Common Travel Hassles You Can Fix

Common Travel Hassles You Can Fix

Travelling must be something exciting for most people. It is often glorified to to the point those who are not really into travel feel like they have to try it. However, travel is not that fancy because it is not always rainbow and sunshine. Keep in mind that when people feel so excited about travel, it is more about the destination rather than the journey itself. It is pretty common for travelers to experience some pitfalls for every trip. Some of them can be minor hassles and others can be more major ones. 

Most common hassles associated with travel

There are some of the most common hassles associated with travel you should know about, especially if you are beginner. It helps you to know what to expect and what to do to deal with them. And here are some of the most common hassles associated with travel you should anticipate about:

Delayed flight

It is one of the most annoying hassles for every traveler. Having your flight delayed means the higher the chance of your schedule to be ruined. It is even worse if you have connecting flights because if the first flight gets delayed, you will likely miss the next one. Hence, it is recommended to not book connecting flights too close to each other. Give plenty of gap in between the flights so you are more prepared with the possibility of having your flight delayed. 

Losing your belongings

It is pretty common for travelers to lose one of their belongings; be it bags, clothes, money, documents, etc. However, it can be prevented by taking more precaution from the start. Make sure to keep your bag close to you no matter where you are throughout the trip. Do not trust strangers to watch your bag while you are away. Also, avoid taking valuable belongings to a trip such as jewelries. Leave them at home to avoid losing them. 

Getting lost somewhere

Many people say you have to be more adventurous and not be afraid of getting lost somewhere during a trip. Well, if you feel like it is such a challenging thing to get lost in such unfamiliar place then go for it. However, make sure that you put your safety at the top of your priority. To avoid jeopardizing your own safety, do a research of the routes prior the trip. Bring physical map with you just in case internet connection is unavailable. 

Annoying seat mates

This is also pretty common hassle for many travelers to experience during a trip. You don’t know who you will be seated with for your flight. And sometimes, you get unlucky by having such unpleasant seatmate. If this happens to you, there is nothing you can do but bear with it. If your seatmate is not only noisy but also disturbing or impolite, do not hesitate to tell them off or ask your flight attendants for help. To avoid having endless conversation with chatty seatmates, ask them politely to leave you alone or just tell them you need to rest.