more and more amazing when snow covers classic buildings with rocks illuminated by a lot of light. Charles Bridge is one of the most visited tourist spots for couples, as visitors can listen to classical music while enjoying hot chocolate drinks served in many cafes.

Salzburg, Austria

The must-see destinations for winter

Salzburg is an Austrian city located on the border of Germany, at the foot of the Eastern Alps. With the city divided by the Salzach River, the medieval and Baroque buildings of the Altstadt (Old Town) on the left bank face the 19th-century Neustadt (New Town) on the right bank. Located in the Altstadt, the birthplace of the famous composer Mozart has become a museum exhibiting the instruments of his childhood. This city carries a very festive Christmas atmosphere, attracting many travelers who wish to spend their holidays in winter. Here you will see many Austrian specialties as well as all the Christmas needs to meet all your pre Christmas needs.

Tromsø, Norway

The must-see destinations for winter

City in northern Norway, represents a major cultural center above the Arctic Circle. It is a famous vantage point for the Northern Lights which sometimes light up the night sky. The historic center of the city, on the island of Tromsø, is distinguished by its century-old wooden houses.