Frequently Asked Questions Regarding To Travel And Covid-19

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding To Travel And Covid-19

During pandemic, there are so many things that can trigger anxiety. Even though the situation now is slowly getting better with how vaccine is developed and spread, there are still lingering anxieties as long as the covid-19 is still there threatening us all. Travelling is not encouraged now. However, it is already allowed in some countries for local travels as long as the citizens follow the guidelines given by the authority.

Questions regarding to safety, travel, and covid-19

Many people ask whether or not it is possible to contract covid-19 while staying at a hotel. The answer to this question is yes, it is possible to catch the virus from a hotel room. It is possible especially if the previous guests are infected. It is possible for the virus to linger for hours or days. 

If you have to stay at hotel, make sure to minimize contract with as many people as possible. Ask the housekeeping to skip your room during daily cleanings. Also, confirm that the hotel follow the CDC guidelines when booking. Book a room that is empty between guest for at least 24 hours to minimize the risk of infection. 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding To Travel And Covid-19

Which one is safer? Indoor dining or outdoor dining? Technically, outdoor dining is safer than indoor dining. Outdoor dining provide more space and the open-air allows the virus to dissipate. However, outdoor dining setup during winter is similar to the indoor one with four-walled structures and all, hence it defeats the purpose. If you are planning to eat out, choose restaurant that follow the CDC guidelines. If you see the seat arrangements are too close to each other then it’s better to choose another safer diner. 

Is it safe to go to a ski resort this winter? In the U.S, most ski resorts are planning to open this winter but it is not the case in Europe. Policies may vary from one resort to another. However, they will definitely be a reducing number of tickets being sold. Some policies are going to be applied as well as other important protocols to ensure everyone will stay safe. 

Is gift travel card worth it now? It has become a norm to give a travel card as a gift to someone. A surprise trip always cause a happy vibe. Many people think it is not worth it to give travel gift card nowadays due to the situation with the global pandemic. Thus, it is best to consider the best travel gift card. Local vacation is better option instead of international one. Hence, you can give a local travel gift card instead. Booking for a future trip is possible but it is not ideal for the current situation. It is best to wait until the situation is considered safe by the authority. 

Staying home is more encouraged even though the situation is slowly getting better. Travelling around places especially abroad is still considered too risky. There are many things that can put your health and safety in danger so it’s better to choose safer options.