Changes In Travel World In The Last Decade

Changes In Travel World In The Last Decade

Travel world has changed especially in the last decade. There have been many incredible event happened int he last few years which bring us to how travel world work today. Travelling is still seen as one of the most important factors int he world contributing many areas in life. Travelling be it for business or pleasure still plays important role to keep us moving forward. 

Momentous changes in travel world 

In the past, travel was seen as luxury and often associated with wealthy people only. However, it has changed a lot today because travel now is more accessible and affordable. It is no longer associated with the wealthy  only. People from different background can travel to places they want to visit without spending too much money. 

In 2010, mobile boarding passes became the norm. In the past, travelers could only use paper boarding passes. Today, everything has gone digital. 2010 is the start where mobile boarding passes were being used for air travel. It makes the process or boarding much more efficient. Also, there is not need to afraid of boarding passes being lost. 

Momentous changes in travel world

In 2011, the security lines at the airport has become less painful. It is not a secret that security check is one of the most dreading processes for air travelers. In 2011, TSA launched pre-check program for the first time to make it more efficient. Today, over 200 airports participating this program and 8.4 millions of people have joined as members. 

Aside from many developments to the travel world in the last decade, there are also some downfalls such as overtourism. The peak of it was in 2015.  One year prior, a portion of he Pont des Arts bridge in Paris collapsed. It was followed by another big event where the infamous ‘love locks’ were removed. The reason was the weight of the locks that keep added by tourists over the years. When this happened, it brought the attention of overtourism and its real impact on the infrastructure of the cities.

watch solar eclipse

In 2017, many people were so high spirited to venture out all over the world just to watch solar eclipse. It has been one of major attractions for people to travel. Solar eclipse is natural phenomenon that happen in particular times. During solar eclipse, many hotels and tourism destinations experienced and reported the spike in visitors, causing revenue to soar higher as well. 

International tourism has reached its peak in 2018. It has even exceeded the UNWTO’s long term forecast. Meanwhile, 2019 was when the scandals and restrictions hit the global sharing economy. This situation has led to major challenges in both financially and legally for many companies. 2020 is where people anticipated the world of cruising. However, the global pandemic happened and it is like tourism world has paused for unknown period. 

It is predicted that tourism will rise again after pandemic ends. Also, there is anticipation of space tourism. Many people anticipate NASA’s plan to open The International Space Station for commercial tourism.