Safety Mishaps To Avoid When Travel

Safety Mishaps To Avoid When Travel

Travelling can be fun or stressful. There are many factors that can ruin our travel. Many people say that you only have to use common sense, awareness and calm decision-making to have a smooth travel. However, it is probably easier said than done because there are still many travelers who experience mishaps here and there during their trip. 

Staying safe during travel

It is essential to take caution during travel to avoid any safety mishaps. Even though you travel to explore , have fun, or learn something new, there are many things on the road that can put your safety at risk. Here are some safety mishaps often happen during travel and how to avoid them:

Dehydration and intoxication

Dehydration may seem harmless but it can lead to many mishaps such as losing focus, tiredness, and various discomforts. It is also similar to intoxication. When you are intoxicated, you lose the ability to think clearly and make the right decision. You might end up hurting yourself while being in a unfamiliar place. Always have a bottle of water with you and avoid drinking too much while travelling. 

Getting lost

Getting lost

It is one of the most common mishaps happened to many travelers regardless how prepared they are with the mapping before the trip. Being in unfamiliar place while being unable to speak local language can put you into panic mode. When you panic, the easier it is to get lost. Hence, try to calm yourself when you face such situation. Use your intuition as well to avoid places you feel dangerous. Find help from hotel or restaurant’s staffs when you get lost so they can call taxi to get you to your destination.

Injury and illness

Injury and illness are not uncommon during a trip. Sometimes, it was not caused by your but others. It is safe to have insurance so no matter where you travel, you will be financially covered if you experience accidental injury or illness. 

Violent crime

Even though it is not as often as getting lost, there are quite many travelers who have experienced violet crimes during a trip. Assault, kidnapping, or carjacking are something you need to be cautious of when travel. Always stay on your guard and if you meet someone you feel bad feeling of, do not let yourself alone with them. Stick with your groups and avoid creepy places. 

Hotel safety issues

Most of travelers believe that the hotel will keep the, safe during their stay. They believe that hotel will keep them and their belongings safe. However, sometimes it is not the case. Stolen property or threatened personal safety are the most common issues when it comes to accommodation during travel. Choose your hotel carefully before booking and if you feel bad vibe while arrive at the hotel, find a new place to stay. 

Staying on guard all the time can be challenging when travel because there are many distractions. However, it is a must to stay on guard to avoid putting your safety at risk especially when you travel alone.