Raja Ampat Cruise, Exploring diving sites for beginner & pro divers


Raja Ampat cruise takes you to explore this secluded archipelago. We will immerse ourselves in different and unique aquatic habitats while exploring various islands. Selecting great snorkeling places on a daily basis. Morning excursions will allow visitors to see a wide variety of birds. Including the spectacular Red Bird of Paradise, Kingfishers, and Sea Eagles.

Raja Ampat Cruise, Exploring diving sites for beginner & pro divers
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Raja Ampat cruise brings you to snorkel across mushroom-shaped rock islets teeming with hard and soft corals. In addition to snorkeling in clear waters, we visit some of the region’s larger islands. We like strolling along white-sand beaches, and there is a chance to observe the gorgeous Bird of Paradise on Gam Island.

Raja Ampat cruise – can beginners dive in Raja Ampat?

Scuba divers from all over the world flock to Raja Ampat, which is located off the coast of West Papua. However, even the most experienced divers may find this underwater paradise challenging to navigate due to powerful currents. Raja Ampat liveaboard will help you to learn and what to look out for in Raja Ampat to be safe, the best diving sites for beginners, and whether you’ll need extra dives before you go.

It’s worth noting that you can learn to dive in Raja Ampat, however for the purposes of this essay, a beginner diver is defining as someone who has completed roughly 20 dives.

Why is it considered tough to dive in Raja Ampat?

The island of Raja Ampat is situated at the meeting of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Strong currents can be challenging to maneuver due to the Indonesian Throughflow, which moves massive amounts of water between the islands. These currents, of course, are what preserve the biodiversity at such a high level by feeding the magnificent reef systems.

Due to the currents, divers must be competent drift divers, which most beginners are unable to achieve. Down currents can be extremely powerful, and they can be rather frightening for divers who aren’t used to drift diving.

Raja Ampat’s Best Dives for Beginners

Having said that, if you hold a PADI Open Water certification, you can dive at Raja Ampat. Before scheduling a dive trip to Raja Ampat, make sure you have complete confidence in your scuba equipment. Confidence in a controlled descent and ascension is a prerequisite. You should also be able to monitor your air consumption and control your buoyancy. These may appear to be simple abilities, but they must be learned before diving in Raja Ampat. Mike’s Point, Cape Kri, Sardine Reef, and Blue Magic are all no-go zones for inexperienced divers.

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