Places Around The World With Otherworldly Beauty Worth Visiting For


The situation with the covid-19 has not died yet even though the vaccines are being distributed all over the world. Even with the vaccines being found, there is still need for the process of distribution and transition to take. Travelling around the world sounds far fetched now but you can always take inspiration for your future vacation. There are many places around the world with otherworldly beauty worth travelling for. 

Krka National Park in Croatia, the most gorgeous places on earth

Otherworldly beautiful places around the world

Granada is in Spain and one of the most beautiful things about this place is its sunset. Of course, Granada itself is holds something special as well. It is where you can enjoy spending your time on the architecture, foods, and the interaction with the locals. One more special thing is the Alhambra. It is the best place to watch over the sunset. In fact, it is called the most beautiful sunset in the world. The magical experience you feel is extraordinary that you want to live there forever. 

Krka National Park in Croatia is also one of the most gorgeous places on earth. It is not exaggerating. This national park has rivers and streams crisscrossing the ground beneath. You can navigate your ways through the elevated wooden pathways. You can enjoy peaceful tranquility and deep stillness when exploring the place. The sound from the birds and water makes you feel like you are in different dimension. Also, beautiful waterfalls at the end of your pathways will welcome you with their grace. 

Haputale Tea Country in Sri Lanka also holds a predicate as one of the most beautiful places one earth. The photos cannot even do this place justice. To explore the place, you have to go through the slopes, misty gorges, surrounded by mystique views. Not to mention that the most special thing of this place is Haputale’s local tea pickers that perched beautifully at 7,000 feet above the sea level. You will be able to see such gorgeous views from the foothills of Agarapatana Plantation. You can even enjoy a fresh cup of tea served with sweets and breads while looking at the greenery.

South Island in New Zealand is quite popular already. It is indeed one of the most wonderful places on earth with its breathtaking landscape. Everything feels right when you look at the landscape. It is like everything is placed like that on purpose to create such magical landscape. The crystalline lake, the view of the mountain, and the sun that cast a rosy glow make everything look captivating at first sight. 

The Antarctic Peninsula in Antarctica is such an otherworldly place to visit. Maybe because it is devoid of human causing eerie emptiness which make us more focused on the natural beauty instead of man-made building, power lines, or lights. Natural life is truly breathtaking with how the landscape look along with group of penguins that enjoy their life peacefully. The backdrop could not be more perfect with blue glaciers, towering mountains, and unpolluted sky. Nothing compared to this special place on earth.