Travel Tips For First Timers In Bali


Is it going to be your first time to spend a vacation in Bali? If yes, then you need to dig in more information so you can optimize your vacation to the max. Bali is great travel destination for every travel. Even if it is your first time or nth times in Bali, it is easy to navigate your way around the island. There are many charming points of Bali from pristine beaches to exotic volcanoes. Not to mention that the island is home to hundreds historical temples worth visiting for. So here are tips to guide your way on spending your vacation in Bali:

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Boost your morning

Star with a great morning by watching beautiful sunrise when you are in Bali. The island has many great spots to enjoy sunrise at its finest so don’t waste this opportunity. You can climb Mount Batur to watch sunrise from the top of volcano. Or, head to Kusamba Beach to enjoy one-of-a-kind sunrise while sitting on the black sand beach. Another alternative is to head to Ubud to enjoy sunrise with a background of lush rice fields. Do not forget to have breakfast at one of the local restaurant and enjoy authentic menu. 

Create your own adventure at noon

There are many places in Bali to fulfill your adventurous needs. Start easy with a visit to one of the most iconic temples in Bali, Tanah Lot Temple. This place is tricky to access since it is situated on the offshore island-like rock formation. You can only pay a visit during low tide. 

Continue your journey by visiting Ubud Monkey Forest where you get to see grabby monkeys that are not afraid of humans. Hence, be careful with your belongings. Even though they are relatively friendly, they most likely invade your personal space to get something to eat or play with. 

Enjoy hearty lunch at Rock Bar located at Ayana Resort. This place offers luxurious seats on top of the rocks overlooking magnificent views of the sea. Or, you can opt for Boni Restaurant where you get to enjoy your lunch surrounded by lush rice fields. Order some traditional Balinese dishes to have authentic experience. 

Enjoy the nightlife to the fullest

Spending your afternoon in Bali, you can opt for a relaxing swim in a pool at Potato Head Beach Club since this place offers magnificent views of the beach. You can also head to Ku De Ta if you prefer watching sunset with rather dry clothes.

Have more authentic experience by enjoying the Kecak, the legendary singing and dancing ritual, at Uluwatu Temple Amphitheatre. Or, you can opt for the Bali Agung Show, the theatrical art performances based on Balinese legend at Bali Theatre. 

Enjoy hearty dinner at one of the bars, restaurants, or beachfront cafes in Bali. If you aim for delicious seafood, head to one of the beachfront restaurants in Jimbaran. Then continue to have memorable nightlife in Bali by visiting hottest nightclubs such as SkyDome Super Club, Savaya, Sundara Beach Club, Oneeighty, Roosterfish, and many more.