Guide To Do Scuba Diving Komodo 


Year after year, Indonesia is ranked as the best diving country in the world, and it’s easy to see why. The Komodo National Park, which includes Komodo, Rinca, Padar, and 26 small islands, is located on the island of Flores. The park was established as a UNESCO World Heritage Site to protect the endangered Komodo Dragon and its habitat. Labuan Bajo is the entry point to the Komodo National Park. This is where the airport and the majority of the hotels are. Scuba diving Komodo is fascinating for macro photography lovers. 

Guide To Do Scuba Diving Komodo 

Scuba diving Komodo requirement

Komodo diving has a reputation for being only experienced divers. This is only partially correct. Some Komodo dive sites have strong currents that can be dangerous for inexperienced divers. These strong currents are responsible for Komodo’s biodiversity and provide the potential for significant action with tons of large pelagic.

You can choose the time of day and the dive sites to have more or fewer currents. If planning your dive trip, make sure to book a liveaboard or daily dive boat that is appropriate for your level.

Can beginner dive on Komodo island?

Scuba Diving Komodo is on almost every diver’s bucket list who is familiar with this legendary national park.

It is possible for complete beginners to learn to dive in Komodo and even complete their open water certification. 

Most professional divers recommend that you complete your open water certification in Bali. Amed, Tulamben, or even North Bali are all options.

Komodo diving for macro photographers

Scuba diving Komodo Islands is breathtaking. There are enough nudibranchs and critters in Komodo to keep macro photographers and underwater photographers happy. The big pelagics and schools of fish that create the potential for action dives are the real reason to go diving in Komodo.

Sangean Island, located between Komodo and Lombok, is one of the favorite Nudibranch dive sites in the world. Some Komodo diving liveaboards include it in their itinerary.

South Komodo also has a few nudibranch and critter dive sites worth mentioning, but they are more difficult to reach from Labuan Bajo and usually require diving on a liveaboard.

How to diving Komodo?

Is it better to stay on a liveaboard or at a resort? There is no single answer because it is entirely dependent on your preferences.

Komodo liveaboard

The main goal of liveaboard diving is to maximize diving time. It is possible to do so on the resort itself, but it requires booking a boat ride or diving trip to the dive sites, returning to the resort, and then booking again, which can be time-consuming and costly. The Komodo National Park is a 2-hour boat ride (one way) from Labuan Bajo, making for long days if you go diving every day.

Another Komodo liveaboard option is to join an open trip package or a private trip if you go with a group. Komodo open trips will greatly save your budget and time where you can reach many dive spots.

Liveaboards are more accommodating for solo travelers scuba diving in the Komodo Islands. Many divers travel alone, and meals are usually served at a communal table, which is a great way to meet the other passengers on board. It is also easier to get to know the other passengers because everyone is on the same schedule.

Stay in Resort

If you are traveling with non-divers, they may prefer to stay in a resort. Watersports, excursions, a gym, sports, and a spa are all common amenities at resorts.

You can spend more time on the beach if you stay on one of the resort islands. You will have access to great restaurants if you stay in one of the hotels in Labuan Bajo. My favorite Italian restaurant in Indonesia is made in Italy, which is located near the Bintang resort.