Outdoor Skills You Need To Learn For Having Great Adventure

Outdoor Skills You Need To Learn For Having Great Adventure

You have been staying indoor for the past two years. It is time for you to plan for outdoor adventure that will bring you back that spirit of joy and excitement. The problem is, going on outdoor adventure is not always as nice as staying indoor. You are exposed to so many things that can lead to discomforts such as heat, extreme winds, injury, disasters, etc. Hence, it will be very helpful to master various outdoor skills that can help protect yourself, others, and environment during your adventure. 

Mastering outdoor skills as preparation for your adventure

Being prepared is a must when it comes to planning an adventure, regardless of your destination. It is because adventure means more risk and unexpectedness. Here are some of outdoor skills you can learn to master this year to prepare for your next outdoor adventure:

Protecting yourself from the sun exposure

Getting sunburn might not be life threatening but it can cause major discomfort during your outdoor adventure. The UV rays regardless of the season is just as dangerous. Consider buying sunblock or sunscreen with at least SPF 30 and have broad spectrum PA++++. hence, you will be protected from both UVA and UVB radiation. 

Evaluating hiking trail

This is a skill you need if you love or plan to hike some times in the future. First time hiking can be very challenging even if the route is considered mild. Hence, it is important to learn how to evaluate your hiking trail so you will be more prepared. You can start with the distance. You need to count how many miles to cover per hour on flat terrain or more elevated trails. You can learn more about this from elevation charts on trail mapping online. 

Standing on a paddleboard

Planning for a water activity for your next outdoor adventure, you can learn how to stand properly and safely on a paddleboard. Paddleboarding may look fun and easy but learning how to stand on the board is one of the most intimidating parts. If you are new paddlers, don’t feel discouraged with the possibility of falling your ass so many times because it is normal. 

Protecting yourself from wildlife

If you plan to have a little adventure into the wildlife, make sure you learn a thing a two to protect yourself from possible harm. For example, there is possibility that you encounter a bear, tiger, or even a lion when you explore deep into national park. Learn how to defend yourself without harming the wildlife and the environment. 

Taking a night sky photo

Taking pictures during your adventure is one of the most fun parts. However, it can be challenging to take great photos properly especially when you are not a pro photographer to begin with. However, you can learn the basic of photography as preparation for your next outdoor adventure. Hence, you know how to make the best shot of a beautiful night sky. You can start with buying a proper camera, and tripod to stabilize your shot.