Padar Island Tour, The Best Place to Enjoy the Labuan Bajo Sea


Deciding to take a vacation to explore Komodo Island and Labuan Bajo and its surroundings, Padar Island will be included in your schedule list. The 3rd largest island in the Komodo National Park area offers exotic natural charms without being inhabited by rare reptiles. This island is relatively closer to Rinca Island than to Komodo Island. The Padar Island Tour is very different from other island tours since the spectacular natural beauty is perfect for hunting for Instagrammable photos.

Padar Island Tour, The Best Place to Enjoy the Labuan Bajo Sea around

Padar Island Tour and How To Explore?

The main goal is that you have to arrive in Labuan Bajo. Find a flight ticket to Denpasar then continue back to Labuan Bajo for 30 minutes. If you are traveling solo, you can continue your trip to Loh Liang pier, Komodo Island then takes a speed boat to Padar Island. If you want a simple holiday, you can look for providers that offer Padar island tours and its surroundings. Usually, they do not specifically offer tours to Padar, but the third-largest island is always a spot for vacation travel packages to Komodo Island and its surroundings.

The type of vacation that is currently a favorite is using a yacht. Luxurious getaway at an affordable price! Sharing costs can be one way to enjoy a luxurious vacation on a yacht, especially if you are traveling solo. Some of the spots that are usually included in the list are Komodo Island, Padar Island, Pink Beach, Rinca Island, and several other islands.

Climb Hundreds of Stairs for spectacular views of Padar Island

On the island of Padar, you can climb as far as 400 meters by climbing approximately 800 steps. Along with the steps, there are views of the green sea as well as the islands. If you visit during the dry season, make sure to bring long sleeves, hats, and lotion with a high SPF. Climbing the stairs around 200 meters, you will see a stretch of pink beach

Climbing the 300-meter stairs, you will find a Bidara tree to just take shelter and enjoy the surrounding scenery. If you want to enjoy the peak, you can walk about 100 meters with a path without stairs to enjoy the views of Komodo Island.

The Padar Island Tour will be very different because you will be presented with a beautiful natural panorama from the top of the hill. As one of the UNESCO world heritage of this island, you must visit while on vacation Labuan Bajo and its surroundings. You can also climb the peak in the morning to enjoy the sunrise.