Learn How To Get Affordable Komodo Cruise


Traveling around East Nusa Tenggara is definitely not enough in 1-day trip. Consider gin-clear waters lapping across pink sands. Imagine yourself snorkeling among coral forests surrounded by schools of fish of every form, size, and color. Consider traveling over deep blue waters and islands that resemble the Jurassic Park set. Imagine experiencing all of this from the comfort of your own Komodo cruise! 

Learn How To Get Affordable Komodo Cruise

Why charter Komodo cruise?

Komodo boats some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world. Unlike the Banda Islands, which are Indonesia’s snorkeling heavyweights, you can’t snorkel right off the beach in Komodo. Nomadic tourism is the most popular in recent years, especially tourism to Komodo National Park. The trending tourist nomadic concept is definitely live onboard!  For information, tours to Labuan Bajo including Komodo Island and its surroundings are always coveted by tourists. 

Exploring many large and small islands is the reason why you should take a Komodo boat trip. Komodo private boat charters have a variety of options with relatively small size and luxurious phinisi boat. Renting a small phinisi boat is usually the choice of tourists who want to enjoy a private holiday with their partner or family. Most tourists choose Komodo boat charters to save time exploring the island and hunting for the beautiful scenery before sunset.

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Overnight on a phinisi boat is also the main attraction of live on board tours. Tourists can experience a much different vacation compared to when they have to stay at a conventional hotel, because they can spend the night in a floating hotel.

Deal with Komodo sailing tour operator

Is it necessary for you to sell a kidney? We looked for snorkel tours on the internet before flying out to Labuan Bajo. Most tourists do not expect scheduled tours to be exactly what they expect. This prompts us to search for Komodo private boat charters on Google. When most tourists learn how much a liveaboard in Komodo costs, they have a heart attack. To secure a low-cost tour, you will undoubtedly require bargaining skills.

If you take the time to check out the boats, you’ll notice sailboats with air conditioning and lobster dinners. Selling a kidney will certainly help, but don’t worry, there are plenty of boats to choose from. The price is determined by the size of your boat, the number of engines, and the amenities.

If need a private boat Komodo with one cabin, you can get around 3.6 million include meals. The price of the boat excludes the entrance fee to Komodo National Park. If you have time, inspect the boat right after arrive in Labuan Bajo and get the best deal with the boat’s owner. 

Exclusive Live onboard

This type of phinisi boat offers luxurious facilities throughout your cruise. Live onboard Komodo tours using phinisi boats have a variety of prices, ranging from a sharing budget at a price of 2.5 million to a private tour at a price of 17 million to 49 million. The average luxury phinisi ship has very adequate facilities such as hotels. Cabin with hot water and air conditioner, indoor & outdoor dining, lounge area on the deck to a spa.

Some Komodo cruise operators also provide water activity equipment such as diving, snorkeling. You can enjoy other water activities such as kayaking, banana boating, and canoeing. Make sure all water activities, diving, and snorkeling equipment are included in your Komodo tour cruise package. Use your bargaining skill for the best price.