Komodo Sailing Trip, What is Included and Excluded?


A Komodo sailing tour is one of those breath-taking and one-of-a-kind experiences that should include in any trip to Indonesia. The Komodo Islands are part of the Komodo National Park, which extends along the western coast of Flores Island. The Komodo Islands are home to the distinctive and endangered Komodo Dragons. As well as natural beauty, spectacular vistas, and underwater heaven.

Komodo Sailing Trip, What is Included and Excluded?

How to book a Komodo Sailing Trip?

There are many Komodo island sailing tours along with the increasing popularity of tourist destinations in Komodo National Park. The ease of reaching the Komodo dragon’s natural habitat makes it easy to meet directly with the Komodo dragon. Underwater exploration in Komodo National Park is an attraction for domestic and foreign diving lovers.¬†

The Komodo sailing trip website is easier for you to find, including itinerary, prices, and pictures of the Komodo liveaboard. You need to know, to explore Komodo National Park, you must use a boat. You will choose the choice of staying on board the ship or staying on inhabited islands that provide accommodation.

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Komodo cruise makes it easy for your adventure in Komodo National Park to reach many amazing spots. Some favorite destinations that should include in your sailing itineraries, such as Padar, Rinca, Komodo island, pink beach, Kalong island, and others. As for underwater lovers, you can try visiting Manta Point, Kanawa Island, Tata Besar, Batu Bolong and Makassar Reef.

Before arriving in Labuan Bajo, we recommend reserving through a reputable Komodo sailing trip company. So you can read reviews and ensure you get a good boat and tour. 3D2N tour is just right for seeing the Komodo Islands’ highlights. To save the Komodo liveaboard budget, you can take sharing costs with other guests. But we recommend private trips if you go with a group.

What is included in a Komodo cruises Labuan Bajo?

During an onboard sailing trip to Komodo, everything that you need is covered in the total cost. A dining room and a sundeck with beanbags and sunbeds were among the boat’s many amenities. Each room has air conditioning, bedding, and linens, as well as shared bunk beds and double beds for couples. Komodo liveaboard facilities are usually adjusted to the budget you spend. So you can choose the type of boat that suits your budget for your adventure to Komodo National Park.

You will enjoy 3 meals per day during the trip. All meals are authentic Indonesian dishes, and lunches and dinners are different every time. Make sure the Komodo boat trip package provides water refills so you don’t have to stock up on water. Usually, tour operators provide snorkeling and diving equipment. You must ensure that the available equipment is suitable for you to use.

What is not included Komodo sailing trip?

Aside from the cost of the sailing excursion, there will be additional fees for flights to Labuan Bajo, lodging and food in Labuan Bajo, and the Komodo National Park entrance fee. It is important to note that you will need cash to pay to the park when you enter. 

With the discovery of the hobbit Flores or Homo floresiensis, an ancient human species found in Liang Bua Cave, Flores has become the focus of global attention. Larantuka, on Flores’ eastern point, is known for its Easter Sunday ceremonies, which have been carried on by the Portuguese for almost 500 years. In Lembata, islanders kill whales with spears in their hands, jumping from small boats and plunging into the whale’s body.